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  • A Kind of Homecoming

    by Charles Murray
    A Kind of Homecoming Memoir and Cook Book A ten year old black kid dreamed of playing tennis. He was told "Boy if I took everything you don't know." "I could create another world." Learning became a mission to learn meant to pay attention memorize reenact, repetition, reading and writing were a struggle, hiding the embarrassment and overcoming slowly enough to write this book! Because of his love for tennis and cooking Charles has been blessed to visit many ... more
  • Exposing the Wicked to step into Righteousness

    by C. Mills
    Forewarning! This book is filled with triggers, vulgar language, descriptive scenes of violence, sexual innuendo, in addition to actual sexual immorality depictions and most of all, HEALING! It’s nothing different than what women face every day but take a look into my lenses to see how I processed it all. This book is to bring awareness and then healing to not only survivors but also to those, like myself, who have made mistakes in the midst of trauma. To also help heal those of us who have als... more
  • No More Dodging Bullets

    by Amy Herrig
    After overcoming a heroin addiction in her teenage years and striving to move forward, Amy Herrig faced an entirely different addiction twenty years later: money. She and her father, Jerry Shults, were thriving as the owners of the Gas Pipe stores in Dallas, Texas, as well as other successful businesses, when a government lawsuit threatened to take everything: their businesses, their money, and their freedom. Accused of crimes she hadn’t committed, Amy spent the next four years fighting to stay ... more
  • Behind The White Picket Fence

    by Danielle Dempsey
    Danielle Dempsey was bright, optimistic and brimming with potential, everything seemed perfect, but behind closed doors was a different story. A collection of memories, each told as a short story, dives into tales of sexual abuse, dark family secrets, divorce, depression, and more all while watching over her two younger brothers. Will Danielle be able to preserve her brothers' childhood from the shadows lurking in the dark or will she lose her own?
  • Love at the Border, An Adoption Memoir from Mexico

    by Anna Maria DiDio
    On Sunday, Priscilla was a seven-year-old orphan living in Mexico. On Monday, she found herself in suburban Philadelphia beginning a new life. Instead of a happy ending, Priscilla cried and pleaded in Spanish to return to the woman who raised her. Priscilla loses her language and ability to love and embarks on a journey to reclaim them both. This true story of love, loss, trust, and survival is a powerful testament to family and our need to belong.
  • HARLEY TRACKS: Across Vietnam to The Wall

    by Mike Rinowski
    Harley Tracks conveys an essence of American character; that of a free-spirited and patriotic nature. An obligation consumed my work, and then my life, with an epic ride; 41,000 miles alone across Vietnam on a Harley Davidson to honor fallen veterans. After four and a half years, the ride rolled full circle across America to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. Without serendipity it would not have been.
  • How He Robbed Me of My Three Baby Daughters

    by Maggie Colombe
    I wrote this book for my daughters as a record of the life that we all had before their father (now dead) took them away from me and our lives changed forever. Their dad was a college lecturer and he eloped with a young schoolgirl who he later married. My children were between one and five when this happened.. They were brought up in Copenhagen and it was seventeen years before we met again.
  • Marilyn's Kids

    by Nancy Palmie
    Marilyn had 5 children. Kathy, the oldest, kicks off the memoir with an extraordinary event. The book contains content written by each of the 5 siblings: Kathy, Linda, Nancy, Paul, and Sandi. Sandi, the youngest, was given up for adoption; her siblings didn't meet her for almost 30 years. Marilyn's kids is a deep dive look into a family that is deeply dysfunctional, poverty-stricken, yet resilient. Marilyn was a complex woman. Divorced when her children were very young, Marilyn takes on... more
  • Preserving Memories

    by Joanne Fletcher Slaughter


    1 -part my favorite recipes 

    4 -parts recipes from family and friends

    5 -parts memories and background of recipes


    Food-related quotations


    1. Blend my recipes with those from family & friends.

    2. Add memory or background with each recipe.

    3. Divide recipes into categories: aperitifs, savories, breads,      soups, salads, sides, brunch, entrees, preserves, & sweets.

    4. Ad... more

  • Digital marketing training center in laxmi nagar

    by santosh kumar
    The manufactured from advanced publicizing tutoring in laxmi nagar places beforehand good enough learning and making geared up on the ones highlights on this manner that the hazard may be a ground-breaking automatic marketer. Digital Marketing makes use of digital gadgets to commercial center devices or companies, and it ought to be possible on the net or detached. Progressed displaying has not anything to do with the net or Google. Advanced Marketing is an umbrella time period for the large maj... more
  • Enchanted - Reflections from a Joyfully Green and Frugally Rich Life

    by Holly Jorgensen
    Holly Jorgensen lives simply and close to the earth, with passion, serenity, and mindfulness. In Enchanted, she shares her secrets—antidotes to that pressure to buy, buy, buy. Whether rescuing junk or discovering life lessons from a half-wild mustang, a totem pole, or legendary musicians, Holly pursues true value—grace and grit rather than status and glitz. Her stories speak of the circle of life, from using discarded objects to transform a neglected property into a beloved homestead to her frie... more
  • My Mosaic - Discovering Each Spiritual Piece One at a Time

    by Dr. William E. Ward
    See book trailer: My Mosaic - Dr. William E. Ward - You Tube Fact:: Thousands of people exist in a spiritual vacuum once they left formal religion. The above fact encouraged me to share my spiritual and psychological growth in a memoir. It is my belief, supported by numerous studies, that a vast number of people have drifted from a sense of spirituality due, in many cases, to their experience with formal religion. I want the reader to share in my growth from the rigidity of formal religion to... more
  • Blossom: The Wild Ambassador of Tewksbury

    by Anna Carner

    BLOSSOM~THE WILD AMBASSADOR OF TEWKSBURY By Anna Carner Imagine what life would be like to be loved by a not-so-typical wild deer. Think of the discoveries—full of fun, at times terrifying—as awareness blurs nature's wildlife boundaries and friendship grows. This riveting true story describes the astonishing bond created between a beautiful, wild creature and the woman who saved her.

  • Little Victories: A True Story of the Healing Power of Horses

    by Betty Weibel
    Little Victories: A True Story of the Healing Power of Horses is an inspirational story of a young Ohio woman who was paralyzed when a snow-covered roof collapsed on her 25 years ago. In sharing her tale, the book tells the story of how Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center evolved from a classroom idea to one of the nation’s top therapeutic riding centers. Readers, early teen through adult, will see how Debbie Gadus learned to live with disability, and they will get an inside view of the un... more
  • A Light in the Darkness: Transcending Chronic Illness through the Power of Art and Attitude

    by Lisa A. Sniderman
    Diagnosed with a rare, debilitating immune disorder (dermatomyositis (DM)), singer-songwriter Lisa Sniderman struggled to maintain a normal life with a body in revolt. An inspirational story of the healing power of creativity and finding your true purpose, and a light in the darkness to anyone struggling with chronic illness or life challenges.