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  • Being

    by Kedi Daniels
    When you desire something so much that you'd do anything for it, even bargain with the devil, that's when a human becomes a Void.  But for Caiden Waters, someone who was born cursed, she's the only exception. Unlike the Blackhearts, the humans that made the exchange, she has the burden of living with the weight of this world on her shoulders. That comes with having an empathic ability, her own emotions reflected in the changing color of her eyes, and a conscious glowing heart in her chest.... more
  • Ruthless Sky

    by D.K. Broadwell
    A risky mission-- A disastrous accident-- The crew’s struggle to get home-- In the merciless void of space, love and survival intertwine as two marooned astronauts battle impossible odds. It’s 1989, and Dr. Catherine Riley, a NASA astronaut who overcame all challenges to live her dream, sees her first mission turn into a fight for her life. As the space shuttle Intrepid launches, an explosion propels Cat and her fellow astronauts into a treacherous journey. NASA’s efforts to save their c... more
  • When The Stars Alight

    by Camilla Andrew
    WHEN THE STARS ALIGHT is a gothic romantasy about a star princess who must use her wits to survive the court of a heartless demon king whilst caught in a deadly rivalry between his two sons. For fans of Angela Carter and The Vampire Diaries.
  • Monolith

    by Jess Rinker
    When life feels too big to understand, where do you seek answers? When August Beck is out looking for his missing brother River, the last thing he expects to find is a monolith standing in the cornfield! August is certain the monolith and River’s disappearance are connected and that aliens are to blame. But his best friend Tilly Wilson isn’t so sure. Tilly is an expert researcher. She has to be in order to run her own community newspaper. Tilly is always chasing down a good story, like he... more

    n the annals of an inconceivably distant age, humanity is scattered amongst the stars, branching off into new, distinctive forms of society. Centuries have passed since Earth was reduced to nothing more than a sheen of crumbling dust, its remnants slowly drifting apart through the dead expanses of space. First to rise from the ash anew is the civilization of Stolis, boasting the power of an artificial star that defies the very principles of mankind's existence. It radiates immense energy but ... more
  • Weakling

    by L.I.T. Tarassenko
    A geeky highschooler develops superpowers and is recruited to an international peackeeping unit at the same time as struggling with mental health problems. *** Gonzalo Lopez, nicknamed 'Weakling' by his bullies, is just a normal teenager except that he has superpowers. Ever since that fight with Bill Jackson where his powers first manifested and he broke his attacker’s hand by accident, everything has been spiralling out of control. Now all of a sudden he’s getting invited to parties... more
  • Stranger in the Valley

    by Gregory Haley
    As a former soldier, A.J. is used to seeing dead bodies, but he's never seen the kind of mutilation of a dead sheriff he discovers while hiking through this rural Oregon valley. Being suspected of murder is the least of his new problems, though. To gain his freedom, A.J. must find the true killer, but nothing about Mystic Valley makes sense. His main suspect is a crooked werewolf, the beautiful town doctor is nearly 700 years old, and there's a suspicious young Dwarf who seems determined to cut ... more
  • EMA

    by Aian D. Grey
    EMA is futuristic fable illustrating the potential impact of artificial intelligence on our lives and society.
  • Cleo McCarthy Time Travel and Other Impossible Things

    by Mike Poeltl
    The first time Cleo feared for her life was when she was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s at 23. The second time is when she discovered she could travel back in time at 24. While she is offered guidance from fellow time traveler Franklin, she is plagued by a fragmented message transmitting through white noise. Cleo’s best friend Bobby, a physicist, is recruited to help her and Franklin make sense of what’s happening, but despite their successes, Cleo’s constant jumping backward in time... more
  • Hecate's Labyrinth

    by Michael Lightsey
    It begins with the kidnapping of a young witch. But Helena's no ordinary witch — she's the Russian president's daughter. Dimitri, the Georgian soldier who abducted her, has only one thing on his mind — end the war between Russia and Georgia, even if it means using his lover as leverage. And his desperate plan just might've worked if the witchcraft goddess hadn't sent them through a time portal to battle with a medieval nightmare god. HECATE'S LABYRINTH is a kaleidoscopic tale of star-crossed lov... more
  • The Goodness Potion and its Side-Effects

    by Joe Dawson
    There's good and bad in everyone. Except Tom. Tom used to think his life was pretty ordinary. Just another orphan, sleeping in the cellar of his uncle's pub with plenty of mice to chase. But then things started to change, both in the land of Boden-Rine and in young Tom's heart, after a stranger from a far-off land spun him a story of deadly adventure and world-ending peril. Oh, and something about a baby fourteen years ago drinking a potion with the power to make a person either wholly good or b... more
  • Tomorrowville

    by David T. Isaak

    Toby Simmons has a silly—and self-induced—accident in 2008. He wakes up in 2088.

    The skies are clean, but the rich-poor social gulf has widened. The biggest industries are entertainment and the prison system. Taxes have been cut — because the main source of government revenue is the confiscation of property. Many new, designer recreational drugs are legal, and many other drugs are mandatory. And while the US leads the world in cosmetic surgery, in most technologies Ame... more

  • Qualia Nous, Vol. 2

    by Michael Bailey
    A literary blend of science fiction and horror edited by Michael Bailey. This second volume of the award-winning Qualia Nous series contains short stories, novelettes, and poetry from established authors and newcomers from around the world. Featuring the imaginations of Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King, Eugen Bacon, Josh Malerman, Cynthia Pelayo, Lee Murray, Eric LaRocca, Gabino Iglesias, Linda D. Addison, Zoje Stage, Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, Gary A. Braunbeck, and more, with artwork throughout ... more
  • Ritual Income

    by B. L. Brown
    Grieving the loss of her mentor, formerly wicked witch Milla retreats to St. Augustine, Florida to run her antique store in peace. But the Coven for the Regulation and Oversight of Witches has other plans for the Witch of the Demesne. Saddled with a new apprentice, and a witch sent to investigate her, Milla must defend St. Augustine from a horde of MLM Huns and life-force-sucking magickal threat while avoiding grudges from her past life that refuse to die.
  • The Obsidian Dragon

    by Angel G.T.
    Aribeth Mitchell is an ordinary student at Cambridge University, or so she thought. From the charming old villages, nestled in the Japanese Alps, to the mystical Egyptian Desert, Aribeth will have to deal with a world wrapped up in greed, wrath, lust and hypocrisy, where love is stained in blood and lies, and where evil also might have a beating heart. Mighty fights, mythical and mystical creatures and entwining loves await her in an adventure that will change her life forever. "To thee, I give... more
  • GAWAIN: A Year To Live

    by W Ryan Kaufman
    At Christmas, young Gawain suddenly finds his world rocked to the core, as the ghostly Green Knight condemns him to die in one year. After giving his solemn vow to fulfill this sentence, desperate young Gawain sets out to make the most of the short time he has left... But how do you live when a death sentence hangs over your head? This bold new interpretation of the Green Knight poem remixes well-known Arthurian legends to tell a surprising story. If you like old tales with new twists... more