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  • The Wooded Instrument

    by Kim Souza Carson
    n the fantasy-romance novel, The Wooded Instrument, Shyla, is a struggling artist and the wife of an up and coming lawyer, Tony Carino. With their marriage on rocky ground, Tony lands a higher earning job with perks, although it comes with a relocation stipulation to another state and an altogether different way of living for them. He feels the change would do them good. Living isolated and near the woods proves to be an artistic outlet for Shyla, she finds herself exploring the woods for her ph... more
  • The Virgo Paradox

    by R.H. Johnson
    The year is 2029, and U.S. President Bill Riley has more problems than he knows what to do with, including Russia, China, environmental collapse, and yet another pandemic. Then NASA drops something new on his desk: an interstellar visitor that promises to change the world forever. This science-based thriller offers an inside look at the global effort to avert catastrophe before time ends.
  • Charlie Saves Christmas: A Prelude to the Chronicles of Eridul

    by Daniel Nichols

    The story opens during the Christmas season as CHARLIE, a young 11 year old girl, struggles to adjust to life in the weeks that follow her sister’s departure for a prestigious boarding school. In the opening scene she discovers that she has been transported to a mysterious forest where key characters on one side of a growing conflict greet her as one of many “outworlders” that are appearing in this mysterious world where animals are sentient. Confused and angry, CHARLIE ... more

  • King Harold II

    by Peter Burke
    Strange markings are found in a twelfth-century wall. A retired stonemason seeks to unravel a hidden message carved in haste by an ancient stonemason who risked his life to leave symbols cut into stone so deep that they would remain silent for nine hundred years, until someone should read these symbols and search for their meaning. Who left these strange symbols? Is it possible that a retired stonemason in this modern world could discover the meaning of symbols left by a fellow mason so long ago... more
  • The Pawns

    by Ron Gabriel
    A psychologist uses witchcraft to treat an abused boy, and finds himself in a race with the Devil—literally—when his magic inadvertently exposes his patient to a demon. Travis is a witch practicing psychotherapy in modern day Bucharest. He’s devised an orb that siphons human trauma to replenish his power. The sphere induces patients to share deep secrets, much like hypnosis, and repressed pain is extracted without any harm done. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. The doctor cannot ... more
  • Eli and the mystery of the Hallowshine dragon

    by Eve Cabanel
    A moon elf’s journey to undo a dragon’s curse illuminates the power of friendship. Two courageous friends adventure through lands of unicorns, fairies, and magical rainbows to confront a terrifying beast with a surprising wish. In a beautiful enchanted forest lives a moon elf named Eli and her friend Luna. When Luna’s baby bunny is turned into hard rock candy by magical sugar crystals, the friends begin a journey to do the impossible to reverse the curse: confront the terrifying and legendar... more
  • Soulwinder

    by Travis Daniel Bow
    Three strangers. Two plots. One champion. In the crater of a volcanic island, musical magic and enchanted swordplay rule society. Every seven years a champion from each caste climbs the tournament ladder for a chance at a new life. This year three apparent strangers—a sabotaged craftsman trying to save his mentally disabled father, a legendary duelist resisting the machinations of her master, and a Magistry janitor fighting an empathy-sapping talent—are desperate to reach the final battle. ... more
  • The Other Mermaid

    by Billy O'Shea
    Army medic Daniel Manston has already been executed once for a crime he didn’t commit, and now he’s determined to stay alive. But to do so, he must solve a centuries-old riddle about the relationship between the sea people and humanity. On the remote arctic island of Svalbard, he finds an ally in Deryn, a female hermit whose task is to transcribe records of the ancient past. Together, they stumble upon a terrible truth that changes everything – and puts them both in mortal danger.
  • The Witches World in the Ocean

    by elijah edwin
    The Witches World in the Ocean is an invisible world bigger and hidden beneath the Pacific Ocean. It has not been discovered by man or science because it's in the preternatural realm. It's only known by it's residents and invited humans. When the protagonist of the unearthly story, Matea and her best friend, Jadranka, are invited by their new schoolmate and friend to join the Witches World in the Ocean, they are baffled with the fact that no one actually cajoles them to join but are allowed to j... more
  • Fathom

    by L. L. Standage
    All she wanted was to study the ocean. Instead, she uncovered its greatest secret. More than anything, eighteen-year-old Olivia Owens wants to win a marine biology scholarship, escape her broken home life, and enjoy a drama-free summer in La Jolla, California. But when she agrees to pose as a mermaid for her photographer best friend Samantha, she never dreamed what kind of trouble it would bring. Why would a crazy red-headed lady give Olivia a clam that glows on the inside? And why does... more
  • Un-Para_Llel

    by E. Robert Dunn
    For millions of years, Earth was fertile and rich. Then pollution and waste began to take their toll. Civilization fled to the stars for sanctuary. First, as prospectors seeking riches, then as explorers, and finally as settlers. Planets in the Glaser 667 were among many colonized and used to re-build what had been destroyed. On the planet Un, a widowed matriarch and her sons are stranded with strangers out, of all places, in the desert. Making it difficult to survive the heat, no water, and ... more

    by Trisha Page
    In SECRETS OF THE TOAD – PLAY BALL, the second book of this series, Jake is all excited to start a new baseball season and resume his successful pitching position from last year. But with this new season comes a new coach who just happens to have a son who steps into that very same position. Jake quickly finds that he is no match for favoritism. In fact, things get so bad that Jake actually considers quitting baseball altogether. His sister, Emma, urges him to seek counsel from Tobias, the mysti... more
  • Unity

    by Anttimatti Pennanen
    Go to Comic Con [check] Find alien technology [check] See the galaxy and make new friends [check] Defeat the ancient evil and save the galaxy [check] But who will save Jon and Gus? After the blind jump, the crew of Unity find themselves lost in space with a broken Black Table, no map, and no allies. And if that’s not enough, they are being hunted by something lurking in the shadows. With the Light as their guide and science fiction on their side, can Jon and Gus give us a fighting chan... more
  • The Revenge of Hatathor

    Challenged by Destiny. Driven by Duty. Desperate to Survive. Al-Khidr’s destiny has returned him to the alien planet Lyra, which was as beautiful and majestic as it was before, but there was something odd about it. Al-Khidr must know why before it’s too late. His heart was pounding as he starting looking for the clues and the loved ones. On the other hand Hatathor has to execute his unfinished revenge. Will Al-Khidr be able to stop him?
  • The Cure for Stars

    Al-Khidr was inside the Hall of Stars, and now he was moving inside a wormhole—a cosmic tunnel that opened up right above the Hall of Stars was spiraling down through galaxies like a coiled serpent from planet Lyra towards earth. He was unaware of the alien major General Hatathor who was also sucked into the wormhole due to his own act of charging sequence disruption. Where the wormhole was leading? None of them knew. But the one thing was sure to aliens was that the jump will now happen both in... more
  • The Adventures of Abby and Friend

    by Connor Owens

    The Adventures of Abby and Friend is perfect for fans of protagonists finding their confidence, epic battles, and powerful friendships. Abby, a lonely fourteen-year-old, has her world upheaved when a monster crashes into her bedroom late one night. His arrival awakens a voice in her head with a vision of the future: her small town burnt to ash. In her search for answers, Abby faces off against school bullies, space creatures, and the police, but what she finds is a connection and a past with ... more