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  • Rambling Across America

    by Tommy Ray

    Do you sometimes feel there is more out there for you? Would you like to become the best version of yourself?

    I know I did. I thought, “if I desire a new life, I simply should rewrite it.” I pondered, imagine creating my dreams into reality, creating the life I have always desired, knowing I can produce these results.

    What would that do to my confidence? What would that do to my life?

    Through personal experience, inspirational quotes, as well as ... more

  • The Joy in My Journey with Cancer

    by Sandra Jolla
    Finding joy in the midst of turbulent times is not always easy. When you get disappointing news, how do you turn tragedy to triumph? How do you make the bitter sweet? How do you transition from chaos to calm? The author makes her journey with cancer a faith walk filled with excitement and joy as she embarks upon one of the most challenging times of her life. I learned that even though I had mapped out a plan, God had a different plan for my life. This is my story of how I chose to make my journe... more
  • This Side Up: The Road to a Renovated Life (First Printing)

    by Amy Mangan
    This Side Up: The Road to a Renovated Life is a home and garden editor’s story of a life constantly under construction, none by design. Written with candor, humor and grace, Amy Mangan shares her own home tour, but this one deftly sheds light on job loss, financial shame, home displacement, marital discord, illness and caregiving. Faced with one crisis after the next, Amy discovers how to cope, hope and rebuild, finding a new way home to a stronger way of life.
  • Stolen Options

    by Mae Edwards
    “Stolen Options” is the story of how she survived the constant moving around from foster home to home, being a plumber in the Air Force, an abusive husband, cancer and beyond. Upon surviving some of the toughest years in an unhealthy marriage, Mae later got remarried, this time to her high school sweetheart. She is now a part of a very loving and successful marriage. She currently resides in Waller, Texas, and as her story tells, enjoys riding her motorcycle with her husband, hiking in the mount... more
  • A Bride's Confession

    by John and Mahin Goodall
    Our memoir recounts the true story of how we met in Tehran in 1969 and how our Anglo-Iranian romance had been accurately foretold by an Assyrian fortune teller simultaneously with the terrifying fortunes of two other girls. We each recount our story individually in the first person as we recall it, putting the reader in the vantage point of understanding what each of us is thinking as he/she wonders how we lovers drawn from such very different backgrounds will ever overcome the very real impedim... more
  • It's Not Too Late Baby, a Kundalini Love Story

    by Eva G Kane
    When singer/songwriter Eva G Kane discovers her husband’s secret life outside of their 24-year marriage, her world is thrown upside down. Eva tosses her pride aside to undergo a grueling process of self-discovery, navigating through her darkest times by writing songs of lost-yet-hopeful love. Inspired by her lyric “the worst in you is bringing out the best in me,” Eva gains the strength to dig deeper into her husband’s heart and bank records when her initial attempt at forgiveness proves futile... more
  • Schools and Politics: The Rise and Fall of Pat Tornillo

    by Louis Tornillo
    This is the dramatic story of Pat Tornillo, young years in the vanished First Ward Italian neighborhood of Newark, his rise to power as the leader of Florida's teachers, his historic achievements in public education, the statewide Florida teachers' strike of 1968, his visionary ideas to reform public schools, and the catastrophic errors in judgement that ended his career. Written from a Federal prison, it is a cautionary tale of what can happen when any leader has too much power without accoun... more
  • Hogan's Hope: A Deaf Dog, A Courageous Journey, and A Christian's Faith

    by Connie Bombaci
    Hogan’s Hope is the riveting and valiant story of a deaf dog who escaped death during the time when the belief was that deaf dogs needed to be destroyed. It is the tale of a legendary deaf canine champion who, after being rescued from severe abuse, prevailed as he turned upside down the myths of deaf dogs being stubborn, difficult to train, and harmful. Hogan learned American Sign Language, engaged in “normal” puppy activities such as agility, Frisbee, and lure coursing, and provided the hope of... more
  • Beyond the Visible Edge: A Grieving Mother's Pilgrimage While Walking the Dog

    by Betsy Kelleher

    Betsy Kelleher's world shattered after a phone call on Nov. 17, 2008.

    "Hi Mom, it's your son Bob," she heard and she smiled at the way he always began his calls. But her smile quickly faded; Bob was in the hospital. He had just learned he had multiple myeloma cancer of the bone marrow and there was no cure.

    For four years and three months, Kelleher found hope in her faith that God could work a miracle. Prayers did not bring healing, and a mother's heart was b... more

  • In The Driver's Seat - Interstate Trucking, A Journey

    by Marc Mayfield
    One month after his 45th birthday, Marc Mayfield became a long-haul truck driver, something he'd always wanted to do. Away from home for weeks at a time, he crisscrossed America in 18-wheelers. Drove into sunsets and, often, nonstop through the night. Learned firsthand that truckers paid by the mile are shortchanged with every paycheck, that the federal Hours of Service are as unrealistic as they are dangerous, that every day meant threats to his truck, his cargoes, and his life. But he loved th... more
  • Relish Your Story

    by Amy Reynolds
  • Jeeses Christ

    by Gregory GOrDon
    On July 4, 1990, GREGORY STUART GORDON found himself pushed face-first up against a wall, the business end of a Secret Service agent’s handgun pressed against his head. Gordon had broken into PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN’s Bel Air, California, home. He was on a mission. When questioned about this mission, Gordon knew that what he was about to tell the agents would get him in a great deal of trouble. But he also knew that by telling them that he was there to kill Reagan, his life’s work would finall... more
  • Losing My Country, Keeping My Soul

    by Allan Glass
    I am a college student in Florida who is drafted for the Vietnam War. After taking all of the training and getting ready to leave from Oakland, California, I instead go AWOL, and then classified as a deserter. A fugitive for one year, in and out of jail, covering both coasts, when I finally make plans to leave for Canada from the Presidio Army base in San Francisco,. entering Canada in a most unusual way.
  • Return to Fourth Street

    by Marcia Meier
    Synopsis of Return to Fourth Street, A Memoir Return to Fourth Street by journalist and editor Marcia Meier tells the story of her tragic encounter with a car while walking her bike across the street at the age of five. Knocked to the pavement and dragged nearly 200 feet, Meier loses her left cheek and eyelid and subsequently endures twenty plastic and reconstructive surgeries over the next fifteen years. Return opens in 2016, when Meier has gone back to her hometown in Michigan for the... more
  • SHACKLED: A Journey From Political Imprisonment To Freedom

    by Adam Siddiq
    Khaled Siddiq "Charkhi" is only six years old when he and his entire extended family are imprisoned. Following a grand betrayal, Khaled's father and uncles, the respected right-hand men to the King of Afghanistan, become targets of the new regime. Khaled's father is exiled, his uncles are executed, and their families are locked away in a forgotten corner of Kabul. So begins a decades-long struggle in captivity where Khaled faces the hardship of prison life while enduring tragedies as more of ... more
  • The Paradoxical Return of the Feminine: Raising Awareness and Creating Peace

    by Jeannette Gagan
    Is peace attainable? Every reader has asked this question, typically on hearing news of hatred and violence and they feel hopeless. The Paradoxical Return of the Feminine: Raising Awareness and Creating Peace answers this question to the affirmative, explaining the power of feminine energy and provides a variety of concrete ways individuals--both men and women--can cultivate feminine energy in their lives.