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  • Love In The Beauty: A Memoir

    by Schirra Simmons
    A beautiful testimony of love in the face of adversity and a marriage that conquers all. At age 23, Schirra Simmons found himself heartbroken and divorced, with nothing left of his relationship but full custody of his 6-month-old son. A passionate believer in the transformative beauty of marriage, Schirra was determined to build a family again; and this time he wanted a sacred union that would last. But when Schirra received a second chance at love, he never expected that his 28-year-old fia... more
  • 126 Days, 11 Minutes: Our Love Story

    by Larry Indiviglia
    126 Days, 11 Minutes: Our Love Story by Larry Indiviglia is a true story that introduces you to Larry and Gayle, both in their 60s, who meet online and—against all odds—fall passionately and profoundly in love. Larry magically transports you to their private world of fun, frolic, commitment, and compassion. He chronicles their four-month journey with optimism and hope that will make you laugh and cry as he remains steadfast at Gayle’s side during her fierce battle with Stage-IV cancer. It i... more
  • Save Dogs from Distemper: The 'Impossible' Cure of Dr. Alson Sears

    by Ed Bond
    In the early 1970s in the desert community of Lancaster, California, Dr. Alson Sears had been overwhelmed with cases of canine distemper, resulting in “boxes and boxes” of dead dogs despite trying every treatment he could find. Then a paper about using Newcastle’s Disease Vaccine to induce interferon in cats gave him a flash of insight. Dr. Sears made an attempt to create interferon in dogs, but it did not work out the way he planned. A laboratory test concluded the resulting sample did not incl... more
  • Spitting Image: A Foundling's Memoir of Faith and Gratitude

    by Ronald G. Levi Jr.

    A 40-Year Search for the Truth

    One bright summer afternoon on weekend errands with his mother, 10-year-old Ronald's faint suspicions that he is adopted are confirmed by his mother's careful, well-practiced announcement of the truth. As a child whose appearance is close enough to that of his extended African-American adoptive family, he has always felt a part of them, but now things make a little more sense, and a 40-year odyssey of seeking his genetic truth is t... more

  • Blacktrekking: My Journey Living in Latin America

    by Stephanie Claytor
    “Blacktrekking: My Journey Living in Latin America,” is a riveting, coming-of-age story profiling author Stephanie Claytor’s decision to move to a foreign country by herself not once but twice. From love and heartbreak, to violence, culture shock and exploration of racial identity, Stephanie details her time blossoming into an adult while living in the Dominican Republic and Colombia. This moving travel memoir weaves in tips for how to stay safe while living abroad. It also incorporates never... more
  • Freewheeling; Nine Adventurous Tales of Boys and Their Bikes

    by Edward Horner
    Nine short stories of boys and the adventures they get up to on their bikes. Causing trouble in High Park, Misadventures in the Black Creek, Nose Dive into Catfish Pond, Meeting Walter, The Bike to End all Bikes, The Giro d'Italia AND MORE.
  • Riding the Edge, My Love Song to Deborah

    by Michael Tobin
    Deborah is an Arab American. Michael is an American Jew. Six years ago, they fell in love, and in the spring of 1980, their life together checks all the right boxes: love, money, and successful careers as psychologists — a straight road to a perfect future. Yet, beneath this ideal picture, something indefinable is missing from their flawlessly ordered life. In a bid to rescue their relationship, they risk it all and leave their practices for an around-the-world bicycle odyssey, seeking to exp... more
  • Toughing It Out

    by John Holliday
    It started as a boyhood dream to own and run his own business. But it didn’t come to him directly and, as with so many men and women in the workforce, his route to entrepreneurship demanded the apprenticeship of working for others, usually as a small cog in a huge corporation. Then, one day, he cut away the corporate safety net and hanging on, Tarzan-like, to a vine in the tall and dark forest of self-employment, he joined a few like-minded, ex-corporate colleagues and leaped into the entrepre... more
  • An Autobiographical Letter: with a "Self-Portrait of the Author" and a Post-Autobiographical Postscript

    by Norman Weeks

    How do life experiences feed into the books that an author writes?

    In An Autobiographical Letter, Norman Weeks recounts the experiential origins of his writings. Looking back over his first fifty years, he presents a comprehensive treatment of his life, especially those aspects that proved source material for what he would eventually write: His upbringing, education, maturation, personal interactions with friends and lovers, adventures and misadventures, travels and travails.... more

  • Journal of Abuse

    by Collette Scandrett
    The journal entries of a woman as she reflects on the experiences that have helped shape her life. These experiences being the many forms of abuse she encountered that nearly broke her. The abuse that drove her to many attempts to end her life. Did her life choices bring this life to her? Was she right in thinking this type of love was all she deserved? Sometimes the only mistake is not being strong enough to walk away
  • testerhero

    by tester hero We are a small team of 6 employees in the heart of Baden-Würtemberg. It is our mission to connect businesses and people in order to provide the greatest mutual benefit.
  • The Heart of God

    by Dorcas Massanga Germaine
    The book is inspired by the Holy Spirit to be published as a warning to the world, that God the All-Mighty is alive and wants to give a last warning, to His children, to repent and to straighten their lives, for the day of judgement is near. The book is about God speaking directly to us through Dorcas, using her has an instrument to publish His words to the world. The Heart of God is compelling and tugs at the heart. A must read and a companion to the Holy Bible.
  • A Hard Day at the Orifice

    by Dr. John M. Miller
    This very personal account provides unique insights into the training and life of a dedicated Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. There are also fascinating accounts relating the history of the profession. Dr. Miller underwent extensive training both in Australia and overseas prestigious institutions. In addition to delivering well in excess of fifteen thousand babies in his private practice, in his long career he was responsible for numerous thousands more in his roles as medical superintendent of... more
  • Hey Kid, There's Nothing Wrong with You

    by Jared Garrett
    I grew up in a cult called The Foundation Faith of God, which splintered off of Scientology in the Sixties. I escaped when I was seventeen after a childhood of neglect, abuse, rituals, intermittent good times, and lots and lots of work and books. I spent my childhood wondering why I'd been abandoned by my parents. My journey to overcome years of abuse, neglect, and emotional damage has been a process of discovering what individual worth and personal strength mean.
  • Finding Mother: A Journey of Loss and Love

    by Grace LaJoy Henderson
    BASED ON A TRUE STORY Two-year-old Grace, and her five siblings, were abandoned by their mother Geneva, who ran away and left them with their father, Jerome, never to return. When Grace turned 18, having a baby girl of her own inspired her to begin an emotional journey to locate her mother. Finding Mother: A Journey of Loss and Love is Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson's recollection of searching for, finding and reuniting with her mother after 49 years. Grace LaJoy has combined her Finding Mother Ser... more

    by Anna Penenberg
    Dancing in the Narrows chronicles a mother and daughter’s multiyear journey through illness and trauma. At sixteen, Anna’s youngest daughter, Dana, is stricken with a mysterious and debilitating condition, eventually diagnosed as Lyme disease. Desperate to find a cure, the two women are thrust into the established medical world, then far beyond. Full of adventure, humor, and blind faith, Dancing in the Narrows is an inspiring story of self-discovery as a single mother fights to save the life of ... more