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  • 978-I-4808-7085-7

    by Anelly A Schwab
    When a young girl goes to visit her grandparents' sugarcane farm in the Dominican Republic, she rides a special horse named Kingly. This horse takes care of her and is very happy to see her! Together they take a tour around the farm. The girl rides Kingly bareback, and they travel down the sugarcane trails, smelling the sweet aroma of sugarcane and seeing the green plants all over the farm. They go to the water tank, where Kingly can get a drink and where the children from the farm can fill the... more
  • This or Something Better: A Memoir of Resilience

    by Elisa Stancil Levine
    From Elisa’s first memory, trust was a gift bestowed by nature, not humans. Sexual abuse by her step grandfather and her grandmother’s strange compulsion to call her a murderer haunted her from earliest childhood. Only in the wild was she able to find solace. At twelve, in a deep canyon beside the American River, she created her own theory on how to be human. After leaving home at sixteen, Elisa struggled to raise her son, go to college, and forge a career in historic restoration. But when he... more
  • Sorry I Didn't Write

    by Nadia Alleyne
    Nadia was becoming increasingly restless with her role as a legal counsel in a multinational company when the opportunity arose for her to undertake a secondment in Yangon, Myanmar. The country was in the early stages of opening to the rest of the world. Four years later, she will again find herself in South East Asia, this time as an expat wife in Singapore.  In, Sorry I Didn’t Write, the author takes you on an insightful journey with her through the excitement and challenges of her childhoo... more
  • Nurturing the Nurtures--Healing the Planet: The Wati Kanyilpai Story

    by Leon Petchkovsky
    We live in difficult times: domestic violence, terrorism, gross exploitation by various governments and financial institutions, ecological destruction, global warming.........the list goes on. We now know from major advances in developmental neuroscience that if there is significant abuse or neglect in the first three years of life, the results can be catastrophic. If we could only get those first three years of life right, a huge range of negative behavioural consequences would be reduced to mo... more
  • Funny Face by Peggi Davis

    by Chick Lit Café - Book Reviews

    The bright lights of Manhattan, burning crosses in Mississippi, and former flames from Texas sparked a series of stories and essays featured here in Funny Face. With wit and wisdom, author Peggi Davis’ musings recount the hilarious and harrowing events that occurred as she gingerly grew up, and her fractured family moved from town to town. Half hippie, half haute couture, she entered the wacky world of retail advertising at the young age of nineteen. There, her outrageous experi... more

  • The Invisible Sentence by Verna McFelin

    by Chick Lit Café

    Verna McFelin’s gripping account of her life after her husband’s arrest and incarceration for kidnapping is a stirring, enthralling and inspirational story. Her life of hardship and poverty is laced with the reality of God’s miraculous love and filled with expressions of her enthralling relationship with God, and her love for her children, and the multiple people she meets and supports along the way. It is absolutely fascinating, packed with Christian lessons, and is... more

  • Don't Eat Your Vomit!: We All Do This

    by Carolyn L. Austin

    My mother told me, “Don’t eat your vomit!” You see, my mother was referring to accepting people back into your life after they have done you wrong, broken your heart, or cheated on you. My tumultuous life experiences led me to also use “Don’t eat your vomit” to refer to people I trusted, who later betrayed me so fiendishly that it felt as if they stabbed me in the back and twisted the knife. Although I understood, it was not until years later that I recogni... more

  • From Auschwitz with Love

    by Daniel Seymour
    Captured in two first-person memoirs - and presented along with added historical references - this is a remarkable story of two sisters' resilience and survival of the Holocaust that describes a resounding triumph of the human spirit spanning nine decades.

    by Julie D. Summers


    I wanted to put a sign on my forehead saying: “Be Kind To Me – My Son Just Committed Suicide.” I wondered how many people we meet each day who also want to put a sign on their forehead describing the pain in their hearts.

    On July 11, 2007, a coroner called and told me my son, John, had put a shotgun between his legs and used his toes to pull the trigger, blowing his head off. Many years earlier, as a single, unwed mother, I had given him up fo... more

  • Released, Never Free, Living in the Crosshairs of a Narcissist

    by Katie Anderson
    Released, Never Free is the harrowing true story of my heartbreaking journey through life with a toxic narcissist who would stop at nothing to destroy me. I certainly didn’t have an easy life to begin with, having survived a pretty tumultuous childhood, but that was nothing compared to the storm lying in wait. Being young, naïve, and desperately wanting to escape the woes of my parents’ home, I was the perfect target. Effortlessly, I fell right into his trap, a brief moment in time that would fo... more
  • The Invisible Girl

    by Yvonne Sandomir
    From the age of four, Eve wandered through a maze of injustice, exploitation, and unthinkable parental betrayal. After escaping home at the age of fifteen, it disheartened Eve to find that her childhood was only the beginning of a road fraught with violent relationships. Come along on her journey of perseverance through intense psychotherapy as she learns it is possible to not only survive the after-effects of deep childhood trauma but break the generational cycle for her own family. This ... more
  • My Gay Church Days: Memoir of a Closeted Evangelical Pastor who Eventually Had Enough

    by George Azar

    My Gay Church Days is the memoir of a closeted Evangelical pastor who left the faith to pursue the one thing he had been hiding for over a decade: his homosexuality. Born to traditional Middle Eastern parents, George found himself desperate for his parents’ affection as a refuge from the traumatic bullying he faced during middle school. He devoted every aspect of his life to pleasing others, while denying the most important parts of himself. His most shameful trait was his sexual ori... more

  • Rotten Fruit in an Unkempt Garden

    by Michael Nanfito
    This is an unconventional memoir about an unconventional life. Told through poetry and a series of and prose "vignettes," this slender volume offers a view to a period of my life that no one (outside of my wife) knew anything about – until now. In the main, this is my effort to celebrate outsiders and outcasts who worked to reclaim their true Selves, the ones that polite society stole from them. I've taken some poetic license with parts of the timeframe and some events (I leave it to the r... more
  • A New Way To Wealth: The Power of Doing More With Less

    by Bruce Piasecki
    What is Wealth? What is Enough? The path to success and the full glory of wealth is doing more with less! In this book, Piasecki urgently calls for a new era of restraint, public mindedness, and social purpose in capitalism. This homage to historical financial leaders allows an understanding between self-determination and self-actualization in a time of capital constraints. This book helps you understand which attributes lead to the accumulation of wealth and using that wealth responsi... more
  • Breakdown: A Therapist's Journey of Losing It and Finding It

    by Ali Psiuk
    A vivid and deeply affecting memoir detailing the wildly winding path of a creative and spiritual seeker as she unravels into mental illness and painfully, beautifully, weaves her disparate parts back together. We follow Ali's fascinating evolution from a young and closeted gymnast with an eating disorder to circus performer, modern dancer, showgirl, Broadway dresser, and eventually, licensed psychotherapist.
  • Cotton Teeth

    by Glenn Rockowitz
    A race to the grave isn't a typical father-son bonding experience in the way a potato sack race might be. But when comedy writer Glenn Rockowitz and his psychoanalyst father are diagnosed with aggressive terminal cancers only a week apart, tragedy gives way to a uniquely dark, funny, and intensely loving experience. Cotton Teeth is a comedian's unflinchingly candid account of the heartbreak, joy, and wisdom shared between father and son as they face their final months of life alone and together.