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  • Passing Through: Exploring the Envelope, Part One

    by Manny Sousa
    It is wondrous how God chooses to bless people by guiding them on His path for them. as can be found in this Part One 1932 - 72 memoir of author Captain Manny Sousa, US Navy(ret), raised in an Army family during the Great Depression, World War Two, the Korean War, and the Cold War through 1955. Following Manny's commissioning as a Navy Ensign and designation as a naval aviator in 1956, he flew the first carrier-based aircraft capable of delivering nuclear weapons on his initial Western Pacifi... more
  • Banned from California

    by Robert C. Steele
    This is the biography of Jim Foshee, born in 1939. As a 15-year-old gay runaway he finds himself in the 1950s Los Angeles underground world of homosexuals and early queer culture. Experience Jim Foshee's bold, free spirit as he hitchhikes 800 miles away from his home in a small Idaho town. Jim lives on the edge. Throughout his adventures and misadventures, he finds himself among kind-hearted strangers, kindred souls and drag queens as well as con artists, liars, and ruthless cops. At a yo... more
  • The Wolcott Circus

    by Michael Snarr
    What was it like to be a member of a Greek fraternity in the late 60's during one of the most tumultuous periods in US history? What happened to the members of Pi Kappa Alpha, and how they made a difference in the world beyond college is very humorous and inspiring.
  • Journal of the Plague Year 20/20: from Pax Americana to the Apocalypse

    by Michelle Christides

    This journal reveals a new world-view in our chaotic time, like a jig-saw puzzle suddenly recognizable. It’s recorded by a former professor of Western Civilization, whose lifelong practice of Yoga led her at mid-life to Zurich to learn the western way to brain cognition found by Jung to heal our split PoV in science and religion.

    Genetics and archeology reveal the human brain reached its present evolutionary structure and capacity two-hundred millennia ago, and has ... more

  • Sain't Ramona: Life and Other Injuries

    by Ramona Vargas Castillo
    Once a loved and cherished child, late abducted into an uncaring family. Struggling to protect herself from a predator, Ramona plans her escape defying family tradition. Desperate for escape, she battles mistreatment, manipulation, homelessness, and danger. After decades of abuse, Ramona embarks on a spiritual and emotional journey to break free, discovering her voice and a path to worth and reinvention. An inspirational story about our power to transform our own lives.
  • Dipped In It: A Memoir

    by Bethany Harvey
    Devastated by the sudden loss of her beloved father, Bethany Harvey remarks on a year-long self imposed odyssey of self-reflection. As she navigates the unpredictable spiral of grief, she openly shares the heartbreaking, gritty and unexpectedly hilarious insights that surface while she continues to respond to a universe that never stops dealing the next hand.
  • Bagpipes and Ferries: Western Scotland and the Isles

    by Nancy Churchill
    Defying old age and retirement, our cyclist embarks on a solo cycle trip to the remotest parts of Scotland.  This wild ride invites the reader to join in, couch cycling through the oft times hilarious interactions with Western Scotland and the Scots. The camping stove starts conflagrations.  Japanese tourists are confronted with raw animal sex.   Ferry trips are life threatening, or gastronomically challenging including the culturally conflicted Vegetarian Haggis Nachos.  A Hollywood “A” list... more
  • Sitting in Hemingway's Chair

    by James O'Kon

    This is biography of the life and death of Ernest Miller Hemingway, who was a writer, soldier, spy, big game Hunter, foreign correspondent, deep sea fisherman, boxer, bare knuckle brawler, and a hard drinker. He wrote twenty-two books, had four wives, experienced four wars, and won one Nobel prize. Ernest Hemingway changed American literature; in his writing, everything is reduced to its purest form. The style of his writing did not emerge from a college education, but was developed from... more

  • A Dark Corner of Paradise: Poetry and Musings from the Periphery of the Human Experience

    by J.D. Bradley
    A written menagerie of various thoughts and compositions that I’ve exorcised from my soul over the last ten or so years, generally with the assistance of bourbon and beer. I started writing a decade or so ago as a way to make sense of my very different kind of experience I’ve had in this realm, and it’s been both rewarding and cathartic. You’ll notice some repeating themes. I did my best to arrange these in an orderly manner.
  • The Great Turnaround

    by Susanne Weegmann

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the confusion, crime, and lawlessness in your nation?

    Do you long for clarity, peace, godliness, and holiness? Are you ready to shift yourself and your nation in prayer from lawlessness to holiness?

    Then take comfort in this: God has not forgotten you nor your nation. On the contrary, he has given us the blueprint in his word with which we can walk through. He has already prepared the way. Will you walk on it?

    Join Author Susanne Weegmann in ... more

  • UNDER THE GREAT ELM - A Life of Luck & Wonder

    by Rich Flanders
    It is an account of a journey of enlightenment, a tale of high adventure, of love lost and found, and of remarkable interspecies encounters, Sweeping from the Illinois countryside to the plains and mountains of the American West, from the cafes of Paris to the Gaza Strip, and from equatorial India to the rhythms of Broadway,, it is a story of hope and inspiration for our time.
  • Phoenix Rising - Surviving Catastrophic Loss: Fires, Floods, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

    by Dr. Noelle Nelson
    “We couldn’t do anything to save it. Your house is ash.” Words you never want to hear. That your beloved home was incinerated in a wildfire. Or flattened by a tornado. Pulverized by a hurricane. Washed away by a torrential flood. The book looks at what to expect emotionally, physically, and mentally during the early days and months after a catastrophe, where and how to ask for help amid the shock and grief, and how, despite a life-changing event, we can rise from the ashes, stronger and better t... more
  • At Death Do Us Part: A Grieving Widower Heals After Losing his Wife to Breast Cancer

    by Frederick Marx

    When everything slips away, what do you hold on to?

    A beautifully written memoir that doesn't blink from talking about the death of a loved one. It is unapologetic, un-euphemistic, and unafraid.Following a long fight with cancer, Tracy's death ended their thirteen-year marriage. In the months immediately following his loss, Frederick Marx writes about their time together, falling in love, their shortcomings, and how they made each other better people. Marx recounts his relations... more

  • Rites to a Good Life: Everyday Rituals of Healing and Transformation

    by Frederick Marx
    Every normal human lifespan contains passages that deserve attention, intention, and ritual. This book shows us how we can do that with minimal disruption to our normal lives and without the need for teachers, ministers, or gurus. This isn't a religious book. All beliefs and non-beliefs are welcome. Readers will leave with practical suggestions for living a more meaningful life each and every moment. Chapters end with a list on "what you need to do now".
  • Suit to Saddle: Cycling to Self-Discovery on the Southern Tier

    by Larry Walsh

    "Your job has been eliminated." In other words, you're unemployed, out of work, and desperate to find a new purpose. When US Army veteran Larry Walsh heard those words, his world was turned upside down. With a desire to move beyond unemployment, create an exciting new future for himself, and push past his limits, he decides to fulfill his lifelong dream to bike across the country.

    He purchases a Surly Disc Trucker touring bike and begins his 3,120-mile ride of the Southern... more

  • The Roar of Ordinary

    by J. C. Foster
    Coping with loss can be challenging for a lifetime. Jack thinks he may find some relief on the other side of the world. He doesn’t know for sure, but he makes the trek anyway. His destination has a tortured past, but it may hold secrets that can sooth a burdened mind. Along the way the protagonist dreams of what brought him to the here and now. It’s family, though just an ordinary one, that provided incentive, privilege, and opportunity. Events, experiences, faces, and conversations flash by.... more