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  • Surveyor: Book 1 in the Corps of Discovery Series

    by James Peet
    JOIN THE CORPS AND EXPLORE NEW PLANETS. EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE IN FARAWAY LANDS Bill Clark joins the Corps of Discovery, an organization that operates gateways from a Parallel Earth to explore other timelines for eventual settlement by Earth's burgeoning population. Surveyor follows Bill's journey from Earth, through the Corps' training, and his subsequent deployments as an aerial surveyor and geographic information systems analyst. Along the way he gets swept up in a shadowy organization's ... more
  • The Illusion of Gravity

    by John Dyer
    At a research lab on a distant planet, a devastating accident signals the end of a technological impasse that has stalled Anye civilization at the edge of space for a thousand years. Protected in a vault, instruments reveal the true nature of space, time, and matter. The event has set physicist Rivan Saraf on a path that could take his people beyond reach of a dying star. But a hostile foreign government has agents in town. The Vanya are brutal, remorseless — here to spy, steal, kidnap and... more
  • Hartman House

    by A L Wright
    After losing her only friend, young witch Rodelle is rescued and taken to Hartman House: a safe haven for all supernatural beings. The Hartman family was famous for their wizardry, always trying to protect their own - and other magical beings as well. A place where mystical beings live, the House is protected by powerful magic. After Rodelle meets the handsome vampire, Dreven, she is immediately and inexplicably drawn to him. But it soon turns out that they have a history - and that danger is ... more
  • Hunted: A Werewolf Mystery

    by B.S. Gibbs

    Hunted, a tale of werewolves in a modern-day town, combines mystery and suspense with elements of magic realism.

    The sounds of howling at night have werewolf-obsessed Jason Porter on edge. Worse still, he's convinced that his teenage sister, Bianca, is a werewolf. The evidence -- her late-night lifestyle, grumpiness, messiness, and other characteristics -- points to no other conclusion. Unfortunately, no one believes him, including his mother.

    As he... more

  • The 21st Centuryon

    by Clay Moor
    The 21st Centuryon is a social satire of America with a psychological intent to call on the vaunted X and undefined Y generations to push out the hold on power that Baby Boomers have as they continually devastate the planet Earth...not only politically but culturally. Their extremism is the telltale sign of neuroses. Set on the fictional planet K-Bull (cable?), two armies battle for the entertainment of the C-lings of planet-C who resell to the Found-Links or Maybe Moorers. R-Joon and his compan... more
  • A Lake of Feathers and Moonbeams

    by Dax Murray
    Katya has always lived in the magical woods between the kingdoms of Shān and Lebedia. She keeps company with her crow and raven familiars and her partner, the eccentric sorcerer Ivan. When a group of soldiers escorting the Princess Yi Zhen of Shān come through her woods, she is shocked to find Ivan taking the princess as his prisoner, and enlisting Katya's help. Katya finds herself entwined in a complex web of politics, grudges, betrayal and heartache, spanning centuries. At the heart of this we... more
  • Time Probe

    by Bette Jackman LoBue
    Time Probe is a spy thriller set in Washington, DC, and its environs. Themes include commitment, unity, loyalty, betrayal, and self-discovery. The Project Archives team consists of four very diverse people who must learn to work together for the survival of all and the security of the national treasures entrusted to them for use in a special project with NASA. Team members are pushed beyond capacity when they encounter SACHO, a terrorist-centered spy ring in pursuit of the special formula in hol... more
  • Zone 23

    by CJ Hopkins
    ZONE 23 ... a darkly comic dystopian satire about being human, all-too-human, featuring two of the most endearing Anti-Social anti-heroes that ever rebelled against the forces of Normality. Set in the post-catastrophic future, in a peaceful, prosperous, corporate-controlled society where all dissent and non-conformity has been pathologized, and the human race is being genetically corrected in order to establish everlasting peace on Earth, Zone 23 is a hilarious, heartbreaking affirmation of the ... more
  • Veiled (Veiled Book 1)

    by Stacey Rourke
    Political propaganda would have us believe vampires are our friends. Fanged teddy bears misunderstood thanks to archaic lore. Activists picket for them to be welcomed into our society. They claim vamps don't kill. They preach we are safe. They ... are dead wrong. One year ago a hive slaughtered my family and left me for dead. Found by a team of scientists with their own agenda, I was forged into an unstoppable weapon. I possess their strength, with none of their weaknesses. I ca... more
  • Starry Messenger (Opportvnvs Adest)

    by Ethan Howard

    The truth is aLIEn.

    A powerful and enigmatic stranger comes to Earth in 2018 with a mission and a message:

    "What you believe is false."                                                      ... more

  • The Uncanny Madventures of Scott Shot - Book 1

    by Adam Venture
    Meet Scott Shot, the unluckiest Teen in the Yuiniverse, born with a scientific curse of bad luck (or Bluk) that forces him to keep one-step-ahead of disaster and death battling Monsters, Villains, and Secret Foes across the galaxy of the 23rd Century. Armed with an anti-Bluk device (or PosiTron) and his best friend, Y.K (a shape-shifting Alien T-Shirt) Scott enjoys being a hero... until the Positron malfunctions, and he finds himself in trouble in Synchron City, or transported across the Yuniver... more
  • When Halloween Was Green

    by Bernard K Finnigan
    Two actors/owners of a Haunted House attraction find themselves the targets of old-school Celtic monsters from Halloween's ancient Irish origins, even as they push back against a celebrity-obsessed modern culture intent on dumbing Halloween down. The two heroes are the only ones who can stand up to the Celtic horrors slowly killing everyone around them, they are the only ones who are not scared. Why? Because they are scary TOO.
  • Essence, Assault on the Mind

    by Mario Loomis
    What if your phone could read your mind? A new app, eTelepathy, seems to do just that by creating a wireless interface between your brain and your phone. The app’s creator, Dr. Karl Hoffman, uses this connection for widespread thought control with the intention of wielding power and influence on a worldwide scale. After the suspicious death of the doctor’s colleague, an investigating FBI team will face telepathic assaults, hallucinations, near-death experiences, and more in this paranormal thril... more
  • The Order of the Wolf

    by Freddie Silva
    The Order of the Wolf is set in the Seven Kingdoms, where the rulers are greedy and mercenary companies, known as the Free Orders, are paid to settle their disputes. As a member of The Order of the Wolf, Olaf never questioned his path until his mates were killed. What is a mercenary to do without his Order mates? The rulers of the Seven Kingdoms area about to find out. The only thing more deadly than a mercenary with a death-wish is a mercenary with a death-wish going through a mid-lif... more
  • Pangaea: The End of Days, Revelations

    by Bolivar Beato
    At the dawn of humankind came the end of all that stood before. This story is one such fairytale. Except it is not truly a fairytale. It is the story of Giants and Immortals, and of Earth’s greatest legend, Pangaea. The great continent and the ocean Panthalassa were more than just the earth and the sea—they were the future. They were more than the children that ran across their playgrounds, the farmers that plowed their fields, and the sailors that travelled their waters. More than the hopes a... more
  • Scarlett Wrigley and the Light Beneath the Veil

    by Charmaine Mullins-Jaime
    On her thirteenth birthday, Scarlett Wrigley awakens to find the ordinary world isn’t what it seems. Up until then, she never even knew what Juma was. Now she can see the fairies and the leprechaun that have protected her all her life as well as auras and any and all fantastical creatures that live beneath the veil. Her Juma, or life-force, has grown too strong and they can no longer keep it from her. Now, dark creatures are after her, attracted to her light, and no-one will tell her why. For he... more