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  • The The Hard Road to Staying Thin, Healthy and Youthful, while enjoying Life and Food to the Fullest

    by Dafna Lazar



    "The Hard Road to Staying Thin, Healthy and Youthful, while Enjoying Life and Food to the Fullest."


    By Dafna Lazar

     This is a true story that starts with a tragic fall, literally from a Garden of E... more

  • Human Earthquake: Book I

    by Ramon Darnell
    Human Earthquake chronicles a young man's journey from innocence to the mean streets of Chicago. His successes and tragedies are told with humor and brutal truth.
  • Three Labs a Lifetime

    by Christopher W. Morin
    There are few things in life as special or as meaningful as dog ownership. They’re with us for such a short period of time, but what they give us in return is immeasurable—and timeless—and is never forgotten. Every canine breed is interesting and distinct in its own right, but there’s something inherently magical and wondrous about Labrador retrievers that make them seem the perfect American family dog. This is the story of three black Labrador retrievers who helped shape and define my fam... more
  • A Small Boy Smiling: A remarkable journey of healing from the trauma of child sexual abuse to spiritual awakening

    by Matt Carey
    As a small boy Matt Carey loved to ride his bike, play football with friends and to laugh. He loved life and was always smiling. When he was just eight years old, he was targeted by a group of predatory paedophiles who subjected him to 18-months of horrific sexual abuse. He was too ashamed and scared to tell anyone what had happened...not his parents, friends or family. In his new book, A Small Boy Smiling, Matt tells a remarkable story of survival and overcoming the trauma, guilt and sha... more
  • Coming About: Life In the Balance

    by Mario Dell'Olio
    A mid-life crisis, a sailing adventure, and a rescue at sea, Coming About tells a story of survival and inner-strength through a foundational loving relationship. Coming About is a memoir of Mario and Jim who, at 40, quit their jobs and sell their home in San Francisco to follow their dream. They buy a 50-foot sailboat and move to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands where they discover many quirky facets of adjusting to life on the island as well as its many cultural idiosyncrasies. During the maiden voy... more
  • So You Love an... Alcoholic?

    by Grace W. Wroldson

    My courageous story of how I saved my own life. Powerful lessons I learned loving an alcoholic. These were my awakenings. Here are my secrets.

  • Blessings and Betrayals: A True Story of One Woman's Fight for Freedom and Love

    by RJ Blum
    In her new book, ‘Blessings and Betrayals: A True Story of One ninety year old Woman’s Fight for Freedom and Love’, R.J. Blum tells the story of one woman her lost her rights and freedoms to her son, as a result of the broken probate court system, not knowing her rights, and not being prepared for such a fight. The book explains how readers can take steps to prevent such a fate from befalling them.
  • Out of the Wild: 7 years in the New Zealand Wilderness

    by charlie paterson
    Not the standard romantic wilderness survival tale, but a very honest, warts and all account of one young man's unique journey, striving to survive for seven years in a very remote rainforest location inside New Zealand's Fiordland National Park, three days walk away from the nearest road end. A true story of isolation and loneliness, away from all the modern conveniences and comforts most take for granted, his tale is one of adversity, building a dream with dogged determination. Battling agains... more
  • Everyone Needs a Mrs. Bailey

    by William Sroufe
    The first part of my memoir is a vivid, emotional account of my journey. It is my hope that by sharing my story I will inspire and help other adults look beyond the emotional luggage a kid carries. I also want to make sure children and teenagers know that no matter what happens to them it doesn't define who they are. As educators, parents and compassionate adults, we have the opportunity, no, we have the responsibility to help them understand and believe this. In the second part, I share some of... more
  • Curse of Interesting Times

    by Patricia Ann Paul

    Curse of Interesting Times depicts the tumultuous 60s from the perspective of a Vietnam-era draftee’s wife. On an adventurous journey adjusting to army life in Germany, she and her husband struggle financially to stay together while fearing his transfer to Vietnam. They face constant reminders of World War II and the Cold War as they try to make sense of contemporary events regarding Vietnam. Their conflicting identities as students and military complicate the issues. What is r... more

  • Growing Up Greenpoint: A Kid's Life in 1970s Brooklyn

    by Tommy Carbone
    In Growing up Greenpoint, Tommy Carbone captures what it was like to be a kid during the 1970s and 80s in Brooklyn. This funny, and sometimes emotional, memoir follows the years Tommy was educated not only in the classrooms of St. Stan’s, but on the streets of Greenpoint. It was there, playing street games with friends, being cornered by muggers, playing kissing games with the girls, spending time with family, and constantly seeking out the best snack foods in the neighborhood, where Tommy learn... more
  • Daughters of Spain (Revised)

    by Joan Fallon
    Daughters of Spain gives a gripping account of the hard won changes within society for the women of Spain, through the eyes and experiences of the women themselves. I first began to think about writing this book in the late 1980s, when I lived in Spain for a brief period.  I was impressed by the way the Spanish women I met had embraced the freedom of modern life in the short period since  the death of Spain's dictator General Franco, in 1975. However I did nothing about it. The years went by ... more
  • in Traveling mode: The unbearable lightness of a journey around the world

    by Paulo Abreu
    What if your decisions had no real value and were free of the infinite cycle of heavy decisions? How would you behave and think if your days were a flow of circumstantial decisions without any real significance? Traveling opens up this possibility, momentarily transforming your life into a flow of insignificant decisions. This creates the necessary lightness to fully engage in what I call the Traveling Spirit. But stay in the traveling spirit for too long and it becomes unbearable. For differe... more

    by Jewel Hart
    The author recounts the seven-decade Saga of her 1956 Hungarian Refugee family, as a memoir presented in “Story Form,” with historical perspective. Jozsef F. Bognar, a renowned musician and Freedom Fighter, with a death sentence inflicted upon him by the Soviet Army, makes a death-defying escape with his wife and baby daughter (the author of this book), seeking a small bridge, shrouded amidst swampy marshland, whose rickety planks wait to lead the family into a vast void called “Freedom.” ... more
  • Life is a Series of Jokes

    by Sammy Lee Gott
    Sammy Lee Gott has been a son, brother, husband, father, soldier, and all around good guy for the last 75 years. During his life’s journey, he has learned the power of humor. This is a collection of his personal story and jokes. This father of four takes you through his life’s journey, the ups and downs of dating, marriage, raising children and more. He shares with you the humor he has seen in trying to, not just have it all, but enjoy having it all. Hundreds of jokes are in this book that wi... more
  • When Love Doesn't Start at Home: Surviving a Dysfunctional Family

    by Sammy Lee Gott
    Author Sammy Lee Gott was one of four boys in a dysfunctional family, raised by alcoholics. Despite this difficult beginning, he survived and prospered. Sammy with his brother Gerald—shares through his recollections and poetry an understanding of some of the factors that make a family dysfunctional and explores ways to break the generational cycle of abuse. He believes understanding is the key—knowing that the pain and stress from the abuse of childhood lasts far into adulthood and that God is t... more