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  • Catherine

    by Mary Kay Holmes
    As the coffee shop door slammed shut, Dez lost control of his reflexes and dropped his keys to the floor, a strange fear filling every drop of his blood. When his eyes met Catherine’s, the terror became entangled with obsession, and his skin tingled as if someone was caressing him. The inner instinct screamed to run, his heart trying to climb from his body in fear, yet looking into the deep pools of her eyes he was unable to move. Dez’s life as he knew it was over, an onslaught of horror about t... more
  • Of Shadow and Moonlight

    by Luna Laurier
    Take a story inspired by Black Dagger Brotherhood's vampires, add a dash of a modern twist on A Court of Thorns and Roses/Throne of Glass and a splash of Greek mythology and you get Of Shadow and Moonlight. Vampires, Monsters, Greek Mythology, Gods, Magic, Heartbreak, and more! A woman fated to die young, a man cursed to live forever, and a darkness that threatens to destroy everything they love. Cassie was never able to experience the life that many take for granted, the freedom to dictat... more
  • Of Crowns and Legends

    by Chelsea Banning
    Camelot's power hangs by a thread, but no one yet knows it. Its fate is tied to the children King Arthur was never supposed to have... Anwil and Ariadne Pendragon are twins, best friends, and nothing alike. While Anwil pores over books in the library, Ariadne is training to be a Knight of the Round Table. Yet they are both haunted by the same shadow: their late father, the legendary King Arthur. It's been nearly twenty years since Arthur died in the Battle of Camlann, and peace has since ... more
  • Pandemonium

    by Bill Harvey
    In this fast-moving thriller, a heady amalgam of hidden war, psychics, Nazis, aliens, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and transcendental love takes place against a backdrop wherein the latest media/technology revolution triggers sudden unprecedented changes in world politics.
  • Cargo 3120: Ties that Bind

    by Aaron Walker Sr.
    In the year 3120, Marcus leaves the brutal life of a mercenary...a life he barely survived. He returns home to keep his family's interstellar shipping business afloat, while also helping to care for his dying niece. In desperate need of money, Marcus embarks on what was supposed to be a simple deep space cargo run. But his world is turned upside down when he learns the truth about the job. Where did the mysterious cargo come from? And more importantly... who wants it back? No... more
  • The Palladium

    by Thorsten Brandl

    A radio station that doesn't officially exist

    A mysterious circle whose members possess incredible abilities

    One fateful night to save mankind

    Michael Baker, a down on his luck writer, finds himself drawn to an eccentric little hotel that shelters an ancient secret. When a badly injured woman materializes in his apartment later that day, he discovers that he is part of something far more fantastic than anything he could ... more

  • Half Awakened Dreams: Volume II of the Carandir Saga

    by David A. Wimsett
    King Ryckair and Queen Mirjel pursue Baras, the evil dragon who escaped in Dragons Unmembered. Together, as equals, they must complete a subduing spell with the power of the magical crown of Carandir. It alone can return the dragon to eternal sleep. Baras waits, wounded and in hiding, but his power grows each day. Soon, he will rise fully to visit a reign of terror upon the world. In the east, Shara, the former lover who convinced Ryckair Mirjel was dead, bears a son Ryckair was unaware he... more
  • Dragons Unremembered: Volume I of The Carandir Saga

    by David A. Wimsett
    Baras they named him, the dragon who betrayed all. Subdued, he lay under a spell woven eons before by the magical crown of the monarchy of Carandir. Once, he could have swept aside the enchanted threads when he vied for control of the world with an army of sorcerers named the Barasha, the servants of baras, along with discontented dragons and demons. In his sleep, Baras dreams of what might have been. The visions fill him with hatred of all things that walk alive beneath the sun, for he will ... more
  • The Guardian of Whispers

    by B. E. Padgett

    Not long into fifth grade, ten-year-old twins Frank and Jon Reed undergo extraordinary changes: Frank starts reading minds. Jon can see the future. But every magical gift has a cost.
    The constant voices whispering in Frank's head won't stop. He can't sleep or even think. Horrifying nightmares plague Jon, making it harder and harder for him to wake up.
    Their hope lies at West Hills School for the Perceptually Gifted, a boardin... more

  • The By-Blow Promise Land

    by RE Bunch
    Truett Fox has never felt at home with any family—adopted, found, or birth. After his birth father’s unexpected passing, Truett and his adoptive brother Felix go to New Orleans, Louisiana to attend the service. While paying their respects, a storm rolls in that causes them to cut their trip short. As the two try to leave town they are detoured off the main roads, going further into the bayou. As tensions flare on the dark flooded roads, they find a woman, Leticia, stranded in the storm. Leticia ... more
  • Eclipse (Fractured Orbit Book 1)

    by Herman Steuernagel

    Perfect for fans of Red Rising, The Expanse and Firefly, ECLIPSE is an epic space adventure that’s part space opera, part dystopia. A dual POV, fast-paced read that’s filled with unlikely heroes, space pirates, and non-stop heart-pounding action!

    Django Alexander had everything he ever wanted... now he’s lost it all.

    When Django uncovered an unexpected truth, he didn’t know it would end the lives of nearly everyone he cares about. Left only with his sister,... more

  • Hallowed Hill

    by Kit Campbell
    After the sudden loss of her parents, 16-year-old Martie Torsney receives a surprise scholarship from a prestigious boarding school. This is the opportunity she needs to leave the heartbreak and echoes of her parents behind. But scholarship students are very rare, and none has ever completed their time at Greyson. And, now, someone wants Martie gone too. But is it the living--or the dead?
  • Alessia in Atlantis: The Jellyfish Jailbreak (Alessia in Atlantis, #2)

    by Nathalie Laine
    The second book in the riveting new series that fans of Keeper of the Lost Cities and Percy Jackson can't put down. Twelve-year-old Alessia has just returned to start her second school year in the Lost City of Atlantis, when the underwater nation is gripped by some ominous news. A prisoner responsible for one of the worst attacks in Atlantis history has escaped, and Alessia suspects her fugitive, evil mother is involved. With the help of her schoolfriends, Alessia will have to interrogate ... more
  • The House of Prophecy (The Chronicles of Chaos Book 3)

    by Glen Dahlgren

    ❖ American Fiction Award Winner
    ❖ Ozma Fantasy Award Finalist
    ❖ IAN Book of the Year Finalist

    In the aftermath of chaos, a prophecy threatens to shatter the world anew.

    Lorre's survival defied fate, but a prophecy promises that her continued existence threatens untold destruction.

    Yet, for Galen, his mother's life is paramount. He'll defy both destiny and the Harbingers of Chaos who crave her as ... more

  • A Fae Is Done

    by Danielle M. Orsino
    Prophecies, broken hearts, secrets, and scars. Bodies delivered on the wings of butterflies. After Queen Aurora's execution, the Court of Light falls into political unrest. The riots continue as new Queen Sekhmet takes her place on the throne and puts her long-planned agenda into action. Meanwhile, King Jarvok attempts to remedy his heartache but ends up divulging suspicions he has held close for centuries instead. Alliances shift as dark mysteries bubble to the surface, but a prophecy reading... more