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  • Ike's "Go-To Guy," Paul T. Carroll: An Extraordinary Husband, Father, Soldier, and Special Assistant to General of the Army and

    by Robert Carroll
    This is the story of a father, told in loving memory by his son. The text is brought to life by scores of amazing family photographs, personal stories, letters, telegrams, articles, and historic papers, resulting in a comprehensive picture of an adoring husband, a wonderful father, and an outstanding soldier. Paul Carroll progressed from West Point to assignments across the US, Iceland, and France. He fought in Patton’s Third Army, earning two Silver Stars, two Bronze Stars, and the Legion ... more
  • Truth's Daughter

    by Barbara Santarelli

    On her sixtieth birthday, Barbara spit into a vial, hoping a genetic search engine might lead to finding her father's other children. Perhaps they could shed light on her father's identity and her parent's short-lived marriage She'd met her father just four times before he was brutally murdered in Miami, ending any chance of knowing him in the future. She had accepted her beloved mother's narrative of his deceit and abandonment. In mid-life, she is confronted with a painfu... more

  • Journey Through Fire and Ice

    by Deanne Burch
    At the age of twenty three, Deanne Burch accompanied her husband, Ernest Burch ( Tiger) to the Inuit village of Kivalina, Alaska, a barrier island 23 miles above the Arctic Circle. Tiger was conducting a participant study of the natives whereas Deanne, was a city girl, ethnocentric, naïve, and completely unprepared for the journey she was about to embark on. In Kivalina, she lived on the edge of two worlds — the one she left behind and the one she where she reluctantly participated in all as... more
  • Behind the Red Door: How Elizabeth Arden’s Legacy Inspired My Coming-of-Age Story in the Beauty Industry

    by Louise Claire Johnson

    In 1908, Florence Nightingale Graham moved from the suburbs of Toronto, Canada to Manhattan with dreams of becoming a self-made woman. Within two years, she opened her first beauty salon on Fifth Avenue. Adopting the same name as her company, Elizabeth Arden went on to pioneer the global beauty industry (valued at $532 billion today) and become one of the wealthiest women in the world. By the end of the 1930s, it was said “there are only three American names known in every single corner... more

  • Brain Storm: A Life in Pieces

    by Shelley Kolton
    The frightened 7-year girl. The aggressive 14-year old boy. The terrified 3-year old child. The cult leader. She lived with these, and over thirty other parts of her mind, no less real than you and I, throughout endless periods of deepest depression, paralyzing panic, thoughts of suicide, a revolving door of psychotherapists. A harbinger of the coming storm, darkness followed her everywhere, from infancy to a career as a renowned, openly gay OB/GYN in New York City. A loving wife and three... more
  • Bullshit to Butterflies

    by Sheila M Burke

    BULLSH*T TO BUTTERFLIES is the unfiltered story of Shane Burke, a simple man who broke the cycle of trauma and created a beautiful life from nothing. You will laugh, you will cry; you will feel hope and sadness.

    A memoir written by the love of his life, Sheila, wife of 32 years, this book was born on the advice of their adult children, a hospice social worker, and good friends.

    Over the years, Shane learned to grapple with patience, generate a p... more

  • Hazel the Outlaw Mummy

    by Bob DeMoss

    MANYBOOKS.NET May 2021 Book of the Month Pick

    New York Times bestselling author Bob DeMoss presents his encounter with Hazel Farris, a hard-living, wild Kentucky woman. Born in 1880, Hazel's penchant for fast living and faster guns, finally caught up with her in 1906 when her husband fell victim of his wife's outrage, steel nerve, and deadly aim.

    Did Hazel shoot the sheriff and his deputy? How did she become mummified? Did 500,000 people actually pay to s... more

  • Gravel and Grit: A White Boyhood in the Segregated South

    by Al Price

    Gravel and Grit recounts not only a rural boyhood in a period of racial hostility and class exclusion but also of simple country pleasures and strong family ties. Other approaches to writing about the South either romanticize or demonize the people and culture in which the author was reared. What makes this work different is that it reveals both the gravel (the course, unflattering, and shameful side of that era) and the grit (the remarkable will to survive). Stories are told with a backdrop ... more

  • Drowning

    by Andy Palmer
    Andy is trying to escape. His diet of booze and drugs has pushed everything good away. After his mum saves his life by sucking vomit from his lungs, he sets off in search of a reason to live. From Barnsley he heads to Texas. From Texas to Dorset. His days start with wine and cigarettes. His nights end in blackness. One day, he finds himself on the floor of a supermarket in a puddle of wine, glass, and blood. But between that floor and the end of a pier, everything changes.
  • Moments in Flight: A Memoir

    by Jo-Ann Vega
    Set in the last half century of transformative cultural change, a memory-keeper shares personal voyages of discovery beyond traditional boundaries of gender and culture. An engaging and wide ranging coverage of how the times affected the author and the country. Part 1 is an extended eulogy to the immigrants and an active childhood in the south Bronx. Part 2 details the impact of the famiglia's relocation to suburbia and coming of age during the cultural upheavals of the 1970s. Part 3 is a bridge... more
  • Finding North: A Journey from Addict to Advocate

    by Marilyn Davis
    New in recovery, a chance encounter with Gray Hawk, a 74-year old Native American, showed her that healing would include looking within, taking Steps, and creating a house of healing for other women. Today, Marilyn is a Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist, recently celebrating thirty-two years of abstinence-based recovery. From 1990-2011, she opened and managed North House, an award-winning residential facility for women. Before reaching this milestone, she was a desperate... more
  • Get in the Car: A Food and Travel Memoir

    by Julie McCoy
    Fasten your seat belts and "get in the car" as author Julie McCoy takes you on a whirlwind tale of road trips near and far. From Canada to California and numerous European countries in between, we not only get a glimpse of some architecturally historical sites but are privy to her extensive food and wine knowledge. Julie will indulge the reader with an often humorous look back at travels she has taken with her husband and two children. Make sure you bring an appetite since her eloquent descripti... more
  • The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold

    by Dedrick Moone
    This is the journey of a single father who risked it all to protect and provide for his daughter. Follow along and learn how he survived brokenness, criminal prosecution, discrimination, reprisal, and unemployment to ultimately come out gold. Readers will also learn how President Obama and the US Department of Education lent a hand.
  • Changing the World Without Losing Your Mind, Revised Edition

    by Alex Counts
    Some people are dreamers. They choose a career shaped by dreams of making the world a better place—caring for kids, lifting up the poor, protecting the planet. When your dreams are that powerful, it’s easy to neglect yourself. Both lives and dreams can suffer the consequences. If you’re one of the dreamers, this is the book for you. CHANGING THE WORLD WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND is a down-to-earth guide to mission-driven leadership. Drawing on his decades of experience as an acclaimed nonprofit ... more
  • Who Are You Talking To?

    by P. A. Aiken
    Who Are You Talking To? is a collection of personal, powerful experiences author P.A. Aiken wishes to share with her daughters. Throughout her life, Aiken has felt connections beyond the physical realm. She has had experiences with seeing apparitions as if they are living, breathing people among us. Her experiences are enlightening and powerful, and we may all learn a little from them.