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  • FLOURISH BECAUSE, A Memoir: The Inspiring True Story of Dashed Hopes, Faith Restored and Dreams Fulfilled

    by Kay Whitaker

    “Life is full of twists and turns, tears, and lots of craziness. We’ve learned, thanks to the grace of God, how to do this thing called ‘LIFE’. Just keep flourishing in whatever comes your way because He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!” ––KAY WHITAKER

    THIS MIGHT BE THE STORY OF SOMEONE JUST LIKE YOU. Flourish Because is the memoir of Kay Whitaker, a person whose name is not recognizable and who has no claim to fame. This is a story of dashe... more

  • Stuck: A Cold War Diary

    by Jay Fields
    The diary of an effervescent time, wedged between the sixties and the end of the Vietnam War, the story of an army journalist and his wife stuck in Cold War Germany traveling about in a third-hand VW named Velma. A reflection on coming of age, friendships under duress, service to country, race relations, the '72 Games, the life of gypsies, small theatre, missiles, escape routes to Spain, jazz and joy in the middle of pulling guard duty and painting tires.
  • Leaving Faith, Finding Meaning

    by Lynne Renoir
    Lynne Renoir was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1941. She was the eldest daughter of an evangelist who believed every word in the Bible had been dictated by God. This led him to the view that his child had been born in sin, and that it was his duty to belt the devil out of her. The frequent physical punishments Lynne received caused her not only psychological damage but a feeling that she had somehow failed God. This situation led her on a long quest to discover whether she was, in fact, a failu... more
  • Make it Count

    by Casey and Coby Gent
    I was born with a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis (CF). After the age ten, the disease started to take over my body. I was put in a wheelchair and on liquid oxygen. My lungs finally gave out. My family and I moved to the University of North Carolina so I could have a double-lung transplant. In August 1992 I got new lungs. I am not going to lie, there were many times when I thought I would die fighting for my last breath on a vent in a hospital. For years I put on a show for people. My ... more
  • Adrift on a Sea of Grief -- With a Quart of Ice Cream and a Fifth of Gin

    by Candace Wade
    “Adrift” is an irreverent tacking through the stormy seas of loss. “Adrift” is a “How It Is” book – a gust against “give-up-itis.” As we struggle to keep our heads above the squall, grasping at normal, we get such sage advice as “You should get a dog.” Get a dog! That’s the solution to the shipwreck that’s my life? A bit of macabre comedy relief to lighten the journey. We who grieve, feel loss, and need a smile, sail together in “Adrift.” Bonus – this book is a primer on what not to say to a... more

    by Kingsley Peters
  • Powerhouse Radio: Rough Roads, Radiance, and Rebirth

    by Kingsley H. Smith

    Powerhouse Radio: Rough Roads, Radiance, and Rebirth; My True AM - FM - Satellite - and Audio Streaming Survival Story by Kingsley H. Smith is an authentic true story about adversity, failure, and ultimate success. Smith performed on-air as an engaging radio personality and off-air as a program director in the hyper competitive radio broadcasting field.

    Despite roadblocks, the author details how he took advantage of growth opportunities offered at both general market and Black comm... more

  • Trauma and Uprooting

    by Diana Miserez
    Trauma and Uprooting came to be written about some of the most tragic occurrences of violence in our world over the hundred years from the outbreak of the First World War and the genocide of the Armenians in 1914 to the 2014 attempt of the « Islamic State » (ISIS) to annihilate the Yazidi people of northern Iraq. The takeover of Afghanistan by the hardline Talibans in August 2021 and the brutal invasion of Ukraine by the Russia of Vladimir Putin on 22 February 2022 added a short addendum to the ... more
  • Dealing with a Head Injury at Nine Years Old

    by Henry More
    After suffering a severe head injury at nine years old, Henry has embraced the difficulties of his condition. In this book, he depicts what it was like growing up between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five with a small learning disability. His quirky and bold writing style makes the reader engage their critical thinking, as they wonder whether he will win out in the end.
  • Becoming Italian: Chapter and Verse from an Italian American Girl

    by Linda Dini Jenkins
    Here, in chapter and verse, is the tale of an Italian American girl who started out in the suburbs of New York City and writes her way to understanding herself, her family and her place in the world.
  • Raising Owen: An Extra-Ordinary Memoir on Motherhood

    by Suzanne Lezotte
    As a first-time mother, the diagnosis of Down syndrome derailed every expectation the author had of motherhood. From complete grief and denial to acceptance and advocacy for her son, she takes the reader on her quest for full inclusion from preschool through high school. "Life will not be a special needs class" became her motto as she challenged society and the norm while raising her son.
  • The Big Ranch in the Ozarks, A Journey of the Greatest Generation

    by Robin Bunton Morris
    Saddle up for a memoir filled with adventure, history, and family stories from the American heartland. There are accounts of famous World War II battles, Mary and the women of the 1940s important roles in the war effort that created the suburbs of America, Nellie’s bold career as a highly esteemed Harvey House girl, Eva’s struggles as a divorced mother in the Great Depression, Glen’s death defying job in 1966-1967 to ferry (fly) a bi-plane across the Atlantic to Europe, Africa and the Middle Eas... more
  • Beneath the Wings of Love

    by Roberta Kim
    Beneath the Wings of Love recounts the 54-year marriage of Murray and Ginger Dadson, beginning in the war years and then the raising of their 5 children and arrival of grandchildren. Chapters include sections of love letters written by Murray during the war. Murray and Ginger were an ordinary couple who came from different backgrounds, and the book explores the couple's ancestral stories and how they may have impacted the marriage. Murray's stories of his depression-era childhood bring to life... more
  • My Unexpected Life: Finding Balance Beyond My Diagnosis

    by Jennifer Gasner
    Jennifer Gasner is seventeen when her dreams are shattered overnight. Receiving a diagnosis of Friedreich’s Ataxia, a rare genetic neuromuscular disease, means she must prepare herself for a life of loss. When she starts college, she can still walk on her own, but as her disease progresses, she spirals further into sadness, denial, and alienation. She turns to alcohol and a toxic relationship to distract her from what she refuses to accept—that her body, her self-esteem, and her hope for her fut... more
  • Infectious Injustice

    by Justin Cook
    InfectIous InjustIce The True Story of Survival and Loss against Corruption, the COVID-19 Disaster inside of San Quentin, and the Dumpster Fire That Is Known as Mass Incarceration
  • Solo Passage: 13 Quests, 13 Questions

    by Glenda Goodrich
    In her search to find healing and meaning in midlife, Glenda Goodrich undertakes a series of wilderness quests into the backcountry of Oregon, Washington, and California to discover what the natural world has to teach her about life, death, happiness, spirituality, and forgiveness. This book chronicles the sacred ceremonies that connected Goodrich to the land, wove her into nature’s web, and transformed her from a woman who worked to please others into a woman who forged her own path. It is a... more