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  • Dame Elizabeth Taylor: Shades of Violet

    by Wayne Griffin
    When I was sixteen I developed a unique attraction to Dame Elizabeth Taylor. My friend’s father introduced me to Taylor when he gave me a copy of the film “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” in the mid 1980’s. From that moment on I was trans fixed by the romantic renaissance which could only be known to me as Dame Elizabeth Taylor. I would spend hours scanning magazines at my local news agency and began collecting articles and making up scrapbooks that became overflowing with titillating tabloid g... more
  • I Want More

    by Tracy Burkholder
    A lyric hybrid of poetry, memoir and image, I Want More maps the experience of want and the ways it is born, complicated and celebrated from childhood to middle-age. From the pleading of a child’s prayers to the ecstasy of a perfect spring night, to the frank exploration of an open relationship, I Want More expands beyond the realm of boy meets girl (or girl meets girl) into the internal and external geographies that make up the territory of our desire.
  • Time and Effort

    by James E. Turner, M.D.
    I was born with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. In 1st grade, I was labelled as having "minimal brain dysfunction." My parents were informed I would probably never be able to learn. I ultimately graduated from Northwestern University Medical School and practiced neuro-critical care medicine. This is the story of my educational path. Its purpose is to convince atypical children and their parents that they can accomplish more than they have been told. The book is organized as a se... more
  • Rising Stronger: Living, Loving, and Leading From a Seat of Gratitude

    Rising stronger above adversities, setbacks, grief, abandonment, divorce, career transition, and other challenges comes easier for some people and more difficult for others. Dr. Pauline E. Wallner shares more than forty years of experience in Jamaica, United States, and Canada, recounting how she overcame challenges on the road to a successful consulting career. As many experienced authors will tell you, the content of any non-fiction book is more about the author than the reader. Rising stronge... more
  • Babies Are The Worst: A Memoir about Motherhood, PPD, & Beyond

    by Meagan Gordon Scheuerman
    Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most magical things that can happen to a person. Or so they say… Meagan Gordon Scheuerman was nearly a year into motherhood before she realized she had postpartum depression. Instead of thinking she was sick, she thought her vision of motherhood was a sham and a lie. She wasn’t entirely wrong. She was also in more trouble than she knew. Babies Are The Worst explores the unexpected challenges that parenthood presents, with humor, hope, and a little help ... more
  • Why Didn't I Notice Her Before

    by Beth Cramer

    In the fall of 2017, Beth Cramer went to a doctor for heartburn and came home with seven samples of Prilosec and stage 4 ovarian cancer. Over the next several months Cramer was in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices with her three fearless sisters, parents, husband and son by her side. However, it was through her diagnosis and impending death that she was finally set free from an obsession and debilitating regret that had defined nearly a quarter of her life. Irreverent, painfully... more

  • Two Women 1 Disease

    by Beth Pauvlinch
    When my mother/best friend was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, we thought our lives were over. My mother always insisted that she would NEVER endure the torture her Grandmother, who had been diagnosed back in the 1970's, had experienced. Through gentle persuasion, we convinced her that treatment had changed drastically since then and she decided to fight. Fight it she did and was cancer free . . . until she was diagnosed with a second primary cancer - pancreatic which had already metast... more
  • Growing Up in Disneyland

    by Ron DeFore

    Part bio of Ron's father, movie, and TV star, Don DeFore, and his own autobio. Don DeFore earned a star on Hollywood Boulevard and co-starred with many Hollywood legends.  Best known for "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" as next-door-neighbor, "Thorny," and role as "Mr. B" in the 1960s TV series, "Hazel." The title is a metaphor for Ron's life in a celebrity family filled with adventures  but is also literal as Ron spent much of hi... more

  • My Piece and My Peace: The Autobiography of Brandon A. Rowell

    by Brandon Rowell
    At the age of thirty-four, I am less bothered by the fact that I have to move back in with my parents than by the circumstances leading to the change. I had already accomplished everything that I put my mind to, including playing on a championship basketball team, learning Spanish, and earning two degrees from Morehouse College in four years. I even beat the odds upon graduating in 2002 by settling into a career with a major insurer that promised to pay six figures, a coup, considering the... more
  • The Rhythm of My Life

    by Yvon Milien
    Throughout his life, author Yvon Milien has faced delays, denials, frustrations, isolation, failure, betrayals, affronts from friends, and the premature loss of loved ones many times. His experiences were a mix of the sad and the tragic, and he needed to develop values to survive and support himself. In The Rhythm of My Life, he narrates his story. Inspirational in substance, this memoir offers a perspective of how to deal with the challenges, how to tune into the rhythm of fires the wind of des... more
  • The Medusa Enigma

    by Dino Panvini, M.D.
    You will read about the bizarre conspiracy actions that were taken against Dr. Panini's professional career, personal life and safety, with multiple murder attempts and fraudulent allegations by the legal, medical system ,all because he did the right thing. These mind boggling actions will amaze and astound you. In thirty years, he never had a malpractice judgment or settlement against him, something few surgeons in this country can say. As you will learn, one of the lawyers mentioned in this bo... more
  • 1063 Cedar Drive South: One Boy's Memories

    by Rich Lewis
    “1063” is a collection of 46 interwoven short stories as seen through the eyes of a boy growing up in the 1950s and 1960s in the village of New Hyde Park, NY, a Long Island suburb. The stories describe a much simpler time in America, as he learns to understand and negotiate with the adult-powered world, beginning with his immediate family, freshly arrived from Queens, NY. Perched on his red tricycle, he attempts to make sense of the “little red smoking vehicle,” noisily cruising on his stree... more
  • You Don't Know How Lucky You Are: An Adoptee's Journey Through the American Adoption Experience

    by Rudy Owens
    Nearly 50 years after he was relinquished for adoption, Rudy Owens learned how fortunate life can be. In 2014 in San Diego, Owens met his biological half-sister for the first time. That meeting inspired Owens to tell his adoption story set against the larger adoption narrative that has impacted millions of adoptees, their birth parents, and their collective biological and adoptive families. Owens’ autobiography offers insights on the widespread American institution of adoption, a national social... more
  • World War II

    by Pith Schure
    Inspired by my father’s memories and those of my own, I undertook to assemble the stories of several persons on World War II. I happened to be connected in one way or the other to those people. This war has and still does impress upon me because of the madness of its initiators, the unreserved support by the mass of the German population, the collaboration of traitors and the resistance by the right ones. The latter deserve our respect.
  • Memories of Pith

    by Pith Schure
    Following his love for travelling, the author offered his services as an expert in the field of physical and institutional rural development in 23 countries into the age of 70. From Africa, back to Europe and then on to the Caribbean. Back and forth from Europe to countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean as far as South America, this is an extensive account of the places and cultures he experienced, combined with important family events that marked his life. Memories of Pith by Pith Schure... more
  • The Great History of the Manor Bouchove Part 1: Small Village in the Big World

    by Pith Schure
    We live in a house in the centre of a small village. With its stately façades and turret, the villagers sweetly call it châtelet. Before us, French noblesse have stayed in it, gentry with impressive estates in France. During dozens of holiday trips, we have located and documented all of it. But that didn’t give any answer to the question: How to present it in a digestible… no, in a captivating manner? How to abridge the centuries and how to connect the turbulent history of Europe with everyda... more