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  • My Box of Chocolates: How My Child with Autism Learned to Read, Write and More

    by Goretti Rerri
    Like any other young mother, Goretti Rerri is delighted and excited to embrace child-rearing and family life with all of its usual ups and downs. She emigrates to the USA with her three children to join her husband who is already in a medical residency program in New York City. However, when her youngest child, Teresa, begins exhibiting atypical behaviors as a toddler, Rerri grows highly concerned. When Teresa is diagnosed at 3 years old with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Rerri is stunned.... more
  • Joan Crawford A Talent for Living

    by Jennifer Bitman
    The Hollywood spotlight shines on this intimate biography of screen legend Joan Crawford. From the forgotten child to the Jazz Age flapper to the winner of Best Actress for her role in Mildred Pierce, Joan Crawford’s life continues to capture the attention of generations of classic movie fans and a wave of millennials who have crowned her the queen of Old Hollywood. But if you think you’ve read everything about The Legend, think again. Abandoning a traditional approach, Joan Crawford A Talent... more
  • Jum & Muz: I Forget - A Caregivers View of Alzheimers

    by Mary Ellen Connelly
    Jum & Muz is the story of the 20 years of the frustration and desolation of Alzheimers disease that the Mary Ellen Connelly's husband suffered. It chronicles the descent into oblivion. It explains how to cope, what they learned as a family in the hope it will help other families in dealing with Alzheimers. The author explains the symptoms and the research that is now available. As the primary caregiver she explains her feelings, her attempts to deal with the onslaught and some of the things tha... more
  • The Valley Rat: Steaming Across the Face of Life

    by Michael R. Burns

    The Valley Rat is a coming of age story of me while growing up in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas during the sixties. The book is divided into ten chapters that cover my early life through college years, elaborating the hard scrabble struggle from finding my way in a lower/middle class upbringing and escaping the mediocrity of this life and finally flourishing into a productive, happy soul.

    The book highlights my exploits as a competitive swimmer, surfer and waterman in the vanguar... more

  • Secrets: A Story of Addiction, Grief & Healing

    by Ann Bennett-Cookson
    Society is quick to formulate judgements toward those struggling with addiction. However, is addiction a choice? Is mental illness a choice? Everyone's story is different. I can only share mine and how our family was affected. The effects of addiction ripple out washing over everyone in some manner or form. Like many, I originally thought substance use was a choice, a deficit in one's moral code, a weakness that one should be able to control. Why must tragedy occur to inspire illumination?
  • What Nobody Knew

    by Amelia Hendrey
    My story begins aged 3, when my mother abandoned me and left me with my brutal father to raise me. Nobody knew the secrets that went on inside that house, or the journey that I travelled on after leaving it, until now. This is the story of my survival. What do you do when no one wants you? How many people need to destroy a child until that child wants to destroy herself? What if social services always got told a different story? What would you do if you were in my position? Survival is... more
  • I'm Crazy Great

    by B Alan Bourgeois
    B Alan Bourgeois has been called many things over the years. During the past 6 years as he created Texas Authors, Inc., DEAR Texas, Inc., and the Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., plus many other events and programs, all while he was homeless. I’m Crazy Great is a mantra that Bourgeois uses to express that while he does things that very few people would do, and to live a life that even less would consider living by choice, he was Crazy and Great at the same time. It was his way of tel... more
  • Acquiesce to Love Peace Gratitude

    by Fabiola Piedad Maria Alicia Reynales de Berry
    ACQUIESCE to LOVE PEACE GRATITUDE,, introduces Susana, who lost everything within a short period of time. Her life turned upside down by what appeared to be the circumstances she lived at that moment. The story demonstrates the immense role of the subconscious mind, creating the return of past emotions and traumas triggered by unrelated events. What do you do when life places you in a deep emotional hole? Engage with simple methods to make your mind aware of emotions, thoughts and feelings th... more
  • Possessed: From Darkness to Light: A True Story of Triumph Against All Odds

    by Cordelia Lee
    Cordelia Lee is no stranger to suffering and painful memories. A troubled childhood, molests, rape attempt, black magic, anorexia, unfulfilled maternal instinct, failing marriage eventually led to depression and isolation. But Cordelia’s problems were not only physical and mental; spiritual forces added to her agony. Things she used to think were illogical and nonexistent. Initially, Cordelia’s encounters with the supernatural were benign. A spontaneous kundalini awakening enlightened her to t... more
  • My American Dream: Finding a Second Chance at Life in Photographs of Abandoned Places (Hardback)

    by Angela Martin, PhD
    Angela Martin's debut book, My American Dream: Finding a Second Chance at Life in Photographs of Abandoned Places, is a unique photo essay and memoir written for art lovers and people seeking rare and valuable guidance on how to rebuild their lives after a personal tragedy. In the pages of this remarkable book, Angela shares a selection of her provocative photographs of abandoned places in the American mid-South. She also candidly relates her personal story of losing the American Dream in midlif... more
  • The Bacteria of Hurt: Book 1: Innocence

    by Kate E. Stephenson
    Told in the voice of a vibrant, bright young girl raised in the 1960s South, this first book Innocence exposes the poisonous bacteria of hurt. Unaware that she has been infected, Little Paula navigates through life with a constant, gnawing sense of displacement. Seeking familial acceptance, maternal affection and answers to the mystery that obscures her identity, she will discover that silent wounds fester and secrets have fatal consequences. In this debut memoir, Paula Lett blasts open the clos... more
  • The Secret Life of Grief: A Memoir

    by Tanja Pajevic

    After her mother's death, Tanja Pajevic explored what it meant to grieve consciously in a society that barely acknowledges grief. As the weeks passed, Pajevic—a first-generation Serbian-American woman—delved into her anger, rage and sorrow, as well as explored the complicated issue of forgiveness. Along the way, she explored the rise and fall of communal mourning in the United States, as well as its roots in the current medical model.

    Pajevic also examined in... more

  • Those Three Words: A Birth Mother's Story of Choice, Chance, and Motherhood

    by Christine Bauer

    Christine Bauer's memoir 'Those Three Words: A birthmother's story of choice, chance, and motherhood' will be released for Mother’s Day. 'Those Three Words’ takes a deep dive into the emotions of facing an unplanned pregnancy at the tender age of 18.

    Those Three Words takes readers along on Christine’s journey of weighing options, agonizing over a decision, and ultimately deciding to let another family adopt and raise her baby. Christine’s story highlights the beauty of motherhood and a... more

  • News Stories: A Memoir

    by Peter Nolan
    Peter Nolan has just published his second non fiction book called News Stories. It’s a memoir that chronicles his many years as a broadcast newsman from Niagara Falls to Chicago in the latter half of the twentieth century. A former federal judge and Governor, gets out of prison, a policeman on trial for trying to drown his son, an Alderman runs off with 100K in federal funds, The death of President John F. Kennedy, the disappearance of Rosemary Kennedy, homecoming for Jimmy Hoffa, How Geraldo Ri... more
  • 13 978-0-9998828-1-8

    by Oanh Ngo Usadi

    In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, a young girl and her family were exiled from city living in Saigon to the countryside of Vietnam and ultimately escaped to a small town in Texas. Part travelogue, part family drama, this quietly affecting immigrant memoir will make you laugh, cry, and hungry all at the same time. Through each traumatic transition, Oanh Ngo Usadi retains her optimism as she and her family adapt to new environments and cultures in their journey to become Americans.

  • Football Flyboy

    by Lisa Reinicke
    Buster, a small-town football hero, turns pilot during WW2, with an ego to match both titles. His attitude grows as gets outside his comfort zone piloting C-47 troop and cargo carriers from Labrador, Greenland, Iceland, France, Cairo, China, Japan, and the Phillipines. His letters are a one way communication showing his journey. His mail could never catch up with him which he firmly stated, "pissed him off," and left him only able to write what was on his mind every day with no news from home. ... more