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  • The Feisty Woman's Guide To Surviving Mr. Wonderful Karma Rules!

    by Elizabeth Allen
    Book 2 in The Feisty Woman's Guidebook series- Karma Rules! details how the twelve laws of karma really do rule when relationships come to a conclusion. How you treat others really matters always, but especially at the end of any relationship and how you move on with your life. Twelve laws in twelve chapters explain this principal of karma!
  • The Feisty Woman's Guide to Surviving Mr. Wonderful: Moving on with Humor, Laughter, and Chutzpah!

    by Elizabeth Allen

    In the Feisty Woman's Guidebook, author Elizabeth Allen offers humorous suggestions and tips for surviving the journey through a middle-age breakup.

  • [Love] Rachel: A Daughter's Memoir of Love, Betrayal and Grace

    by Rebecca M. Painter

    [LOVE] RACHEL explores the historical roots that could reveal why her gifted, wise and gracious mother Rachel turned against her so painfully in her youth and did not take back her accusations even on her deathbed. Rebecca's search takes readers across the Pacific to her mother's childhood in the outback of 1920s New Zealand, her fateful voyage to the Pacific Northwest in 1939, where she meets and quickly marries an American cult leader--Rebecca's father-- whose sud... more

  • A Hillbilly: His Search for the Correct Path

    by James E. Gibson

    This autobiography discusses one hillbilly's (James Edwin Gibson's) ongoing search for the correct path to perfect obedience to the highest righteous authority, God.

    James was born and raised in the southeastern Kentucky coal mining area where his dad was a mining engineer, his mom a housewife.

    The book focuses on James's childhood, his college years at the University of Kentucky, and his efforts to fulfill a childhood dream of being a successful writer.

    The trad... more

  • Sacred Introspection and Contemplation

    by Anisha Gilani
    Sacred, came as an inspiration at a juncture in my life in a form of a deep loss. My father is the reason for this contemplative and spiritual journey. He is the reason, that continues to inspire me and connect me with the essence that is present in all of us. This is a series of poetic expressions, with universe, god, source…whatever we want to refer to it. It is in form of questions, arguments, pleas, devotion and finally introspection.
  • Api's Berlin Diaries. My Quest to understand my Grandfather's Nazi Past

    by Gabrielle Robinson
    “This is not a book I will forget any time soon. The story and the questions stay with me.” Story Circle Book Reviews Moving and provocative, Api’s Berlin Diaries offers a personal perspective on the fall of Berlin 1945 and the far-reaching aftershocks of the Third Reich. After her mother’s death, Robinson found her grandfather’s diaries and discovered that he had been a member of the Nazi party. Her memoir juxtaposes her grandfather’s harrowing account serving as doctor in the ruins of Berlin... more
  • Where Do I Go from Here?

    by Torrey C. Butler
    This playing field called life is a journey, but it isn't always fair. The load causes so much pain, at times tears are shed and even starts to become unbearable. We all eventually get to the point where we ask ourselves this question: Where Do I Go from Here? This is the memoir of a young man who overcame numerous serious obstacles to achieve more than he thought possible. Torrey Butler describes his experiences so as to help others who are also seeking a better way forward, offering advice and... more
  • The Art of Symeon Shimin

    by Tonia Shimin

    "The Art of Symeon Shimin" presents a striking view of the life and art of this Russian born Jewish artist. Curated and edited by his daughter, the book includes essays, more than 100 plates and archival photographs and an autobiography. With paintings held in collections including the Chrysler Museum of Art, this is the first complete collection of Shimin's work that dramatically showcases art of rare beauty and raw expression.   


    Throughout his lif... more

  • And She Called It Worship

    by Jeanelle Frontin

    This isn’t the standard way to write a book description, but let me take a minute to be straight with you: writing a memoir was never a part of my plans. While when men plan, God laughs, I think when women plan, God shudders. Why? Well, it seems that we women have a special gift for learning our lessons the hard way. And being the overachiever that I am, I have, at times, signed up for the hardest crash courses on life.

    For the most part, you will find within these pages a bunch o... more

  • The View From Breast Pocket Mountain

    by Karen Hill Anton
    From NYC the author first travels through Europe, and overland to Iran and Afghanistan. Serendipitous encounters with famous people add color to this unusual story. Acquiring wisdom along the way, her shared experiences of love, hope and tragedy highlight our interconnectedness and humanity. This memoir is a treasure trove of experience crossing borders and cultures, and creating home in a far-off country, Japan.
  • The Sport Is Steroids

    by Jim Rutter
    Athletes have used performance enhancing drugs to set world records in dozens of sports. In 2009, one young American weightlifter sought to achieve the same. Pat Mendes’ journey would see him win three national titles, compete internationally for two countries and appear on the world stage aside the titans of the sport. His career ended due to a pair of faulty anti-doping tests—one proven in court to be totally unreliable. To this day, Pat is the only American to snatch 200kg. He trained har... more
  • When He Was Anna

    by Patti Hornstra
    When He Was Anna by Patti Hornstra has been called raw, emotional, brave and honest. When Patti’s child comes out as transgender, her world is rocked, to say the least. This memoir is the story of a reckoning still in progress, but one thing holds true-- Patti’s child is fiercely loved, even when understanding and acceptance proves to be a rocky road.
  • 101 Arabian Tales: How We All Persevered in Peace Corps Libya

    by Randolph W. Hobler
    A collective memoir of 101 of my fellow Libyan Peace Corps volunteers from 1968--1969. Follows them all through training, teaching English at sites all over Libya, through the Ghaddafi revolution and in the Epilogues what they've done over the last 50 years. Full of compelling, poignant, tragic, triumphant, exciting and funny anecdotes, all deftly woven together.
  • The Parables of Sunlight

    by Margaret Dulaney
    Especially during the era of COVID, many have fantasized about leaving the big city behind to take up a life in the country. Author Margaret Dulaney didn’t just dream about it – she did it. After 18 years living in Manhattan, she and her husband traded in their hectic city life for the peace of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Taking on one hundred acres of neglected farmland, they discovered a rich community of souls, both human and animal. Dulaney is sharing that story – which suddenly seems al... more
  • The Sixth of September

    by Callista Bowright
    Olivia comes from a simple Lancashire background, where her terrible, traumatic childhood leads on to further drama, pain, and tragedy, which mould her into a tough, beautiful fighter. Sophie is raised in wealth and comfort; she has the education, talent, and intellect but no confidence. She struggles, in her hippy way, through similar life experiences – and appalling losses – with nervous bravery. Both are sensual, raunchy, strong, and loving women, who defy society’s hypocrisy. Then, one Septe... more
  • Self Service Automation

    by gsn self service Automation
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