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  • Hall Of Skulls

    by Jamie Eubanks

    Science fiction with a touch of romance.

    The new provisional leader of the Mokuteki must undergo a testing phase to prove himself worthy of a leadership position. His people, once a technologically advanced species, had believed themselves invincible until their complacency resulted in an alien attack that had left his world in ruins. This slaughter of over two-thirds of his people left an indelible reminder that, while technology has its place, balance is needed. To comp... more

  • Fluke Family Sorcerer

    by Robert A. G. Erickson
    Maynerd Fluke Dumsted is fresh from a win against the Demons of the Deep, but he must defeat them in a greater battle to save Mithra, his new ladylove, and his friends. The Fluke Family Curse winds up to full speed in this rollicking battle for survival to defeat Maynerd Dumsted’s archrivals, Nog, and Maremar, the King of the Demons of the Deep. Mithra, his lady love, asks for Maynerd’s help to recover her inheritance after his parent’s death from pirates. Maynerd agrees to help along with... more
  • Courting the Dragon

    by Sara R. Cleveland
    When Princess Penelope comes home for her kingdom’s summer festival, she is stunned by her father’s ultimatum: choose a suitor by the end of the holidays, or forfeit her place at the Academy of Mages. The only problem is, none of them are the man she wants, the Dragon-Wizard Salarath. Somehow Penelope must dodge her would-be suitors and convince Salarath that their love is something worth fighting for. But as she begins to uncover the secrets someone in the palace is hiding, she may find that sh... more
  • Lethal Red Riding Hood

    by Ann Marie Wilson
  • The Man With The Dorian Complex

    by Brian Christopher
    A single, shy, middle-aged, balding, overweight accountant suddenly discovers he can look 20yrs younger and stunning. Keeping it a secret, he realises that maybe he can find someone who will actually like him and possible share his life together. Through speed dating, he goes in search of the perfect girlfriend, and finds more than he bargained for! Finally, he meets the most fantastic women he could only ever dream of, only to discover that she too has a secret.
  • Surf Squadron

    by J. E. Tremulant
    When the fragile, ever rolling economy of a subterranean accelerated capitalist information corporation begins to flag, or when things don’t work out for the many intracorporations with said company in terms of finances, the Department of Economy & Supply steps in to solve the problem via the Behavior Specialist subsector. The Behavior Specialists consist of contracted crews of assassins, hackers, tech wizards, spies, rogue engineers, and managers who manipulate the flow of commerce to the prope... more
  • Saving the Dragon

    by Sara R Cleveland
    Princess Penelope wants nothing more than to study at the Academy of Mages. Despite her natural talent, her father refuses to even entertain the idea. So when the opportunity arises to visit her mysterious wizard godfather, Penelope leaps at the chance. She never expects to find a different kind of magic in the arms of her godfather’s reclusive nephew, Stefan. When an unexpected enemy uses Stefan’s secrets against them, Penelope’s magic and courage are put to the test. Can she rescue the man sh... more
  • To Slip the Surly Bonds of Earth: About the Breaking of the Day

    by Hugh Cameron

    With small colonies established on the moon and on Mars, the Prometheus Group struggles to increase the number of people living off Earth before widespread breakdown of civilization occurs in the Western world and catastrophic numbers try to escape, leading inevitably to overcrowding and conflict, which would likely see the colonies fail. A major war on Earth would mean the loss of the ability to resupply space colonies, so establishing independence is a priority.
    There is a continued se... more

  • Taken

    by Mary Brock Jones
    Fix your planet before we have to, warns the Alliance—and then we’ll take it from you. All Ethan Winter ever wanted was to run his family’s solar energy business. But that business has been attacked, he’s been imprisoned and brutalised, his planet threatened, and to save anything he has to work with a woman set on fighting him every step of the way. The planet Arcadia’s environment is dangerously unbalanced and the Alliance is demanding they fix it or lose their home world. The Alliance of Hu... more
  • The Pack: The Dare & The Draugar

    by T.J. Hendrix

    Five soon-to-be seventh graders, one shapeshifting Guardian Hound, monsters, and a mystery that will change one life. Summer Camp just got a lot more interesting.

  • Pride of Ashna

    by Emmanuel M Arriaga
    In the Outer Rim, a lawless region of space filled with violence, a young girl vows vengeance against the marauding pirate bands who brutally murdered her family. After enlisting with the zealous matriarchal Ashna Maidens who attempt to police the Outer Rim, Serah'Elax quickly becomes a powerful weapon. Meanwhile, a ruthless pirate band has taken over a cruise ship deep within Alliance space. They run into unexpected trouble when they encounter a few members of the highly trained force of ... more
  • Heart of the Scrapdog: Short Story Collection (Feather of Solace)

    by Isaac Nasri
    After a perfidious operation that almost costed him his life, Troy Levi, an sagacious agent for the FBI, is granted a second chance, albeit a cyborg for the agency's Virtual Division. However, this action does not come, without a price. He strives relentlessly to find grounding in a contemporary society that judges him and many others of his kind for who they are. A short story collection that will leave many readers fluctuating from hope to trepidation.
  • The Trinity: A Mystic Brats Novel

    by Robert G. Culp
    It is time!  The final fight against the Beast is brewing, but do the Mystic Brats stand a chance?  After Nara Roman sacrificed herself to stop Osiris, the demonic spirit of Sir Lancelot was able claim the Spear of Destiny and used it to gravely injure Kirk Louis.  With the spear, Lancelot seems unbeatable, and that was before he resurrected Queen Guinevere inside Nara's dead body.  Now, Jason Gardner must uncover answers to his mysterious grandfather's past in order to figure out Lancelot's end... more
  • Fugitives Of Destiny: A Mystic Brats Novel

    by Robert G. Culp
    The Mystic Brats are back!  After the spirit of Osiris possessed one of their own, Kirk Louis has brought Jason, Julie, and Nara to the other reality of Aria to protect them from being murdered by the very government that trained them.  With all three of their souls bound to each other because of the mysterious Lunar Necklace, these teenagers must put their faith in each other now more than ever.  But secrets surround every inch of their lives.  Julie and Nara have switched bodies and are stuck ... more
  • The Unburned Island

    by Auden Johnson
    The entire island was on fire yet only one schoolhouse burned. Everyone disappeared. Several tried taking it over but were never successful. People no longer talk about the Unburned Island. It was left to rot. Years later, Kiran, En and a team of magical investigators travel to the island to banish whatever haunts an old building. It takes them no time to realize the building isn’t the problem. The island is. With En acting strange, they knew this wouldn’t be a simple job. Kiran develops a... more
  • The View from my Window

    by Patricia J. Gallegos
    Willow has dedicated her two-and-twenty years apprenticed to a renowned shaman. The wheels of change have been set in motion, just as the oracle predicted they would. Her people have scattered to the four winds as anti-Romani tension flares, wagons are burned, and lives are destroyed. Trade, once the livelihood of Willow’s nomadic family, has now become too dangerous. The marauders have returned, and this time, someone in her innermost circle is targeted and attacked. As her training comes to... more