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  • Sidonia's Seam Binding

    by Hanna Perlstein Marcus
    The only daughter of a master dressmaker, a single mother Holocaust survivor, struggles to develop her own independent character, apart from her mother's vision. Sidonia's Seam Binding, the last volume in the Sidonia's Thread trilogy, is the most introspective and raw glimpse into the author's psyche as she grows into adulthood up to the present moment. Imagining an alternative reality of her mother's life as though she had never been born, while also tracing her mother's lost Hungarian ancestry... more
  • Bumpy Rides and Soft Landings: Stories of Coming Out, Flying High, and Not Learning to Play the Piano

    by James Pauley, Jr.
    Since the late 1970s, James Pauley Jr. has been jet-setting around the world as a flight attendant. During his time on this planet and in the skies, he’s pretty much seen and heard it all. In Bumpy Rides and Soft Landings, Pauley chronicles his life—both in the air and on the ground—one meaningful adventure after another.
  • Misplaced Childhood: A True Story of Resiliency and Child Advocacy

    by Joan Ulsher
    After foster care, Joan is returned home and subjected to more abuse. How can she be saved? Misplaced Childhood chronicles one woman’s powerful journey to overcome a tragic past and use her “lived experiences” to inspire others. Wounded by poverty, child abuse, and foster care, Joan Ulsher discovers a purpose-filled life through military service and faith in God. This transformational journey of survival and triumph ultimately leads Joan to become a fierce volunteer advocate for children in f... more
  • The Quad Life: Unexpected Times Abound, Reliance on God a Must

    by Joel Vander Molen
    I was involved in a car accident at a young age and received a high-level spinal cord injury. Unable to control anything below my shoulders, or breathe on my own, has given me unique challenges. Through relying on God's plan and His blesses, I have been able to do much in The Quad Life.
  • Gentleman of the Road: A Hitchhiking Memoir of the 1970s

    by Rollie Erickson
    This is the story of a young couple who go on a hitchhiking odyssey across the country in the 1970s, hoping to find a new life for themselves. The protagonist is an artist and a self-styled "searcher" who uses the I Ching for interpreting the random situations inherent to this adventure. The I Ching is also used to find a place to stop and settle down, leading to the couple's marriage. This culmination of chance events leads to the discovery of the author's real father. How will this reunion tu... more
  • confession of a pick pocket

    by danilo beslac
    "Confession of a pickpocket' is a true story about rebellion, petty crime and adventure in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, before the civil war.
  • Invisible Tears

    by Iram Gilani
    In the heart of this book lies a profound exploration of my personal odyssey, where I confront a series of harrowing adversities including abuse, molestation, forced marriage, trauma, surviving a gunshot, and the enduring struggle of lifelong medical treatments. While my narrative delves deeply into these intimate experiences, it transcends the boundaries of my life, resonating with readers across diverse backgrounds. Within its pages, I not only share my personal journey but also shed light... more
  • The Village at the Center of the World

    by Larry Feign

    THE VILLAGE AT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD is a memoir of linked essays about an artist's life in a remote village on an island in the South China Sea. No signs point there. Even the police can’t find it. A place with no cars, but water buffalo rush hours. A place where nothing seems to happen, yet which once might have been the capital of an empire. It was love maybe not at first sight, but by the second sight began a love affair that lasted for decades.

  • Infertile Ground

    by Michael L. Patton
    In this haunting memoir, Michael L. Patton shares stories of his challenging childhood. It is the story of his determination and struggle to overcome growing up with an alcoholic, abusive father. The author paints a heartwarming and terrifying picture while sharing hard-earned lessons in life. He instinctively searches for guidance outside of the chaos, finding positive mentors, and promising himself that life can be different, even while witnessing physical and mental abuse at the hands of h... more
  • Shimmering Around the Edges: A Memoir of OCD, Reality, and Finding God in Uncertainty

    by Kathrine Snyder
    This fast-paced, novelistic memoir gives readers an intimate look into Kathrine's struggle with OCD and PGAD, while weaving a deeper story of reality, identity, and meaning. A poignant true story of hope. What happens when the voice of uncertainty never sleeps? OCD rituals have become Kathrine’s prison. A joyful and creative child, she is slowly being consumed by her compulsive attempts to understand relationships, sexuality, and faith. She spends days in endless prayer and confession, sleep... more
  • certvalue

    by vishwas c
  • STRONG: Successful Women Share Stories of Childhood Trauma and Triumph (illustrated in full color)

    by Mia Doucet
    Eighty-one successful women from 22 countries share poignant memoirs of early childhood struggle and suffering: trauma, loss, betrayal, bullying, neglect, sexual abuse, and the disconnection of dysfunctional family relationships. The memoirs read like intimate bits of conversation between best friends, overheard, at times in sordid detail. These stories are in stark contradiction to the nostalgic ones we like to tell ourselves about the charms of childhood. They paint the picture of early ... more
  • In Search of a Salve: Memoir of a Sex Addict

    by K E Garland
    No topic is too taboo or off limits; from the sexual assaults she suffered as a child to the exhibitionism displayed and multiple abortions she had as an adult. Garland weaves the seedy and secretive world of a sex addict with her words, removing the erotic and replacing it with the reality of what it means to live a double life; lying to and cheating on the ones you love. But like anyone wanting to see the other side of addiction, Garland had to do the necessary work to put her urges in perspec... more
  • Simpin' Ain't Easy: Twelve Steps to Embracing Common Sense and Rejecting Stupidity

    by Vincent Gervasi
    Simpin' Ain't Easy: Embracing Common Sense and Rejecting Stupidity Introduction In "Simpin' Ain't Easy: Embracing Common Sense and Rejecting Stupidity," I invite readers into the depths of my personal journey—a journey marked by addiction, unhealthy relationships, and a revolving door of recovery programs. This memoir chronicles my transformation from a life of chaos and self-destructive patterns to one founded on the principles of Stoicism, with a deep exploration of its virtues: justice,... more
  • NOT #MeToo. #MeinCharge.

    by Aphrodite Phoenix
    More than merely a memoir, this is an impassioned and ambitious manifesto for independent sex workers’ rights, evolved compassion for men, a deeper understanding of relationships, and victimhood transformed into power. My goal is to engage the general reading public with emotion and empathy, and to provide well-sourced apologetics that can interest academia, as well.
  • Tough and Competent

    by Eugene F. Kranz
    “It was as tough a test as could be conceived and put to flight control . . . if there was any weakness, the team would have crumbled. The teams dealt with IT!! There is no way that you could have a team stand up the way we did. We knew we had IT. It was all built in as we had been working on IT! for years.”— Arnold Aldrich (Apollo 13) Tough and Competent documents the leadership and teamwork principles which emerged from an organization of novice, part-time engineers in NASA Mercury Control.... more