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  • Distorted Perception of Innocence

    There are hundreds of stories about enduring hardships and triumphs in the inner city. I have spent more than twenty years in silence identifying my patterns and behaviors in hopes of forebearing my true nature. In this nonfiction narrative confessional - Axel Desarden a seven time gunshot survivor Bronx born Puerto Rican details his struggles from the innocence of childhood freedoms, through a distorted figment, engulfed in confusion and contradiction. My thirst for identity formation grew beyo... more
  • Mama Didn't Raise This Woman

    by Njeri B. Maldonado
    I’m waiting outside in the car with my brother for my mom to come outside of the old, big, white house. She said she’d only be in there a few minutes but it’s been hours. We were not sure what we should do since I really had to pee. My brother offered to take me inside after what seemed liked hours of waiting. Mama told us not to leave the car but we had to go in. Inside, we found the bathroom just feet away from the entryway. As I slung the door open, I came face to face with a man who was s... more
  • Seasons of Insanity: Two Sisters' Struggle with Their Eldest Sibling's Mental Illness

    by Julie Hanes and Elaine Taylor
    A true story of two sisters who struggle with the mental illness of their eldest sister, Jane. Jane is sometimes sane but mostly suffers from her insanity. From early childhood to the present time 70 years later, the two sisters try to understand and cope with Jane's strange personality and socially unacceptable behavior. The back cover review mentions that fans of "A Beautiful Mind", "The Quiet Room" and "The Glass Castle" would be attracted to this book.

    by sonam sharma
    My name is Sonam Sharma, I am basically from Bangalore but after completing my schooling I come to Delhi for my modeling career. I did my modeling from that place and start work for fashion shows, television ads, live consorts, etc. I am a friendly nature girl, sweet and kind-hearted. I like to do friendship with new persons and make fun with them. I can complete your all kind of erotic desires and need. If you want to share the bedroom with me. I am sure you will fully satisfied.
  • From the Summer of Love to the Valley of the Moon

    by Nancy J. Martin

    San Francisco, 1967. A teenager comes of age during the Summer of Love at her rock & roll wedding. Her story relates the saga of life and relationships from then until the present through many lessons learned the hard way, until when, in 2005 she transitioned into yet another challenging marriage to the founder of an iconic winery in the Valley of the Moon. An inspirational narrative of one woman’s perseverance, creativity and stamina to overcome the cultural norms of patriarchy through... more

  • From Fatal to Fierce

    by Tamiya Davis
    From Fatal to Fierce, is Tamiya’s debut book which chronicles her journey of survival from her life-changing car accident, to the fierce, beautiful, and successful woman she is today. Through sheer determination, drive, dedication, and God’s anointing, Tamiya was able to rebuild her life and is now sharing her testimony through writing.
  • Farming Grace : A Memoir of Life, Love, and a Harvest of Faith

    by Paula Scott
    Sometimes your past must be plowed before your future can be planted… Her great-great-grandma came to California in a covered wagon more than a hundred years ago, and her family has farmed in the Sacramento Valley ever since, but a life of farming was the last thing she wanted… until the day fate brings her back to the farm. Nineteen-year-old Paula Scott leaves California when the almonds are in bloom for college in Reno, Nevada where cocaine, casinos, and her first honest-to-goodness boyf... more
  • Dylan & Me: 50 Years of Adventures

    by Louie Kemp
    This uniquely intimate memoir of a lifelong friendship with Bob Dylan offers never-before-told stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses, rare photos, and affectionate anecdotes about one of the key figures in American music and letters. With a cast of characters that includes Marlon Brando, Cher, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Dennis Hopper, Louie's mother, and many more, Dylan & Me is the ultimate rock-and-roll biography--a "backstage pass" to Louie and Bob's life, friendships, and music by the guy who w... more
  • World Class

    by Teru Clavel
    When Teru Clavel’s oldest was two years old, she found herself in the Hunger Games of NYC preschool admissions. As friends vied to set their toddlers on a race to the Ivy League, Teru felt there must be more to a premier education than a pricey ticket to elite private schools. When opportunity knocked - Teru answered. She and her family left New York for an adventure halfway around the world that fundamentally changed her ideas of what a great school and a great education are made of. Over ten ... more
  • From '59 to '65: My Army Career Letters

    by P.H.B. Lovett
    I joined the British Army in 1959 and served up until 1965. After I had trained with the Junior Leaders' Regiment of the Royal Armoured Corps., in Bovington, Dorset, my tour took me to Germany where I served with the 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards.This book is an accurate account of my experiences during that time and the story is told through the letters that I sent back to my parents.
  • ISBN-13: 978-1977203236

    by Gerlinde Pyron
    Shadows and Joys of a Life in Bavaria is a deeply personal account of a quarter of a century of life in the aftermath of war. Gerlinde Pyron wrote about what she and her loved ones coped with--loss, poverty, defeat, sorrow, trauma, and, somehow through it all, beauty--in rural Germany after World War II. Instead of generic, impersonal historic descriptions, Pyron's words paint intimate portraits of men, women, and children, refugees, soldiers, and families who struggled to rebuild their lives af... more
  • IT'S NOT REALLY ME, The UnmaskIng Of Hysteria

    by Blythe Dunwood
    A Must-Read for Anyone Interested in the Intricacies of the Human Mind Format: Paperback An inspiring and illuminating book about a woman's long struggle with hysteria, and her brave effort to deal with the psychological issues which have plagued her for years. This memoir provides a fascinating and sensitive look inside her troubled mind as she uncovers feelings, thoughts and memories which had remained buried for so long. Kudos to the author for gaining new insights into her beha... more
  • The Smell of the Soil

    by Dale Kueter

    "The Smell of the Soil" is designed to encourage the reader to go beyond basic genealogy, to write the family story.  Brief chapters include personal memories to trigger the reader's recollections.  There are "how to" suggestions.  Mainly, the book stresses the importance of preserving family history.  The format, written word or oral, is up to the writer.  The important thing is to start.  When we die, our stories die, unless som... more

  • Vietnam Sons

    by Dale Kueter

    "Vietnam Sons" is the story of two Iowa Marines.  One is killed in Vietnam, and the other falsely believes he is responsible.  He carries this guilt to his grave.  The only redeeming aspect of this tragic story is that the father of Marine who is killed becomes, in ensuing years, like a father to the surviving Marine.

  • Goodbye Homeboy: How My Students Drove Me Crazy and Inspired a Movement

    by Steve Mariotti
    One sunny afternoon in 1982, a young businessman experienced a terrifying mugging in New York City that shook him to his core. Tortured by nightmares about the teens who roughed him up, Steve Mariotti sought counseling. When his therapist suggested that he face his fears, Mariotti closed his small import-export business and became a teacher at the city’s most notorious public school--Boys and Girls High in Bed-Stuy. Although his nightmares promptly ceased, Mariotti’s out-of-control stu... more
  • Paper Maps, No Apps: An Unplugged Travel Adventure

    by Johnny Welsh
    What starts off as a dare turns into a social experiment that becomes a way of life. A young couple creates a fun way to stay connected by disconnecting. Unplugging the phones and being present are the rules. This travel adventure quickly turns into a self-deprecating comedy about bad smartphone habits. Chance encounters and characters met on the road are intertwined throughout. Is the smartphone addiction phenomenon driving you crazy? Are we relying too much on instant technology? There can be... more