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  • Finding Myself Again

    by Dena Olson
    My memoir is about my process of healing from a traumatic brain injury. When I was 27, I suffered a sinus infection that was not treated correctly, and the infection spread to my brain. I woke from a coma to find I was deaf, and had no memory of my past, I had to relearn to walk and to trust and to love again.
  • #NotAFailure

    by Christian Locklayer
    Part memoir, part- self-help, #NotAFailure details some of my personal experiences with post-grad sadness and rejection and struggles in an uncertain job market. This book outlines how all of these experiences prepared and pushed me towards starting my own business. It also explores many issues that Millennials face in the post-grad battlefield, what it means to go after your dreams and pursue your sense of purpose, and how we could all benefit from talking about one of the most taboo subjects i... more
  • The Other Side of Ego: From Cancer to Consciousness

    by Jonathan Gravenor
    On February 24, 2012, my daughter told me “I don’t care if you live or die.” That was the day I was diagnosed with late-stage throat cancer. After spending time yelling through a closed door, reminding her of all I had given her I stopped, and the truth began to unfold. I looked back and could not remember the last time I had held her and made her feel safe, the last time I sat and praised her for what she had become, or, worse, the last time I had told her how much I love her. Suddenly I ... more
  • The Games Lawyers (and Judges) Play: An Insider's Look At What's Really Wrong With The American Justice System

    by Steve Koslovsky
    THE BOOK YOUR LAWYER DOESN'T WANT YOU TO READ! "Games Lawyers (and Judges) Play" takes you behind the scenes of the courtroom and the law office to show you (1) How lawyers routinely overcharge their clients, ( 2) How bad judges are selected but almost never removed, (3) How arbitration works for corporations against consumers, (4) Why the idea of collective jury wisdom is a myth, and much more.
  • Philosophical Reflections on the Economic Crisis

    by Marc Batko
    This 54-page eBook has nine essays and 3 poems that could ignite interest in philosophy, critical thinking, and economic theory. Education is the great transformer, said the economist John Kenneth Galbraith. Words can crack the frozen soul, said Franz Kafka.
  • Galley Proof: Victory Over the Mark of the Beast

    by Audrey Andujar Wright
    WAKE UP! LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT IS AT RISK! This book will open your eyes not only to some major deceptions and strategies being used against us as Mankind, but also how to overcome them and arise victorious as members of the World God intended us to inhabit and have Dominion over which to have dominion for His, God's Glory! The topics range from sex life, to Science, AI, to education, financial accounts and debts, the ability to express oneself freely, to “Globalists & Technocracts,” and redemp... more
  • It Does Matter

    by Jo Steele
    At 9 years old my world crashed. My mother turned to alcohol when my father left when they had decided to divorce. I went through years of abuse. The abuse was verbal, emotional, physical and sexual. Although I told a lot of people, no one stepped forward to help. My book tells my story of survival. Many times I did not think I would live through what was happening. I wrote the book to share with others there is always hope.
  • Dear Anonymous Friend...

    by Otiz "O.T." Porter, Ph.D

    Dear Anonymous Friend… is an autobiographical account of four pivotal years in the adult life of Dr. O.T. Porter, where he recounts the events that lead up to, and after, he made the decision to come completely out of the closet. The story shared focuses on his inner and outer struggles, providing in depth details of the conflict between his thoughts, feelings, and desires, versus societal restraints, cultural norms, and interpersonal expectations.

    As a closeted, gay, Bl... more

  • An Unlikely Season: Destined, From Tykes to Titans, A Season Unbound

    by J.R. Wirth
    In the fall of 1977 there was an aura about the night, the likes which none had ever experienced. It was just another Friday night; or was it? The Gladiators of Gladstone High School were set to kick a late field goal to solidify a brilliant come from behind victory. See what happens when you bring together a group of disgruntled senior football players with a class of upstart juniors, and coaches on their last attempt at greatness? Magic perhaps? These three stories are told from unique perspec... more
  • Lance: A Spirit Unbroken

    by walter stoffel
    Unique rescue of a unique, semi-feral dog that had lived outside 24/7 for first 10 years of his life.
  • Uncivil Commitment: A Memoir of my Daughter's Struggles with Bipolar Disorder and the Mental Health System

    by Thea Amidov Esperanza
    Hearing the door lock behind you is inconceivable. There is no fixed sentence, no deliberation by a jury, yet the locks and barred windows are real. The legal term is ‘involuntary civil commitment,’ yet too frequently there is nothing civil about the “healing” experience. In this memoir, Thea Amidov Esperanza invites the reader along on an unsettling journey following Serafina, her artist daughter, from bipolar diagnosis, drug trials, electric shock treatment, to near-fatal suicide attempt... more
  • The First Taste Belongs to the Gods

    by Delta Donohue
    The First Taste Belongs to the Gods is a deeply personal collection of stories and poetic reflections chronicling 7 years of going back and forth to India and the interior journey it prompted. This unconventional, poignant travelogue/memoir will have you laughing, crying and asking yourself, "What life do I dream of?"
  • Troubled

    by Maranda Evans
    Troubled is a true story based on the life of Maranda Evans. After the tragic death of a few loved ones, she struggles to find her purpose in life over a ten-year period. While losing everything, Maranda forgets what she learned as a child. Abuse, love and scandalous men break her down piece by piece. Will she make it through these struggles and become the woman she always wanted to be, or will her bad decisions ruin her life forever?
  • Miracle on Hammertown Road

    by Jim "Bubba" Bay
    Every night after work as a landscaper, Jim "Bubba" Bay went for a walk. But on the night of November 15, 2009, while walking on Hammertown Road in Pine Plains, New York, Bubba fell 14 feet head-first into gully, breaking 23 bones, including 11 ribs, 10 vertebrae, his skull and left scapula. After a day in intensive care, the doctors induced a coma. Bubba survived, and when he awoke from the coma, he began to tell his family and friends about his remarkable visions on the edge of death. After a ... more
  • From Fat to Fabulous

    by Betty Lou Sweeney
    Quite naturally, I do not remember the start of my life. No one remembers the day they were born or those first couple of years. I was lucky to have a much older sister who was willing to fill me in on that time span. I was born on March 7, 1940, and according to my older sister Delores, this was two months earlier than I was supposed to have arrived. I was told I spent my first few weeks wrapped up in a shoe box and placed on the open oven door to keep me warm. Grandma Mannerud was elected to b... more
  • From Soul Singing to Opera Soup

    by Dr. Lori Brown Mirabal
    With lots of amusing surprises along the way, Lori Mirabal?s first book tells the heart warming and inspirational story about how she became an award-winning opera singer and performed throughout the world. This book is appropriate for young readers (from Grades 3-6), those who are young at heart and as a read-aloud to younger grades.