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  • This Morbid Life

    by Loren Rhoads
    What others have called an obsession with death is really a desperate romance with life. Guided by curiosity, compassion, and a truly strange sense of humor, This Morbid Life is detailed through a death-positive collection of 45 confessional essays. Along the way, author Loren Rhoads takes prom pictures in a cemetery, spends a couple of days in a cadaver lab, eats bugs, survives the AIDS epidemic, chases ghosts, and publishes a little magazine called Morbid Curiosity.
  • What They Didn't Burn: Uncovering My Father's Holocaust Secrets

    by Mel Laytner
    A reporter uncovers a Nazi paper trail that reveals his father as a man very different from the passive, quintessential Type B dad he knew . . . or thought he knew. Melding the intimacy of personal memoir with the rigors of investigative journalism, Laytner exhumes Nazi documents that track Josef 'Dolek' Lajtner through ghettos, slave labor, concentration camps, death marches, and more. They corroborate his unlikely saga of survival but also uncover painful secrets he took to his grave.
  • To B&B Or Not To B&B - Deromanticizing the Dream

    by Sue Marko
    A humorous and horrifying look into the actualities of B&B ownership, To B&B or Not to B&B – Deromanticizing the Dream describes Sue Marko’s experiences hosting the public in her magical lodge in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. What begins as a dream quickly turns into a train-wreck. Get ready to laugh at the ridiculous and be rendered completely speechless by Sue’s outrageous experiences. And prepare to learn a few great tips and tricks of the trade along the way. Buckle up for the roller-coaster... more
  • Picaflor: A Memoir Sequel To Spirit Matters

    PICAFLOR is the sequel to SPIRIT MATTERS, a San Diego Book Award winner and an Award-Winning Finalist in the National Best Book Awards. PICAFLOR chronicles the two decades since of Matthew (Mateo) J. Pallamary’s adventures in SPIRIT MATTERS through the mountains, deserts, and jungles of North, Central, and South America pursuing his studies of shamanism and visionary experience working with plant medicines and shamanic plant diets, among them Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro cactus, and many more... more
  • Two Lives on Four Continents

    by Karen Sketch
    Against the sweeping history of the 20th century, two people from different worlds find each other and create a unified life. In Two Lives on Four Continents readers will travel from Alexandria, Egypt to Washington DC, from NYC to South America. Throughout, they encounter everything from nations experiencing monumental change to the personal discoveries of education, from the cruelties of anti-Semitism and xenophobia to the excitement of the art world. Put simply, this book presents the broad ca... more
  • Nothing Left to Prove

    by Danny R. Smith
    NOTHING LEFT TO PROVE is a law enforcement memoir that chronicles the career of a cop in South Los Angeles, from (briefly) unremarkable childhood through the deadly encounters he would survive on the streets, and through his years at the elite sheriff's homicide bureau where he would investigate 143 death cases, from murdered children to cops and celebrities.
  • The Plan: An Incredible Story of Amazing Grace, Unfailing Love, and Undeniable Miracles

    by Pshyra Sheriff

    The Plan is the story of one woman's ultimate test of faith as she journeys through her health challenges and learns to trust in the power of love, amazing grace, and finally, God's plan.  In her stirring memoir, Pshyra details how she found inspiration and strength in the last gift her mother gave her before passing away. She reveals insight into her years-long quest for answers to her body’s critical and aching questions.  As each stage of her... more

  • Fifty First Dates After Fifty: A Memoir

    by Carolyn Lee Arnold
    After Arnold, a free-spirited, 50-something longing for a life partner, breaks up with her non-committal Buddhist boyfriend (and holds a “letting go” ceremony to seal the deal), she challenges herself to go on 50 first dates during her search for a monogamous life partner. Set in the Bay Area world of personal growth workshops and spiritual ceremonies, this revealing memoir traces the adventurous path of Arnold’s universal quest for love. The goal of 50 dates with 50 different partners pulls her... more
  • The Light Through the Pouring Rain

    by James Ruvalcaba

    A true story about a young couple's battle with cancer.

    The Light Through the Pouring Rain is a remarkable love story that will pull on your heartstrings and leave you inspired.

    An emotional page turner that gives a first hand look into the lives of a young couple madly in love and eager to start their lives together, only to have it all halted by a cancer diagnosis. With no clear road map on how to navigate their new normal, James and Anabel proceed into uncharted territory, ... more

  • Brainwashed

    by Ramdyal Bhola
    It is not necessary to use science and extreme methods to influence and control someone’s life. Simply sowing the seeds at the right time will do that as demonstrated in this book. It tells the story of a little boy from a small village in Guyana, South America, who was brainwashed by his father from a young age, to become a Doctor. Unfortunately, his father died when he was a first-year Medical Student, and never saw this dream fulfilled. It describes how, despite many hurdles and sacrifices al... more
  • One Immigrant in a World of Many

    by Andrea Bermúdez
    In 1959, a Communist revolution took the reins of government in Cuba. Many thousands, including author Andrea Bermúdez and members of her immediate family, sought exile in foreign lands. They felt fortunate to have chosen the United States to start life anew. In One Immigrant in a World of Many: An American Story of Survival, Bermúdez details her struggle as a political exile who left her native country and learned to adapt to her new home in the United States. This memoir offers a look at the ... more
  • Now that Nursing Orientation is Over

    by Jean McGrath-Brown
    Nursing is a noble profession, and nurses everywhere are special people who give of themselves tirelessly. Nurses experience a stark contrast from school to the floors after having learned the art and science of nursing in the classroom. Author Jean McGrath-Brown is one of those nurses. In Now that Nursing Orientation is Over, she shares a compilation of experiences she gained in her thirty-eight years in the nursing profession working in several institutions in various positions. Filled with a... more
  • A Place LIke This: Finding Myself in a Cape Cod Cottage

    by Sally W Buffington

    When newly engaged Sally Buffington is introduced to Craigville, she meets an expansive Cape Cod cottage that is virtually a family member itself. She quickly finds herself competing for airtime among the talkative, assured band of brothers and her new mother-in-law,the cottage's lively and confounding matriarch.

    Sally,a Cape Cod local, soon wonders how she'll ever maintain her independence, let alone her sense of self, when the day's anenda and every detal is already set in... more

  • Love's Legacy: Viscount Chateaubriand and the Irish Girl

    by Daniel Fallon
    Love’s Legacy chronicles the author’s search for hidden meaning in two letters he inherited from his father, addressed to his great-great-grandfather in summer 1817 by the adventurous diplomat and famous founder of modern French literature, François-René de Chateaubriand. The book is a suspenseful detective story, an intimate biography of Chateaubriand, a story of forbidden love fraught with passion and tragedy, a genealogical quest, and a memoir recounting the author’s ancestry leading from his... more
  • Kilo 3

    by Richard W. Foster, Jr.

    True story of a 17-year-old who quit high school to join the Marine Corps. He went to Vietnam eager to save the world from Communism, only to become discourage by a lack of progress in the field and from the exhaustion of continuous ground combat. Upon his return to the USA, he was selected to serve in the most prestigious Marine ceremonial base in the world: Marine Barracks in Washington DC. For those interested in understanding personal combat contrasted with the bright lights and facades o... more

  • Love Has No Limits

    by Armine Papouchian
    Love Has No Limits is a story of an ordinary immigrant girl and her extraordinary life’s journey. Forced at age 16 to leave Armenia and move with her family to America, Arminé left behind a young man she had completely and deeply fallen in love with. Undeterred by deaths, divorces, betrayals and the greatest challenges imaginable, Love Has No Limits culminates with Arminé connecting 30 years later with her true love, with all the magic it would expect to bring, to soon losing him yet again. It i... more