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  • Gelli Belle and The Magic Toy Chest

    by Vernae Bezear

    Young precocious Gelli loves to play with her toys, but she never cleans after playing with them.  When Daddy comes in one morning and trips on some blocks he realizes that it is time to teach her a valuable lesson.  He presents a magic toy chest to her and tells her not to open up it until morning.  

    Gelli is curious!  What will happen if she opens the box Gelli learns the importance of cleaning up after herself and from now on she vows to clean up her room aft... more

  • The Prime Thinker: Chronological protocol of the Multiverse

    by Niranjan Pravin Mahajan


    Somewhere in the level four parallel universe, after Amanda’s hypothesis on the Theory of Dimigliostasia, a highly advanced civilization has developed the Omega field generator that can manoeuvre two cosmic strings for unravelling the answers of unanswered questions like, 

    “Who is the creator of this universe?” 

    “What happens after death?”

     “What is the reason for birth?”

    “is this universe a si... more

  • Perceiver

    by Cameron Liam Isaacs
    It might have been the acid he’d taken at college, or maybe the seizures of yesteryear, but our protagonist - let's call him The Perceiver - had somehow found himself out of body, beyond time and truly outside the proverbial box; with everyone around him stuck in a world of sticks and stones and this and that, and all the rest. He could surf the waves of an ocean that Science only understood with it's chalky equations: the quantum world made flesh in his brilliant, misunderstood mind. Average ph... more
  • The Last Motley

    by DJ Edwardson
    A hunted child. A magical curse. The end of the world. Every century a motley is born. Though only children, their patchwork skin marks them as dangerous, especially to those who know about the first motley. That one nearly destroyed the world. But a chance meeting with a warm-hearted tailor may hold the key to breaking the curse. Old legends spring to life. Nightmares walk the land. But heroes may be found in the most unlikely of places. Will this be the last motley?
  • The Long and Dark

    by Joshua Banker

    A simple sellsword, Gareth is a man of action who follows orders from anyone willing to pay his fee. His wife and daughter have the plague and, unable to idly sit by and watch them die, he leaves home to track down a cure. Unfortunately, he learns there is no hope in sight.

    During his desperate search, Gareth keeps hearing stories of Dineothan and its capital, Upelstbohr. Some sources promise a metropolis populated by the greatest minds in the world. Others tell of a cursed isle, cut of... more

  • The Killing Kind

    by Joshua Banker

    Lieutenant Marianus O'mas thought his days with the Intelligence Division were over. He’d made it pretty clear that he was done, and yet, soldiers came for him. After a cross-country trip takes him to Commander Lynwell, O’mas discovers why he is summoned: Moa’rehnza's autocratic government has sent invaders to attack Verenigen's southern shores.

    O’mas is given a dangerous assignment: to assassinate the Moa’rehnzan despot Carolus Res Ceosan and h... more

  • The Ahava Order Vampires

    by Robert Przybylski
    Ahavs are looking for ways to kill the Misty Demon…A scroll with a recipe to bring back the soul of a dead was found...Beasts continue to attack people and magicians.The ancient deities are recalled from the afterlife.A new member joins the Ahava Order…Will the Vampires take over the kingdoms this time?Will it be possible to kill the Misty Demon?All questions will be answered in the Second Volume of The Ahava Order, entitled "Vampires".
  • Adventures In Boogieland

    by A.R. Bey
    Arcadia, Wisconsin seemed to be an ordinary town for Simon X, who wanted to be the best trumpeter ever. After he and his classmates: Lulu DeBarge, the harpist, Krupa Patel, the violinist, and Max Winehouse, the saxophonist, audition for the prestigious Bartholomew Performing Arts Academy, a random twist of fate leads them on an incredible adventure aboard the Night Train. By morning, the children are magically transported to a parallel reality arriving at their ultimate destination. A wild f... more
  • The Netherworld of Kemet: Ezra's Trial of Faith

    by A.R. Bey
    On the morning of the first day of seventh grade, twelve year old Ezra Wallace dreams of a distant wasteland. Later that evening, he learns that his parents are separating. However, when his history class visits the local museum to observe a popular King Tut exhibit, he is intrigued by a small golden elephant that once belonged to the late boy king. When he discovers that the glass containing the artifact has been mysteriously left ajar, he is tempted to steal it. Shortly thereafter, his decisio... more
  • The Netherworld of Kemet: Kismet's Ray of Hope

    by A.R. Bey
    The sequel to The Netherworld of Kemet, continues when the principal of Cedarbrook Middle School faints after receiving the fright of her life. What she witnesses is the catalyst of an eerie rumor that alarms and fascinates the entire town. Did Kismet and Ezra's principal really see a jackal-headed man in her bedroom, or was it a figment of her imagination? After mysterious hieroglyphics begin to appear on township buildings, including their school, their classmates launch a youth watch organiza... more
  • Sorrowfish (The Call of the Lorica)

    by Anne C. Miles
    TWO WORLDS ONE FATE A bard. A wizard...and a college student from Kentucky. Sara Moore is having crazy dreams. Gryphon and dragon crazy. The scary part? Waking up, with scratches and splinters. Is she losing it because of stress? Her twin sister is in a coma. One more unfinished sculpture will fully tank her grades. Goodbye bachelor's degree, hello failure. It's enough to make anyone sleepwalk. Choosing to defy the Conclave, Trystan risks capture and mind control to find a magical lute... more
  • Fossils 2084

    by Michael Beres
    Florida a severed peninsula with previous shoreline keys gone. Oligarch strongholds on cruise ships and artificial islands. Climate refugees on the move and drones everywhere. Pet ownership a rarity and even having children frowned upon. Meatless meat, vertical farms, solar generation and energy storage corporate-controlled. Starvation, migration, suicides, tribalism, anger, and distress…Sound like a future you envision? An AI-flown commercial hybrid airliner crash-lands on a golf course in Suns... more
  • REX

    by Vince Johnson
    Throughout history, they’ve been known as Werewolves. Some now call them Dog-Men. For those who must hunt them, they are “Rex.”
  • E.V.A.IN.E, Book 1: There Was a Place

    by Jackson Burrows
    A world exists where the Incomparable Beauty of an Alien Technology Meets Its Ultimate Challenge: To remain Protector of Their Secret Transcendent Yet to Be Born. Set within their spiral galaxy, between the expanse waves of Mira and Axis Prime, an exploring society called Deneva has created the answer to a harmonious continuance in the universe. One citizen of remarkable insight and intelligence, Dr. Shesgal Ollemanhalu, has created a transferable, virtual representative from his doctorate work... more
  • E.V.A.In.E.: Book 2 Lessons Learned from the Old Makers

    by Jackson Burrows
    All life forms dream. Even the overlooked organism in the soil beneath our feet which ventilate the soil. Many of these have extended life spans exceeding our own. Likewise among this category are variations that achieve remarkable transformations to their physical makeup. The struggling caterpillar, which has the ability to acquire a state of metamorphosis, can attain a winged form capable of drinking the nectar of its culminating attainment...its philosophy if you will. Thereby fulfilling its ... more
  • The Key of Astrea

    by Nicholas Marson
    Sixteen-year-old Jenny Tripper might be crazy...or she might have the power to save the Solar System. At least that’s what the holographic woman in her bedroom tells her. Jenny thinks it's just another ghost, but after falling into an alternate Universe, she finds herself neck-deep in an interstellar conflict over runaway aliens. She alone may be the key to their freedom...if she can master her abilities without going insane. Jenny quickly learns that she’s not alone. There are others like he... more