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  • The Centennial: A Journey through America's National Park System

    by David Kroese
    The Centennial: A Journey through America's National Park System is the first published narrative covering all 400+ National Park Service sites, a two-year adventure across every state and territory through America’s diverse landscapes and their fascinating human and natural history. Experience the inherent marvels within America’s diverse landscapes and their fascinating human and natural history, revealed in engaging context, poetic descriptions, and heartfelt appreciation. The Centennial is a... more
  • New Yorkers: A Feisty People Who Will Unsettle, Madden, Amuse and Astonish You

    by Clifford Browder
    A quirky memoir by a longtime resident of New York who loves his crazy but profoundly creative city, with glances at that city's history, and weird facts that will surprise visitors and residents alike. Who New Yorkers are, how they live and die, how many languages they speak (you'll be surprised), the author's affair with a Broadway chorus boy, scams and cons to avoid, a cemetery that offers whiskey tastings, and a funeral that caused an all-day riot.
  • First Survivor

    by Mark Unger
    First Survivor is the true story of how one family's tireless search for answers helped save their son and countless others from a rare form of pediatric cancer. When Louis Unger was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, he was given a zero chance of survival. With the help of some of the greatest doctors in the world and the advocacy of his parents, Louis beat the disease and became the First Survivor. All profits from the sale of the book are donated to the Carrot Seed Foundation. The foundatio... more
  • Weirdo 2.0

    by Christopher Wheat
    Feeling bullied at work? Wondering if HR is talking behind your back? I’ve walked in your shoes! This volume as additional material about autism and other disorders. This story chronicles my experience with a harsh boss who wanted me out. If you are a worker, teacher, parent or disabled person, I’ll give you the best options for dealing with this problem. I’ll let you know what worked and what failed. I know how you feel! My situation was so bad I almost lost my house, all because my job wan... more
  • Ally

    by Madison Scott-Clary
    ally is an ergodic, arborescent, semiautobiographical work about identity, mental health, spirituality, and the mutability of the past. A lot of the information contained within is real, some of it isn’t. Each page is structured as a conversation between myself and my ally, a mirror reflection of myself. Based off the interactive project at, this book explores different facets of my life — some true, some embellished, some wholly fictitious — in a non-linear fashion, using color, page-la... more
  • My Assignment Help

    by John Brick
    I have been working as a full-time academic consultant for last seven years. I am dedicatedly working at MyAssignmentHelpAu to help students with their entire academic writing requirements. I offered writing help to the students who are struggling with their academic writing tasks. I possess good writing and researching skills and thus I am liable to provide the best My Assignment Help scholastic guidance to the students.
  • Charming Impossibles: How Ordinary Angels Help Free the Hopelessly Stuck

    by Susan E Foster
    How do you escape the abusers in your life? Why is leaving them behind while moving forward so difficult? "I call them 'CHARMING IMPOSSIBLES'––charm is their deceptive invisible mask and convincing lure. Impossible to satisfy is their secret weapon or intentional method of manipulation and control." ––Susan E Foster SUSAN E FOSTER DELIVERS HOPE, INSPIRATION AND ENLIGHTENMENT TO SOCIAL, COMMUNITY & CULTURAL ISSUES In this very revealing book, author Susan E Foster shares her personal... more
  • Nuyorican: Growing up in Brooklyn

    by Nilda I Cortes
    Nuyorican: Growing up in Brooklyn is a memoir that tells the intriguing story of Puerto Rican-American, Nilda I. Cortes and her experiences as a Spanish speaking student in the American public school system and the challenges of overcoming racism while growing up in Brooklyn. Nuyorican chronicles Nilda's chaotic love life, overcoming abuse, financial turmoil, and other devastating losses she experienced as a single parent. Nilda rises to a successful career through determination and wit, becomin... more
  • Wherever the Road Leads

    by Kathryn Lang-Slattery
    Wherever the Road Leads is a memoir of love, travel, and food spanning two years and four continents. A pair of newlyweds meet the rigors of travel and the ups and downs of married life in a Volkswagen microbus that continually needs repair.
  • Looking For The Best Web Design Company In Los Angeles

    SFWP Experts is an innovative web design company in Los Angeles that creates high-performance websites, apps, and software to grow small and medium sized businesses. We deliver your potential customers ultimate digital experience that makes a long lasting impression within a few seconds. Our company helps financial institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations in meeting their project needs such as ... more
  • Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now

    by Jim Nelson
    Many people dream of a magic reset button to change their circumstances and create a happier existence. What they don’t realize is that life provides many opportunities to change direction, but few heed signs showing the way. Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano’s sign came when their heart dog Jerry lost a leg to bone cancer. His time was running out, and they had to make the most of it. They sold nearly everything they owned, bought a RV and made Jerry a promise: “Stay with us long enough, and we’l... more
  • The World's Luckiest S#!* Magnet

    by Geoffrey Engels
    Al Capp was a cartoonist who drew a strip called “Lil Abner” One of the characters in the strip was Joe Btfsplk. Joe was well meaning, but was constantly followed around by a black cloud that brought misfortune and chaos everywhere he went. This is the story of a guy, who, like Joe, was followed by misadventure and misfortune, yet managed to not only survive, but end up very lucky. Actually, he was lucky to survive! Written with a sense of humor, you’ll find yourself chuckling on o... more
  • All of Me: a collection of oral biographies

    by James Porteous
    James Porteous has been collecting stories for as long as he can remember. Perhaps collecting is the wrong word. People have always loved sharing their stories and he has always enjoyed listening. And taking notes. So think of this collection as an anti-memoir memoir, a fictional version of Studs Terkel's Working. Some of the stories are his, some are culled from chats with people along the way and others are complete fiction. This might not be all of me, but it is pretty close.
  • Tripping 1975 - Falling in Love One Country at a Time

    by Marshall Hockett
    Retired Superior Court Judge Marshall Hockett with wife and traveling partner Debbie Hockett are thrilled to announce their upcoming book “Tripping 1975 – Falling in Love One Country at a Time” a love story amidst a year of adventures on their year-long European journey in a yellow Volkswagen van they named “The Banana”. The book will be launched on November 16th -Details soon! Please like our page for updates! Visit our website:
  • A Canyon Trilogy: Life Before, During and After the Cedar Fire

    by Chi Varnado
    The October 2003 Southern California wildfires destroyed nearly eight hundred thousand acres, 3,657 homes, and killed twenty-two people. In San Diego County, the Cedar Fire ravaged vast areas becoming the largest fire on the record in state history. Out of this federal disaster Chi Varnado and her family escaped with their lives from their canyon nestled in San Diego's back country. She worked as owner-builder on a log cabin and was among the minority who managed to rebuild in a little over a ye... more