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  • The Shadow of the Rowan Tree

    by Florie Parker
    Are you a believer? The future of humanity depends on it! This story follows Daisy and Margot, the tooth fairy she dreams of, as they discover new things about each other’s worlds and find themselves in a plot to save them both. Daisy discovers that Aspirion, the fairy kingdom, is more real than she ever could have imagined, whilst Margot uncovers an unexpected treachery which threatens their survival. A tale of friendship, lies, teamwork and the power of believing. Two worlds inextricably lin... more
  • The Sploor Imperative

    by Robert W.W. Burden
    We are destroying ourselves. There are a lot of highly advanced aliens who cannot allow us to do that. They are desperate to see humanity get its act together.
  • Glitched

    by Tiffany Yao
    If you found out you were living in a virtual reality video game, what would you do? Kashmira lived an ordinary life until an army of invaders sacked her city and left her for dead. When she awakens, she discovers she is a glitch in a virtual reality video game – destined only for deletion by the bots that hunt her. Dugan is a bitterly disgruntled engineer who played a pivotal role in the creation of virtual reality games and the NPCs who inhabit them. Fired from the company he helped found,... more
  • Black Stone of Vallanir: Northmen Saga ~ Book One

    by R.D. Villam

    "I can judge friends. Or foes. I know which one is a big wolf, which one is a small dog, and which one is a small dog who only pretends to be a big wolf. You, big wolf."
    William, a young blacksmith, has promised his mother not to go to the northern lands and find out about his father's killer. But after he kills several bandits by the river, he has no choice but to flee north and break his promise. He joins a small army of fishermen who will fight the Northmen who want to r... more

  • Embracing the Clouds: The Dreams and Adventures of Children from the Bowl World ~ Book One

    by R.D. Villam
    Piri, Yara, and the other children have lived in an isolated world shaped like a bowl since they were babies without the company of adults. Filled with curiosity and a desire to embrace the clouds, one day they climb the mountains to see if there is another world out there. But what feels like a fun trip at first turns into a terrifying experience. They fall into the abyss, and from there, a fantastical adventure takes them to a far and mysterious land, where they meet strange creatures, new fri... more
  • Shadow Bound Souls

    by Steven Rudy
    Shadow Bound Souls, blends Science Fiction and classic high fantasy in a steampunk world. The frontier of alchemy, magic and machines nears a breaking point. Book two of The Luminance Saga is an action-packed sci-fi fantasy adventure, charged with a tension inherited from the epic climax of book one. Shadow Bound Souls picks up where the first novel left off, with a band of heroes stranded in a world on the brink of war. The Sagean Lord has emerged. While the Wrythen's influence grows ... more
  • The Tapestry

    by Audrey N Lewis
    In a single moment, Maia’s life would never be the same. Because when her miraculous virgin birth gifts her a blind, albino hermaphrodite, she never could have foreseen the fate that lay in store for them both. Adopted by a pack of coyotes and seeking refuge deep in the woods, a sheltered cottage and unseen helpers give Maia and her baby Justice a new life together. But the world of the early twentieth century isn’t kind to unwed mothers or children like Justice… and when they’re forced to leav... more
  • Fastening the Grave

    by L.A. McBride
    Kali James moved to Kansas City to open a costume shop and to start a new life, one that wasn’t haunted by the death of her twin sister. After the ghost of a reporter murdered in a local haunted house demands her help, she reluctantly sets out to find his killer. In the process, she discovers she isn’t the only one in KC with supernatural abilities. Her search uncovers the story the dead reporter had been working on, forcing Kali to wade deeper into a world of shifters, vampires, and necromancer... more
  • Once in a Pink Moon

    by Luanne C. Brown
    In this contemporary retelling of the classic Frog Prince tale, dark undercurrents threaten the stability of our ecosystem. Environmental activist, Nora Peters, on the cusp of eighteen, is in a world of trouble. Her father has been murdered, and when she finds an object sacred to the world of frogs, it appears that she might be next. Azzie, reluctant prince of the frog realm, and his cousin, Linka, are charged with retrieving the object Nora has found: the Golden Pearl of the Forest. ... more
  • Satyr's Melody

    by John Darr
    Moving from Atlanta to a small town did not sit well with Jamari Evans, at all. In addition to his current mood about his new home, he becomes the latest target of the local bully. Great! Seeking solace and sanctuary from his current situation, he dives into his writing, finding peace in the literary worlds he’s created. That escape is short-lived when the bully manages to get a hold of Jamari’s works and destroys them all. Now Jamari searches for a way to end this bully’s torment. Not through t... more
  • The Protector's Ring

    by John Darr
    Jonah Blackstone just turned thirteen when life gave him the worst gift he could imagine, losing his parents in a mysterious accident. Now he's been whisked off to live with relatives in a small town in Georgia, where his troubles continue. Jonah's harassed by a local bully, encounters Reapers, and pursued by supernatural canines, all while learning to use his growing powers. He eventually discovers why his parents died. They refused to reveal the location of a powerful ancient artifact: The ... more
  • Blessed

    by Kandi Wyatt
    Knight. Dragon rider. Future king? Not if an evil mage has anything to say about it. Hest will do what it takes to protect his new home and his betrothed. A knight’s life isn’t easy. Add being a new dragon rider plus acquiring the powers that come with it, and it’s downright difficult. Especially when the king says it means you’re the next in line for the throne! Hest saved the king’s life once before, but now the princess is in the clutches of a man intent on stripping the dragon of all his po... more
  • Earth Child, Terminal Misery

    by Jon State
    Earth is visited by aliens who destabilize the environment and plunge Earth into an Ice age. While hundreds survive in cryostasis pods. Earth has evolved after a two-thousand-year lapse and Dr. Spencer and Malica have to find a way to save the remanent human race while fighting monsters and each other.
  • Rise of the Mutated Allele Carrier

    by B. JEWELL
    Aptly named after the Greek god who controlled the ocean, Poseidon (Poe) Newman is not a normal teenager, as he shares most of the same powers of his namesake. Poe is thrust into homelessness in a world with other mutants that have varying superpowers when his mom and dad mysteriously die in a fire. He has to learn who to trust while avoiding a government that captures all Mutated Allele Carriers for analysis. It’s a fate that he knows too well as he was born in a government facility and tested ... more
  • Shepherd's Warning

    by Cailyn Lloyd
    For years the abandoned MacKenzie mansion remained hidden in rural Wisconsin. Rumors and stories of apparitions, odd noises, accidents, and strange deaths in or near the property were enough to convince the townsfolk it was haunted and they stayed away. Lucas MacKenzie and his brother Nate know nothing of this when they inherit the property and decide to bring their families to Wisconsin for a major renovation project with HGTV stardom in mind. As they tear out old fixtures and open shuttered... more
  • Medusa: Rise of a Goddess

    by H. Dean Fisher
    Medusa: The monster from legend, with snakes for hair and a gaze that turns humans to stone. Cursed by Athena for the crime of being raped, she was destined to be slain by Perseus. Except, she never died. The stories got it wrong. At the dawn of creation, the girl Medusa lives with her family on the Eastern Edge of the World, but she yearns for more. Fascinated by the newly created humans, she leaves home to see it all for herself, the farms, the cities, and the temples. Little does she know ... more