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  • Concerto Promotion

    by Mark Tapper

    The three books of the trilogy contemplate the same events through the eyes of different life moments. The first book, The Vials of Our Wrath is a fast-paced thriller whose protagonist is young and idealistic. The second book, My Sun Sets to Rise Again, features an ensemble cast of people in their middle years, coping with all the challenges of their regeneration in a fraught world. Finally, the last book, By the D... more

  • Almost a Witch

    by Suzanne Osman
    Mabel is from a long line of witches and today she is finally old enough to try out to be a witch herself. She can do almost everything a witch should do except for one thing. Will she finally get to war her very own black, pointy hat? Or will she be the only one in her whole family who isn't a witch?
  • theghostwritingservices

    by The Ghostwriting Services

    The Ghostwriting Services specializes in providing tailor-made ghostwriting services to our clients. We offer a wide range of book writing and editing services including book publishing and book marketing services. We offer a variety of publishing packages to suit all needs. You can self-publish, traditional publish or we can do it all! Whatever package you want, TGS has got you covered!

  • Offerings to the Flower Moon: The Tale of the Abrams Witch

    by J.E. Erickson
    University student Moira Clarke studies myths and legends, but as much as she loves old stories, she wants to capture a new story for her senior project. Recent folklore. A legend that’s still alive. She has a lead – the Abrams Witch, a supernatural entity blamed for a history of murders and disappearances in a rural Minnesota town – and she’s going to dig it up. Stories must be told. Beneath the veneer of small-town kindness and spring celebrations are a series of horrifying and tragic tales... more
  • Stage Fright

    by Diane L. Kowalyshyn
    Broadway actress Skye Andrews inherits a journal from her soothsaying aunt, and sets her career aside to fulfil her aunt’s final wishes to be buried in the family plot in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Captain Jet Dalry, a recuperating war veteran, helps Skye slice through the cemetery’s red tape. Despite their mutual attraction and her persistence, Jet is a tormented man who repeatedly pushes her away. Skye discovers the journal is enchanted. It reveals how Skye and her aunt lived parallel live... more
  • Promised Shadows

    by MK Ahearn
    Apricus is a kingdom where all citizens are born with an elemental power, and some are born with a second power such as light, healing, or shadows,. The Shadows are a group of shadow wielders set on overthrowing the king. They seek a powerful ancient crown that would amplify their powers. Rae, a common thief, finds herself working with the Prince, Gavriel, to find this crown before them. Along with their friends they take a journey to recover the crown and learn more about their dark secrets on ... more
  • The Lost Ship

    by John Hopkins
    The heart-pounding Book Two in The Powers That Be trilogy, THE LOST SHIP, immerses readers in the morning after chaos and carnage following the climactic events of THE GOLDEN ELLIPSE. Following a rocky convalescence, intrepid newlyweds Rachel and Owen Haig venture on an Amazon expedition to recover a legendary alien shipwreck. Confronting cannibals, aliens, mercenaries, and enigmatic creatures stalking the dense jungle, their trek culminates with a supernatural confrontation where fates are seal... more
  • Aleister Blake

    by Valentina Cano
    To save her brother’s life, a rat-catcher must play a game with the Devil. One that could cost her her soul. Seventeen-year-old Nora Smith may be the best rat-catcher, pickpocket, and liar in London, but her skills can’t help save her brother when he is killed in a fight. That’s when Aleister Blake appears, a young man who offers to reclaim her sibling from death. For a price. At Aleister’s bidding, Nora leaves her life in the streets and moves into his house, one brimming with secrets. ... more
  • Psychotropic Dragon

    by Michael Bailey
    From the mind of Michael Bailey, author of Palindrome Hannah, Phoenix Rose, and various short fiction and poetry collections, Psychotropic Dragon brings all his work together
  • Chiral Mad 5

    by Michael Bailey
    Bram Stoker Award-winning editor Michael Bailey brings you the fifth and final installment of the Chiral Mad series, featuring a diverse writers from around the world. Includes fiction and poetry by the likes of Stephen King, Josh Malerman, Zoje Stage, Tlotlo Tsamaase, Victor LaValle. Linda D. Addison, Sheree Renée Thomas, and the late Jack Ketchum (writing with Lucky McKee). With illustrations throughout by artist Seth Brown, enjoy a chiral dance of speculative, horror, and dark science fiction... more
  • Pinocchio's Guide to the End of the World

    by Eva Moon
    Becoming real was only the start. Pinocchio got his wish, but finds there’s more to being human than having the right kind of body. Inside, he still feels like that same wooden puppet. In the wake of WWI, his struggle to fit into a human world leads to a deadly fight with a fascist officer and flight from the only home he’s ever known. From tramp steamers to sweatshops, from love to bitter heartbreak, he can’t outrun his puppet past. Returning home years later, he discovers his beloved papa, ... more
  • Instructions in Flesh

    by Marcus James
    Talbot Mathias has always felt different. He's never really been able to connect with his adoptive parents, has had difficulty making friends at school, and has been tormented for his sexuality ever since entering Mariner High School, a place run by a new generation of teenage Golden Gods from South Hill, Edgemoor, and Fairhaven; legacy neighborhoods along the dark waters of Bellingham Bay filled with generational families with dark secrets and ghosts that seem to be in every window or on every ... more
  • Day of the Beast: Dark Fantasy (The Power Bearer Book 1)

    by H.M. Clasher
    Imagine the whole world believing you were born with unlimited power. I know what you’re thinking, life must be easy with all that power. Everyone wants to be powerful. Everyone wants to be admired. Everyone wants to be commanding. For young Azazel, there was nothing intriguing about the fight. He has spent most of his life running away from being known as the power bearer. He is young, charming, and unflinchingly mischievous. Before you jump to conclusions, it’s really not his fault th... more
  • The Kingdom's Daughter: YA Dystopian Romance (The Kingdom Series, Book 1)

    by Daniel JP Harris
    After the Third World War, Africa became the governing global power, naming itself the Kingdom. Now, with the resistance growing stronger, the Kingdom must produce an army of super soldiers if they’re to solidify their reign, but that will require the perfect genetic makeup. To obtain this, the Kingdom Trials are born: a series of lethal challenges designed to eliminate all but a single female whose DNA will be crossed with the Kingdom's elite. This girl shall be known as the Kingdom's Daughter,... more
  • Within Fire

    by Sonig Varadian
    Within Fire, is about a boy who on the eve of his 16th birthday realizes that he may have mystical powers. Managing and learning how to control these newfound powers, isolates him from his estranged father and a mom who just wants him to be normal. He then turns to his two best friends, who at best don't know how to react to his shocking news. When his new powers enable him to discover secrets about them, he begins to question what his next moves are. As his powers reveal themselves, others desi... more
  • LingerLust

    by Matt Smart
    From the moment Charlie Anderson stepped through the door to his office, his worries of trying to keep his job, finding the perfect woman or fitting into society vanished. His average existence turns into a life so influential, dictating the past or deleting the future will simply become the norm. The survival of entire human race will depend on the answers Charlie is able to find. Yet the answers Charlie discovers, amongst the ancient cities of Sparta to the chaos of the final moments of the... more