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  • Open Season

    by Domino Finn
    The only thing worse than an assassin is a zombie assassin. That's what I find myself up against when a celebrity hypnotist turns up dead on Christmas. Except this killer is no ordinary zombie, and I should know. The name's Cisco Suarez, and besides being the Miami Police Department's resident supernatural consultant, I'm a practicing necromancer. With a series of murders threatening to reveal the existence of magic, anti-animist militias capture the public heart. The streets are rife with... more
  • The Ptolemy Project

    by Kate St.Clair

    Four teams. One test. No way out.

    Wake up, report to the Tect, try to survive. Life on Carcer Station is a change from the daily struggle on Titan for four strangers Lyra, Zeke, Aquila and Pollux. Each day, they perform a task at the Tect, a unique building that can shift to accommodate any challenge it might have for them. Sometimes it’s a maze, or an obstacle course. But the biggest challenge is the one going on inside their heads — the fight for their own... more

  • A Journey's Promise

    On the night his parents mysteriously died in their sleep, Edward Duffey had an intense nightmare, the first of many to come… Edward, a young man who has lost his family, survived an abusive marriage, and owns a business with a couple of friends, has seemingly found his way back to a happy and fruitful life. It isn’t until a woman named Alice enters his romantic sights that he notices a pattern of changes. People around him notice as well, especially those who have been searching for a long t... more

    by Palle E.K. Oswald

    It takes a village to raise a child.

    In a land of brutal conquests, twisted histories and forbidden magic, the Lion tribe is in crisis. The chief has three heirs. The warrior, the worker, and the accursed. For one to ascend the lionchair, the others must be broken.

    It takes the demons to make a man.

    Sakhan fights captivity, shamans, and shapeshifters – all while caring for an ailing mother and vowing to... more

  • Gentleman's Club

    by NT Herrgott
    Luca Wexler has grown up in a world where superheroes are a staple of the nightly news. At seventeen years old, with eight years of hero training, a scrappy attitude, and a mountain of sass - he figures that's everything he needs to make it big as The Avalon Knight. (Behind his dad's back.) Even though his trainer keeps him on the streets of San Francisco to break up muggings or the occasional burglary, he somehow gets thrust into a supervillain crisis! (Okay, he might have accidentally-on-pu... more
  • The Cure

    by Brant von Goble
    A satire of medicine, love, and greed.
  • Amaranth

    by David M. Snow
    They thought the Flood was the end… When a mysterious syndrome spreads on the last remaining Ark on Earth, Skyler Goldberg, a young doctor in the making, faces an unprecedented crisis. The dead are piling up, yet no cure exists. Skyler can only count on himself to avoid the worst. Emily Bates, his childhood friend, interrogates stowaways in the prison as a special agent. Their presence onboard could shake the very foundations of the ship. Will she be strong enough to overcome the injustice... more
  • The Compassionate Killers

    by Justin Case
    In this thought-provoking and fascinating futuristic dystopian novel, Enoch Walker awakens from a cryogenic coma five hundred years into the future. His last memories of his former life were of a fledgling country that he helped build after America's second civil war. He is happy to see this new nation still exists. But to his growing dismay, he realizes the country has morphed into something he cannot reconcile himself with. The people are now superhuman, thanks to a dark secret that Enoch thou... more
  • The Wicked & The Dead

    by Melissa Marr
    Enter a new faery world written by the author of the internationally, USAT, and NYT bestselling Wicked Lovely series. Half witch, half killer, wholly unpreparedly for a Faery Bargain, Geneviève Crowe makes her living beheading the walking dead (draugar) in near-future New Orleans. But Geneviève's magic has gone sideways, and the only person strong enough to help her is the one man who could tempt her to think about picket fences: Eli Stonecroft, a faery bar-owner in New Orleans. When h... more
  • The Adventures of Snout: At the end of the forest

    by Mae Johnsson
    For the first time in twelve years Snout found himself standing outside of the forest he had grown up in. He had gone to the west, even though his parents had forbidden him to do so. As he stood looking out over the most beautiful, colorful land he had ever seen he couldn’t understand why he had not been allowed to go there. Although, the nature was not the only thing that was different from the forest. There was also creatures in the west that he had never seen before. One of them was Ox, who w... more
  • Lap mang FPT

    by fptinfolapmang
  • In Darkness Dwells

    by James Fox
    Danger lurks in the depths of space... After encountering a string of dead-end salvage targets, Captain Hailey Suro decides to venture into a forbidden nebula with the hope of striking it rich. However, an accident followed by several strange incidents soon spells disaster for the small crew of the Andvari. As the problems add up, the mission is no longer about fulfilling their contract—but trying to make it out alive. In Darkness Dwells is a standalone sci-fi thriller set in the Cadicle U... more
  • Retaliation (The Sol Saga Book 2)

    by James Fox
    The fight for freedom comes at a heavy price. After learning too late that he was supposed to take the fall for a political assassination and massacre, disgraced ex-general Keith Brennan finds himself given a slim chance at redemption. The puppet-masters are being flushed out of their shadows. Revolutionaries clash against the full might of the UNIC Protectorate all across the planet. If Edward McAaron has his way, the battles won’t stop with just Mars. War has come to the system at a lev... more
  • The Voyage Part I

    by Robert Vincent
    "It is 1832 as the USS Hayes sails the Indian Ocean, guided by its lord and master, Captain Gellins. Meantime a shipmate is wrongly accused of stealing and faces the fatal lash. Likewise, he is just one of many who have been accused of false charges: others who have already met their end at the gratings; all from the lies supplied to the captain by shipmate Penderghast. Who can tell what will happen if certain other shipmates take the law into their own hands to try and right this injustice. An... more
  • B09F9Y11YD

    by Penn Fawn
    The Fourth Tier is the first book of the Underworld Series, a spin off from author Penn Fawn’s Necropolis dark fantasy novels. It is the part of the underworld that is home to the master of sorcery and dark arts, the necromancer, and his alliance of beasts and the undead. It is the most terrifying place in the afterlife where only the most unfortunate souls might be downcast. That is precisely where our protagonist, Hespatia, and her peers who’ve fallen from grace find themselves. A desper... more
  • The Terminal Code

    by J.W. Galliger
    How do you solve an impossible murder? Meet Dashiell Kincaid, a cocky security consultant known for his knowledge of SCAPE's virtual reality systems and his problem-solving ability. The Terminal Code takes place in 2050, as Kincaid is called to the scene of a murder in New York City, but is quick to find that this one is much more than it seems, as it somehow crossed the bounds of SCAPE and into every day life. In this modern take of a “locked-room mystery”, most people have abandoned the real... more