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  • The Followers: Holy Hell and the Disciples of Narcissistic Leaders: How My Years in a Notorious Cult Parallel Today's Cultural M

    by Radhia Gleis
    Radhia’s personal story and comprehensive knowledge along with her authentic, and unfiltered humorous style presents a compelling portrayal of both the political and cultural dynamics of group-think and mind control. After twenty-five years of her adult life in a cult, under the influence of a narcissistic sociopath she sought to understand why she made the choices she made in her life, so she could better understand why others make their choices. The Holocaust or any genocide instigated by a... more
  • Odyssey of a Woman in the 20th Century Quo Vadis

    by Eva Maria Schrankl
    Mirroring her life's journey to Homer's 8th century B.C.E. epic, The Odyssey, Eva-Maria Schankl creatively weaves her autobiography through the changing global landscape of the 20th century, bringing major political and social issues to life. By listening to the sirens' call, Eva, unlike Ulysses, is able to glean wisdom without falling prey to their political curse, ultimately finding peace and happiness. Quo Vadis artistically delivers an arresting account of universal themes such as eth... more
  • Naked Ink

    by Tobias Maxwell
    “Everyone has read about the journey of famous actors. But what about the thousands of actors who struggle to survive the dog-eat-dog actor’s life in New York City and never reach fame and fortune? \t Welcome to the nitty-gritty life of an actor cum art model in all its naked glory; the story of an illegal alien’s journey to America, a sex-addicted bisexual, hell-bent on making something happen for himself in NYC, circa 1980.”
  • Second Parent

    by Lora Liegel
    After her wife gave birth, Lora struggled to find her identity as a new parent and lesbian, non-biological mother. When she learned that the legal system did not fully recognize her parental status as a non-biological parent, she chose to do a “second parent” adoption. Initially, this further spurred feelings of inadequacy. She was not the bio-mom. She was the second parent, the other mother. As Lora’s son grew, she grappled to fit into social and legal landscapes and even her own family. ... more
  • Agnes's Rescue: The True Story of an Immigrant Girl

    by Karl Beckstrand
    (Biography, #1 in nonfiction series) Nine-year-old Agnes hopes for a better life in America—but will she survive the journey there? (1,500 words, 32 illustrations for ages 6 – 12 years)
  • Samuel Sailing: The True Story of an Immigrant Boy

    by Karl Beckstrand
    #4 in the Young American Immigrants children’s (nonfiction) series. Eleven-year-old Samuel is excited to sail with his family from South Africa to America—then he is diagnosed with typhoid fever (1,000 words, 35 pages/70 vintage images for ages 6 – 11 years, 1st – 6th grades).
  • A Groom with a View

    by Sam Ofman
    Approximately 2,130,000 couples got married in the United States in 2018. That’s 2,130,000 speeches in which somebody said, “You don’t realize how much work goes into a night like this.” On November 4th, 2018, Sam Ofman gave one of those speeches. A Groom with a View shares a groom’s story of what it takes to plan a wedding in America. Everything Ofman knows about weddings he learned the hard way, by living it. His tale of navigating the wedding industrial complex comes from a layman’s perspe... more
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    by Call Girls in Munirka Dial +91-9711511291 Call Girls in Saket
    Call Girls in Munirka Dial +919711511291 Book Hotels in Delhi for Call Girls and Escorts Service are always Great in Each and Every Female Escort Service and always Ensure Complete Satisfaction for Their Clients. The Call Girls Working as “Escorts Service in Delhi” Are Extremely Well Experienced and Responsible. This Helps Them to Provide Some of the Most Genuine and Seductive Forms of Out Call and in Call Treatments. The Clients Feel Extremely Satisfied always Look for Availing the Exclusive S... more
  • MUSIC IN MY LIFE: Notes From a Longtime Fan

    by Alec Wightman
    About MUSIC IN MY LIFE: Notes From a Longtime Fan Rock & roll first spoke to Alec Wightman as a ten-year-old boy when he heard Dion sing “The Wanderer” on his transistor radio. Over the next sixty years, Wightman would listen to countless records, chase live shows from coast to coast, promote singer-songwriter acts through his own concert production company, and work with leaders in the music industry as a member and chair of the board of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame—all while maintaining his ... more
  • Reflections on Contemporary Life: An Outsider's Perspective

    by Reza Noubary
    It all started around sixty years ago when a young boy witnessed an earthquake that caused detrimental harm to an innocent community. The unfortunate event left a deep impression on him. He couldn't forget that when he would ask about it, he would only be told that they must have done something bad to anger the god. Even though he was still young, he did not find the answer convincing. He then devoted almost all his waking moments to thinking about and making sense of what happened that day. He ... more
  • Have Fun with Delhi escorts Service

    by Babita Roy
    Delhi may be a standout among the utmost remarkable and social city of India and once you consider that it's the capital town, giving enough chances to at least one of a sort parts which include occupations, is an absolute necessity right here. there are various exquisite schools here which attract understudies from everywhere during the planet and separated from that it’s far additionally growing together of the serene and most comfy metropolis to paintings in. more
  • My Pineapples Went to Houston--Second Edition

    by Lee Gaitan
    The author chronicles a full decade of "shock and awfulness," triggered by family deaths, a series of health crises, and her husband secretly losing all their money and running off with a stripper. And then it was downhill all the way. Armed with little more than her sense of humor, she struggles to navigate the unfolding chaos of life and survives with humor intact and many new life lessons under her belt.
  • Under the Viaduct

    by Debra Kaplan Low
    Chicago’s South Side was a far different place in the 1950s and 1960s. First-time author Debra Kaplan Low provides a compelling first-person account of what it was like navigating childhood in one of these South Side neighborhoods alongside a colorful cast of characters. In her upcoming book, Under the Viaduct: Memories of Life in the Manor and Beyond (Book Street Press), Low details the environmental and social challenges she and others who grew up in the Manor faced, as well as chilling stor... more
  • 979-8-59790-049-0

    by Greg Stidham
    An introspective look at how the experiences of a pediatric ICU physician, his encounters with critically ill children and their families, moments of "sudden intimacy" and ultimately "blessings." Intertwined with these poignant stories are stories of his life as a father and grandfather, many of which contain humor which balances the more somber ones. In the end, the book is an uplifting testament to goodness in life and reason for optimism.
  • 18, an unschooling experience

    by marta obiols llistar

    In 2012, after experiencing numerous difficulties and disappointments within the Atlanta school system, Marta Obiols made the bold decision to remove her three children from public school. Intending to home school, the degreed educator eventually embraced “unschooling,” which allows children to direct their own learning at their own pace in a supportive setting that fosters their natural curiosity.
    Before long, the woman who never dreamed she’d be a stay-at-home mom, le... more

  • Letters to Men of Letters

    by Noah Charney
    Have you ever wanted to write a letter to an author who was important to you? In her Letters to Men of Letters, Diane Joy Charney writes to the authors she admires, both living and dead, who continue to keep her company. Among these are Leonard Cohen, Franz Kafka, Marcel Proust, Vladimir Nabokov, Albert Camus, Gustave Flaubert, Balzac, Christo, the author’s father, and André Aciman. This book features letters both real and imaginary that Charney has written to literary figures with whom sh... more