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  • Not so sweet 16

    by Sunidhi Rai
    Voice quacks. This book is filled with many rants and rage for everyone whose pre-teen and early adulthood times were a piece of work. An attempt is made here to make us all feel seen and heard and make up for the times of perplexity and doubt. You are your own protagonist in this book. By the end of it, you will feel like your 16-year-old self is giving you a hug.
  • Dark Money and Private Spies

    by Everett Stern

    What makes a person choose justice over self-interest?

    When Everett Stern landed his dream job as HSBC Bank’s new Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer, he never imagined the career move would lead to international notoriety as a whistleblower.

    During his time at HSBC, Stern discovered that the bank deliberately failed to maintain anti-money laundering policies, allowing for billions of dollars of drug proceeds and terrorist funding to be launde... more

  • Forever Young: The Youngest.....

    by Bo Roberts
    The youngest world's fair president, newspaper editor, governor's cabinet leader, and university vice president shares experiences and observations about interesting points in local, statewide, national and international history. From the KKK burning a cross in his front yard to a Soviet Union invasion changing the direction of an international event, an inside look during some exceptional circumstances.
  • Are You Okay? : The Carryover of Kindness

    by A.S. Drayton

    Discouraged after stumbling in his dogged search for happiness, Anthony, a meek and pessimistic college freshman, wanders through the darkness aimlessly. Then, a single moment of kindness opens a new path before him, though where it leads, only time will tell.

    A journey of love and fear through nightmares both real and imagined. From freshman year to graduation, follow A.S. on a road that supposedly leads to happiness as he combats recurring nightmares and feelings of worthlessness... more

  • Outsiders in France

    by Paula Wagner
  • We All Make Decisions: Updated and Corrected Version of This is Me

    by Gary Wilson

    "From birth to a car accident, to recovery and back to work! Now, Embracing the Graces and Miracles with this thing called LIFE!"

    I am writing this book for several reasons:

    1) My shrink said, "When you get moody, write down your thoughts."

    2) From what I have been told, I have had a busy life. Not crappy, but not fantastic.

    3) I thought I would share it with others to show people that there are many different folks out there.

  • Building Solid, A Life in Stories

    by Joan Rudd
    In frank and emotionally rewarding stories, a woman recalls her life from a feminist, Jewish, and largely humorous perspective. Joan writes about both coasts: a childhood among post WWII refugees in Manhattan, and then leaving her family for college, marriage, a commune, and art school in Portland, Oregon. She shares some of the pivotal events and decisions involved in ultimately leaving Portland for Seattle, through a second marriage and the raising of two sons 23 years apart, all the w... more
  • Bike Riding in Kabul: The Global Adventures of a Foreign Aid Practitioner

    by Jamie Bowman
    Getting roughed up by Islamic fundamentalists, bribing Russian police, sheltering with the lizards under the sink during a bombing in Juba, the automatic weapons training before Afghanistan. It was a great ten years! Bike Riding in Kabul: The Global Adventures of a Foreign Aid Practitioner chronicles my unique professional and personal experiences as a female attorney working to update the laws of Kosovo, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Moscow, Afghanistan, Southern Sudan, Rwanda, and Afghanistan. Fu... more
  • Los Gatos: My Life with my Black Cats in Home and Garden

    by Michael Boyajian
    Join the author and his two black cats, Percey and Minerva, as they tear through the home of Mike and Jeri oblivious to the other cats living there, Winston, Brigid and Ulysses and again work through the catastrophic loss of the other cats as well as Mike's wife Jeri.
  • Turning Inside Out

    by Emily Newberry
    In this book I use parts of my life story to illustrate what I believe is an important principle. That what spiritual and moral principles guide you is as important as what you say and do as you work to make the world a better place. The book invites the reader into a conversation, most importantly with themselves: •\tWhat is the outcome or impact of what I say and do? •\tAm I acting in ways that reflect the better world I hope to participate in creating, or am I acting in ways that reflect... more
  • Drive All Day (Because I'm Too Old To Drive All Night)

    by Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson’s third book, Drive All Day, is a collection of true-life stories. With a lot of humor and fits of seriousness, she shares what it's really like for a working musician who’s done hundreds of gigs and has taught thousands to play guitar on her popular YouTube channel (67K subscribers). She's too old to drive all night, but if driving all day means getting to play music for a living, she's all in. Jamie rants about everything from Spotify, who paid her ten cents one quarter, to shar... more
  • Be like The Moon

    by Levi Welton
    Be Like the Moon is not an autobiography. It is not a confession. It is, however, an insightful, moving, and pleasurable collection of the stories and personal heroes that shaped a shy Chassidic boy raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. With laugh-out-loud humor and unflinching honesty, this unique bildungsroman is for people of all faiths and none. It is a testament to the power of seeing the good in all people and may inspire you to ponder the hidden heroes you’ve had on your own life’s journe... more
  • Loving the Enemy: Building bridges in a time of war

    by Andrew March
    Loving the Enemy tells the compelling true story of Fred Clayton, a grammar schoolboy from Liverpool, and brilliant Cambridge scholar, who leaves the comfort of the halls of Cambridge at the beginning of the Nazi era and makes a troubled journey to discover first-hand what life must be like to live under the despotic regime. Arriving in Dresden, he develops a friendship with a German family that will change his life. Through the course of the next decade, with his and their nations at war, Fr... more
  • The Magic of Memoir

    by Paula Wagner
    The Magic of Memoir is a memoirist’s companion for when the going gets tough. Editors Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner have taught and coached hundreds of memoirists to the completion of their memoirs, and they know that the journey is fraught with belittling messages from both the inner critic and naysayers, voices that make it hard to stay on course with the writing and completion of a book. In The Magic of Memoir, 38 writers share their hard-won wisdom, stories, and writing tips. Included a... more
  • Suspected Hippie In Transit

    by martin frumkin
    Join Martin as he travels the world five decades ago. In Volume One he treks in NEPAL within the glacial Himalaya, hangs with royal freak princes in INDIA, partakes in guiltless debauchery in tropical Goa, and enjoys opium-induced romance with willing maharinis. He compares the silky white sands of SRI LANKAN beaches to the gritty deserts and Hindu Kush of AFGHANISTAN and searches for enlightenment within Indian mysticism -- all while integrating East and West, God consciousness, the Force and d... more
  • Every Road Goes Somewhere: A Memoir about Calling

    by Wendy Widder

    Why would God call you to a life he refuses to give you—or worse, takes away?


    From precocious childhood to PhD, Wendy Widder doggedly pursued God’s plan for her life. Her efforts took her off the beaten path, into dark caves, and through a series of switchbacks. Just when the destination seemed within reach, the road disappeared. Where the map stopped and dreams died, she stumbled for solid footing.


    This is the... more