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  • A Future Without: 50 Short Stories of What May Not Be

    by Uri Kartoun
    In 2029, the world as we know it has subtly yet profoundly changed. A Future Without: 50 Short Stories of What May Not Be by Uri Kartoun unveils a series of compelling narratives exploring the ramifications of losing something integral to our lives. This collection of short stories invites readers into a world where the absence of minor or major elements reshapes society in unexpected ways. Imagine a day without the joy of indulging in french fries, the utility of chairs, or even the natural phe... more
  • Curse of a Dragon Heart

    by Bonnie Jacoby
    After a sorcerer uses Jason's infected heart to create a magical plague to win the mage war, Jason escapes to warn the dragons of the curse before they run out of magic and time to survive.
  • Carved From Wood

    by Brendan O'Meara
    James and his team are AWOL and have set their sights on the Southern Federation. They set up camp in a small town at the tip of the Souther continent miles away from where the BlankZone has established its own base. James and the team capture a leader of the BlankZone and, when returning him, James is taken captive along with another member of the team. He is tortured for information, and eventually escapes during an attack on the BlankZone base. While they were incarcerated the town was taken ... more
  • Sylvia Locke’s Cinderella and the Evil Fairy Godmother (Tairy Fails #2)

    by David Horn
    Fairytale Land's baddest girl is about to head to a prince's ball. A modern, twisted retelling of Cinderella. Once upon a time in Fairytale Land, there lived Sylvia Locke—the baddest girl around. So bad that her grandparents have shipped her off to live with her uptight Aunt Marjorie and two goody-two-shoes step-cousins. When an invitation to the prince's ball arrives, Sylvia is determined to attend at any cost, even if it means enlisting the help of an evil fairy godmother (against Fairytale... more
  • The Logoharp

    by Arielle Emmett

    Naomi, a female cyborg—half human, half robot—recounts the story of China and America’s intertwining relationship a century from now. The center of power has moved with the setting sun; China, not America, is the dominant power, creating a world where anyone age 50 or above will end life in a state of viral ecstasy, part of a system known as “Harmonious Recycling,” to make room for billions who are young. Naomi, the cyborg, is beyond prescient. She calculates the... more

  • Brief First Encounter

    by Thomas Miezejeski
    A Quantum Leap in Science Fiction A ground breaking exploration of what happens when humanity faces its first contact with extraterrestrial intelligence presented in a manner that challenges conventions and engages readers with its ingenuity. Its departure from convention is a hallmark of the innovation that offers readers a fresh perspective on speculative storytelling. The book is a thought experiment that discusses how humanity might handle contact with extraterrestrial beings and is c... more
  • Future Time Statues

    by Robert F. Morgan
    Time statues from psychologist Robert F. Morgan encompassing key experienced events from the last eight decades followed by speculative experiences on the next decades to come.
  • Orcs in Portland and Other Social Justice Issues

    by Aaron Frale
    Orcs invading Portland, a wolf in the janitor’s closet, black ooze dissolving the gym teacher: a typical day for the students of Beaverton High and their fearless teaching assistant. Petra thought working for her old high school was the worst thing that could happen to her until a magical disease infects her son. Meanwhile the Barbarians Breakfast Club faces creatures invading their high school and murdering their classmates and principal. Okay, so maybe the latter isn’t that bad. The p... more
  • My Three-Year-Old is a Barbarian and Other Parenting Problems

    by Aaron Frale
    Necromantic rituals, murderous ogres, battle-scarred rangers: not a typical Saturday detention for unsuspecting teaching assistant, Petra, and her delinquent teen charges. The Beaverton High School Breakfast Club show up for what they thought would be cleaning the locker room with a toothbrush when the morning goes horribly wrong, and they fall victim to a deadly, dark spell. Some jerkwad moon mage shoves the consciousness of Petra’s three-year-old into the body of a musclebound barbarian,... more
  • The Gladiator Journalist and Other Murderous Flora

    by Aaron Frale
    Making bills and earnin’ like a baller with l33tskillz4va’s crypto fast cash is not what happens in this book! But there are killer trees and bloody arena battles. What more could you want? Except sex. That happens too. It also resolves plot points like certain characters stuck in a painting and what's Petra’s mom doin’ at that volcano, yo! I mean I guess there’s stuff like personal character growth and human connection and all that warm, squishy stuff. But did I mention sex that hap... more
  • Occasional Alice's

    by Fred Bickham
    Tech-wiz Sayers Beck gets recruited by a beautiful but quirky AI hologram named Autumn to help wheelchair-bound Alice Dorn keep her second-hand thrift shop open. But Sayers' boss Brian Arceneaux has other heinous plans for Autumn. Can the tech-dude save this conscientious chat-bot from being turned into a killing machine?
  • The 5 Moons of Tiiana (Special Illustrated Edition)

    by PT Harry
    Captain Rez Cantor faces an unimaginable crisis. His daring rescue of the Princess of Melela from the clutches of the alien-hybrid Relcor should have been a triumph. Instead, an unforeseen catastrophe leaves him stranded and injured, 125,000 light years from home, on an alien moon, with no memory of how he arrived. To make matters worse, a deadly alien cloud looms overhead, threatening his life…

    by Jamie Eubanks
    A camping trip goes awry when a young woman is lured from her tent in an isolated region of the Vermont mountains. A private aircraft disappears off radar. A teenager and a wildlife photographer make the list of those who have gone missing without a trace. The one commonality is the location: an area of the Vermont wilderness where a mysterious military experiment is underway. Miles away, Donovan Sinclair receives an anonymous phone with an ominous warning: the lives of his ex-wife and son... more
  • The Secret Realm Gaia School of Awakening

    by E.O. Worth
    Secret Twin Realms. Three teens. One street-smart boy, one Irish girl on a mission to save the earth, and one feisty farm girl. The fate of two realms rests in their hands Rocked by a herculean hurricane three friends, TJ, Andréa, and Cora, get transported to a secret realm of lore known as Alpha. And if they ever want to return to life as they knew it, they’ll have to fulfill a secret prophecy. Reluctant but willing, they attend Gaia School of Awakening a mythical academy where humans are cons... more
  • City In My Hands

    by Thomas More
    In the heart of Mannahatta, a remarkable heroine emerges. Sakima Tamanend is no ordinary hero; she is a force of nature, empowered by the ancient spirits of the Lenape. Sakima's awe-inspiring legacy and unwavering strength make her a fierce warrior, inspiring a new generation of young girls to embrace their ancestral power. Yet, darkness looms over the city as an insidious interdimensional threat descends upon her people. Sakima must rise to new heights of strength and courage as her world cr... more
  • City At My Feet

    by Thomas More
    Step into Mannahatta, a vibrant parallel world where legends whisper truth and spirits guide the brave. Sakima Tamanend, a fiery soul yearning for warriorhood, stumbles upon a chilling secret: her brother-in-law has unleashed a mythical terror upon the Land Below, the concrete jungle we call New York City. Driven by unwavering love and fierce spirit, Sakima plunges through the portal, leaving behind all she knows. In this strange new world, she'll confront towering monsters, forge unlikely al... more