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  • Frankly: Unmasking Frank Capra

    by Joseph McBride

    “There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches.” — Ray Bradbury. Joseph McBride’s 1992 biography FRANK CAPRA: THE CATASTROPHE OF SUCCESS was described by Barry Gewen in The New York Times Book Review as “Masterly, comprehensive, and frequently surprising.” What readers did not know then was how arduous it was to reveal the hidden truth about this iconic American figure. While McBride was researching and writing for more than seven ye... more

  • Teddy Hit Me: Scattered Stories of My Search for Attention

    by Ted Leavitt
    Follow along with Ted as he takes you on journey that is sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic, but always intensely personal. Raised in a family where ADHD was the norm, Ted did not discover the explanation for his pattern of impulsive behaviour, disorganization, forgetfulness and chronic underachievement until he was in graduate school. Described as a "view inside a therapy session," Ted's story unveils not only the surface-level struggles and complications that arise from having a brain wired... more
  • Time in my Coffee

    by Igor Sazevich
    Time in my Coffee is a captivating look at San Francisco where Igor Sazevich was born. At age three his Bohemian/Artist parents went to live in Paris only to return shortly under the threat of the growing power of Nazi Germany. He grew up in San Francisco amid artists, studied architecture at UC Berkeley, and married into Royalty. There are many episodes dealing with San Francisco projects that add color and details to the times and locations where they all happened. As an architect he was en... more
  • 3 Feet to the Left: A New Captain's Journey from Pursuit to Perspective

    by Korry Franke
    What's it really like to be a new airline captain? How does it feel to be ultimately responsible for a $100 million jet, its crew, and the lives of its passengers? And how does one remain calm while battling mechanical malfunctions in the flight simulator, thunderstorms in Mexico City, or blizzards in Chicago? Find out for yourself when you strap in to the extra flight deck jumpseat and fly along with 31-year-old Korry Franke in this vivid, fast-paced memoir about his eventful first year as a Un... more
  • The Light of the Self: A Memoir of a Spiritual Awakening

    by Kenneth Rose
    An unexpected spiritual awakening at nineteen led Kenneth Rose on a journey of spiritual discovery to a Hindu devotional movement, a conservative Bible college, a Catholic monastery, Harvard’s Center for the Study of World Religions, and India, where he had a spiritually decisive audience with the Dalai Lama, experienced the radical teaching of nondual awakening in an encounter with satsang teacher Papaji, and encountered the living presence of the Hindu saint Sri Ramana Maharshi in his ashram ... more
  • Hotel Constellation: Notes from America's Secret War in Laos

    by David L. Haase
    College student David L. Haase went to Viet-Nam in 1970 — not to fight, but to study. He got kicked out and stumbled upon a secret war run by the CIA next door in Laos, a tiny, landlocked jungle kingdom that was more a surrealistic state of mind than a real country. Over the next two years, he kept very good notes and did his best to grow up.
  • How He Robbed Me of My Three Baby Daughters

    by Maggie Colombe

    How He Robbed Me of My Three Baby Daughters is a true story of the sad events that happened when Maggie Colombe's husband (now deceased) got involved with a schoolgirl causing them to run away together.

    Maggie Colombe's three daughters were aged between one and five when they were taken from her by their father. He had denied his relationship with the underage girl that he was involved with. When they were finally found out, and he had lost the teaching position that he loved, b... more

  • A Good Knight: A memoir of my arduous search for one good man

    by Robyn S. Brodie
    Former beauty queen, Robyn Brodie, is still single at the age of 32. After a seven-year relationship she assumed would lead to marriage, she breaks off the engagement. Yet, she wants to be unlonely and desires the experience of marriage and family in the traditional sense. Robyn is not encouraged by her chances however, given the tick of the biological clock, mixed with lack of available prospects. So, she takes some crazy advice to put out an APB for her future husband! The advisor insists it w... more
  • Broken

    by Angel Russell

    Cocaine, domestic violence, and a bad choice in guys made it easy for Angelic to hide an abortion.  Until seventeen year old Angelic came home from school to learn that her family had moved out of their 3 bed room apartment.Empty without a trace of furniture only trash and Angelic's things.  Just weeks before her high school graduation, she is ABANDONED by her parents.

    Once a huge secret Angelic's abortion became a memory as she finds herself knocked up ... more

  • My Random Death

    by Myra Mossman

    In this riveting, true crime story with a mystical twist, author Myra Mossman shares what she previously kept hidden from law enforcement about the violent crime and her experience with death. To the police it appeared to be a random event. It just happened. She didn’t know the guy. He didn’t know her. Less than an hour after the attack, Myra received five divine directives: move to the other side of the continent; learn to meditate; become skilled at a martial art; study meaningf... more


    by Lorraine Saint Pierre

    From the start, I’ve looked for a seat at the table; I wanted to partake of the feast and add my voice to the conversation.  So I came to New York with an open heart hoping to find my way.  On the surface, my journey was the typical story of a grad student living in poverty on the Lower East Side, looking to find time to write. I had tested the seriousness of my intent to speak my mind and enter the conversation by going on a vision quest before coming to the city.  It st... more

  • Another Day in Post-Racial America: To the Mothers of the Black Lives Matter Movement, with Love

    by Dianne Liuzzi Hagan

    "One of the best Black Lives Matter books of all time" - BookAuthority. Dedicated to the mothers of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and set among the stories of unarmed black men, women, and children who were victims of excessive use of force and racial bias, Liuzzi Hagan’s memoir is a candid, emotionally intimate account of the devastating personal effects of politically motivated and systematized racism in America. She is white; her husband is black. They have mixed-ra... more

  • 978-1-7337668-0-7

    by John Hebard

    What do you get when you cram a disabled vet, a burned-out wife, two dogs and a cat into a 350 square foot house on wheels? A last-ditch attempt to save our dying marriage.

    PTSD from my three years in combat was destroying our marriage, we couldn’t work hard enough to break free from living paycheck-to-paycheck and banks wouldn’t even consider granting us a home loan. We were working opposite shifts, so we never saw each other, and we just fought when we did. We may as we... more

  • Love in a Tuscan Kitchen

    by Sheryl Ness
    Chocolate cake makes sweet dreams come true. In a real-life fairy tale, author Sheryl Ness shares how she fell in love with Vincenzo, a chef in a quaint Tuscan kitchen, over his decadent hot chocolate cake. This enchanting memoir will transport you to the cobblestone streets, lush hillsides dotted with grapevines and olive trees, and unique characters that create the backdrop for Sheryl’s Italian love story. Love in a Tuscan Kitchen is sprinkled with traditional recipes she collected ... more
  • Martin's Scribbles: Sort of a Memoir

    by Martin Holub

    What do Prague, London, New York and Tehran have in common? Award-winning architect Martin Holub has lived, designed buildings and enriched lives in all these places.

    Martin’s Scribbles is a travel memoir, meets architect biography, meets lifetime reflection. Readers are taken on a playful romp through the latter twentieth-century to the present, as seen through the eyes of Holub – from a schoolboy in Czechoslovakia with an imprison... more