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  • Cloud Clippers: The High-Flying Life of Marie Rae Miller Hubert

    by Karen Madigan

    Cloud Clippers is the story of a daring woman who lived her aviation and travel dreams. Included are Marie's flight logs, photos, articles, and stories. A fierce feminist before there was such a designation, Marie's voice shines bright.

  • Justice Is Served: A Tale of Scallops, the Law, and Cooking for RBG

    by Leslie Karst
    “The book is a romp from cover to cover—and, just like a great meal, left me ready for more.” —Karen Shimizu, Executive Editor, Food & Wine When Leslie Karst learned that her offer to cook dinner for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her renowned tax law professor husband, Marty, had been accepted, she was thrilled—and terrified. A small-town lawyer who hated her job and had taken up cooking as a way to add a bit of spice to the daily grind of pumping out billable hours, Kar... more
  • The Deconstruction of Humanity’s Voice, But We Are Still Standing

    by Jesse Yaw
    Playing his clarinet inside of London’s most exclusive members clubs reminded himof the privilege the elites can enjoy, but also the illusive duality of his identity. As the echoe of his clanging Ashanti beads around his wrist, the scent of shea butter and sandalwood oil immersed upon his mahogany brown skin, remindedhim of his true African identity. Jesse Yaw takes us through his journey as a young black man, exploring the racial constructs of relationships and modern society. With its destruct... more
  • Where's Me Teeth

    by Geoffrey Pearson
    From the mystery of the missing teeth to the urine sample for a goldfish. From the hapless gardener who mows through a power cable, to the debate over fresh or frozen ice to be used in a drink. Why can’t you send an octopus through the post, yet you can take your parrot for a walk? The frustration caused by the jobsworths of this world and automatic/robotic telephone answering machines. A humorous and tongue-in-cheek observation of daily life and society. You could not make this up. Life is re... more
  • Reflections of My Life

    by Betty Dawson
    Living in a quiet corner of rural Northern Ireland in the 50s and 60s, children had an idyllic freedom to explore plus a healthy respect for hard work and community spirit. Moving from this, to the bustle and confusion of London, enjoying a short spell living in historic Bath to then living in the Far East, was in itself a lifetime experience. But follow this on with a broken marriage, a protracted divorce and the harsh realities of living with the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland, was a route no... more
  • Threads of a Tapestry

    by Laura J. Miller
    Threads of a Tapestry is a memoir of Laura Miller’s life: living a seemingly idyllic childhood; raising her first-born son with significant special needs, and how the Lord equipped her through this season until his death; and journeying through the triumphs and challenges of adopting five children out of foster care. Included are practical tips for raising children who suffer from depression, autism, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), and other issues adoptive children face. Laura recounts “al... more

    by Vincent Violandi
    Between The Two is a journey subtly woven with words of woe of past generations, confronted by the force of ill-nature. Fulled with the author's own witty words of pain and sorrow, in its own time. Leaving no stone unturned. having the reader see how he had suffered with faith, compared to others in the past, to find happiness with fate in the end.
  • Navigating Recovery Ground School: 12 Lessons to Help Families Navigate Recovery

    by Adam Banks
    Have you ever heard? - I know I have to get sober, I just need to do it my way. - I am a functional alcoholic. - I went to AA, and it didn’t work for me. - I am going to moderate myself. - They won’t recover until you let them hit rock bottom. - It’s my life, I will recover when I am ready. Recovery from an addiction requires a new plan to intervene on a loved one and give them a structured path back to health. Navigating Recovery - Ground School, organizes the intervention process in... more
  • The Girl From Number 7, Windsor Avenue

    by Vivienne Grilliot Worthington
    Born into the post WW2 society of an English village and ultimately becoming a child of the world when her British mother married an American Airman in 1951, this is the story of an Air Force BRAT who lived in Britain, France, and America during the fifties and sixties. From the death of her younger brother (Eisenhower's biggest fan) to the tumultuous years encompassing both desegregation in Mississippi and the Cuban Missile Crisis, this memoir is a celebration of military children and families ... more
  • Bent: Sexuality, Manhood, & Other Stories

    by J. Adams
    Part memoir, part polemic on sexuality, Bent takes you on one man’s journey from straight growing up to beyond the labels by the time he’s settled down to raise a family. As a former firefighter, escort, and all-around knockabout, Adams has tales to share, and he delivers them with candor, humor, and an instinctive curiosity toward the issues they raise: Who is really straight and what does that even mean?• What effect can sleeping with a gender-fluid individual have on your orientation? •H... more
  • PICKLEBALL! The Curious History of Pickleball from its Origins as Picklepong 1959 - 1963

    by Patrick W. Smith
    When Patrick first intentionally recalled his childhood memories of the late 1950s and early 1960s, witnessing his family playing this eyebrow-raising game, it was clear he had a story to share. He realized he had participated in the beginnings of a sport that now has taken on a life of its own. Little did his family - the Bechtells - know that while presenting fundraisers for the Republicans of Washington State, including Joel Pritchard, Dan Evans, and Slade Gorton, they also were planting the ... more
  • A Fast Bike to Byzantium: A Travel Adventure (Book 3)

    by Andy C Wareing

    The year is 1986; no smartphones, no google maps, no internet—the destination is distant and mysterious Istanbul—what could go wrong?

    Jump on the back of Andy’s Suzuki GS1000 as we cross Europe and ride through the Iron Curtain to reach the very edge of Asia. Witty, poignant and accidentally informative, the story tells of travel in an era long gone, a time when the USSR was the largest country in the world and the threat of nuclear war seemed inevitab... more

  • It Was Interesting: 50 years as an investigator

    by chris peterson
    True cases spanning the career of the author - both as a sheriff deputy and a private investigator Chris Peterson grew up in rural Washington State, graduating from WSU with a degree in Police Science. He joined the Air Force and spent time on a Turkish Air Force base as a Captain in the security police. From there he spent 26 years at the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office retiring in 1997. He has been an established Private Investigator since then.
  • Two Floors Above Grief

    by Kevin M O'Connor
    As a child in the 1950s, Kevin O’Connor knew his house was different than his friends. A stately, three-story, nineteenth-century Victorian. His bed is tucked next to a stage in a former ballroom. His uncle and aunt lived with their three daughters on the floor below. A large electric organ in a bay window of the first-floor mortuary business. Stacked caskets and an embalming room in the basement. \tNobody had a house like his. \tSet from the 1920s to ‘80s, Two Floors Above Grief is full o... more
  • Heart of New York

    by Emil Rem
    NEW YORK IS THE BACKDROP FOR A FAMILY CHRISTMAS FULL OF COMPLICATED MEMORIES AND NEW PERSPECTIVES The adventure continues... In his second novel—another collection of beautifully written and illustrated stories—Emil takes us through perilous, sometimes humorous, and always fascinating tales of a past and present that seamlessly intertwine to create a personal narrative that will resonate with every reader. ...“The snow-flaked, fog-bound skyline of Manhattan loomed out at him as though thro... more