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  • Brave(ish): A Memoir of a Recovering Perfectionist

    by Margaret Davis Ghielmetti
    At forty, Margaret quits her sales job to follow her husband’s hotel career to Paris. She’s setting sail on this adventure with a glass half full of bravery, a well-traveled passport, a journal in which she plans to write her novel, and the mentally engrained Davis Family Handbook of Rules to Live By. Everyone tells Margaret she’s living the dream, but she feels adrift without a professional identity. Desperate to feel productive and valued, she abandons her writing and throws herself into ne... more
  • The North Cape

    by John Brooke
    This book relates a journey by motorbike from the South of France to the North Cape of Norway, a distance of over 4000 kilometres. The detailed maps and photographs which accompany the text allow the reader to share the experiences of the author throughout his travels.
  • The Militia Boy

    by James Palmer
    Autobiography of James Palmer telling his story from 1918 to the end of WWII in 1946.
  • A Glimpse of North Sudan

    by Eric & Clare Lowry
    This Book aims to widen understanding of a country with an ancient civilisation - pyramids, tombs in royal cemetaries, black Pharoahs of Egpyt, the two Niles - along with British history in Sudan
  • My Path of Faith

    by Barbie Carlisle
    Have you ever felt unloved, abandoned, alone, or forgotten? Did you or someone you know, experience traumatic events in life? Have you ever felt so helpless that giving up seemed like the best choice? In this intimate and honest memoir author, Barbie Schuchart-Carlisle shares how tragic events in her life shaped future events and led her down a path of healing, unconditional love and a stronger relationship with God. As a survivor of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, Barbie’s honesty and... more
  • We Were Cowboys

    by J.F. Lee
    The American cowboy speaks of a bygone era when these Old West icons represented personal initiative, diligence, and industry. Coincidentally, surgical students of the fifties and sixties were in many ways similar to the American cowboy as they diagnosed and treated conditions and diseases they had never before seen such as gonorrhea, gunshot, and stab wounds. In a fascinating memoir filled with entertaining personal anecdotes, Dr. John Lee details his passage from a middle-class Irish Chicag... more
  • Boys’ Secrets and Men’s Loves

    by David A.J. Richards
    Boys’ Secrets and Men’s Loves is the memoir of a law professor who has written over twenty books on the basic rights of American constitutionalism. He has been a prominent advocate of gay rights and feminism, which joins men and women in resistance. A gay man born into an Italian American family in New Jersey, he relates in this book his own experience on how the initiation of boys into patriarchy inflicts trauma, leading them to mindlessly accept patriarchal codes of masculinity, and how (throu... more
  • Gabby's Journey-The Making of a Canadian Air Cadet Pilot

    by Gaynor Jones
    Do you want to get paid to learn a new skill? Make new friends for life, join an organization for free, and be able to earn your pilot wings? Improve your band skills? Play sports and get paid to do it? If you have answered yes? Find out how by reading my book.
  • Back on Bonaire: Rediscovering Diver's Paradise as a Father

    by Andrew Jalbert
    With its protected nearshore reef system, gem-clear seas, and sweeping conservation efforts, Bonaire has earned the title it boasts on its license plates: Diver’s Paradise. For Andrew Jalbert, who first visited in the early 1990s, there was a draw to the island that was hard to shake. He returned regularly over the next twenty-five years in a variety of capacities: as a scuba instructor, a sun-starved vacationer, and a writer/photographer. What he hadn’t expected at 43 years old, however, was to... more
  • The Complete Response

    by Stanley Beavan
    Stanley lives life to the full – working hard, playing hard. In 2016, his life was turned upside down with a serious medical diagnosis; he had a stage IV bowel cancer which had spread extensively to his liver and was inoperable. Many people may have given up but Stanley looked at the challenge of beating cancer with positivity. Stanley carried on working throughout the medical process ahead of him and developed his own strategy with the help of others around him and his life experiences. The pla... more
  • Milk with Wine: A Child's Year in Paris, 1963

    by Meg Westley
    Flung into a 1963 Parisian school with no knowledge of French, a young Canadian girl is treated like the village idiot as she struggles to survive. Ill with late-diagnosed tuberculosis, she silently masters the language and forges some once-in-a-lifetime friendships. She also gets to know old world Paris, before the advent of tourists and big box stores: a city of strange odours, tiny shops, fierce gendarmes, quaint and sometimes infuriating customs.
  • Grandmother's Tin Box

    by Judith M. Ackerman
    Discover the treasure held with Grandmother's tin box and the magical story it revealed. Could the real treasure be discovered in the beautifully illustrated pages of this book and the loving relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter? Grandmother's Tin Box is a book to be cherished!
  • 7 Years on the Front Line

    by Sarah Y. Tse
    Sarah Y. Tse created a successful small publishing business, which possessed an expanding client list and national reputation. And then, disaster! “7 Years on the Frontline” is the compelling true story of Sarah's seven-year journey of business setbacks and personal loss. During this trying period, the litigation seemed endless, and the option to "end it all" was increasingly tempting. This story reveals how she came out on the other side victorious, with numerous lessons to benefit small-busin... more
  • The Supreme Victory of the Heart: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Synchronicity

    by Sharon Hewitt Rawlette
    At 29, Sharon Hewitt was about to see her dreams come true. For the past decade, she’d been living the academic high life in New York, Paris, and Boston but struggling to feel at ease far from her rural roots and the religious faith she’d left behind in college. Now, engaged to a Frenchman and about to settle on a beautiful farm in the rolling countryside of Brittany, she felt she’d finally come home… …until a girl her fiancé had known in high school unexpectedly resurfaced, changing everythi... more
  • Practicing for Love: A Memoir

    by Nina Kennedy
    Young Nina Kennedy was a child prodigy, a musical genius. Growing up in a segregated black community, she was forced to speak slang or “Ebonics” during the day to protect herself from bullying. At night, she would return home to speak the King's English with her college professor parents, both esteemed classical pianists who felt their careers had been hampered by American racism. As a result, they were determined that their daughter would have the success that they never could. Practicing fo... more