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  • Perils of Eden

    by Meg Whitelaw
    A girl grows up in poverty with a single-parent mother in a deprived, ’70s mining town. She is faced with the bigotry of peers and teachers alike but things take a turn for the worse when her mum meets a local man who turns out to be a controlling, narcissistic abuser. The girl, unable to fit in with her hostile community, finds her life spiralling into hopelessness and the fog of depression. It is against all odds that she finds the courage to overcome her abusive past and carve out a brighter... more
  • Victim: a Feminist Manifesto from a Fierce Survivor

    by Karen Moe

    Imagine being a carefree, independent young woman enjoying life. Your bold, adventurous spirit pulls you to travel to distant locales. Then out of nowhere, you’re abducted, assaulted, and raped. That is the terror-filled experience that Karen Moe survived almost thirty years ago.

    But this is not a crime story. This is not even just a survivor's tale. Instead, this is a manifesto. In dialogue with other feminists and through case studies from around the world, Moe uses her trau... more

  • Paris Blue

    by Julie Scolnik
    PARIS, 1976: Twenty-year-old American student Julie Scolnik had just arrived in the City of Light to study the flute when, from across a sea of faces in the chorus of the Orchestre de Paris, she is drawn to Luc, a striking (married) French lawyer in the bass section. This moving tale of an ebullient young American and a reserved Frenchman will transport readers to the cafés, streets, and concert halls of Paris in the late seventies, and, spanning three decades, evolves from deep romance to sudde... more
  • Beautiful Ashes

    by Shelly Edwards Jorgensen
    After her mother’s tragic death in a house fire, fifteen-year-old Shelly is driven to seek answers. A story of tragic loss and healing faith, Beautiful Ashes is the compelling account of Shelly Edwards Jorgensen’s quest to uncover family secrets and to survive the truth.
  • Home Is Within You

    by Nadia Davis
    In this deeply personal memoir, Nadia Davis addresses her three sons with brutal honesty, hope, and strength, revealing both her childhood and adult traumas that led to issues with addiction and dysfunctional relationships, as well as to discuss transformational healing, spirituality, intensive trauma therapy, chronic pain management, healthy co-parenting and intimacy, preventing learned toxic masculinity, and more. As a young high-profile lawyer, school board member in Southern California, coun... more
  • The Mortician's Child

    by Kathleen L. Hawkins
    I was a little girl for whom death was a very big problem. My father scared me. There was a casket with a stranger in it in our living room, a trip in a hearse to an insane asylum, and obituaries read with commentary to me during dinner (how easy it is to die). As I grew up, I cast a light into my father's troubled behavior and, by doing so, cast a light into my own. While my story is probably quite different from yours, you're likely to find elements of your own journey within these pages a... more
  • Marathon Man: My Life, My Father's Stroke and Running 35 Marathons in 35 Days

    by Alan Corcoran

    WINNER IPPY Book Awards 2022; WINNER BIBA Book Awards 2022; WINNER ABF Best Book Awards 2022; SILVER Readers' Favorite Book Awards 2022; FINALIST Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2022; FINALIST IAN Book of the Year Award 2022; SEMI-FINALIST The BookLife Prize Awards 2022.

    Irish Runner Magazine - 'A must-read.'

    ... more
  • Unconventional: A Memoir of Entrepreneurism, Politics, and Pot

    by Jamie Andrea Garzot
    Jamie Andrea Garzot was one of the least likely people to become a cannabis entrepreneur, advocate, and industry pioneer. She had no business background. She was not involved in politics. She had only a four-figure capital investment to start with. And, surprisingly, she had very limited experience with cannabis products. So how did Garzot find herself at the forefront of California’s cannabis movement? In this inspirational memoir, Garzot describes her trajectory from a cannabis retail rookie ... more
  • Blooming: Finding Gifts in the Shit of Life

    by Carrington Smith

    Are you a little too comfortable with self-loathing? Tired of feeling like you are not enough?

    This book is for you.

    Carrington Smith spent a lifetime trying to be someone else—to fit in, to be loved, to keep the peace, and to make others happy. Until finally, Carrington discovered that her own path to happiness wasn’t based on fitting in but on standing out—celebrating her uniqueness and owning her past.

    Candid and raw, <... more

  • Daze of Isolation

    by Krista Ehlers
    What happens when schools close, and everyone on your motherhood support team is restricted to Zoom therapy? Krista Ehlers started a daily journal that gray day in March, 2020, when her kids were sent home from school for fourteen days that turned into over a year. Enjoy her family’s stories of smoke clouds and smoke alarms, adoption issues and special needs, an ambulance ride and a bike crash, road trips, and awkward new experiences. Mothers of adopted kids, foster kids, extra need kids, and al... more
  • The Parallels of Dita

    by Al Zolynas
    Surviving Nazism and Communism in Lithuania: Narrated with grace, deep feeling and life-affirming humor, this memoir spans the fraught time before, during, and after World War II in Lithuania, shedding light on the tragedies and joys of a people from a not-so-well known part of the world. A new translation by award-winning poet Al Zolynas (nephew of the author, Silvija Lomsargytė-Pukienė). Originally published as Dita. Paralelės in Lithuanian (Jotema Press, Vilnius, Lithuania: 2... more
  • West Village Originals

    by Michael D. Minichiello
    New York City’s West Village has long been a haven for intellectuals, writers, artists, and activists. Jazz clubs, piano bars, coffee shops, and bookstores hummed with freedom from a more rigid society outside its borders. However, the area began to change, as curiosity shops gave way to top fashion designers’ stores. Michael D. Minichiello captures this shift through ninety interviews that paint an enlivening portrait of this Oz-like neighborhood.
  • Blindsided: Essays from the Only Black Woman in the Room

    by Dawn Downey
    How does a black woman maintain her sense of self, when most of her friends are white? In public spaces and private, Dawn Downey is under attack by an onslaught of microaggressions. She struggles to find balance between personal relationships and personal integrity. In the process, she unconsciously takes on characteristics of the privileged. But after a photo of a racist toy shows up in her social media feed, she discovers her black power.
  • The Actual Dance

    by Samuel A. Simon
    A love story with an unexpectedly happy ending. The Actual Dance is told through the eyes and heart of a husband as he struggles with his worst fears during what everyone expects to be his wife’s losing battle to breast cancer. Determined to support the “other half of his whole,” he provides the positivity his love partner demands and the caregiving she needs. He doesn’t share his fears, even as he becomes more certain of her upcoming demise. He also keeps his visits to the virtual ballroom—w... more
  • If Jesus Was a Rapper

    by Cellus Hamilton
    If you’ve ever listened to music created by Cellus Hamilton, you are aware that he is much more than a rapper. His lyrics are multidimensional, revealing him to be a sort of scholarly visionary. Because music is often subject to the listener’s interpretation, interviews have been the closest outlet we have towards understanding the complexities that exist within Mr. Hamilton. Here in his book, “If Jesus Was a Rapper”, he lays his heart bare. As the businessman, family-man, and clergyman aspec... more
  • Journey of a Teetotaling Virgin

    by Fay Faron

    Travel! Adventure! Romance! What could possibly go wrong? It’s 1972 when free-spirited “good girl,” Fay, takes off on a 3-year journey around the U.S. and Europe, in search of jobs, apartments and boyfriends. She soon finds is that navigating her way through a pre-feminist world will take a skill set her Sunday school teacher never taught her.