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  • Armageddon

    by C.D. Muller

    The Empire has fallen, and the Council’s treacherous alliance delivered the precious dragon eggs into the Lich’s hands. The Day of Eternal Darkness is upon them, and the Dark Master’s gambit is ready—which will win him the war and the world.

    After awakening his dark powers in Snowhaven, Thor turns on his allies and concedes to the Lich. As he unites with the Dark Master, the grim Selena Liongod has no choice but to launch a counter-attack, joining forces wit... more

  • Empire of Blood

    by C.D. Muller

    When the young Selena Liongod unexpectedly became the companion of the noble and gifted dragon named Thor, the new and powerful recruits within Her Imperial Majesty’s Air Force proved their tenacity in combat against the Lich. Though the pair are declared war heroes in the Battle of Alfheim, they now face a new danger threatening Armageddon.

    As the Day of Eternal Darkness draws nigh, the elven city of Alfhiem is suddenly attacked by powerful masked dragons. The Council seeks ... more

  • The Necromancer's Dragon

    by C.D. Muller

    Sixteen-year-old Selena Liongod has no memories of her past. She’s never been in aerial combat. She doesn’t know any magic and has never ridden a dragon before. Yet when Selena forms an unusual alliance with a very special dragon hatchling, her life changes forever.

    The pair are thrust into a new world where they have to fight to fulfill their destinies. Since it’s illegal for women to be handlers, Selena raises her whelpling dragon in secret. When their bond is threat... more

  • Darkling

    by Jason Córdova

    Soldier. Spy. Statesman.

    Gabriel Espinoza is dead, yet living in a world where he never sees those he loves and cares about. Every day of his existence is one of fear; however, this fear keeps his edge sharpened and his senses honed while he continues to fight for his Emperor. Fear can be a useful tool in the proper hands…

    Andrew Espinoza is both dead and alive, caught in a juxtaposition of identities that not even he can truly understand. He embraced his fear long before, ... more

  • Wraithkin

    by Jason Cordova

    Fate is a cruel, fickle mistress.

    Torn away from his one true love, Gabriel Espinoza will burn the galaxy to get her back. But doing so first means joining the enigmatic Wraith Corps, where he is thrust to the forefront of a terrible war against an alien threat. The only path to saving her is over the dead bodies of the invaders—if he survives.

    Light-years away, his brother, Special Agent Andrew Espinoza, is recruited by a clandestine intelligence agency known only as Projec... more

  • The Bookish Dark

    by Matthew Brady
    Joseph Harper is an old man down on his luck: ignored at home, unappreciated at work. Rayleigh Laurel, one of his students, is a young man with nothing but luck: handsome, brilliant, wealthy. The two could not have less in common. That is, until the day an accident befalls them both and they are bestowed with an otherworldly power: to shape the world around them with no more than a spoken word.
  • The Left Hand of Dog

    by SI CLARKE
    Intergalactic kidnappers! A chatty horse! Sentient glitter gas! And a dog! When Lem and her dog retreat from the city for a few days, they don’t expect to wind up aboard the Starship Teapot with adorable alien bounty hunters. Fans of Victories Greater than Death, Discworld, and H2G2 will love this.
  • Dreaming of Space

    by Grant Collier
    Dreaming of Space tells the story of a boy named Kai, who goes camping under the stars with his grandfather. When he falls asleep, he dreams that friendly aliens take him on a journey across the universe. They see black holes, neutron stars, nebulae, and the aliens’ extraordinary home galaxy. Kai learns all about outer space and sees how the aliens live in harmony on their beautiful ringed planet.
  • Magic's Key

    by E. D. Kastin
    If you give a girl a wish, she has magic for a day. If you teach a girl to grant her own wishes... well, that never happens, does it? Twelve-year-old Alexandra Gilliam is as good as her word. After all, breaking promises would set a bad example for her five younger brothers and sisters. By the time a magical key offers the children a wish apiece, they’ve read enough books to ask for things they actually want. From the high seas to the bright side of the moon, no place is beyond their reach, b... more
  • The King's New Sword

    by John Pedersen
    The smallest thirteen-year-old girl in her village, Dinah, is chosen by Olaf a master blacksmith to become that year's apprentice. Despite all the doubts, she soon overcomes the obstacles that stand in her way. Swiftly becoming recognised as the most innovative swordsmith in the land. With war raging on the Southern border. The Northern King commissions Dinah to produce a sword that he will use to lead his troops into battle against the Southern Wizard and his allies. During the crafting process... more
  • Trail of the Cursed Cobras

    by Barry Nugent
    DODGING FACELESS DEMONS, TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD, AND BEING HASSLED BY YOUR DEAD MUM – IT’S JUST ANOTHER SCHOOL DAY FOR ADA AMAYA AND BOBBY GIBSON. An ill-advised short cut pulls the twelve-year-olds into a deadly plot involving secret agents, an ageless sorcerer, and an artefact of devastating power. As the children race against time to solve the mystery, they must face their fears, outwit their foes, battle monsters born of shadow and nightmare, and make their way through traps to the h... more
  • Heroes!

    by Fares Mohamed Elbargisy
    In a world full of warriors of all kinds, heroes must rise to defeat the dark forces of the world. That is why a group of them decides to create the heroic team known as the Fanciful Squad. This is the story of werewolves, cowboys, pirates, knights, ninjas, samurai, hybrids, robots, kings, queens, elementals, dragons, presidents, vampires, zombies, scientists, gods, magicians, dinosaurs, martial arts, Red Riding Hood, Arthurian legends, ghosts, hikers, adventurers, cyborg, ninjas and Santa Claus... more
  • Into the Fire

    by James Rosone

    Ultimately, the decisions of the admirals...

    ...were the Viceroy's responsibility.

    Could the losses have been avoided?

    Down on Alfheim, the situation was dire. Some brave men and women had to be left behind for the greater good. Viceroy Miles Hunt, gutted by the losses, needed to stay focused.

    A Titan-class warship, the Freedom, could be the key to victory, if it were fully operational with a trained crew. It was not.

    Could Miles find another ally to be a wil... more

  • Into the Chaos

    by James Rosone
    A terrible massacre was discovered… …Did the same fate befall Sumer? Captain Brian Royce brings Hadad to his home planet, which shows obvious signs of battle. Did any of his family survive? Where are all the children…did the Zodarks take them? Admiral Miles Hunt finds himself appointed to a new position beyond his current skillset. He now has to become more than just a ship captain and fleet commander… …He must become the Viceroy of the Milky Way Galaxy. On Alpha Centauri, an a... more
  • Children of the Dying Hearth

    by Martin R. Nelson

    Resentment festers. Thousands of years after the Empire of Kai’loth fell, the world of Tesseris is tenuously held together by the five pentarchs of the Crux. Outside the massive city, the pirates of the Verdant Sea grow bolder with each passing season, and strange tales spread of villages uprooted as if by giants, giving the pentarchs more pressing matters to worry about than corruption within their ranks. Yet in the shadows an order of monks has secretly trained and sent men into the w... more

  • Living Memory

    by David Walton

    The first book of a globe-spanning science-fiction thriller series by the author of The Genius Plague. When paleontologists Samira and Kit uncover dinosaur skeletons in northern Thailand, they also find the remains of an ancient genetic technology that nations will kill to control. Catapulted into a web of murder and intrigue involving the Chinese Ministry of State Security, a powerful Asian crime syndicate, the CIA, and a beautiful Thai princess, Samira and Kit don’t k... more