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  • Enough

    by Lloiden Garza
    ENOUGH represents different seasons of life. My girlhood when I felt I wasn't Enough. My early adulthood when I had Enough. And my womanhood when I realized I AM Enough - Lloiden In her girlhood, Lloiden discovers her mother kept a secret about her father. Lloiden is shaken by this discovery and life as she knew it fell to pieces, putting her on a path of self-discovery that would shape her sense of self and stretch far into adulthood. Lloiden struggles to find her place in a world that... more
  • The Forbidden Zone 1940

    by Anne Angelo
    This is a continuation of the story of Anne Angelo, as published in the companion book: A Sprig of White Heather and a Scottish Lass. It is a heart-warming story that completely justifies the researching and writing. It demonstrates how inexorably lives can be shaped and directed by the circumstances of birth and the environment in which the formative years are spent. Born in Invergordon, Ross-shire, in the Highlands of Scotland, to parents utter opposites in cultural and social backgrounds, edu... more
  • A Japanese Boy Sees a New Light

    by Shu Shimizu
    A Japanese graduate of SDSC and retiree from AAL writes about his childhood experience in order to thank Americans and their democracy.
  • White Girl Within: Letters of Self-Discovery Between a Transgender and Transracial Black Man and His Inner Female

    by Ronnie Gladden
    Embrace your radical, authentic self with this poetic self-help memoir. "Do you want to be a White girl, Ronnie?" "I want to be free." Two identities struggle to coexist in Ronnie Gladden's body, brain, and soul. On the outside, they are Black and male. Inside, a repressed White female identity begs for release and is ready to break the status quo. Grappling with double-binary thinking, an abusive father, and childhood trauma, they imprison their inner self to stay safe from the world.... more
  • Sometime a Clear Light: A Photographer's Journey Through Alaska, Nigeria, and Life

    by Aylette Jenness
    Aylette reflects on living with her anthropologist husband and two small children in a tiny Yu’pik village in Alaska in the early 1960s, and on the time they spent in Africa from 1966 to 1969, three of the most terrible years of the Nigerian Civil War (the Nigerian-Biafran War). That was a tumultuous time for Aylette, as well, as she split from her husband who had been sent to Nigeria to study resettlement caused by the construction the Kainji Dam. She follows her evolution as a single mother, a... more
  • Warflower: A True Story of Family, Service, and Life in Alaska

    by Robert Stark
    Bob Stark had no plans after high school. With his brother locked away in the only maximum-security prison in Alaska, his mom working overtime at the local grocery store, and his bad habits getting worse, he saw no hope for the future. Until the Army recruiter came to school offering an escape. Bob envisioned romantic adventures in Italy, life-saving missions in Africa, and friendships built on tough times - he wanted to be an honorable, dependable, and brave man - all of the things he was not. ... more
  • Light Come Out of the Closet: Memoir of a Gay Soul

    by Dr. Roger Leslie
    When a joyful boy realizes he is gay, he fights against family and religious prejudices to reclaim the God of love he learned about in hopes of discovering what it means to be a gay soul.
  • Walk A Mile In My Shoes ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1629672090

    by Ronnie Rush

     Ronnie Rush's first book was the autobiographical Life of a Roadie:The Gypsy in Me, published in 2013. Walk a Mile in My Shoes, according to the author, "gives you insight into how things worked out over the years" since 2013. More than an update, this book presents many of the events Rush has encountered in his life and he offers lessons and advice that came from confronting those events. Among the topics covered are friendship, life goals. money, generations, self-relian... more

  • Slim Chances: A True Story of Struggle, Hope, and Forgiveness

    by Jimmy Rumsey
    In this gripping memoir, Jimmy “Slim” Rumsey tells the extraordinary story of his life. His inspiring perspective arose out of his struggles as a teenager and young adult after confronting his most difficult challenges of seeking redemption for his past, embarking on a process of self-healing, and extending forgiveness. Because of his experiences of being born on the run to a fugitive father, coming of age in California as a formidable gang member, serving time behind bars, and nearly losing his... more
  • Tommy Come Lately

    by Nicolas Thomas
    A true story about an optimistic young man that eventually loses everything as a result of the dissolution of a Fortune 1000 corporation. 401K, IRA, home, and nearly life itself. Standing alone fighting some of the top executives. It takes twenty years to get there and another twenty years to get from there. It describes power games of executives and survival games of employees through actual conversations and interactions. And how both contribute to the downfall.
  • Sober with God

    by Joseph :Liao
    Sober with God is a comprehensive and concise resource for every individual and family stricken with drug dependency. Based on an inspiring personal experience, the book reveals the power of divine healing—a collaboration between God and human methods of recovery. Discover God as our Great Healer as evidenced by Scriptures. Know the hard facts and views from current events, history, trusted global institutions, and respected authorities on addiction and recovery. Read about the compelling storie... more
  • Sober with God

    by Joseph :Liao
  • Keep Sweet

    by Joshua Gonzales
    Keep Sweet: My Homemade Recipe for a Fulfilling Gay Life tells how a Mexican-American kid, raised in the small town of Huntsville, Texas, kept believing in his innate fabulousness, and how that led him to finding a secret same-sex romance while attending a private Baptist university, then to being thrust into working with his Broadway idols minutes after stepping foot into New York City. Joshua Gonzales rolls out his own inspiring life story, peppered with wit, enthusiasm, and wry, tough-love ad... more
  • What Makes My Heart Sing: An Artist's Journey

    by Lynn Takacs
    A thoughtful account of a young girl's journey into the world of the arts. With vivid and colorful descriptions of people she meets and places she travels, Lynn continues her quest to discover more about herself and how she relates to the art world as well as her relationships. She shares her struggles with and eventual triumph over self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Her story will inspire readers to follow their own artistic dreams and help them realize that they, too, have a special talent that ... more
  • Life of a Roadie, the Gypsy in Me

    by Ronnie Rush

    Ronnie was with a famous group known around the world, 

    working for Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds (PLAYBOY RECORDS)

    as a Roadie. Join the adventure in Life of a Roadie: The Gypsy in Me,

    plus his just-released, second book Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

  • Me and My Shadow

    by John Walker Pattison
    Me and My Shadow – memoirs of a cancer survivor, is a brutally honest account of one teenager’s struggle to understand and deal with the most feared diagnosis known to society: cancer. At 18 years of age, John Walker Pattison was thrust onto a roller coaster ride of emotional turbulence - his innocence cruelly stripped from him; his fate woven into the tapestry of life. After years of failed chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments that ravaged his physical frame and almost destroyed his psych... more