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  • Traveler - Viator Awakens

    by SD Schue
    "With Lucifer’s General after her, what’s a girl to do? Introvert and talented athlete Sophie just wants to get through high school without drawing attention to herself. Teased for being a foster kid after her parents disappeared, she wants life to go back to normal. When an angel visits her and tells her she’s not human but a Viator–a warrior with incredible angel like powers–any chance of normal flies out the window. It seems her powers have matured, she just needs to learn how to use th... more
  • Chasing Shadows: Convocation

    by Zachariah Jones
    After solving the case of Sarah O’Connell’s death in Saint Paul, Jarek Videni is back and ready to work on his next assignment. He has been summoned to Deadwood to seek out a woman named Ulrika Johnston. However, it doesn't take long for Jarek to realize there is more at play in this small western town than just the single case. Jarek uncovers a far more sinister mystery of almost fifty young women gone missing. The town is shrouded in darkness, and Jarek's abilities are threatened as his que... more
  • Silence of the Stars

    by Patrick Leitzen
    Brought back from the brink of death and separated from his son, archaeologist James Enoch finds himself forcibly conscripted into a mission that has taken him six lightyears from Earth. Lania Surkov, the crew's lead engineer, wants nothing more than to finish her job and repair her tarnished standing with the Terran Coalition. After a series of critical failures, they find themselves at the center of an interplanetary conflict that will not only decide their fates, but the very fate of humanity... more
  • I'm Not Getting In Your Brew!

    by Carol A. Wulff
    Little Greenie Curlytoe is a kind, old witch who dreams of leading the coven of witches across the midnight sky on Halloween; however, only the winner of the best witch's brew is granted this top honor. Greenie has a delicious recipe but has trouble catching her most important ingredient. Will Greenie be able to gather everything she needs for her special holiday dish? "I'm Not Getting in Your Brew!" is a wonderful story about the unlikely friendship between a witch (Little Greenie Curlytoe) ... more
  • A Tale of Love & Loss: The Legends of the Stones - Romantic Fantasy Trilogy - Book I (The Legends of the Stones Trilogy)

    by Lava Portnoj
    12 Tribes, 12 Character traits that cannot be denied, 12 Magical stones that corrupt the souls of those who possess them, One teenage girl tasked with destroying them all. They say that what was lost in fire will one day rise from the ashes in the shape of a girl who is all flame. Flemma, a seventeen-year-old rebellious princess with the ability to see into the soul of the person in front of her, is sent on a quest to fight against the dark forces governing her world. Set in a world div... more
  • Divine Intervention

    by Riley Benhoff
    Be'el is just like any other teenage boy. He likes to go out with friends, hang out at the mall, and play video games. He even has a secret crush. There's only one difference between him and the other kids his age: Be'el is a demon. A demon on a journey to uncover the secrets of his past. Secrets that may have been best left hidden.
  • She Awakens

    by Caitlin Denman
    Fae rule the world. Humans are in hiding. In this Young Adult page turner, Attina finds herself in an unlikely predicament when it's uncovered the normal, human existence she thought she lived is turned upside down. Finding out she’s half Fae not only confounds her, but in a time where the brutal Fae run the world she is suddenly tasked with bringing the Fae and humans together. With the help of her trusty, and somewhat snarky steed Raven, Attina sets out on a mission to save the human ... more
  • Code Word for Chaos

    by E.C. Farrell
    Cal (14) and Sephrim (16), are rejects on the run. Tailor-made in The Lab as genetically perfect, their “undesirable” traits leave them without the families they hoped for. Together, they escape a life sentence to the horrid workhouses. Their lab-created survival skills allow them to avoid capture but also attract unwanted attention from rival gangs eager to provide “protection”—for a price. Then one such group captures Cal and implants her with mind-control technology. A code word is all it ... more
  • Where Madness Lies

    by Heidi K. Allen

    Her visions foretell darkness…but no one believes.

    Alex is cursed and miserable. Hospitalized once again for the devastating visions she struggles to control, the lonely mortuary technician longs for her safe and quiet life away from the living.

    But after befriending a depressed, anorexic waif in her ward, Alex is stunned when the stranger reveals herself as Artemis…the former Greek Goddess of the Hunt.

    Alex agrees to help her distraught new friend uncover the ... more

  • Burning Man

    by K. Pimpinella
    Book #2 of the Time Ranger Series Commander Sawyer and his team are back. Weapons from the future have infiltrated the American Revolution. What lines will be crossed to save the future of Utopia? And which future will Commander Sawyer save?
  • Richard: The Dragon's Curse

    by Michael W Hickman
    Everything is looking up for fifteen-year-old Richard Plantagenet. After defeating his chief political rival, Senator Spartacus, Richard’s rulership of the Milky Way kingdom seems assured. He’s also more adept at using his powers, like teleportation, shielding himself from harm, and conjuring things out of thin air—though this latter ability is still mostly used to make cheeseburgers. More important to him than all those things is the foxlike Amber, the love of his life and soon-to-be mother ... more
  • Richard: An Unlikely Love Story

    by Michael W Hickman
    Richard Drumm might still look like a normal 15-year-old kid from Ohio, but over the last few months, he’s become much, much more. The heir apparent of a galaxy-spanning kingdom, he’s survived assassination attacks, been evolved by the energies of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, and been given powers far beyond the abilities of other humans. But challenges lie ahead. For one thing, he can’t always control his powers, a development that is embarrassing at best and downright dang... more
  • Melody of Redemption

    by Jillian E Thompson
    My son's request for a lullaby sparked the creation of this book, which takes place in post-apocalyptic Colorado. The protagonist, Mary Beth (or MB), begins the story fleeing from an unknown threat alongside an unnamed companion. However, she falls and is left alone. When she wakes up, she goes about her day, which involves scavenging for food in a world turned upside down. Mary Beth resides in a community that she describes as a prison surrounded by walls and a fence. She is a conspiracy theori... more
  • Eminence Rising

    by Thomas Owais Campbell
    Orphaned and alone. Eros Wolf is a brilliant, gifted, but socially awkward, misunderstood young student. Determined to succeed and armed with only sheer will, he learns to control his dangerous potent abilities before they consume him. Graduating from law school at the age of nineteen. He quickly gains fame and attention when his past unexpectedly comes back to haunt him in horrifying ways. Eros must control his abilities, while combating his enemies without losing all he is and those he love... more
  • Richard: Distant Son

    by Michael W Hickman
    Richard is an average fifteen-year-old from the hills of Ohio whose biggest concerns are studying for tests and asking Becky out next Saturday. Everything changes one day when, while lying on the sofa in his parents’ basement, he hears someone whisper, I am your gift. A moment later, the sofa shoots straight up into the air, passing like a ghost through the house and then soaring into space. The sofa doesn’t stop until it reaches the moon. There he meets AAL, an artificial life form, who reve... more
  • Broken Sky

    by John Harvey

    Jack Scatter is an ordinary teenager with the normal concerns that come with life in a small farming community: school, his job, and a long-distance relationship with Sarah. Sarah Rogers is smart, ambitious, and wants a role in saving her world’s endangered species. But their home towns are on Cirrus, a planet-sized space station, where they uncover a scheme by Pieter Reynard to bring about a technological apocalypse, and they’re launched on an adventure that spans two worlds.