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  • Kick-Ass Kinda Girl: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Caregiving

    by Kathi Koll
    When her husband, Don, called on his way to the hospital, Kathi Koll had no idea how dramatically their lives would change--or how her loving heart and indomitable spirit would fight it. From childhood, Kathi Koll's life seemed idyllic: growing up among children of celebrities and future TV stars and a beloved big brother engaged to one of Hollywood's leading ladies. But in reality her role as a caregiver began early with a mother dying of cancer, a father battling alcoholism, and both of her ol... more
  • Looking to the Stars from Old Algiers and Other Long Stories Short

    by Jan Risher
    Jan Risher took the long way to get from Mississippi to Louisiana with stops in between in Slovakia, Mexico, China, Burkina Faso, and more than forty other countries. Since moving to Lafayette in 2001, she has been a Sunday columnist for The Daily Advertiser and has written a column every single week since March 2002. Looking to the Stars from Old Algiers and Other Long Stories Short is the collection of these columns written over fifteen years. Arranged in chronological order, the collectio... more
  • 978-1537137445

    by Wendy Sura Thomson
    Born in the Year of the Tiger, Wendy Sura Thomson has often been told she is fearless. Her life has shown her that she truly has the courage to fight for the people and dreams important to her, even against huge odds. Wendy was born with congenital skeletal abnormalities, and as a toddler had to have her leg amputated. Her father suffered from World War II-induced PTSD - her mother was emotionally unstable. To cope wi... more

    by Nely Emiliani

    This true-life story will resolve many of the questions posed by present day archeologists and historians about HATSHEPSUT, ancient Egypt's first female Pharaoh. MORE IMPORTANTLY, IT WILL ANSWER THE QUESTION OF WHOSE BODY IS REALLY ON DISPLAY IN THE CAIRO MUSEAUM IN EGYPT. A story of love, war, hatred, betrayal, conspiracy, assassinations, and the truth of what happened to Me! THEBES, EGYPT 1450 B.C. HATSHEPSUT, a woman of power, held the double crown of Egypt. A 5-foot 2-inch tall slende... more

  • THE BROADCASTING YEARS, 1958-1989: Memoir of a Television Pioneer

    by William L. McGee with Sandra V. McGee

    Award-winning television broadcast pioneer, Bill McGee, tells the story of his 32-year career in broadcast sales and marketing. From the early days of 1950s television selling syndicated programs (My Little Margie, Our Miss Brooks, Cannonball, The Four Just Men) – to being on the creative team that put Henry J. Kaiser’s independent UHF station KBHK-TV on the air in San Francisco in 1968 – and to the launch of McGee’s own successful b... more

  • Along for the Ride Scenes Through a Moving Window

    by Elizabeth Samuels
    Humorous anthology, tales of a life of adventures with family and friends, two-legged and four-legged, from Unwilling Fourth of July Parade Float to the Beagle Who loved Palm Sunday.
  • Boot Language

    by Vanya Erickson
    From a young age, Vanya Erickson became fluent in two languages. The language of her Christian Scientist mother dripped with honeyed versions of the truth. Her rancher father’s words, hard as the scrape of his boot heels, stung like the back of his hand. From the outside, Vanya’s childhood seemed idyllic: riding horses with her father in the solitude of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and attending flamboyant operas with her mother in the city. But life for Vanya and her family turned dark when W... more
  • Justice My Way: Memoirs of a Black Prosecutor

    by Martinis Jackson
    In Justice My Way, Martinis Jackson chronicles his life-changing experience serving as a black prosecutor in Washington, D.C. Martinis offers readers an opportunity to experience the criminal justice system from the perspective of an African-American man working behind the scenes to create change. The memoir explores the primary obstacles that every prosecutor must face when seeking to administer justice fairly, and how Martinis’ life-story shaped his approach to overcoming those barriers. Marti... more
  • Never Ring a Witch's Doorbell

    by Richard Holeman
    What would you do on a night so dark, when a sliver of silver moon is the only light in the sky and a river of rolling fog hides the way back home? Would you ring a witch's doorbell? What if ghosts and goblins stalked the sidewalks and monsters with sweet-tooth fangs lurched door-to-door down every block? Would you ring a witch's doorbell? What if you came face to face with a banshee's reflection, a vampire teacher or a roaming pack of goons wearing hoods of dark intention. Would... more
  • Child Laborers: "Nobody deserves this life." (True Book 1)

    by Ebenezer Mensah
    Young African children struggle to provide for their families by taking menial jobs. This story captures the real life struggles of young African boys who work tirelessly and do not go to school just to provide for their families.
  • There Was No Weed

    by Roger Maxfield
    Bret, Rock, and Josh are 20 year old college roommates attending Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana in 1971. The boys decide on spring break to drive to Laredo, Texas and cross the border into Mexico to score some weed. Since everyone in the small college town was without any weed, they all chipped in and the boys leave on what they think will be a fun adventure. Figuring it would be easy, they instead find their lives threatened by a culture of death and drugs as they try to make... more
  • God Must Think I'm A Bad Ass

    by Essence Unique
    When a 20 year old is suddenly stricken with an incurable and rare brain condition her entire life will be turned upside down. In the novel God Must Think I'm A Bad Ass you'll learn about her battle and how she turns darkness in her life into a light for many others
  • Go Back Jack

    by Maureen Kellar-Kirby
    A young Canadian woman discovers a past life as a black, blues musician who lived during The Great Depression, "rode the rods" and died tragically before realizing his dreams.
  • Schools of Thought: Well-Rounded Education in the Lands of Opportunities

    by Peter Felton
    A bachelor with a Bachelor’s Degree, streetwise educator Peter Felton tells it like it is while laying everything on the line when it comes to identifying and describing in thorough, raw, hardcore detail the highs and lows of the different branches of scholastic learning and instruction comprising the corners of American education across the board. Reflecting upon his childhood experiences as a student attending a wide variety of schools, in tandem with his professional backlog in academia, Fel... more
  • Cockloft: Scenes from a Gay Marriage

    by Kyle Thomas Smith
    After the success of his first novel 85A, Kyle Thomas Smith found a new register in his literary voice while exploring and experimenting with dynamic innovations in short fiction, the personal essay, and the bourgeoning flash fiction genres. The resulting collection of vignettes, flash scenes and essays is Smith’s Cockloft: Scenes from a Gay Marriage [September 17, 2018; Gatekeeper Press]. Like the small attic it’s named after, Cockloft is full of surprises. Whether they’re fending off an inv... more
  • Unpredictable:The walk in and out of darkness: A true story by Honey Kasper

    by Honey Kasper, Unpredictable: The walk in and out of darkness
    I'm writing using a pen-name. As an over comer and survivor. I will share insight in overcoming with grace and faith in God. Learn how to build a fulfilling life, even after abuse and tragedy. Take the difficult and uplifting journey of surviving through every type of abuse and learning to live a fulfilling life.