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  • The Unexpected Benefits of Being Run Over

    by Naseem Rochette
    Breaking doesn't mean you're broken. In a pedestrian crosswalk on a quiet tree-lined street, Naseem is hit and then run over three times. Onlookers yell for the driver to stop as she hears her fate in her husband's screams. Is he is watching the mother of his children die? Miraculously, she survives, yet she is no longer the person she worked so hard to be. Her "cracks"-the changes to her body and mind-initially feel impossible to accept. In learning to embrace this new, unrecognizable s... more
  • Who is Nika Nikoubin?

    by Nika Nikoubin

    I'm excited to connect with you about a remarkable and meaningful opportunity that perfectly aligns with your passion for literature and impactful storytelling. Please keep this email confidential until book publication.


    I have an upcoming autobiography book set to be released on August 31st, and it's not just another piece of literature; it's a deeply personal and profoundly significant story aimed at shedding light on the realities of living with mental health... more

  • The One By One Documentaries

    by Gregory Kemmis
    This is the first literary work, written by Gregory W. Kemmis, an acclaimed artist. He specializes in media production, whose previous experiences include a plethora of original works and performances within the music industry. During the most recent decade to date, he rapidly grew within his career, expanding his knowledge and applied skills to include creating independent documentaries or episodic series. Intentionally covering on some of the most pressing issues, to educate and spark aw... more
  • It's Good to Say Thank You

    by Michael Coccari
    Expressing gratitude can serve as a catalyst to intensify the meaning of our past and transform the trajectory of our future. Through the simple act of writing letters, It's Good to Say Thank You demonstrates how we can discover the profound blessings in our relationships and experiences, which can then propel us to lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives. This book shows how expressing appreciation and gratitude to key people in our lives enables us to uncover important life lessons that deep... more
  • Cancer Fight: My Wife's Faithful, Fearless Battle Against Breast Cancer

    by Michael Coccari
    From my perspective as spouse and caregiver, this book reflects on my wife's seven-year battle against Stage 4 breast cancer. The story demonstrates that when facing an extreme challenge, such as a deadly disease, one can choose to respond with grace, courage, faith, and optimism. Included are explanations of medical treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation) and its effects on body, mind, and spirit. The story affirms the importance of love, family, friends, and faith, and reminds us t... more
  • Master Lovers

    by David Winner
    While clearing out his great aunt's midtown apartment after her death, author David Winner discovered artifacts of her storied existence: notes from opera stars, love letters and artifacts from the Middle East of the 1930’s. His Aunt Dorle had been a co-founder of Angel Records and a prominent figure in the mid-century classical music world. But the more he learned about her world, the more complicated her story became, a twisted puzzle full of love and fascism, a record of a young woman grappli... more
  • Survivor's Odyssey

    by Richard Wiener
    EXCERPTS FOR WEBSITE (Survivor’s Odyssey – BID # 112614) As I sit by my window, gazing out over the autumnal park, the turning leaves straining in the gusting west wind, and a suggestion of morning sun stippling a clump of trees in the near distance, my thoughts return to the view from my childhood room on Lutherstrasse, a bourgeois, cobblestone-paved street in Wittenberg lined with neatly spaced lindens. How tranquil it all seemed then. Like other early childhoods contemplated late in life... more
  • The Tongue Chains

    by Khaled Bassyouny
    SUBSTANTIAL AMBITIONS. HEFTY CHAINS. A QUANTUM LEAP. Should you not listen to your inner voice? Khaled was a 6-year-old boy the first time he was jailed. After a vivid dream, a cataclysm kick-started his life journey. As soon as he set sail on his life-journey, he was persecuted by Taurus, his once best friend who forever became his worst enemy. Defying all the odds to fight his way out through a series of life changing trials, he metamorphosed, fell into a loop of grief, and stayed on the verge... more
  • Lucy's People: An Ethiopian Memoir

    by Janet Bastyan

    "This is a gripping story, well-told." ___SHEGER FM RADIO 102.1

    Lucy’s People skilfully documents an intimate perspective on an ethically complex time and place.”___Ben Claessens
    Lucy's People: An Ethiopian Memoir is the inspiring true story of a country and a life. Young Mesfin is a UN scholarship recipient, breadwinner to a dozen, and an engineer. He is wired to defend the helpless. Under the ... more

  • mr.

    by wawat napata
    Time and The Other Side gives an insight into my psycho-social, emotional, political and spiritual experiences from being incarcerated at the Belize Central Prison (BCP), how the privatized BCP is run, and a colorful insight into the mindset of many of the young black men doing time at the BCP. The time spent also gave me the time to produce a philosophical essay on time, and to hand record some mystical experiences of Shyne and Diondre, two fellow inmates who shared some of their personal expe... more
  • Three & Me

    by Sue Lika Dotan
    I was kidnapped and saved at five. I danced with two Princes in one evening. Dined with Elizabeth Taylor, and Roddy McDowell. Got chased and yelled at by Billy Graham. Was seconds away from being blown up by a bomb in Israel. Was put up in the penthouse of the Plaza Hotel as a guest of Donald and Ivana Trump. Shared grief with Nancy Reagan. Turned down a famous actor's proposal. Found myself unknowingly becoming the sister of a gunman. This is a story of my life, growing up in the crosshairs ... more
  • Where Two Worlds Touch: An Outsider's Memoir in England

    by River Faire

    River, an alternative healer and Paris-trained chef—a decidedly reluctant mystic—returns to England from America to help his ex-partner, back from the brink of death. Stepping into a London life he left behind, he finds himself on an unanticipated journey of the heart. Together in a familiar house once more, haunted by the ghost of a lost dog and wreckage of a painful separation, the two men must forgive each other in their attempt to mend what was broken—not simply their fo... more

  • Diary of a Woman's Misadventures in Iraq

    by Melia Meichelbock
    Sgt. Melia Meichelbock is no ordinary soldier. She's one of us — an educated business professional. But in February 2004, she received shocking news that would change her life forever: She was being mobilized for deployment to Iraq. Readers follow Melia's intimate, often humorous, fish-out-of-water journey as one of only two women in her company, as she fights to survive and fit into a world unlike anything she's ever known. Her misadventures lead her through all the phases of fear, anger and,... more
  • Daughter of Korean Freud

    by Heawon Hake
    As a child, Heawon Hake endured hellish conditions. so when she left South Korea as a young adult, the studious woman immersed herself in a long career dedicated to helping people through her empathic psychotherapy. But when she took on a client who had practice dying her entire life, the successful counselor found herself reliving years of abuse. In a heartbreaking and raw account of how her own painful history resurfaced after interactions with an eerily similar patient, Heawon Hake bring... more
  • Self Love Experience

    by Lindsay Rae
    Self Love Experience is over two hundred breathtaking pages of the real-life stories and drop-dead gorgeous imagery of women who have risen from the ashes of trauma to embrace their power, their bodies, and themselves. Written and photographed by body image activist and professional photographer, Lindsay Rae Cohen, Self Love Experience is a full color truth and dare coffee table book illustrating that you're not just scraping by and flourishing, you're pirouetting through life's minefields an... more