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  • Thalassa: the world beneath the waves (The Tethys Trilogy) (Volume 1)

    by M. Jonathan Jones
    Moanna Morgan had never seen the sky. No-one from the Tethys Colonies had, not for a thousand years. Not since the Old Earth died and the world of Thalassa was born, a new world beneath the waves. Submarines sank all the time out in aqua incognita, beyond the Federation Frontier, and Moanna’s brother had been dead for nearly a year. But was the wreck that was found really his? And if not, where did he go, and who would fake it? A chance discovery sends Moanna on a journey into the unknown. ... more
  • Race the Red Horizon: the Flight of the Pteronaut

    by M. Jonathan Jones
    A lone wanderer is hunted across a dead desert landscape. Blown off course, the Pteronaut is far from the deserts he knows. His stocks of water, air, and food, are low and time is running out. On his trail is the Crawler, a sentient machine from the deserts' very beginnings. Ancient and unstoppable, the Crawler cannot be beaten. The Pteronaut has no choice but to run. As he crosses the deserts, the Pteronaut discovers more about the dead red world and the part his kind played in it. The final co... more
  • Out of the Woods: Goldilocks Meets the Modern World

    by Bernette Sherman

    Amarilla Goldlock was taught the important lessons of how to survive in the enchanted forest with the help of her wolf, fairy godmother, and magic. Most importantly, she was taught to never leave.


    Fueled by revenge and a need to survive, Amarilla braves leaving the enchanted forest and the only home she's ever known. Despite not knowing the truth about herself, she braves a new world that magically opens up to her. In order to survive, she must learn to trust herself an... more

  • Quest-Terrestrials: Vol.1

    by Malgosia Krol
    A story about space adventure, friendship and farts! Quest-terrestrials explore life and celebrate it with others, no matter where you come from.

    A girl. A half-human boy. A fallen angel. A curse. Grace Fortune and her friends help Jared Lorn remove the curse of his birth by killing a demon, who happens to be his father.
  • #Lazarus10

    by Andrew Rajan

    "He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die". John 11:21-26

    Tony Peso’s world is turned upside down the first time he is plugged into a cryonically frozen head, to experience their last ten seconds of life. If this was properly marketed, it could be massive…

    Ignoring the moral implications and ably assisted by Cryo-Biochemist Davis, Brit-abroad Tony makes million... more

  • The Shaman's Apprentice

    by B. Muze
    Her master calls her shaman. Her people call her witch. Gods, spirits, and demons won't stop calling. In this first book of B. Muze's epic primitive fantasy, Yaku Shaman believes he has at last found his apprentice—a girl who talks with ghosts, spirits and gods with equal ease. Unfortunately, his people refuse to accept her. The shaman forces Jovai to sacrifice every hope of a normal life, until the people, unaware of the dangers threatening them, revolt. Barely escaping both her people and... more
  • The Slinger Trilogy

    by Ben Lyle Bedard
    On the alien planet of Damodara, the powers that be gather to decide who will own the future. Caught up in their plans are pioneers and renegades, including the mysterious Slinger, a woman cursed by beauty, who has been chased to the ends of known space. Written in a western dialect, The Slinger Trilogy is a raucous, rude, and beautiful saga with dozens of characters. For the first time, The Equilibrium of Stars, Strange Bonds, and All of a Darkness are collected, bringing to a completion this e... more
  • Code 47 to BREV Force

    by Francine Barish-Stern
    A computer virus has become a sentient being. It calls itself Controller, and is trying to take over the minds of young teens and college students. Its goal is to form an army of mindless followers to takeover the world. Two teens decide to challenge Controller and The BREV Force are born! These super enhanced twins have created more than their own powers, but what they have inadvertently produced is illegal! Code 47 To BREV Force is not just a call to action, it is a battle that test... more
  • The Stolen Throne: The beginning

    by Chaima Hamoudi
    In the first part of "The Stolen Throne" The beginning, a young man who suffered a great lose as a child decided to seek revenge. In this magical world he would face many obstacles Especially against powerful creatures, Wizards and Witches. So what can a normal person do? Would he fail?
  • Sellenria: The Starship and the Citadel

    by Chuck Boeheim
    It all began with an artifact: an enigmatic red gem that held the voice of Jonan Gremm. Four hundred years after Jonan mysteriously vanished, archaeologist Stenn Gremm tracks that artifact to its planet of origin, a planet where technology is myth and myths are real. He is forced to embrace a world that he would have called impossible — until he lost all of his modern augments and equipment to a creature that shouldn’t exist. Stenn must travel by foot across the face of this world, in the com... more
  • Duke Grandfather Saves the World*: or at least a small part of it (The Duke Grandfather Saga) (Volume 2)

    by James Maxstadt
    Duke's life has become about more than simply taking nuisances off the Board these days. Instead, he finds himself dealing with screams that no one wants to hear, a not-so hidden Dwarven city, foul-mouthed birds on the wing, and more. But when he and Lilly discover that all of these are parts of a coordinated attack on Capital City, they join up with old and new friends and rivals to keep the city safe. When combined with trying to get a wedding planned and pulled off, Duke is kept running as he... more
  • Tales of a Nuisance Man

    by James Maxstadt
    Duke Grandfather is the number one Nuisance Man in Capital City. But when the rules of the game change, he's forced to adapt to a new way of thinking. That's okay though, he was on the fence about the whole thing anyway. Throw in a new girlfriend, some new houseguests, and a brand-new rival, and Duke's life is about to become much more interesting. Join in as Duke recalls how he first became a Nuisance Man, and several of his most memorable adventures. From the undead and winged menaces, to a... more
  • Mr Drake and My Lady Silver: A New Tale of Aylfenhame (Tales of Aylfenhame Book 4)

    by Charlotte E. English
    Lincoln, 1812. Grieving for a long-dead sister, Ilsevel is elated to learn that her twin may yet have survived — and angry, for at the centre of this decades-old tale is the traitor Wodebean. A cheat he may be, but he holds the key to her sister’s life, and Ilsevel will travel the length and breadth of England to find him. But can she do it alone? Son of a disgruntled baker, Phineas Drake slaves away his days in his father’s pastry shop, dreaming of a better life. Delivering plum-cakes in the... more
  • The Matriarch

    by Frank Dravis
    The book is 95% written, 98,000 words. No polished synopsis as yet. Will update this page when ready.