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  • Balcony View, Living at Ground Zero after 9/11

    Very quietly Ron said, “You know, I think the Towers are going to go. Maybe we’d better get out of here.” \tIf either of the Towers fell at a certain angle, our building was directly in the line of fall. Above the raging flames, the perpendicular steel I-beams were beginning to bulge out, softening in the heat. Again his unnaturally quiet voice, “I can’t stay here. If the Towers fall on us, I’ll die of fright.” Julia Frey’s diary begins with September 11, 2001, when she and her terminally ... more
  • Hysterical Memories

    by Eugene Wallace
    Here is the story of a man’s life that has been riddled and ruffled with emotionally unstable personality disorder, a known mental illness. Despite spending a considerable part of his life at various rehabilitation facilities, Eugene’s life was largely marred with crazy-bound incidences. He was a convicted drug dealer with a history of violence. His case was so bad that he even attacked his dad with a claw hammer. He was everything you could think of when it came to drugs and crime. However, fro... more
  • Overcoming the Emotional Stigmas of Infertility: Barren but Not Ashamed

    by Frances Jones
    Do you feel like a failure because you cannot conceive or carry a baby to full term? Do you feel unworthy for being infertile? Are you ready to transform from a mindset of defeat and low self-esteem to one of victory, freedom, and peace? There was a time when I saw myself as damaged goods. I was hard on myself, felt unworthy because of my infertility, and was tormented by negative thoughts and emotions. The worst part was that I didn’t know how to stop. Then a miracle happened: I had an awakenin... more
  • A Soldier's Perspective

    by Carol Ann Asplund
    In A Soldier’s Perspective, Carol Ann Asplund presents a biography of her grandfather, Walter C.R. Kreiger, and his family, focusing on his service in the 1916 Mexican Campaign and World War I. Told by Walter’s own words from his diary entries and accompanied by numerous photograph’s, A Soldier’s Perspective shows the heart and patriotism of a young man whose family were immigrants to the United States from the same areas of Germany and France where the war was fought.
  • 978-0-578-91662-0

    by Peter Funt
    Based on a lifetime doing TV's original reality show, "Candid Camera," as well as experiences from an insane number of odd jobs, Self-Amused offers laughs, loves and "Candid Camera" secrets, with zero universality.
  • Like a Lotus

    by Veronica Trunzo
    Veronica seemed to have what so many strive for: a good home, a wonderful fiancé, a well-paying job. But none of that gave her the purpose and joy she longed for. So in 2013, she began a journey of self discovery, adventure, and freedom. Running a guesthouse in dusty and blissful Cambodia; climbing to mountain peaks in Indonesia and Nepal; even getting lost in the depths of Chinese countryside, she learned that the path you choose to follow doesn’t have to be the one laid out in front of you.
  • The Other Computer History

    by Hans Bodmer
    Synopsis. The writer, an elderly man, writes his experiences from the early days of computer science until 2004. At that time, it was not recognized for a long time what a gigantic transformation it will bring in human history. Successes of the IT and thereby also the so usual 'flops' as well as its own will be described as subjectively as possible. It is attempted by non-technical examples and 'parables' and precise translation of the computer-specific terms to make the whole 'thing' for layme... more
  • Standing on Alligator Heads

    by Larry Jackson
    Why the title: Standing on alligator heads is a metaphor for life being a river you have to cross. In my case, with only my courage and wits, the journey is treacherous. Total destruction will come at the slightest misstep, especially when the only way across is on the proverbial heads of alligators. This is a true story about overcoming crushing hardships in life. The author was the result of the vicious and incestuous rape of his mother. He grew up in the abject poverty of the ghettos of Phil... more
  • Turning Mountains into Molehills

    by Yvonne M Morgan
    Yvonne's story follows a path from personal devastation to personal triumph through God's call to mission and serving others through ministry. Her fears, disappointments, and heartaches are all detailed in this adventure about how God's calling beckons her to continue on her mission no matter what troubles arise. Ultimately, God shows her how to turn her mountains into molehills.
  • Wrong Country, memoir

    by Larisa Rimerman

    My memoir about the transformation of young girl who, under Communist propaganda, passionately wanted to build Communism in her country and, not yet 16, went to Siberia, answering the Komsomol Appeal to the youth. Her father, rather successful Soviet writer, after spending seven years of his life in GULAG, was afraid to explain his estranged daughter the truth about

  • Love Song for Haiti: A Memoir of Life with Street Boys

    by Charlotte Oneille Adams

    Against the backdrop of Haitian culture and civil unrest, a single mother and her teenage daughter arrive in 1993 just as political violence escalates. As Director of a non-profit organization, Charlotte hopes to find a new sense of purpose and restore her relationship with her daughter. Yet nothing unfolds as she expects.

    In the city, lively street boys win her over, but they have desperate needs. In caring for them, they come to depend on her, and she, in turn, comes to relish their b... more

  • Red Thoughts

    by Tamar Nadiradze
    Matilda is a young woman who was born in a tiny city in a small country, in a very large family. She was an obedient girl with a calm nature, who was not revealing her wishes too loudly. Eventually, it ended up with suppression of her self and following the decisions of the family, without any objections. Over time Matilda kind of fell into a deep sleep and turned her life to Auto-Pilot. She was tormented by red neurosis, which forced her to abandon some social activities, her wishes, goals, and... more
  • Uncle Ted: A G.I.'s Journal of World War II

    by Barbara Gibby
    Barbara Gibby's passion for documenting the lives of family members is only surpassed by her unerring sense of history. In this exciting narrative, she faithfully follows Uncle Ted from the day he was drafted into the army in 1941 to the end of WWII. During this young G.I.'s tour of duty he had several assignments. He served as a gunner with the Air Corps in B-17s as well as driving a fast truck for the Red Ball Express, which was the hot line transportation outfit that delivered vital supplies ... more
  • Tales from the Kingdom of Tonga

    by Ilisapesi S. Weir
    The Lives of Mafi Helu Sisifa and Sione Finau Sisifa (1910 - 1970) in the context of Time, Geography and History in the Kingdom of Tonga.
  • Bumbling Through the Hindu Kush: A Memoir of Fear and Kindness in Afghanistan

    by Chris Woolf
    In 1991, Chris Woolf was working for the BBC World Service newsroom, and wanted to see if he’d like the life of a foreign correspondent. His friend was the BBC reporter in Kabul, so he went to visit the country. They found a ride with an aid convoy, and inadvertently bumbled straight into the war. They drove into a literal minefield; met death; got separated, then reunited. They made it through the mountains to meet the legendary Mujahidin leader, Ahmed Shah Massoud – the first journalists to ... more
  • Year of the Nurse: A Covid-19 Pandemic Memoir

    by Cassandra Alexander
    Year of the Nurse: A Covid-19 Pandemic Memoir is Cassandra Alexander's poignant effort to come to grips with suicidal ideation and PTSD after being a covid nurse in an ICU in 2020. Comprised of original essays and her chronological journals, tweets, and emails as she attempted to save lives, including her own—this book will let you experience last year from the bedside.