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  • Pechal Shelestyashchikh listyev (Russian Edition): The presence of other worlds in our lives and the importance of love.

    by Ekaterina Yakovina
    This is a book of simple words sketches, essays. The essays telling about serious things, about the presence of other worlds in our lives and the importance of love, about the quiet steps of the rain in the old city and the roads leading to the sea. The book about loneliness and overcoming it through the path to yourself. Probably, the book is not for many readers, but there are people who need it as much as the calm music of the rain behind the window.
  • Ending Up Creative: My Search for Renewal Through the Arts

    by J. William Thompson
    An unforgettable memoir of a search for personal renewal through the creative arts. When his beloved career as a magazine editor comes to an unexpected end, Bill Thompson glimpses a “now or never” opportunity to dive headlong into his deferred passion for the creative arts. He can now throw himself into daytime art classes, learning to draw the human figure from direct observation. Always having yearned to sing, he takes up the mandolin and ventures into the world of fast-paced bluegrass music.... more
  • What Comes After Cancer: A memoir for patients, family, and friends dealing with critical illness (US Edition)

    by Patricia Rodi
    According to The World Health Organization, stomach cancer comes third in the most deadly of cancers, and, despite historical records that older men make up the bulk of patients, more and more, it affects people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, says In 2020 stats, stomach cancer deaths exceeded those of breast cancer. So when Patricia received the devastating diagnosis of Stage IIIB Stomach Cancer at the age of 35, she had to abandon her baby girl, her husband, her job, and all her ... more
  • Disc Jockeys, Preachers, and Elvis

    by Ron Brandon
    Top-40 radio and rock & roll were a lifestyle for most in the 50s through the 90s. Today it's rapidly fading into obscurity. The author shares his memories of that era, with net sites identified where you can listen as you read, plus 250 pictures of those golden years of radio DJs and the music you loved. Was it talent, or was it Payola? Bonus: Exclusive never told stories of how the author recorded Elvis in Tupelo in 1956, and how Elvis secreted the tapes at Graceland. The author describes how ... more
  • F**ked My Way Up to the Top: The Complete Biography of Lana Del Rey Using Her Own Words

    by Jared Woods
    With her latest album, Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, Lana Del Rey has again proven herself as one of the most crucial and original female musicians of the 21st century. So let this celebrity biography reveal the full story of Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, largely told in Lana's own words using hundreds of interviews and public statements.
  • The Bucknoll Cottage Chronicles

    by Mary Lowengard

    Throughout the summer of 2013, I harbored a secret hankering for a country house. This was a very private manifestation of a very public theory I’d articulated over almost the entire four decades (give or take) I’d lived in Manhattan. That is, if you don’t feel the urge to leave town at least three times every two weeks, you’re not really living in the City. Thus begins The Bucknoll Cottage Chronicles, the story of the intrepid author's journey from real estate ad ... more

  • A Life's Work: Learning to Overrule My Mindless Brain

    by Shep McKenney

    Shep McKenney has spent his life seeking what we all seek - happiness. In A Life’s Work he candidly shares his experiences of “having it all” in his professional and personal life yet feeling profoundly unfulfilled. Having all he knew to want, what was missing? This intimate memoir examines that question and its surprising answer.


    By exploring the traditional paths of religion, philosophy, and science through the lens of his life experiences he ca... more

  • Walks Like a Duck

    by Kim R. Livingston

    When her son’s teacher suggests the boy be tested for ADHD, Kim Livingston, uninformed and wary of the label, fights her. She fights the social worker, the physician. “We can call it whatever you like,” the doctor says. “But if he walks like a duck and talks like a duck, they’re all going to know he’s a duck."

    This English professor grew up spacey and overweight. ... more

  • Matilda's Triumph

    by Richard Moss
    Matilda’s Triumph: A Memoir is the story of my mother’s encounter with a devastating stroke and me, her physician-son, who failed her at a most inopportune time: its precise onset. In the confusion of the initial moments of the stroke, I did not administer a powerful but controversial clot buster that could have saved her... The narrative uniquely weaves two stories: the gripping saga of a family devastated by illness intertwined with compelling episodes of that same family’s turbulent past, le... more
  • 11 Years—A Biography of a Cancer Survivor with a Two-Month Prognosis

    by Maryla Mary Storm
    A must-read cancer memoir and biography for anyone who needs a reminder of the incredible power of the human spirit. It’s a book that will leave you feeling inspired, uplifted, and empowered to face whatever challenges may come your way.
  • The Love My Mother Never Gave

    by Brandi Clark
    The the story of a daughter who is struggling to put the pieces of her life back together after years of neglect and abuse by a mother who had no business having children in the first place. It is the story of making mistakes, shifting your mindset and learning to love yourself despite past traumas. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry bust most of all, it will teach you the power of forgiveness and healing.
  • The Work

    by Zachary Sklar
    The Work: A Jigsaw Memoir by Zachary Sklar In this moving non-fiction collection, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Sklar (JFK, with Oliver Stone) leads readers on an unpredictable personal journey through seven decades of our collective history and politics. Sklar’s wide-ranging essays take us from the hysteria and fear of the 1950s Hollywood blacklist to his collaboration with writer-director Oliver Stone on the screenplay of JFK and the glamour of the Academy Awards. From the Sixties counter cul... more
  • Small Off Things: Meditations from an Anxious Mind

    by Suzanne Farrell Smith
    In this captivating collection of essays, Suzanne Farrell Smith tells the story of her life, not as a linear progression through time, but as a series of encounters, situations, and events that reflect the absurdities and anxieties inherent in living in our world, the “small off things” that can so easily loom large and important. Each section contains six pieces that spring from one of the five major anxiety disorders listed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, all of which are ... more
  • Swept Up: Lessons From the End Times

    by Matthew Garnier
    Herded into a cotton-clad flock on the church stage, young Matt wasn’t sure why sheep were the preferred analogy for his religion. It started to make sense only after he learned that a culling was imminent, fueling neurotic thoughts and behaviors as he readied himself for the coming apocalypse. Between his homeschooling years and time at a major evangelical university, critical questions were raised: What does it mean to have faith? How can anyone or anything be good in a world that is flawed... more
  • Aria of a Brown Girl

    by Sarita Vargas
    Aria of a Brown Girl is the true story of the perilous journey one girl takes after experiencing trauma over and over beginning in her formative years and continuing on through young adulthood. Placed into adoption at birth, this sets the tone of abandonment she feels from the start and creates an overall mindset of not belonging. In addition, she is faced with numerous moments of abuse, which start her on a downward trajectory to self-destruction. Told with an unapologetic honesty, and an agoni... more
  • Dead Windows: My Long Journey Out Of Domestic Violence

    by James Snowden Walker
    Many Black men suffer silently with the long-term effects of growing up in a household of domestic violence and child abuse. We are taught to be tough, not to cry and to brush off the abuse as just a part of life. For those who seek help, there are very few mental health resources available. I was one of those men who was told to “get over it” as I grew older but I remained frozen in those childhood memories. And it took decades for me to find self-worth. I know many Black men will see themselve... more