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  • God and the Single Girl

    by Niambi LeeKong McLaurin
    Even as women enjoy unprecedented access to money, power, and opportunities, many still find themselves plagued by that age old female fear of being single for life. 50 years after the iconic Helen Gurley Brown changed the perspectives of young single women; GOD and the Single Girl explores the social and personal struggles that Single Girls face in 21st century relationships- relationships with men, family members, friends, and themselves! This book takes real life anecdotes an... more
  • Unafraid: A Survivor's Quest for Human Connection

    by Niyati Tamaskar
    On March 2, 2018, Niyati Tamaskar heard the words that would forever change the course of her life: “All three sites have tested positive for cancer.” How could this be happening to me? she wondered, numb. She was a thirty-four-year-old breastfeeding mother with a doting husband, fulfilling engineering job, and two children under four. Invasive ductile carcinoma though, doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care how old you are, how many kids you have, or how successful you’re supposed to be. Furt... more
  • Prozac Monologues: A Voice from the Edge

    by Willa Goodfellow
    She was going to stab her doctor, but she wrote a book instead. Years later, Willa Goodfellow revisits her account of the antidepressant-induced hypomania that hijacked her Costa Rican vacation and tells the rest of the story: her missed diagnosis of Bipolar 2, how she’d been given the wrong medications, and finally, her process of recovery. Prozac Monologues is a book within a book―part memoir of misdiagnosis and part self-help guide about life on the bipolar spectrum. Through edgy and co... more
  • Life is My Teacher

    by Chanutra Plaa
    The journey of a lifetime begins with a single step...At nineteen-years-old, Chanutra left her small town in northern Thailand and moved to America. Hoping for a chance at a better education, the young woman found herself alone in a strange new place, with no family or friends. All she wanted was “a year to study abroad”...What she got was the adventures of a lifetime.
  • I Don't Wanna Be Pink

    by Dena Taylor
    A month shy of celebrating her fortieth birthday in Italy, Dena Taylor was diagnosed with breast cancer. In seconds, she transformed from enthusiastic traveler to frightened patient. Told with grace, candor, and inimitable wit, I Don't Wanna Be Pink is the story of a single, independent woman and the tumor that threatens to change her life. With support from a colorful cast of loved ones and her own determination, Taylor contends with painful procedures and upsetting encounters with insurance re... more
  • This Book Is the Longest Sentence Ever Written and Then Published

    by Dave Cowen
    What makes a good writer? Publishing in The New Yorker? Selling a screenplay? Writing something that will be acknowledged for all time? In April of 2019, Dave Cowen wanted to prove he wasn't a failed writer. Even though he published humor in The New Yorker, they weren't buying any more of his work. Even though he wrote a screenplay that sought to help heal the country's divide on guns, Hollywood didn't want it. So he set out to write something that would be a success no matter what anyone though... more
  • Trouble the Water: A Young Woman on the Edge of Living and Dying

    by Idina Santino
    Diagnosed with leukemia, twelve-year-old Jada begins her adolescence adapting her life to accommodate the disease and its complications, which mire her more deeply into a position she cannot endure without giving up her dignity and integrity. She grows from a willful adolescent into womanhood, converting endurance into empowerment. Jada's story, as told by her mother, shines light on her mission to strengthen her voice, command attention, and exert power, choosing to live--and die--consistent wi... more
  • Remaking the World: A Journey

    by Richard Falk
    My life and quest as a public intellectual with a teaching/scholarly/activist career. The book is divided into three parts: I. Childhood, Educational Experience, and Professional life at Ohio State & Princeton; !!. Political Engagements: Vietnam, Iran, Palestine, Turkey; III. Becoming Progressive, Learning and Living Outside the Box; from Princeton to Santa Barbara. Despite expectations being disappointed by the American and world trajectory, engagement in struggles for justice sustains hope in ... more
  • Searching for Mom: A Memoir

    by Sara Easterly
    Searching for Mom is a “disarmingly honest” mother-daughter story—and Gold Medal winner in the 2020 Illumination Book Awards. Sara Easterly spent a lifetime looking for the perfect mother. As an adoptee she had difficulties attaching to her mother, struggled with her faith, lived the effects of intergenerational wounding, and felt an inherent sense of being unwanted that drove her to perfectionism, suicidal ideations, and fantasy mothers. When she became a mom, her search to find and become “the... more
  • Life in Distortion: Surviving life with Bipolar & PTSD Disorders

    by J Costello
    WARNING: VULGAR LANGUAGE - A true story all about having and living with family that suffer from multiple illnesses. Readers will endure all the emotions felt during horrible times that the author suffered majority of her childhood thru thirty years of life. Read about the suicidal times, the gun incidents, the abuse and much more on this nonfiction account and how the author overcame these traumas and wrote a book about it! The purpose of this book is to make readers aware of the struggles a pe... more
  • 13 Billion To One

    by Randy Rush
    As a welfare kid who grew up in the streets, Randy Rush had to fight for everything he got and knew what it was like to struggle. So, when he was suddenly handed $50 million in tax-free money, he vowed to use his new-found wealth to help others. But what he didn't see coming was Jeremy Crawford. In his gripping, adrenaline-packed memoir, Rush takes readers on his rocket-fueled journey after a trip to the corner grocer to buy food for his beloved cat, Conway Kitty, leads to the discovery that he... more
  • Conspiracy of Grace: A Wild Tale of Transformation

    by Robbi Cary and Dale Fiegland
    Struggling and persistently fighting against family put-downs and abuse of every kind, turned Dale Fiegland into a gun-toting, knife-wielding Mafia runner addicted to alcohol and drugs-the kind of man God loves to get ahold of and change. When Dale finally stopped fighting God and asked Him for help, miraculous events followed that can only be called a /Users/StressFreeKids2/DesktopConspiracy of Grace. This winsome tale, touched with humor, is shared in plainspoken style by a pastor/counselor un... more
  • Sockfoot Soldier

    by Cosette Haugen
    Fresh out of college, Cosette Haugen lands herself in an adult psychiatric ward. Faced with the grim reality of modern inpatient wards, she struggles to maintain sanity in a place where conditions are, according to one patient, worse than prison. During her stay, she meets women engaged with their own battles—with themselves, their circumstances and the hospital system. Together they endure everything from booty shots and bewilderment to boredom and bingo.  This is a story told with uncensore... more
  • LABELED: Ward of the State

    by Kenisha E. Anthony

    An abandoned child of drug-addicted parents and Florida’s broken child-welfare system, Kenisha E. Anthony was left to wonder if anyone would ever want her. As a young girl, desperate for love and belonging, she bounced from one unstable home to the next, packing only resentment, abandonment, and heartbreak to take with her. Still, Kenisha found her way, ultimately breaking barriers and shattering statistics. Against advice to “just get a GED,” she earned both an undergraduat... more

  • The Good Girls of Al Noor

    by Linda Keteyian
    Meet Maha. She’s small, she’s cute and she’ll steal your heart right before she gets you fired for not helping her to like science. No need to go straight into a panic, eleven-year-old Mariam S. will affirm your efforts to Miss Shaima, the social worker and Maha’s ninth-grade sister, both of whom wield equal power. Your Arabic doesn’t need to be great, probably better if it’s not, you don’t really want to know what the girls are shouting at you. This is a grade six classroom in Abu Dhabi, and we... more
  • Love, Unpacked

    by Andi Franklin

    How many times have you returned from a life-changing trip only to leave novelty keychains and unsent postcards in your suitcase until the next adventure? Suddenly your carry-on is so full that you’ve got to use your expansion zipper to cram an extra seventeen pairs of underwear for your 3-day cruise. In the same way that we let souvenirs from our last trip take up valuable space in our bag, we rehash our past and let it keep us from our most basic human need—to g... more