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  • The Dark Season Saga

    by Yehya H. Safwat

    In every world there are the players; listeners, doers and sayers. They are those who define their world as they build and destroy civilizations. Yet there are other, more mysterious, players who have lived across the ages ... undetected. Those are the watchers and takers, and the greatest of them is the pillar of our story.

    The first part of the saga speaks of Nymtha, an elite member of a subterranean race of shadow and earth. They have been silently watching the world of mortals for a... more

  • The Fallen (The Greatest Sin Book 1)

    by Lee French
    For hundreds of years, the Blaukenev clan has wandered across Tilzam, from one end to the other and back. Each wagon carries history, love, laughter, pain, sorrow, and secrets. Their greatest secret of all may be Chavali, the clan Seer. Spirits use her. Spirits damn her. Spirits save her. Nothing surprises her anymore and no one keeps secrets from her. She, on the other hand, has more than enough secrets to keep. Secrets of her own, secrets of her clan, secrets of the world, secrets she ev... more
  • An Absolute Mind

    by Lauren Lola
    A young woman with a genetically evolved, cognitive ability is transported to a secret safe island, for her protection from underground gangs who are out to kill people like her. But upon learning the real forces in charge of the island, she steps up and leads a revolution to take action against inaction.
  • Realms of Edenocht

    by DS Johnson
    A long time ago, four relics were created to have immense power. The Shadow sought after the power that could make it immortal. The relics were hidden to keep them safe, but no one could imagine what would happen. A young war wizard would into the world as a blessing but would he be a curse instead. Shazmpt has been prepared his whole life to complete the prophecy; however until recently, he was unaware of his true identity as a powerful war wizard. Hidden on an island in a time realm not his o... more
  • Piper Houdini Apprentice of Coney Island

    by Glenn Herdling
    A supernatural adventure about a young orphan in the 1920s who learns she is the niece of the legendary escape artist, Harry Houdini. Filled with a cast of true historical characters, occult figures, and sideshow freaks, this spine-tingling tale will appeal to readers who enjoy urban fantasy as much as a jaunt on the Wonder Wheel.
  • Antioch

    by Gregory Ness

    Nine years after a divisive US election the world has taken a hard turn away from science and technology.  An exhiled scientist confronts a past life as he closes in on the discovery of dark energy. His dreams take him back to ancient Alexandria where he falls in love with a Ptolemy-era priestess. During the day he conducts controversial experiments, at night he explores ancient temples as a young Roman engineer. This is a 280pp 2nd edition. The sequel is coming Mar... more

  • Jai

    by S. A. Stitz
    In her short life, Jai has already survived poverty in Macao, abuse at the hands of a tyrannical stepfather, and a bizarre, nearly lethal sexual experience. But Jai is finally able to find meaning in her life after a young man comes to her rescue and becomes not just her mentor but also her lover. Soon, Jai and Jinhai begin training in martial arts and forbidden occult practices at a secret temple deep in the Tibetan Himalayas. But when an invading Chinese army leaves Jai as the only survivor,... more
  • Dark Horizon

    by Eric J. Kumik
    Somewhere in the endless darkness of space lies an uncharted planeT.The planet orbits dangerously close to the very hostile territory, the Dominion. A special team of scientists has gone missing after finding a mysterious ancient relic on the planet’s surface. Soon after the team sent out a distress message, all contact was then lost. The only solution is to send out a dangerously reckless and unpredictable military division team to find out what happened. The clock races against Star Team Se... more
  • Bayou Blues: A Genie McQueen Novel

    by Sierra Dean
    When your sister has saved the world, you have a lot to live up to. Genie McQueen thought she’d seen it all after helping her big sister Secret stop the Apocalypse. The dead walked, New York City burned, and things nearly went to hell in a hand basket. After it was all over, the world knew about vampires and werewolves, and Genie’s life would never be the same. But now, three years later, someone doesn’t want werewolves or any supernatural creatures to live alongside humans. A new anti-wer... more
  • Akiri: The Scepter of Xarbaal

    by Brian D. Anderson
    Akiri is a blistering new heroic fantasy novel from the multiple award winning international bestsellers Brian D. Anderson and Steven Savile who have come together to create the first adrenaline-filled standalone novel in Akiri’s tortured world. Can one betrayal can save a kingdom? Will two destroy it? Acharia is a nation at war. Ruled by the Sorcerer King, Zemel, who believes himself to be invincible. And with a weapon created in the pits of hell by the god of death he might well be. The an... more
  • Welcome to the Apocalypse: Pandora

    by D L Richardson
    “Players, welcome to the apocalypse…” Kelly Lawrence is a grieving widow. Jack Minnow is a website designer. Reis Anderson is the son of a senator. Each of these players has their own reasons for signing up to The Apocalypse Games, a state of the art virtual game designed to entertain doomsday preppers, gamers, and cosplayers. Altogether, over 100 people enter NASA designed simulation pods and hook up to the mainframe computer with one goal: survive 24 hours of an apocalypse. Instead of game ov... more
  • Wingless (Hollow Mountain Butterfly Book 2)

    by Better Hero Army
    Gargoyle ghost hunter cadets Tiffany and Hedika embark on a harrowing journey across the blighted landscape of the Endless See hoping to find Tiffany's missing mentor, but their destination holds secrets that some are willing to do anything to protect and the two girls find themselves used as pawns in a battle between the leaders of their homeland and the forgotten sanctuary of Freefall.
  • Piper

    by G. Gene Black
    The author presents his debut fantasy where Timothy Rags, a modern-day detective, falls in love with the past. While in Thymes, c.1712, he discovers the tale of Piper and Kaprina who grow up in the wild as young orphans. Set during the golden age of piracy, it's a time when the advent of the printing press created a society where those who controlled stories possessed great wisdom and power over others. In the first act, the printing of storytelling had come to the countryside and village ... more
  • Brief Encounters with My Third Eye: Selected Short Poems 1975-2016

    by Bruce Boston
    Brief Encounters with My Third Eye collects over one hundred of Boston’s best short poems (under fifty lines) from more than forty years of publishing, including fifteen award-winning poems.
  • Spite For Flesh

    by K. P. Ambroziak



    “SPITE FOR FLESH is a spine chilling journey into a future that may or may not be…are you truly ready?” ~ Dianne

    Ambroziak keeps true to the monstrous side of the vampire myth, creating in a literary fashion, elegant creatures who evoke true horror.” ~ L.F. Falconer

    “Wow what a read. If... more

  • The Wolf of Dorian Gray eBook

    by Brian S. Ference

    “A delectable page turner. An excellent debut by Brian Ference. Full of excitement, anticipation, and rich scenery.” – Pavan

    “It has something for everyone with action, romance, and mystery.” – Rachel

    Complete with adventurous romance, harrowing escapes, hell-bent revenge, and a werewolf terrorizing the gentry; The Wolf of Dorian Gray transcends this classic work of literature into a compelling and mos... more