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  • My Path of Faith

    by Barbie Schuchart-Carlisle

    Have you ever felt unloved, abandoned, alone, or forgotten? Did you or someone you know, experience traumatic events in life? Have you ever felt so helpless that giving up seemed like the best choice? In this intimate and honest memoir, author Barbie Schuchart-Carlisle shares how tragic events in her life shaped future events which then led her down a path of healing, unconditional love and a stronger relationship with God. As a survivor of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, Barbie's ... more

  • There Is a Reaper: Losing a Child to Cancer

    by Michael Lynes
    FIVE-YEAR-OLD CHRISTOPHER AARON has always been a whirlwind of heroic action, leading his brothers into all sorts of youthful mischief. A mysterious illness suddenly plunges him and his family into a frightening nightmare of hospitals and doctors and extreme therapies far from his small-town home. Can his doctors diagnose his strange disease? How will he and his family adapt to a bizarrenew world they have been thrust into? Heart-wrenching, searing, and powerful, There is a Reaper immerses t... more
  • A Classic in Clown Shoes

    by Becky Kueker

    After publishing a memoir on life after retirement, “Hiding in My Pajamas,” and launching a national speaking career traveling the country at 75, Becky Kueker thought she had it all. Then a complicated surgery requiring six months in a wheelchair turned her life in a new direction. After fighting fear, depression and the realization that she would once again have to start over, Becky shares her journey and highlights many of the inspiring people she met along the way. 

  • A Grand Madness: U2 Twenty Years After

    by Dianne Ebertt Beeaff
    A Grand Madness, U2 Twenty Years After is a sequel to my best selling memoir A Grand Madness, Ten Years on the Road with U2, published in 2000. It continues the fan's-eye view of Ireland's iconic rock sensation, U2, taken from my journals, and covers their last six tours.
  • 50 Years After Vietnam

    by Bill Lord
    "50 Years After Vietnam" is the irreverent memoir of a very young soldier who flunked out of college and found himself as a draftee grunt in Vietnam in 1967-1968. The story is often very funny yet at times heartbreaking as we follow this soldier through one of the most tumultuous years in American history. The Tet Offensive, Lyndon Johnson giving up the presidency, the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy sent shockwaves through the country and perhaps to an ever greater deg... more
  • A Miracle At Dachau

    by Laurin Haupt

    Most of us swere taught of the attrocities of Hitler and his force against the Jews of Germany but little is talked about regarding the way members of the Third Reich turned against anyone that dared defy them, regardless of religious beliefs.  Those that joined with Hitler went up against friends, neighbors, shopkeepers, even Catholic priests they had known their whole lives for having the courage to stand up for what was right.  

    Laurin Haupt tells the riveting story of... more

  • Stealing Home

    by Ron Seybold
    An epic road trip with my tween set me on a path to uncover perfection in fatherhood — and how my father’s suicide didn’t doom me to recreate his mistakes. Stealing Home is the story of an 11-day, 9-game road trip I took with my Little Leaguer — and how my plans for perfection delivered things much deeper than scores, miles, and smiles. You don't have to drive 3,147 miles to find your way to fatherhood. When I did, something magical and rare appeared at the end of the journey, inside my heart... more
  • We Fly Away

    by J. V. Whittenburg
    Seven brothers take divergent paths beginning on a Texas cotton farm. Tragedy, comedy & intrigue define their story from the charm of early life to criminal trial for drug smuggling & beyond.
  • IT'S GAME TIME FOLKS!: Quest for 30

    by Mark Darden
    In 2017, Mark Darden had one ambitious goal: visit all 30 Major League Baseball ballparks in a single season. IT'S GAME TIME FOLKS! is Mark's memoir of that eventful season: the games he attended, the people he met, and the life lessons he learned during his Quest for 30. Whether you're a baseball fan, a travel enthusiast, or just in the mood for a great adventure story, you'll find something to love in IT'S GAME TIME FOLKS!: Quest for 30.
  • styleup365

    by styleup365
    Style up 365 shares daily news about the new fashion trends and gossips about daily entertainment.
  • Rebel in High Heels

    by Charlotte Laws
    Rebel in High Heels is a memoir about Dr. Charlotte Laws—“the Erin Brockovich of revenge porn”—who was voted one of the “30 fiercest women in the world.” She fought a dangerous war against “the most hated man on the Internet” to protect her daughter and other victims. She was bombarded with death threats and computer viruses and targeted by a stalker who appeared at her home. But who is this woman that MSNBC calls a hero? In addition to detailing her gripping revenge porn fight, this book chro... more
  • Undercover Debutante: The Search for My Birth Parents and a Bald Husband

    by Charlotte Laws

    Dr. Charlotte Laws—“the most well-known unknown”—is a TV star, best-selling author, and world-renowned advocate for women, animals, and the LGBTQ community. NBC News calls her a “crusader.” BuzzFeed voted her one of the 30 fiercest women in the world, and MSNBC labels her a “hero.” But who is this former Atlanta debutante who gave up riches for hardship, who gave up security to become a penniless single mom with an assault rifle pointed at her b... more

  • True Tales of a Traveller: The Long Way Home

    by Alix Lee
    True Tales of a Traveller is a series of stories consisting of several dozen traveller’s tales covering over three decades. Although presented in a short story format for reading convenience, these stories are not fiction. Apart from some of the characters’ names which have been changed to protect their identities, everything in these stories is true.
  • Riding on Hope and Strength

    by Tiffany Gross
    Riding on Hope and Strength takes you on a harrowing journey as Tiffany recounts the events that happened as a result of a devastating and tragic car accident. As she was led down a tumultous road involving her struggle to unravel the mystery behind traumatic brain injury, Tiffany brings to life Marvin's recovery in a very personal and candid way. Her personal account demonstrates her unending love and dedication, her loyalty to him never wavering, as she stayed by his side every step of the way... more
  • 'til Health Do Us Part: One Woman's Extraordinary Story of Healing

    by Julie Rooney

    Julie Rooney was forty-eight years old in the summer of 2010, and to anyone looking in from the outside, she appeared to be living the dream. She and her husband owned houses in Silicon Valley and Hawaii, flew first class and stayed in five-star hotels. Their four children were all in college.

    But Julie was on her last legs. She suffered from Addison’s disease, Crohn’s colitis, diabetes and hypothyroidism, and after years of synthetic steroids she weighed almost 200 pounds. ... more

  • shreyasehgal

    by shreya sehgal
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