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  • Edge of Extinction

    by Kim Borg

    The year is 2086 and the planet is deteriorating fast. Extreme weather events and unseasonable climate have become the norm. Millions die of famine and drought each year and yet the population continues to grow, reaching well over 10 billion people. After millions of years of evolution, humanity faces collapse.

    But all is not lost.

    There is another planet, far from our solar system, which may be capable of supporting human life – Arcadia. Dr. Amber Lytton and Dr. Joel Carter... more

  • Blood and Veil: A Novella

    by Marjory Kaptanoglu
    Murder, romance, and the discovery of the true nature of her high-powered patron disrupt the life of a sheltered courtesan. Set in an alternate history world in which women have no rights, Blood and Veil tells the story of beautiful, cultured Gabrielle, who lives and works at a house of courtesans. After uncovering evidence that her patron has committed murder, she plots to bring him down by allying herself with a secret society of wives who will use any means to avenge the wrongs against the... more
  • Solar Warden

    by Peter Fuller
    USAF combat pilot Colonel Steve Richardson is injured during a mission in Afghanistan. He's rescued by an unusual craft and taken aboard a massive space craft in orbit, where he's treated for his wounds. Once recovered, he's introduced to a secret space program called "Solar Warden" that defends earth from a malevolent, paranormal alien threat.
  • Divine Blood (The Guardians of the Maiden #1)

    by Beck Michaels
    The Shadow demon nearly took everything from Dynalya Astron, and it would soon return for more. When she discovers a way to fight back, she must go on a perilous journey and risk it all for those she holds dear. Along the way, she meets Cassiel, a Celestial Prince with magic blood and wings as black as his heart. He wants nothing to do with Dyna until he learns she could lead him to a place he has been searching for all his life. But reaching their destination is not as easy as they though... more
  • The First Robot President

    by Robert Carlyle Taylor
    The year is 2484. Thomas Jenkins orders a robot wife–a high-end model with an exceptional I.Q. Soon after she arrives, Thomas learns that his robowife wants to become a mother and run for Congress. Someone suggests that she can fulfill the first goal by adopting a child, but no one takes the second goal seriously. Little does anyone know that the robot will one day become President of the United States. The First Robot President combines science fiction and political satire in an entertai... more
  • The Chiral Agent: Biogenesis War, Book 1

    by LL Richman
    First they stole his identity. Now they want him dead. Micah Case is one of the Geminate Navy’s elite Shadow Recon pilots. He’s flown into enemy space countless times. When his spacecraft disintegrates around him above an alien world, Micah awakens with no memory of his past, and with a mysterious voice inside his head. His genetic code contains the power to destroy all life. Hunted by his own military for reasons yet unclear, Micah embarks on a desperate journey to find the unknown voi... more
  • Proxima Centauri - Hunt for the Lost AIs

    by Lisa Richman
    The stench of the Norden Cartel is far from eradicated. Though Jason and his team have taken down Victoria North and freed many of the kidnapped AIs, several are still missing, and it’s the team’s job to find them. Even as they set things right, a small piece of technology procured from Norden’s crumbling criminal empire is enough to become the catalyst for an even worse catastrophe. Jason, Terrance, and the Phantom Blade team grapple with this new threat, unaware that it is far closer to h... more
  • Alpha Centauri - Rise of the Kentaurus AIs

    by Lisa Richman
    The Sentience Wars may be won, but the battle is not over... The Sentience Wars in Sol have come to an end. In the wake of war, refugees still flee to nearby stars, but there are sinister forces at work in Alpha Centauri who would turn their plight into profit. None of this is apparent to an easygoing, self assured pilot-for-hire named Jason Andrews. Recently arrived from Proxima Centauri to visit his sister, he is sucked into a covert operation by a brother-in-law who is not who he seems.... more
  • Not Alone

    by Frederic Martin

    Looking for a break from dystopian or high fantasy sci-fi?

    Welcome to down-to-earth rural Vermont...

    It’s summer, 2011, and for four and a half years, all Blue has been looking for is some sort of normal life after losing her family in a suspicious fire. But what is normal for a girl that can hear what no one else can? And what should she do when she hears something that presents a tantalizing opportunity to avenge her family? With an unexp... more

  • The Rose Vol. 1 A Dystopian Science Fiction Thriller

    by P.D. Alleva
    A masterful, dystopian science fiction thriller of underground genetic experiments, telepathic evil greys, mysterious rebellion, martial arts, and Alien Vampires. Sandy Cox believed WW3 was over. But for those Alien Vampires, war has just begun. Forty-eight hours after a World War III treaty is signed Sandy Cox awakens in an underground compound unable to move. Tied to machines, she screams for help but no one answers. At least no one human. And they’ve taken her unborn child. Phil ... more
  • After Intelligence: The Hidden Sequence

    by Nicole Marie

    Technology simply cannot be uninvented. It can, however, be contained.

    Cognation Academy’s invisible passages, floating buildings, and treetop hideaways appear to be powered by magic. Tech giant Cognation Industries, however, doesn’t need magic to make the impossible a reality.

    In her second year at the Academy, Charlotte Blythe comes face to face with Cognation’s latest creations in the form of ten new students who are alarmingly real - but not... more

  • Tinsey Clover and the Tree of Balance

    by Chelsea Walker Flagg
    Three weeks after helping end a period of segregation, 12-year-old Tinsey Clover feels great now that her forest is more inclusive of all its different people. But, the happy feeling doesn’t last long when some of the Icelandic villages express their disgust with the new treaty. When someone steals a special stone, and representation of peace, from her family, Tinsey takes it upon herself to get it back. After all, even though she’s only an elf the size of a squirrel, she knows she’s strong. ... more
  • The Last Prince

    by E.G. Radcliff

    In a hellish city, the fate of a young boy rests on the very thing he fears most…
    Robbed of his childhood by tragedy and betrayal and forced onto the streets, only fury makes young Ninian feel whole - and in a world of gangs and fae, Ninian is more than willing to fight for his life.
    But it doesn’t take much to topple a life which is already balanced on the edge of a knife. And by the time a desperate Ninian realizes he’s crossed the wrong person, it is much, much... more

  • Fa//en

    by Mark Lingane
    Who knew space was so dull? Except ... A dark secret lies in an abandoned space trading outpost. A civilization faces extinction. As the crew (and the last Earthlings) of the CF-A101 are forced to crash-land on a distant satellite planet, there is more to worry about than a disabled ship. The crew is driven to bursting point as dark forces pull them apart until there is no option but to turn on each other. Can they overcome their differences and escape the looming disaster?
  • The Scion, the Chaos Witch, and the Feline (Sagas of Arcadian City - Book One)

    by Duke Eberhart
    A powerful new race of genetically altered humans emerges…and now the war begins. Boasting a weaponized virus that endows its victims with supernatural powers, a secret organization known as “the Covenant” prepares to launch its attack on humanity. All that’s standing in its way? Ethan Kaiser, a jaded rich kid hell-bent on revenge, and Grace Song, an unlucky outcast whose closest friend just so happens to be a cat. As the unlikely pair descend into the Covenant’s brutal underworld, they are c... more
  • In My Memory Locked

    by Jim Nelson

    They hired a cybernetic detective to recover the Internet’s stolen digital history. They didn’t know his twisted past is the key to the crime.

    Security expert C.F. Naroy is hired to stop hackers from destroying the only remaining preserved copy of the Old Internet—"Old" because the Internet has been replaced by the Nexternet, a technology that allows anyone anywhere to transmit instantly love, hate, outrage, joy…their very thought... more