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  • Resurfacing

    by Laura DeSisto
    A true story of female friendship, adventure, heartbreak and finding purpose beyond motherhood. One morning Laura DeSisto woke up and realized her kids were gone and they weren't coming back. Worse still, the ungrateful bastards had taken her sense of purpose and identity with them. Her empty nest felt like a bottomless pit. It had swallowed her whole. An impromptu scuba diving trip to the Bahamas was the catalyst for enormous change and growth in her life. With biting humor and vivid... more
  • The Difficult Girl, a memoir

    by Helen Morse
    THE AUTHOR!S father was the editor-in-chief of Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia when he met her mother at a burlesque club. She was 20 years younger and a headliner there. They soon married and went on to have three daughters, moving to Palm Beach and buying a house that once belonged to Robert "Believe It or Not” Ripley. With a backdrop of Palm Beach and a life of privilege, the Morses appeared to have it all, but the reality was very different. Behind closed doors, the family was troubled. The Dif... more
  • They Called Me a Hitman: A Suitable Case for Treatment

    by Mark Edmonds
    Born into a communist family which he describes as a cult, Mark Edmonds went on to study at the International Communist School in Moscow. His father, Lloyd, had fought against the army of the Spanish fascist, Gen. Francisco Franco, who launched a civil war in Spain against the popularly elected Republican government. But Mark chose to not live as a red rebel on the fringes of society. Instead, he went out into the real world while keeping some of his inherited rebelliousness. He worked as a taxi... more
  • Angels, of Course

    by Win Tuck-Gleason
    When Win Tuck-Gleason was growing up, she thought everyone could see angels. People just didn’t talk about them; they still don’t. She just accepted the angels’ presence, and she kept silent. It was as if she wasn’t given permission to talk about them. Now she has permission. In Angels, Of Course, she offers a collection of stories and paintings that share her varied experiences with heavenly angels. It chronicles twenty visits by angels beginning with her childhood and continuing to the present... more
  • Choosing Life: One man’s journey through alcoholism and depression to wellness and self-discovery

    by Blue Andrews
    Addiction and avoidance. Feeling inferior and isolating. Even though Blue Andrews went from food stamps to a million dollars, had an amazing family and many supportive friends, his unhealthy responses to life took their toll. In August of 2010, to the surprise of everyone but himself, Andrews attempted suicide. He woke up in the psych unit of a hospital with fourteen stitches on his wrists. A few days later, he made the most important decisions of his life. He wanted to live. He wanted t... more
  • Sister in a Brotherhood

    by Cindie Schooner-Ball
    Cindie Schooner-Ball shares her account of life in the firehouse by a woman who led the way for other women to become firefighters and EMTs. The brutal reality of the daily life firefigters face, on and off the job, is expertly revealed by removing the public perception of fire rescue and giving the reader a front-row seat to the life of a female first-responder.
  • Half In: A Coming-of-Age Memoir of Forbidden Love

    by Felice Cohen
    What if your first love was a forbidden one? At twenty-three, Felice Cohen was, like other recent college grads, hesitant about entering the real world, with the added stress of coming out in the early nineties. Focused on how to land a full-time position as a writer, falling in love was the last thing on her mind. But fall in love she did. With her boss, a woman thirty-four years older. Felice and Sarah embarked on a high-stakes, year-long love affair. Addicted to the high of first lo... more
  • What Your Mom Didn't Tell You: Life, Men, Love, Dating, Sex and Relationships

    by Chiedza Mavangira
    You are a romantic junkie who binges on old editions of Cosmopolitan. You are addicted to dog-eared tattered paperbacks, with underlined juicy paragraphs, and brawny half-naked men who catch delirious women with bewitching love spells. You get tipsy with your girlfriends, stalk your ex fianc 's new girlfriend on social media, and drunk text men who seem less than desirable in the sober light of day.Your inner-circle is an illegal blonde financial advisor, a sassy tomboy accountant, and a stuck u... more
  • Life Interrupted, Dr. Dua's Survival Guide

    by Parul Dua Makkar
    This book is written by my late brother, Dr. Manu Dua, who reflects on life as he faced mortality at the age of 34. In his final days he found beauty in small things, wisdom in his parents, faced fear, learnt from failure and never lost hope. He remarks that the human mind, body and soul have a remarkable capacity to heal, we are more powerful than we can imagine.
  • From the Flood

    by Suzanne Jones
    It’s the summer of 1972, and six-year-old Suzie and her siblings are whisked away from their home in the middle of the night, never to return again. Hurricane Agnes has triggered a devastating flood that destroys the family home and business. Suzie and her family are then set on an exhausting yet exhilarating four-year journey to build back their lives. Suzie bounces from one quirky family member to the next before she and her family settle into a government-provided trailer for the next tw... more
  • Red, the One-Eyed Horse

    by Beatrice Huang

    Red The One-Eyed Horse is a picture book about Bea and Red: Red is Bea's heart horse. Bea loves spending her time caring for Red, and their special bond makes them a great team when they train and compete.

    Why is Red special? Red is not your typical horse. He is very confident even though he faces discrimination for his abnormal appearance of only having one eye. People are quick to judge that Red cannot perform as a show horse because of his disability... more

  • Together into the Occult World

    by Michael Boyajian

    Husband and wife world travelers Mike and Jeri recount their amazing untold numbers of journeys into the occult world from the inner circle of Stonehenge to Loch Ness to Green-Wood Cemetery to Edgar Allan Poe’s home to Treadwell’s Books in London to the Freemasons to Madame Laveau’s Voodoo Tomb to a Coven of Witches to a ghost hunter and so much more as scientists exclaim that we are on the cusp of discovering the wonders of this other world.

  • Homeland

    by Robert Keprta
    Having immigrated to the US at age 10 with his parents Frank wanted to visit his Homeland, now the Czech Republic but was not yet a naturalized US citizen. Arriving in the Czech Republic his passport was lifted and he was declared a Czech Citizen and by judicial fiat placed in the Czech Army. He deserted, made his way to Hamburg, stowed away on a ship to America, detained at Ellis Island and to be sent back to Europe to be shot as a deserter. He managed to get a message back to his wife in Te... more
  • There'd Better Be Oxy in that Christmas Bon Bon!

    by Terri Campbell
    Dad is drunk on the lounge, in his undies. He says he’s tired. He's always exhausted, but he doesn’t do much. His knuckles are bleeding from a punch up with his best mate. He doesn’t care about his hands or his best mate. He doesn’t give a shit about anything, really. Mum just fell through the door. She’s drunk too and really bloody angry. Mum screams a lot when her other boyfriends don’t love her enough. It’s okay, though red lipstick and wine always make her feel better. I was a scared, skin... more
  • Deliver us from Evil; Sing to the Lord and Dance with the Devil.ISBN: 979-8-88622-053-7

    by Paul Adrian McGowan
    Deliver Us from Evil: Sing to the Lord and Dance with the Devil; Synopsis By PAUL ADRIAN McGowan One stormy midnight, during what became known as 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland, PETER & SHIRLEY GROWER, a famous Gospel Singing Duo, arrive at the home of PAUL MCGOWAN, a close friend and Deacon in their Church Fellowship. Shirley has laryngitis and needs prayer. Peter, unbeknown to PAUL, is possessed by an Evil Spirit out to destroy Paul & his family. During Paul's Prayer, the Spirit manife... more
  • Between the Lines: A Memoir about Addiction, Empathy, and Evolution

    by Jay Lind
    Between the Lines: A Memoir about Addiction, Empathy, and Evolution For years, Jay Lind lived between the lines of society’s moral and legal boundaries. But his smooth, privileged life was interrupted when his dad died and his drug addiction snowballed out of control. Between the Lines is the moving saga of Jay’s descent into addiction, his darkest choices, and his struggles in recovery, as told through short vignettes about the many people who touched his life at some of the most critical... more