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  • Becoming Enough: A Heroine's Journey to the Already Perfect Self

    by Amanda Johnson
    TRUE FREEDOM IS FOUND WHEN YOU LAY DOWN YOUR SHIELD AND LIVE FROM A PLACE OF YOUR TRUE PERFECTION. YOU ARE FREE TO BE EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE, TRUSTING THAT WHAT YOU DO IS COMPLETE—WHICH IS ALWAYS ENOUGH. With these words of peace and possibility, Amanda shares her personal journey—unique, empowering, and much like the stories and emotional baggage we all carry around. Amanda’s open-hearted narrative clearly shows the moments when seeds of judgment and ego-confusion were planted by well-meaning p... more
  • Reflections on Sierra Leone by a Former Senior Police Officer

    by Ezekiel Alfred Coker, MR, JP, BEM
    Sierra Leone is historically unique. A small part of the territory which was mainly Freetown (which was to become the capital of the whole country) and surrounding areas was acquired by the British in the late eighteenth century and used to resettle emancipated slaves and their descendants from America and Britain. That part which was formerly known as the Colony became home to a heterogeneous people (the Creoles) who would later play a significant role in the development of the country out of w... more
  • Travellogues

    by Surabhi Srivastava
    An illustrated travel experiences, travel information, tour diary of different landscape and the history and experiences of ancient travellers in one copy is the motive of the present manuscript. The author will compile the writings of firstly the travel writers and then provide the tour information about the travel interests i.e. wildlife, beaches, mountains, desert, heritage sites, historical cities. though it reaches a vast collection but strategically information will be managed and prese... more
  • Exotic Travel Adventures

    by Ned Cruey
    Life story with a lot of travel
  • When Did I Start Looking Like a Cop?

    by Joseph Belcastro
    A Brooklyn native, Joseph Belcastro joined the New York City Police Department in July, 1983. He spent four years on uniform patrol, then another four years in the precinct’s plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit, before being transferred to the NYPD’s infamous Street Crime Unit on Randall’s Island. In his tell-all memoir, Joe describes his earliest encounters as a rookie cop in uniform, how he developed his unique crime-fighting strategies, and the partners he had along the way. Joe’s uncanny ability to... more
  • Hello, My Sweetheart

    by Sigrid Gassner-Roberts
    Sigrid Gassner-Roberts? unique work evolves from her recollections of narrating her life story to her husband, who lies in a coma in a Viennese hospital after a brain aneurysm. The doctors tell her that he can hear her, so she begins by reminding him of their first date. Sigrid had been a young Austrian student who originally came to America to study on a Fulbright scholarship. She had a busy teaching career and her work took her from the US to Austria to Australia. It was in Australia tha... more
  • How to Build a Piano Bench: Lessons for Success from a Red-Dirt Road in Alabama

    by Ruthi Postow Birch

    “Get an education, get off Petain Street, and amount to something.” These are the words that Ruthi Postow Birch’s father said to her when she was a little girl living on a red-dirt road in Pritchard, Alabama, a town that straddled the poverty line. And that is exactly what she did. How to Build a Piano Bench is Ruthi’s humorous and heart-warming story about growing up in southern Alabama, the life lessons she learned there, and how she applied... more

  • Blood on China Beach

    by Paul J. Pitlyk
    More than once during his yearlong duty, thirty-two-year-old Paul J. Pitlyk wondered what had possessed him to leave the security of a neurosurgery practice in the Midwest to experience the blood, guts, and gore of brain surgery at a forward marine hospital during the Vietnam War. In Blood on China Beach, Pitlyk, a neurosurgeon from the Mayo Clinic, shares the story of how he learned his craft in a rudimentary hospital in Vietnam, twelve thousand miles from home. This memoir picks up where most ... more
  • Innocent: A Spirit of Resilience

    by Kevin McLaughlin
    Innocent was born three years after unrest started in northern Uganda and three years before the formation of the anti-government Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony. Death came to his village when he was only seven, and soon his parents required him to sleep miles away from home for safety. At ten he was abducted by Kony’s army and taken to a training camp for child soldiers, where brutality and violence became his new reality. After a narrow escape he was taken by government soldiers to ... more
  • MEMORIES OF THE SHARECROPPER'S FAMILY; Includes an Ainsworth History

    by Dot Ainsworth Day
    Day spent countless hours reliving childhood memories of life growing up as a sharecropper’s daughter in rural Simpson and Covington County before eventually moving to Copiah County. Day, a former family therapist and English teacher, in her book shares how her family farmed and lived off the land. Her tales are combined with stories of her Ainsworth family and its history. Younger readers will enjoy learning how people lived in rural communities and the rituals their ancestors may have endured... more
  • Split Second: Redefining My American Dream

    by Kelli J Miller
    When does the American Dream turn into a trap? What does it mean to succeed? What really gives meaning to our lives? Kelli Miller never had to worry about it – she had it all: a family, a career, a sprawling home, even an executive title. She thought she’d escaped her Midwestern roots and was sailing towards a golden future. Then, in a pivotal moment, confronted with the shadow of death, she found herself suddenly awake to the grim reality: the dream had consumed her life, and left her lost... more
  • Jump Seat: 1963-1976: A Stewardess' Memoir

    by Janet Angell
    Janet Angell grew up on a farm in Minnesota. After graduating from college she hoped to travel for a year before settling down to teach, and was hired as a stewardess by Northwest Airlines. This was 1963, when marriage was not allowed and stewardesses had to quit by age 32. This is an account of her almost 13 years with the airline. She takes us from the initial interview through her eventual resignation after her second son was born. The book talks about changes in airline policies, airc... more
  • Jump Seat: 1963-1976: A Stewardess' Memoir

    by Janet Angell
    Janet Angell grew up on a farm in Minnesota. After graduating from college, and hoping to travel for a year before settling down to teaching, she was hired as a stewardess by Northwest Airlines. This was 1963 just prior to the start of jet travel. Her 1 yr. plan stretched to almost 13 years with the airline. Jump Seat takes us from her initial interview through her eventual resignation after her second son was born. Initially stewardesses were not allowed to be married or had to quit at ag... more
  • The Little Green Wagon

    by M.D. Carter
    Follow the life of an extraordinary traveler and his epic twenty-year journey across America. The Little Green Wagon is a true story exposing a hidden world found at the end of narrow paths, revealing lost souls and unforgettable characters; an existence very few people will ever know. Explore roads to destinations fraught with adventure, untamed forests, dangerous city streets, and experience the transcendental power of life on the open road. The Little Green Wagon is an inspirational tale of h... more
  • All I Want to Do Is Live: A Collection of Creative Nonfiction

    by Trace Ramsey
    Trace Ramsey’s All I Want to Do is Live personalizes common themes of survival, depression, and life in America at a time of division and upheaval. In this collection of essays, flash nonfiction, and poetry, Ramsey examines his family history and shows us how darkness can trickle through generations. He looks to people like his grandparents and his partner for hope and works to move beyond abuse and mental illness to find what is worth passing on to his children. In a unique voice of clean, deli... more