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  • Surreality: Strange Tales of a Man Sitting Down the Bar from You

    by J.D. Bradley
    Stories of an unusual man, who's had a strange life, and his reactions to bizarre circumstances.
  • Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur

    by Fred Duffy
    The true but crazy adventures of an Irish entrepreneur who survived bomb threats from the IRA, a confrontation with a Saudi military commander, the stock market crash of 1987 and navigating some of the world’s most dangerous oceans in the Navy, to build a series of world-class businesses. A job in the oil industry giant Shell Corporation gives Fred the idea to start the first private oil refinery in Ireland. Threatened by the IRA with bomb plots and death threats, Fred refuses to give in and ... more
  • Favor: How Stroke Struggle and Surgery Helped Me Find My Life's Purpose

    by Kawan Glover
    Favor is a memoir that covers a period in my life from 2012-2018. During that time, I had a stroke, multiple brain surgeries, and mental health challenges. During that time, I also fell in love, unknowingly found faith, and became a man. Favor is really about a boy coming of age and navigating through the challenges of life. My world is turned upside down, and the reader will follow the journey to see how it's put right again. The core message is simple: There's always hope.
  • In Society's Web

    by Edwin Cruz
    This is a narrative of an exceptionally inspiring, thought provoking, and true account of one man’s life altering journey into the abyss of captivity in the Illinois penal system. As he encounters the harsh reality of incarceration and the constant confrontations with both guard and inmate, he comes to his realization that the environment of prison and the ghetto are not dissimilar at all. As he is shuffled from one institution to another because his pride refuses to succumb to the status-quo, h... more
  • Summerlands

    by Jenny Chapman
    In the final instalment of her trilogy, Jenny Chapman describes a personal journey around the landscape of the Glastonbury Zodiac. The resulting story is a fascinating insight into how to heal childhood trauma and grief, and the need to move beyond them and communicate with the spirit worlds. Jenny uses story, myth and legend to vividly communicate each step of her journey. As she attempts to unravel the mysteries of King Arthur’s round table and her own psyche, she encounters the Underworld whe... more
  • STEALING BABY JESUS: A Treasury of Ludicrous Attempts to Rescue Christmas

    by Bernadette Nason
    Inspired by her mother's attempts to create joyful traditions in tough times, and by Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Bernadette Nason has been forever striving to find the perfect Christmas, even though childhood memories haunt her. When she reads that her hometown of Winchester is vying for the coveted title of "Most Christmassy Town in Britain," she's gob-smacked. Most Christmassy town? Snort! Not on your nelly! Suddenly, the ghosts of Christmases past are back, and Nason is reflecting on ... more
  • Listen Mama

    by M.S.P. Williams

    Through a series of letters at times heart-breaking, poetic, and unexpectedly humorous, come explore this true teen and young adult journey of a lost soul searching for the love of his mentally ill mother. While facing seemingly insurmountable odds, Manny ultimately becomes her caretaker and guardian while also parenting his four younger siblings in 1990’s Houston, Texas.

    Witness his transformation in this coming-of-age story of a forgotten and disfigured black chil... more

  • Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat

    by M. K. McDaniel

    Early 2000, I was placed into a medically-induced coma and onto a ventilator for three weeks. During that time, I awoke in Hell. Standing up to the demands of Demons, I eventually found myself in Heaven and was greeted by my recently-deceased best friend. Being told "I had too much left to do" preceded my exit from the coma. This memoir encompasses my journey to, during, and after the life-twisting event and contains the messages I was sent back to share.

  • Autobioscenes & Necrographies

    by Norman Weeks

    Autobioscenes: A word coined by the author to describe episodes from his life. And so, not a full straight-through autobiography, but a series of scenes.

    Then, necrographies. Biographies are life stories. Necrographies, another word coinage of the author, are death stories of people with whom the author had some acquaintance.

    Put together, they are Autobioscenes & Necrographies, “Some Personal Experiences of Life and Death”, reported in 65 short narratives arr... more

  • One Day Stronger: How One Union Local Saved a Mill and Changed an Industry--and What It Means for American Manufacturing

    by Thomas M. Nelson
    In August, 2017, the death knell sounded for yet another troubled American manufacturer: Appleton Coated, a historic paper mill in Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley. The mill and its parts were set to be sold for scrap, devastating a community. But then the unlikely happened. Dedicated union workers teamed with a lone local official to leverage an obscure legal strategy proposed by a community-minded attorney to stop the sale, enable a profitable new business plan, and save hundreds of jobs. In a wor... more
  • Without A Voice: A Woman's Journey to Resiliency

    by Erika Obando
    Brought to the United States illegally by Colombian parents seeking a better life for their family, Erika Obando allows her readers a candid view of the horrors and hardships she endured and how she used them to transform her life. This powerful, coming of age story traces Erika's growth into a resolute young woman who struggled to overcome incredible odds and build a solid and successful life for her son, herself and those who follow in her footsteps.
  • The Other Mrs. Samson

    by Ralph Webster
    Surviving two wars, sharing one husband, searching for answers. A hidden compartment in a black lacquer cabinet left in an attic reveals the secrets of two incredible women: Hilda, born and raised in one of the wealthiest Jewish families in turn-of-the-century San Francisco, and Katie, whose early life in Germany is marked by tragedy and death. Their lives are forever entwined by their love of the same man, the brilliant and compassionate Dr. Josef Samson. From the earliest, rough-and-tumb... more
  • 26 & Fu¢ked

    by Dorothy Paredes
    26 & Fu¢ked is a story of many — whether afflicted by cancer or something else — that forces us to look inward and assess our personal histories, relationships, health, and the important decisions and actions that inform and define our futures. It is an honest, raw, transformative story of hope through adversity, and growth through challenge that wraps the reader in the intimacy and upheaval of her emotions as she struggles through her diagnosis.
  • Grateful for the Color Blue: Surviving the Loss of an Adult Child

    by Ellyn Wolfe
    Parents aren’t supposed to outlive their children, but they do. Ellyn Wolfe’s journey through hell and out the other side begins with a phone call from 3,000 miles away, “Mom, I have cancer.” A memoir of loss and survival, denial and fear, optimism and coping strategies, “Grateful for the Color Blue” is a compassionate outreach to anyone who has lived through loss and needs to know they are not alone. Beautifully written with heart-wrenching intensity, diversionary escapes into natu... more
  • Polka-Dot Bath

    by Marklyn Beck

    With bold and courageous arrows of love and truth, Polka-Dot Bath shoots straight and aims skillfully for the heart!

    A 28-year veteran & award-winning RN tells the real issues, the facts, the never-before-told-happens-every-day-everywhere issues in nursing homes... their very secrecy maintained by the most often unspoken, always understood, highly effective oath of silence… those secrets are finally revealed. The closet is opened. The thick dust is clearing; for... more

  • Reflections on Mountaineering

    by Alan V. Goldman
    Presented as seventy-three narrative-style poems, some of which are rhyming and others are in prose or blank verse, Reflections on Mountaineering, A Revised and Expanded EDITION: A Journey Through Life as Experienced in the Mountains summarizes much of what the author, Alan V. Goldman, learned in his more than thirty years of climbing. Many of the same moral issues that confront us in everyday life are present in the high mountains, only to a sharper degree. Musing on topics such as awe and wond... more