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  • Document Zero

    by Alex Lopes
    In a future that's not too far off, our lead character uncovers bone-chilling secrets her own company conceals. Spurred by a fierce determination, she evolves into a courageous whistleblower, stepping into a dangerous dance with truth. Her life at risk and her emotions spiraling into chaos, she finds friendship in Marton, a lionhearted lawyer from the Victims and Families organization, and Jo, an enigmatic mercenary. Together, they form an unlikely pact, resolved to yank off the face of mega ... more
  • Things We Inherit

    by Draven Aurora

    When 22-year-old Joy Hayes realizes that the voice inside her head isn't her own, the battle begins for control of the young woman's mind, body, and soul.

    After surviving years of childhood trauma, and a battle against cancer, life has led Joy into a dead-end accounting job - a purgatory of cubicles and beige walls. But then she meets Buttercup, an inner voice that is not her own - a sarcastic and mocking force with dark thoughts and powers beyond Joy's wildest imagination.<... more

  • The Yawning Gap

    by C.V. Vobh

    Invisible boundaries have isolated Cor's village for centuries. He accidentally finds a way out.

    What he finds outside is a violent and blighted world in decline. He learns that the entire world has been fragmented by similar boundaries, which are leeching their power from life itself. Unless something is done about the boundaries, what's left of life will come to an end.

    That heavy task falls on Cor's shoulders. Fortunately, he soon finds friends and fellow ... more

  • Seth's Epic Journey

    by Jim Mosquera
    Time is a thief that steals from everyone. Weeks occur in days. Years occur in months. We think we know how our life will unfold, where we’re heading, and that we control our years, but perception has its own power and time has its own plan. Eventually, we’re humbled by a common thread uniting us all. Seth, a high-ranking official from the Department of Homeland Security, will be ensnared in that thread. Desperate to purge his troubled conscience, his pending confession encounters an unforese... more
  • Beyond the Land of Dreams: Beryl's Awakening

    by Susan Bruck
    Beryl, a 15-year-old dreamer and lover of fairy tales, longs for adventure. But she dreams of an evil man, the Shadow Man, and believes he represents the evil within her. She foresees the destruction of her beloved land, Floredelis. But the danger is real, and Beryl has the power--through deep listening, compassion, and telling stories--to save it. She journeys to Brother Earth's land, where she makes friends with gnomes and fairies and faces initiation in the Hill of the Grandmothers. Beryl per... more
  • The Covenant Sacrifice

    by Lee Allen Howard

    When the dead return to abduct the living, the living turn into monsters…

    Jarod Huntingdon wants more than anything to start a family, yet he’s unable to commit to his girlfriend and isn’t sure why. When the father of his childhood best friend, Scotty, passes away, Jarod takes the opportunity to return home to the remote rural community of Annastasis Creek for a season of soul-searching.

    But overnight, a violent rainstorm traps everyone in the ... more

  • DELOS: The Moon's Eye

    by Blake Miller
    Shortly after returning from Lurkur Woods where they saved the mysterious sacrosite known as the White Tree, the "impossible" twins, Cynthia Summers (a black girl) and Kaden Krossway (a white boy) must again travel across worlds, this time to save the Lurkur Witch known as the Lil of Lurkur. But their journey takes an unexpected turn when they are sent to retrieve a mysterious and powerful substance known as the Seventh Water. But acquiring it means surviving the Test of Six Waters, which is in ... more
  • Cage of Tangled Thornes (The Thorne Chronicles Book 1)

    by Lisa Alfano

    Magic has returned to Iosia, and no one in the Kingdom is safe.

    A young adult dark fantasy with strong female characters.

    Long ago, war ravaged Iosia as the Onyx King and his evil magicians sought to rule with dark magic and fear. The first Thorne King and his loyal Sentinels (shape-shifters blessed by the gods with the ability to transform between human and animal forms) defeated the Onyx. With magic banished, all of Iosia has enjoyed peace and prosperity for gen... more

  • Nature Calls

    by E. R. Bills
    When a sinister creepy-crawly appears in the West Texas desert, the local sheriff bugs out. He and an unlikely team of locals try to stop the creature, but the future devolves into the past, and the heroes find themselves outmatched.  Reminiscent of Richard Matheson, Stephen King and Ray Bradbury, Pendulum Grim  author E. R. Bills' prose is sparse, direct, and imaginative, but always rooted in the stark implications of the present. Nature Calls  lets things play out for humanity the way the... more
  • The Legend of Chip: The Cover of Darkness

    by Stanley Campbell
    Chip is confronted with a difficult decision as new evidence suggests that the Shadow Clan's power is expanding. He must decide whether to return to Scotland to prove his innocence or begin a fresh start in the American Colonies. The question now is whether there is a safe place in the world where he can escape their influence.
  • The Legend of Chip: The Perilous Journey

    by Stanley Campbell
    Charged with a crime he didn't commit, Chip flees his homeland. Under the alias of William Chips, he finds himself again in the services of Captain O’Toole and aboard the mighty Ottoman. Embarking on a new and dangerous voyage, they set course for the tense shores of the British Colonies. To his dismay, Chip soon discovers that he cannot run from his troubles. That the darkness he sought to escape knows no boundaries, nor is held to any shore, and remains as close as looking over his shoulder.
  • Magelord: Worldwalker Book I

    by Andrew Christian
    Magelord Alexander Mason has ruled Northridge for eighty years, his unique offworld magic crushing his enemies and bringing prosperity to his lands. His Firstborn son, Malkin, has long been the heir apparent, with every intention of succeeding his father. To Devon, fifth generation Greatson of Lord Mason, such politics are far removed—until he unexpectedly summons the interdimensional Veils of Chaos, threatening the claim of Malkin to the throne. As hostile adversaries and shifting loyalties ... more
  • Praeceps: A Rain City Story

    by Albert Aykler
    Every neon-stained gray dawn on Praeceps reveals the body of another ‘impossible person' floating face down in the drainage canals. That could change, but first a man must fall in love with a machine. On Praeceps the rain never ends. There are no crimes because there is no law. The Syndicate controls Precip City with a brutal security force made up of off-world mercenaries the locals call Toads and they call SynSec. Under their watch, even possible people have no rights or recourse. Sancho Pa... more
  • The Fortress

    by T. A. Styles
    Sim was a teacher in his old life. Now he’s the savior of orphans. He isn’t their father. God knows he has already failed in that role. But he is their guide. And the kids? They are his penance. His redemption. For three years Sim has prepared his orphans for the hard realities of life after the plague that wiped out most of the global population. Theirs is a life without laws or creature comforts. He has trained them to forage and grow their own food, to be vigilant, and to protect themse... more
  • McAlister's Way

    by Richard Marman
    By his fifteenth birthday, Danny McAlister in on the run. He has escaped from a draconian boarding school after seriously injuring the principal. His flight takes him through Northern Queensland to the New Guinea Highlands where he searches for his father, lost while fighting the Japanese on the Kokoda Track. Thrown into an unforgiving adult world he grows up fast and becomes embroiled in union wars amongst cane cutters, joins the crew of prawn trawler in the Gulf of Carpentaria, gets mixed u... more
  • Gradient Descent: Schrödinger's Dog

    by Jim Christopher
    Two scientists break physics to save their dog and are thrust into an apocalyptic future. Can they discover a way home in time to prevent the end of the world?