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  • A Stranger at the Hearth (The Norse Saga of Sigurd Book 1)

    by Katherine Buel

    Epic in scope but deeply human, The Norse Saga of Sigurd is a gripping retelling sure to enthrall readers of Madeline Miller, Jennifer Saint, and Genevieve Gornichec.

    A widowed queen, heavy with child, seeks refuge in a foreign kingdom, and there her son is born: Sigurd, last of the Volsung line. But what seems a destiny of glorious revenge will not be so simple. The weavers of fate have many threads to spin, some beautiful … and some deadly. How b... more

  • FitzDuncan's Fortune

    by John J Spearman
    The adventures of Casimir FitzDuncan continue. FitzDuncan takes on a new case, helping someone protect his inheritance. He then is asked by the king to accompany the new royal assassin on a dangerous mission to the southern continent. All does not go as planned and Caz is in danger of missing his wedding to the lovely Lucy, Lady Darling. Following the wedding, Caz is summoned to meet the king again and given a surprising new assignment.

    by Michael A. Bolinger

    With the aid of an ancient manuscript and his science teacher, a nerdy teen studies the science behind his quirky supernatural abilities and inadvertently catches the eye of the U.S. and Soviet governments who separately plot to either control him or kill him.

  • When the Stars Disappeared

    by Henrijs Zandovskis
    A man and an orphan girl walk the overgrown asphalts of America, sustained by love and always in light, for in the darkness voices dwell — voices that whisper dread in their ears and their hearts, mimicking the sounds of people that once were. Yet their voices twisted and unnatural. Most of mankind has vanished. To where, they do not know. Whoever remained, their minds withered. Empty nooses creak in the winds, for even the corpses have gone. The darkness takes all. After coming upon a str... more
  • The Magic Ring of Brodgar

    by Katelyn Emilia Novak
    Young and successful Megan McKenzie’s life is turned upside down when she goes to the north of Scotland to claim her inheritance of an ancestral castle. There, she meets her Scottish family—a powerful clan that plunges her into the history of the mystical traditions and beliefs of their land. Unexpectedly, Megan finds loyal friends and worst enemies and falls in love with a handsome and mysterious highlander, Derek. Uncertainty and doubt torment Megan as she struggles to choose between a quiet... more
  • Of Water and Dance

    by Leslie Griffin

    The forest is impenetrable. Mortals do not dare enter and the ancient Gods residing within cannot break free. In this stagnant, earthen prison they’ve waited, and one-by-one they’ve suffocated. But when a Leviathan is found slumbering deep inside a mountain and a Priestess’ destiny is fulfilled, her decision between four different fates ricochets through time and leaves a crack in the wall that separates the realms of mortals and Gods.

    With this fissur... more

  • Hummingbird

    by Holli Cox
    Bridget’s mother disappeared ten years ago. Now, it’s Bridget’s turn. When a time traveling sailboat named Hummingbird kidnaps her, Bridget meets the one person who knows the truth of her mother’s disappearance – Captain Camille, a weaver of the Circle. To uncover her mother’s past, Bridget becomes Captain Camille’s unwilling apprentice and learns to weave the fabric of time and space. But there are two problems: One—Captain Camille lost her memory and has no desire to repair her shattere... more
  • Trapezium

    by Vikram Singh Tomar
  • Twilight of The Colossus

    by Ian Kane

    Year: 2083. Established empires are fading and altered realities embrace a sinister future. Earth’s major remaining governments are now completely powerless in the face of the recently emerged voracious megafirms that now have near virtual reign over every aspect of life. Any who oppose the corporate state are crushed in its ever-expanding shadow.

    Beneath the sprawling cities of the wealthy elites, super gangs are pitted against one another in what has become a hyper-kinetic ... more

  • Misfit's Magic: The Last Halloween

    by Fred Gracely

    By age thirteen, the list of nasty foster homes Goff had lived in was longer than he was old. He'd given up on having friends long ago. He survived by keeping his head down, hiding from bullies, ignoring teasing morons, and pouring himself into earning a Scholarship to Amworth Academy, a place he hoped he could finally call home. When transferred to Spraksville, a town with a history of witchcraft, it was just more of the same to him -- until the stone gargoyles started t... more

  • Demon's Song

    by Julie Boglisch
    Alex always wished to see the Overlands, a place of sunshine and freedom. However, as a slave in the far corners of the Underlands, it was all but a dream. That is, until he’s framed for murder and is forced to flee during a demon attack. Searching for the answers to why he was framed and seeking a chance at the fleeting freedom he’s always dreamed about, he journeys to the capital, meeting friend and foe along the way. But the Underlands are both beautiful and dangerous. He will have to rely on... more
  • Light-Years From Home

    by Michaelbrent Collings

    International bestseller and multiple Dragon Award finalist Michaelbrent Collings invites you on a journey into the farthest reaches of space…and maybe even back again.


    It was supposed to be a walk in the park—literally. Just a quick trip into Muir Woods to grab a few samples for a science lab, then back home again (for better or worse). But life doesn’t always go as planned, and a three-hour hike in the woods turned into a three... more

  • Man on Mars: The Wake (Book 1)

    by X. Quinn
    The Wake is book one in the Man on Mars Sci-Fi trilogy. In 2057, an unknown virus spreads on Earth, so some people choose to move to Mars. However, Mars is not made habitable by humans. Instead, a planet-wide transformation has been done by Gattis, a group of intelligent alien beings who've expanded their territory to our solar system. At first, they appear friendly and willing to share their technology, but in secret, they're preparing to conquer Earth. Since then, there's been peace and war be... more
  • Conscience of the King: The Dragonhorse Chronicles ~ Book 2

    by Showandah Terrill

    The man who spared his life and stopped a war, is missing. His wife's father hates him. His son resents him. He has an alien delegation on his doorstep. It is his first year as the Thirteenth Dragonhorse, and he still cannot fathom how he got to be the most powerful single entity in the known galaxy.

    In this second book in the Dragonhorse Chronicles, Ah'krill Ardenai Morningstar has more questions than answers, but he knows that the fate of millions of people hangs on what he ch... more

  • The Band of Moonlit Waters

    by Brad Bussie
    After going into cold sleep aboard Earth's last surviving colony ship, Commander Tyler Ryan Tor awakens marooned on an alien world. Having gone to sleep expecting to awaken orbiting a distant habitable planet with the rest of Earth's refugees, he finds himself alone and hunted by an ancient evil. The darkness that pursues Commander Tor wants the knowledge in his head, but there is one problem – Tyler can’t remember anything before the crash. It is up to a ragtag band of unlikely heroes ... more
  • Pardon Me, Please

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Albert, a turkey at a turkey farm, sees the President on TV pardon his turkey and wish him a long life. Meanwhile, a family of humans is looking at him. He knows they don't want him for a pet. He understands that everybody has to eat. But, they don't have to eat him! Can he convince the humans to pardon him, like the President did, and take him to Turkey Pardon Park, instead?