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  • Shielding the Light of Justice Book 2 of the Hoshiyan Chronicles

    by Barry Dr. Nadel
    Yoshua, Aviva and Sasha are falsely incarcerated in a Spanish prison. Pardoned by the king, the warden instigates the inmates to kill the trio. They are saved by the Minister of the Interior and his GEO agents. Once home they seek information to barter with the Spanish government to recover the mummies and artifacts from the excavation Spanish deputy minister of the Interior, Ernesto Palmerio, leader of the terrorists lures Yoshua back to Spain to kill him with promises to reopen the excavation... more
  • Fraidy's Amazeballs ARggles Adventure

    by Ira Nayman

    Hoverboards (eat your heart out, Marty McFly!), ARggles (Augmented Reality goggles, which, Terminator-like, project digital information on the real world, and come in a variety of designer colors) and Home Universe GeneratorTMs (which allow you to see other universes, but not touch) – the near future is a great time to be a kid!

    Everybody thinks that Frieda “Fraidy” Katz is a fifteen year-old slacker who is coasting on gentlewoman cs. In fact, she is a math nerd who in... more

  • Demon Zero

    by Clayton Smith
    The city of Templar has always been a little strange. Monsters slither out of the lakes, a zombie rises up every few years, and from time to time, some of the people go missing for no reason. But the supernatural occurrences have been happening more and more frequently lately, and it may have something to do with the all-powerful demon that’s living in Mrs. Grunberg’s basement. When local slackers Simon Dark and Virgil Matter decide to investigate the mysterious presence in the cellar, they s... more
  • Return to Lankura

    by Carol Louise Wilde
    Nagaro Chronicle 3: Nagaro and his men practice a form of honorable piracy, attacking only Mahuk war galleys to free the slaves at their oars - a practice that has caused the Mahuk emperor to put a price on Nagaro's head. And now he has attracted the attention of the King of Edrovir as well. When Nagaro learns that Edrovir's Lord of the Fleet is looking for him, he boldly decides to meet the man, setting himself on a course that will change his life forever.
  • Covenant of the Sword

    by Carol Louise Wilde

    Nagaro Chronicle 2: The captured Mahuk war galley floats enticingly in Pakoa harbor, and Nagaro has a beautiful and deadly Mahuk sword under his bed, but neither seems likely to do him any good. He is famous from one end of the island to the other for leading the slaves' escape, but unanswered questions about the past he must conceal torment him. How did he escape the palace and the will-enslaving drug heskial? When Taru hatches a plot to find out, things go from bad to worse.

  • Leaf and Flame

    by Veronica Dale

    In this fourth and final book in the Coin of Rulve series, twin brothers Sheft and Teller must leave the women they love and embark on the last stage of their mission to save the Land of Shunder from a vicious despot. Sheft must face the face that the very act that fulfills his destiny will strengthen the lord's evil intentions. Teller gambles everything he is on a face-to-face challenge to stop the lord's ruthless march to domination. Pushed to their limits, besieged but still s... more

  • Dead Man Walking

    by Zach Adams
    “Dead Man Walking” by Zach Adams is a compelling contemporary fantasy novel full of twists and turns that will leave readers captivated until the last page. Focusing on Isaac Falcone, a young library assistant, this novel follows the man as he realizes that his life is becoming infested with otherworldly creatures, many of whom mean to do him harm. After discovering a magic book, Isaac is attacked by a swarm of the undead, but is rescued by an elven man named L’æon. The elf suddenly appears in I... more
  • The Shredded Orphans and the Space Pirates

    by Sonya Rhen
    BEWARE: Space Pirates! According to the Resource Obscurantism Department, space pirate attacks are increasing and their new Space Pirate Protection Program is designed to protect travelers. The Shredded Orphans find the ROD’s new SP3 requirements inconvenient at best. Come space tripping with the Shredded Orphans seismic rock band. The music industry slaves: Lix, Ophelia, Mac, Chitto and Justice, make their way to Seachellis 17 for a concert they’ve been dying to play. The only hitch in their pl... more
  • All the Tommys in the World

    by Javier Gombinsky

    They know something we don't.

    For horror Youtubers Lilith and Nate, zombie movies are escapist fantasies. So when a real zombie uprising in the streets of New Southport is quickly thwarted, they know those familiar-looking ghouls are hiding something. They should know. Born with a weak heart in the funeral town of Leatelranch, built around the largest cemetery in the world, Lilith’s parents raised her with zombie stories to keep her from learning the truth abo... more

  • Hero

    by CC Lepki
    A mental institution that treats patients with delusions of grandeur is in reality a facility that tricks super-powered people into believing they're crazy. Cassy Arnett makes it her mission to save every single potential superhero locked within. One problem: she's one of the residents - and not one quartered off in the superhero unit. Her entire life she believed herself to be a hero; now, at last, is her chance to prove it.
  • Sea and Sword

    by Jim Genzano
    Hunter Wilson finally found the magical world he'd been looking for all his life - then the Door closed to him. Now he's desperate to find a way back - any way back. But he's about to find out, some Doors are more perilous than others. Drowning or getting eaten by pirates might be the price he has to pay to go back to the world where he feels he truly belongs.
  • Tree and Beast

    by Jim Genzano
    It all starts with a big disappointment for Hunter Wilson: there's no monster under his bed. And that's not even the worst of it. He's pretty sure his forgetful father and his distracted mother are both at least part alien – but like, the boring kind of alien. His school has the lamest field trips ever, it has no wizards of any kind, and the bullies are lined up outside just waiting to hassle him and his best (and only) friend Gert on their way in. It seems like Hunter will never have an excitin... more
  • Trident

    by Ann Searle Horowitz
    Twelve-year-old Richard Tomlin has almost given up on finding his dad. Instead, he focuses all of his energy on being the youngest swimmer ever on his team to qualify for Junior Olympics. But everything changes when his new goggles transport him to the Lost City of Atlantis! Confronting shapeshifters and dark magical forces, Richard channels his inner science geek and the power of positive thinking to stay alive. As he struggles to tame the magic of his goggles, his strong-willed twin, Luc... more
  • Of the Lilin, The Sage Chronicles, Book One

    by Paulette Hampton

    Coming of age has never been more terrifying.

    A teenager dealing with grief and depression slips from reality into a realm of darkness and a demonic bloodline she is unable to escape.

    The gripping debut in a thrilling YA paranormal fantasy series.

    After the loss of her mother, her stepfather’s mental breakdown, and the sudden death of his best friend, teenager Sage Frankle is taken to live with her aunt and cousin at the Englewood Inn in Vermont. While working... more

  • The Lady Jewel Diviner: Book 1 in the Lady Diviner series

    by Rosalie Oaks
    Diamonds, Death, and Devonshire tea… in a magical Regency England Miss Elinor Avely's proper upbringing cannot prepare her for the tiny, spinster vampire who crashes into her sitting room and demands to be fed with a sheep. Elinor already has enough troubles without having to catch ruminants. First, her secret gift for divining jewels has landed her in scandal, exiling her from London society. Second, a nobleman of dubious repute wants her to find a cache of smuggled jewels, hidden somewhe... more
  • The Mountaineer's Painting: A Ghost Story

    by David Francis Curran
    Kevin Frost finds a handsome frame at a yard sale. But for some reason the glass in the frame is painted over. He buys the frame and uncovers a breathtaking mountainscape. That night he begins to have dreams about the painter's fatal climb. And when he wakes the painting has changed. This is a love story, a ghost story, and a murder mystery. If you loved the Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze movie GHOST you will love this book. if the Sylvester Stallone movie CLIFFHANGER scared you, this book will scar... more