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  • Let Me be Your Voice

    by Shano Seamand
    Shano Seamand is a young female living with a rare genetic disease called Friedreichs Ataxia (FA). She was a healthy able-bodied child until the age of 13 when the diagnosis was made. Having struggled to find a public voice for the disease, Shano hopes to become that voice of hope and inspiration to those also suffering from FA and other degenerative diseases. After struggling for years to find the right support, Shano is unwavering in her journey to get better and prove others wrong. Through ha... more
  • Perfect Love: One Woman's Journey from Flesh to Faith: A Musical Memoir

    by Shari Hall
    God? I can’t feel him, touch him, see him, or hear him, so how can he be, and what could he ever want with me?” Illegitimate, poor, bi-racial in 1960s America – searching for an identity and unconditional love. As she recalls a childhood trauma and hair straightening “torture” sessions, we feel her heartache, pain, and sense of not being good enough. A critical choice leads her down a path of self-destruction as she denies her authentic self in search of wealth and worthiness. Fleeing to Austral... more
  • The Eaglestar Prophecy

    by John Milor
    The end of the age is upon us. Soon the heavens will be shaken, and the battlefield of an ancient war will make its way to the earth. The fabric of time and space trembles full of fractures under the strain of warring battalions, yet we of earth sit in stillness, in a quiet sector of our universe, primarily unaware of the forces about to embark upon us.. Through the thinning veil, both the darkness, and the light are penetrating. And while the world becomes subtly entrenched in clouds of dark... more

    by Marcus A. Nannini
    MIDNIGHT FLIGHT TO NUREMBERG. CAPTURE OF THE NAZI WHO PUT ADOLPH HITLER INTO POWER. Midnight Flight to Nuremberg details the WWII Experiences of C-47 Pilot/Instructor First Lieutenant Harry E. Watson, Jr., a veteran of 27 Combat Missions, three Air Medals recipients, and seven Battle Stars. 10-year-old Harry Watson was stuck, head-first, at the top of an abandoned coal mine. Fighting a blinding snowstorm, his mom struggled to the top of the rock pile, pushed Harry through the narrow openin... more
  • Mother Knows Best: A Memoir

    by Pamula Floyd
    Mother Knows Best is a remarkable memoir of resilience, perseverance, and miracles. In 1994, The Wall Street Journal published an article called “Dying for Milk: Some Mother’s Trying in Vain to Breast-Feed, Starve Their Infants.” Chaz Floyd was one of those infants. He may not have died from insufficient milk syndrome, but it did take his life. His mother spent a lot of time arguing with and praying to God. What happened to Chaz was purely preventable, if only doctors and nurses had listened whe... more
  • Learning to Dance in the Rain II

    by Shelby Wagner
    Everyone wants to love and be loved. But what happens when the one you love dies? Or you discover he/she is only after your money? When we are in love, life is fun and exciting. But when that love is lost, it is devastatingly painful. Author and educator, Shelby Wagner, has experienced both situations, and in her book, "Learning to Dance in the Rain II, " she offers insights and strategies which will be beneficial to all mature singles who desire a change. Those who buy and read her book, are ... more
  • Memoirs of a Bible Smuggler

    by Jeana Sue Kendrick
    Memoirs of a Bible Smuggler is a true story set during the Cold War, an era when Christians who resisted the Communists’ godless decrees faced prison or death. A naïve housewife in the Texas piney woods, Kendrick dreamed of being a Bible smuggler. She and her husband began praying an extra hour in the evenings. They were soon overseas, smuggling Bibles to Christians hungry for God’s Word. Through Door of Hope International, the Kendricks developed a network of trained couriers to deliver Bibles.... more
  • Solving the World's Titanic Struggles: Answers from Baha'i Philosophy and Spirituality

    by Rodney Richards
    Life and the world rolls on and seems topsy-turvy at times, or two steps forward, one step back. The question Why? permeates everything done or to be done, for good or ill. History looms large or small, the future holds promise or hurt. Humanity has chosen to look at its own devices to solve its problems, and look where we are, the wealthy prosper, the poor suffer, the middle class shrinks. But there are solutions, permanent ones, to our difficulties of loving and cooperating with each other... more
  • Tales of a Rural Traveller

    by Collen Serite
    Tales of a rural traveller is an autobiographical novel following the life of Mosupatsela, a young man born into a poverty-stricken family who rises to make a name for himself in the various circles of life he becomes exposed to. He was born to a father who worked as a truck driver and a mother who was a domestic worker. The story begins in a small village in Limpopo where Mosupatsela was raised by his grandparents. It is a tale of childhood aspirations and a determination to achieve against ... more
  • Atreus's View From a Tent

    by Michael Barrett Miller
    Atreus, a homeless man, living primarily in an outdoor shelter in Seattle, shared the following thoughts, letters, and notes with me over three years. These musings come from a man who was crushed by violence and loss. His reflections give hope to many who find themselves in similar situations, living on the outskirts of society.
  • Fildena 25 Mg - Medzsite

    by James Faranadise
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  • SHOT! Passing the Baton

    by Alison Drummond
  • In the Real World I Hike: Transformation of purpose and self in 5 million easy steps

    by Michael "SY" Sisemore
    I hiked the AT in 1999 and have had many other adventures since then. On my hike, I literally ran away from home, (or hiked away) my job, my house, my friends, everything, to embark on a search for a reason to live. Recently divorced, I had no sense of joy or purpose in life. I discovered this and so much more over the next 2,000+ miles and the hundreds of people I met and things that I experienced changed my entire outlook on what it meant to be alive. I met a hiker named "Baltimore Jack" Tarli... more
  • Chasing the Surge

    by Ja-ne de Abreu
    The compelling story people can't wait to read about life as a travel nurse, which is not easy under normal circumstances. Now throw a global pandemic into the mix. Learn how Grover Street navigates these unprecedented times in COVID hotspots in the USA with strength and grace while sharing important scientific facts about COVID-19 and the coronavirus vaccine
  • Butterfly Travels 2: Our Cross Country Migration

    by Jennifer Watson
    Picking up where the original Butterfly Travels leaves off, the Watson family begins a bold move from their home in New York to a new one across the country in California. Join Jenny and her children as they embark on the adventure of the lifetime—a journey filled with new discoveries and detours, chaos and clarity, and ultimately, love and acceptance.
  • Butterfly Travels: Tales of a Transformational Journey to Self-Discovery

    by Jennifer Watson
    Once a caterpillar, now a butterfly...A life-changing experience in Sedona led to the awakening that Jenny’s travels were not just fun experiences, but also deeper lessons as part of her spiritual journey. Join Jenny as she travels through the adventures of her past and present, from childhood vacations and high school trips, to her months in Europe and cross-country escapes—sharing the profound lessons that touched her heart and transformed her life along the way.