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  • A Special Heart

    by Judy Zimlichman
    Judy Zimlichman's third child, Chaim, was born with Williams syndrome, and over the past thirty-nine years, she?s helped him conquer challenges and enjoy special times. While Chaim may face intellectual and physical challenges, he loves people?and they love him back. In sharing how she helped her son enjoy life to the fullest, the author provides encouragement and a roadmap for all families that have a loved one with special needs. She is convinced that, as a parent, you must be fierce advocate ... more
  • Growing Old With Grace

    by Ramakrishna Michaels

    In a perfect world the musically gifted Ramakrishna would have grown up to become a concert pianist. However, his complicated, emotionally incestuous relationship with his mother, and a largely absentee father set the stage for a life that played out quite differently. He quit playing the piano his freshman year in college and instead became the ultimate gay party boy. For seventeen years he was consumed by a life fueled by copious amounts of drugs and sex.

    When he finally hit bottom in... more

  • Drifting in the Push

    by Daniel Garrison

    Drifting in the Push is a fast-paced, comical romp that takes the reader on a journey through the unintentional adventures of one man’s reality. From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, from Mexico to Alaska, missteps, stubborn obstacles, and fate are his constant companions, along with an offbeat assortment of entertaining characters. From time to time, his escapades include his two childhood friends—Bryan, who follows him to the unforgiving Arctic, and Shane, who steer... more

  • Uncle: The Dark Family Secret

    by Crickette Gill
    "Uncle" is a gripping account of Crickette's childhood growing up with an alcoholic paranoid schizophrenic manifesting in the bedroom next door. Estranged from her parents and sent to live with her grandparents as a child, Crickette grew up in constant fear of the illness that was slowly tightening its grip on her reality. In her first novelette, "Uncle", Crickette weaves a series of traumatic encounters with schizophrenia as seen through the eyes of a child growing into a resourceful, resilient... more
  • Under the Wings of a Good Luck Phoenix: Memoir of an American Girl Saigon 1963

    by Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    Kathy Connor is one of 4,000 American civilians living in Saigon in 1963. Under the Wings of a Good Luck Phoenix is a compelling story of a twelve-year-old American girl living in Saigon, Viet Nam in a period historians call “The Watershed Year.” Kathy's first-person narration captures her journey from an innocent girl to a wiser self-aware young woman. She does this with the help of a Vietnamese servant and a lucky pendant embossed with a Vietnamese phoenix, a sign ... more

  • Molding My Destiny: A Story of Hope That Takes One Child from Surviving to Thriving

    by Patrice M Foster
    Molding My Destiny A story of hope that takes one child from surviving to thriving. A story of strength, courage and determination, Patrice M Foster’s moving journey from poverty, neglect and abuse is a tribute to the human spirit. Born in Jamaica West Indies, Patrice and her five siblings endured a barren childhood devoid of love, security, and hope. After both parents abandoned their children, Patrice’s only means of surviving years of mistreatment with uncaring relatives was the hope... more
  • For the Record: Confessions of a Vinyl-Soundtrack Junkie

    by Bruce K. Hanson
    In his new book, For the Record: Confessions of a Vinyl-Soundtrack Junkie, Bruce K. Hanson explores his life-long obsession with collecting movie soundtracks and Broadway cast recordings by connecting them with anecdotes about growing up gay in the late sixties and early seventies, performing on stage, teaching theatre and visual arts, and coping with the little challenges that life offers on a regular basis. Bruce’s narrative manages to be honest, accessible, and engaging, making him immensely ... more
  • A Daughter's Journey. The Love Between a Father and Daughter Knows No Distance.

    by Heather Jaynes
    This book is about a father and daughter, driving a jeep, packed to the top with household items, and towing a large storage box, laden with heavy household and garage machines, from London to Bulgaria by crossing three countries. The daughter did the driving. It was tough, on a time limit, and by no means trouble-free.
  • Incest, Murder and a Miracle

    by Cheryl Cuccio, Rob Cuccio, Morgan St. James
    In 1986 sixteen year old sexually, physically and mentally abused Cheryl Pierson hired a classmate to kill her father. He had threatened to turn his sick attentions to her eight year old sister, and Cheryl had promised her dead mother as she lay in her coffin she would always protect her sister. It was in national media for several years. In 2012 her husband, Rob Cuccio, died for 43 minutes and was miraculously brought back to life because she convinced doctors to keep trying to revive him. 30 y... more
  • MONTANA MEMOIR: The Hardscrabble Years, 1925-1942

    by William L. McGee


    Bill McGee recaptures life growing up in the small cattle town of Malta, Montana, during the hardscrabble years of the Great Depression.

    He sets the stage for his coming-of-age story by taking us “Westward Ho!” as his pioneering forefathers — curious to see what was on the other side of the mountains—migrated west generation by generation until a genteel young school teacher from Iowa (his mother) meets a handsome cowboy (his father) ... more

  • Zucchini's Zany Life

    by Marilla Mulwane
    This is the story of the house duck named Zucchini who steals hearts and provides the dearest bond anyone could experience. Ever thought about having a duck as a pet? I don't mean an outdoor duck in a pen or that wanders around your pond. I mean a duck that lives in the house with you, sleeps with you, eats with you, plays with you. If you never have considered it, you just might once you've read about Zucchini. If you have considered having a house duck, then this book will teach you everything... more
  • Adventure Nickel

    by Eric Gaden
    In 2010, my wife and I made the decision to leave our comfortable suburban life and head out on the road. We sold most of our belongings and packed the rest into an RV with our two young children and our dog. We learned a few lessons on the way.
  • Royal Rebel

    by Soma Norodom
    In June 2010, Soma moved to Cambodia to take care of her sick father, who had decided to move from California to his homeland, and stay for the remainder of his life. She established the first English-speaking radio talk show in the country and later became a Columnist for the Phnom Penh Post. As a direct descendant of King Norodom I, the Founder and Patriarch of the Cambodian Royal Family, Soma embraced her new title as a Princess of Cambodia. She learned to speak the language and became kno... more
  • A Bronx Boy's Tale

    by Jimmy Newell

    A Bronx Boy's Tale details the life of the author as he witnessed the major historical events on the 1960's and 1970's. Although it was a time of social upheaval and strife, Jimmy's family, friends and the Beautiful Bronx all made the experience glorious.

    It is a lesson to us in modern times who despair about the state of things. Family, friends, and having a strong community in which to thrive can supersede any perceived threat from a world thought to be mad.

    &nbs... more