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    by Eric Canori
    Pressure is the unbelievable true story of Eric Canori, who buried $10 million worth of gold bars in the woods—and later used them to buy himself out of prison. Eric Canori was one of the largest high-end marijuana dealers on the East Coast of the United States—before it became legal in any state—smuggling weed out of Canada via eighteen-wheelers, helicopters, and boats. He was a mastermind, doing well over $300 million of business by age twenty-nine—without a gun or the government knowing. ... more
  • Boundless: An Abortion Doctor Becomes a Mother

    by Christine Henneberg
    In Boundless, respected writer and physician Christine Henneberg takes on the most polarizing and provocative issue of our time: What does it mean to choose—or choose not—to have a child, and what does it mean when that choice isn’t yours to make? As a young physician in training, Henneberg imagines deliberately shaping her life by her choices. But when she finds herself pregnant and performing late-term abortions, she is forced to reckon with the hardest questions: What is the source of her age... more
  • Mumbles of A Soul

    by Toyin Sebastien Ajimati
    Poems, Poetry, and Thoughts, stemming from the late 1990s to early 2000s about life occurrences of all sorts stemming from family, friends, loved one's passed away and life itself while growing up in Canada (Ottawa then the beginnings of my time in Toronto with a brief stop in New York City). The writings also explore topics such as triumph, love, hatred, vulnerability, physical adoration and mental adoration, life, and the difficulties we go through individually and at times with others in our ... more
  • An Accidental Parisian

    by Juliet Young

    Paris, 1990s. Carefree, confident and curious about the world around her, Juliet takes leave from her comfortable existence back home and embarks on a journey to Paris. Her goals are to perfect her French, find a job and have exhilarating adventures in Europe for a year or two.

    Chronicling her story from an idyllic childhood in a Toronto suburb to France where she lives and works today, we follow Juliet—first to Montpellier to study French at Paul Valéry Un... more

  • To the Redwood Forests Our California Dream

    by Michael Boyajian

    Mike and Jeri leave behind their Brooklyn and Long Island lifestyles for a vacation in the sun west to San Francisco and then down the coast to Big Sur, Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel.  Then they set off for a four hour drive to Yosemite in their clown car, a tiny Geo Metro.  Jeri falls immediately in love with San Francisco wanting to stay and send for their things confident that as a coordinator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art she can land a job at an art museum in San Franci... more

  • Shine

    by Yellow Streamers
    SHINE is a cohesive and satirical look into Yellow Streamers early life. Showcasing a series of short stories that will make you laugh, cry and jive. "Degrading, beautifully wild & full of talent, you'll either hate it or love it, this should be everyone's cup of tea!".
  • Public Enemy No.1

    by Yellow Streamers
    Public Enemy No.1 is the second book from author Yellow Streamers. A Satirical look on modern travel and the way our middle class society views it. Every trip has to come from an idea, an idea to leave something behind, an idea to create something new, an idea to change. What does travel mean to you?
  • Unhinged

    by Yellow Streamers
    Unhinged, A self help guide on how to fuck up your life. Is a series of short stories that eventually lead the author to his own sanity through the growth and years of his mid 20's. It's a satire at nature but highlights some confronting issues like suicide, anorexia and alcoholism. Unhinged is the third book from author Yellow Streamers in his series of self published stories based on real life.
  • Twelve Sweetpotatoes: Escaping from a Carolina Soap Opera

    by Joan Barnes Copeland
    Twelve Sweetpotatoes is an Americana reflection of the author’s life on her mother’s hardscrabble tobacco farm in Eastern North Carolina in the mid-60s. The reader joins the author as she tells her stories along her ultimate path to healing from life-shaping family alcoholism, mental illness, loss, and suffering. It is a dark story and an inspirational book for anyone wishing to change their life from the drama and chaos of dysfunction to a life of peace and, perhaps, joy. “I realized that I ha... more
  • Glimpses of an Uncharted Life

    by Richard H. Shriver
    At forty-three years old, during the height of the Cold War, author Richard H. Shriver was offered an appointment in the Office of the Secretary of Defense as director of telecommunications and command-and-control systems. He had a long-standing desire to see from the inside how the government functioned. So Shriver sold his interest in a successful company and took the plunge. In Glimpses of an Uncharted Life, he shares the consequences of that decision and what life was like from that p... more
  • Mexico City: The Arrival of Lovers

    by Michael Boyajian

    Join lovers Mike and Jeri as they discover the romantic true secrets of one of the great world capitals born of the civilization of the Aztecs and before them the rulers of the  mysterious pyramids of Teotihuacan into modern times with world class artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera as well as writers like Carlos Fuentes and Octavio Paz where not even systemic earthquakes or the city's gradual sinking into the Aztec lake it was built over can stop its march to world glory.

    <... more
  • Speak II Me: A Black Father's Journey Raising a Son on the Autism Spectrum

    by Jamiyl Samuels

    "My son is my hero."

    The long-awaited follow-up from the author of "Pass The Torch: How A Young Black Father Challenges the Deadbeat Dad Stereotype", "Speak II Me" takes an honest and unflinching look at a man whose dreams of having a son carry on his name take an unexpected turn when he learns his child is on the Autism spectrum.

    Initially paralyzed by denial and fear of what having a child with a disability would mean for his legacy, Jamiyl has to m... more

  • A Stellar Life

    by Helmut A Abt
    A light-hearted memoir of a career in 20th century astrophysics, its challenges, its participants, and the fascinating places they worked. With humor and insight Dr. Helmut Abt tells how he located the site of the first national observatory at Kitt Peak, how he helped the Chinese get started in astrophysics, plus the joys of being the editor of the Astrophysical Journal for 29 years, and his work on double stars that led to the discovery of exoplanets
  • Hearing the Stream, A Survivor's Journey Into the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer

    by Diane Lane Chambers

    Hearing the Stream: 

    A Survivor's Journey into the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer

    weaves together the author's own story of her struggle

    with breast cancer  with those of five others also

    diagnosed. Through each of their eyes Chambers brings          

    to life the complexities of this disease, from its

    emotional and physical impact to its sometimes

    hidden historical, economic, political, and e... more

  • Words in My Hands: A Teacher, A Deaf-Blind Man, An Unforgettable Journey

    by Diane Lane Chambers
    Bert Riedel, an eighty-six year old deaf-blind pianist, cut of from the human race since the age of forty-five, discovers a new life when Diane Chambers, a sign language teacher, comes into his silent world. Both Bert and Diane find their world transformed by their unforgettable journey together as she teaches him tactile sign language, and he teaches her so much more.
  • Mise en Place--Memoir of a Girl Chef

    by Marisa Mangani
    Marisa’s comfort zone is deep inside the restaurant kitchen alongside its dysfunctional characters and the abundance of booze and drugs. But in the nineteen-seventies, girls baked or made salads. The heat and machismo of the hot line was not a place for a girl with a passion for food and the drive to be the best. From Hawaii, to Portland and New Orleans, she struggles with her own shyness and the limited expectations for the only female in the kitchen. She finally becomes Chef, successfully ma... more