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  • Alien Neighbors

    by Nancy Golden
    An Intriguing Take on a First Contact Star Trek collides with Armageddon in this human-alien friendship where an introverted human nerd and an alien college professor with an irrepressible sense of humor form an unlikely alliance in an effort to save both their worlds and, ultimately, each other. Stealing a spaceship and kidnapping an alien are not out of the question... Nuclear scientist Tom, his brave, spunky 12-year-old daughter Stephanie, and NASA mission commander Theresa join forc... more
  • Staked: A Vampire's Tale

    by Kim Catanzarite
    After centuries of hibernation in a trunk tossed and battered by the ocean waves, Gregoire Babin has washed up on the shore of Wodge Island in New England. At first he has no idea who he is or where he’s from, but he is quickly taken under the wing of a group of wanderers and outcasts. As his memories come back to him, Gregoire begins to realize that he has a disturbing craving for blood (which he manages to satisfy, for the time being, with animal blood), that he left his mother and the love of... more
  • Drowned Sea

    by Tristan Miranda
    The worst monsters are human. Lilyth is worse. She promised to protect her daughter. Then the pirates attacked. Now Lilyth will stop at nothing to get her kidnapped daughter back—even when that means posing as the champion of a goddess, brainwashing an army of cultists, and igniting a war so bloody that it threatens to awaken the ancient horrors of the Drowned Sea. Lilyth is coming. No one is safe. All will drown.
  • Songweaver Lost

    by David E. Gaston

    An astonishing friendship. A cascade of mysteries. A snarl of secrets. And a couple steps away from disaster.

    All Jessica wanted was to keep things from getting worse. With her family shattered, her older brother vanished, and an outcast at school, she stalked through her days with a simmering anger that was never far from exploding.

    But her world turns inside-out when she encounters a “lost girl” in a lonely place, an ordinary barefoot kid dressed in ... more

  • Sābanto - The Copper Briar

    by Ewa Anderson

    "Hard work, sacrifice, success": the motto of global government, World United. Business is booming and the economy rebounding as the world continues rebuilding from a long and bloody war.

    The wealthier inhabitants reap the results while tens of thousands of poverty-stricken people pay for this success with blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes their lives. The destitute are unable to fight back against the abusive class structure, aggressive media propaganda supporting this ... more

  • The Soul of Stone

    by Florian Frank Fleitmann
    King Vonter is looking forward to marrying his bride, but evil, magical forces attack his kingdom, in which magic was thought to have vanished entirely. Samjya, his betrothed, isolated in the castle, gets exposed to transformative magic herself. Fragir, the evil sorcerer is on a violent path of vengeance and destruction. Mibb, the talking squirrel is trying to help with unlucky consequences. With the help of old and new friends, the King is trying to save his people from the end of the world as ... more

    by Jamie Eubanks
    A brazen revenge scheme launches this paranormal suspense when two strangers are trapped on the outskirts of an abandoned Louisiana town where nothing is as it seems.
  • A Brief History of Olivarra

    by James Stitt
    A Prince murdered, his death falsely attributed to Axis air raids, the royal family swallowed into the silent blackness of a snowstorm, seemingly plucked from a military convoy. Thirty four years later, the denizens of the once sovereign Principality of Olivarra struggle to maintain their individual and collective lies, as long believed and carefully crafted narratives begin to unravel. Michel and Josi Gruner, young Olivarran parents, host Michel’s sister at their riverfront cottage, once the r... more
  • Ancient as the Stars

    by Maya Darjani
    For fans of Lower Decks, the Expanse, and Firefly: a found family time travel adventure with humor, snark, and lots of heart. One kickass immortal sailship captain. Captain Karenna Yilmaz of the Earth Union Fleet has it all. Adoring husband? Check. The enduring loyalty of her crew? Check. Transformation into a beautiful ageless immortal? Check. Check. Check. But when a dimensional rift brings her low-down, dust-sniffing, no-good younger self hurtling into the present, Karenna's carefully-c... more
  • A Look into the Past: C.I.G.I.

    by Amira Vasileva

    A Look into the Past is set on Ellis Island, Wards Island, Roosevelt Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan in the year 2077. The world’s population has been reduced to only a few million souls following the YAR pandemic, which provoked internecine violence and mayhem that came immediately on the heels of the Second Plague pandemic, in the early and mid-twenty-first century, and consequent wars and widespread destruction.

    The protagonist, Ava Firestone, is a cadet at the NYC chapter of t... more

  • The Study of Magic

    by Maria V. Snyder
    As Chief of Ixia’s Security, Valek’s work is never done. After rescuing Commander Ambrose with, Yelena, his heartmate’s, help and seeing her off to Sitia, Valek discovers the nefarious scheme to overthrow their country is far more complex and far reaching than anyone could have guessed. Valek must discover who is continuing with Brazell and Mogkan’s conniving plans, all while dealing with a tense political situation. The Ixian generals are questioning his abilities to keep the Commander safe, ... more
  • Ropen Island

    by Lois Buchter
    Out in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, a research team is looking for rare bats in hopes they can find a cure for Diabetes, when they see something that shouldn't, couldn't be real, Pterodactyl's hunting in the night. The local's call them Ropen, or death-eaters, and now the team is after biologicals to confirm their identity for the scientific record. Can the team make it back to civilization? Or, will they become "lunch" in this mayhem, edge-of-your-seat action adventure?
  • 2084

    by John B. Dutton
    Worldwide fame and fortune beckon for sculptor Santiago Khan in a new North American megastate where a Board chosen by reality show viewers runs the country as a corporate paradise. But his life begins to derail after learning of a connection to purple-haired, sexually confident Mira Cool, who builds her online brand by disrupting major art installations similar to his. When Santi’s father is misdiagnosed and held captive by AI healthcare bots, Mira joins Santi on a fateful mission as they ri... more
  • A Holder of Hope

    by Jane McGarry
    Her name personifies disaster. Her deed unleashed all evil. Now, her story is told. Pandora lives a quiet life on the idyllic island of Lemnos until the eyes of the Olympian gods fall on her. Plucked from the comforts of home, she must concede to their wishes and wed the immortal Titan, Epimetheus. In honor of their marriage, the gods present her with a jar full of blessings. However, gifts from the gods do not come without a price. While Pandora builds a fulfilling life with Epimetheus, her ... more
  • Red Planet Lancers

    by Brian H. Roberts
    After sweeping Dallas Gordon and the American base from Earth’s moon, Emperor Zhang Aiguo launches an armada to conquer Ep City and control Mars. Ruthless Colonel Song Dajing leads his Emperor’s flotilla to defeat EPSILON’s isolated Mars colony. He brings the same armaments he used to defeat Dallas Gordon on the moon, plus a high yield missile to annihilate Ep City and its occupants. The US Space Force, occupied with plans to take back the moon, refuses to intervene. In a race against time, Da... more
  • The Tower of Abell

    by Valerius Laborem
    Renald, Ironvine, Whisperclaw, and Glimmer have joined the Black Raven Guild and travel together with a single goal. To climb all 100 floors of the Tower of Abell, a magical tower constructed by the supreme God Abell hundreds of years ago. To whomever could reach the top, Abell promised to grant them a single wish. When Whisperclaw is injuried in an attempted ambush on the group, the party is forced to travel to the city of Amacedia on the tower's first floor in order to seek medical attention. ... more