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  • Song of the Dark

    by Bryn Suddarth
    In a siren-infested sea, Thomas is the last survivor on a sinking ship, the only sailor unaffected by the sirens’ song. Before he meets his end, the god of the ocean, Mariana, saves him in exchange for his help. Mariana believes Thomas is the only person who can help her find a cure for the siren plague that has infected mermaids around the world. On his journey, Thomas is thrust into the unfamiliar world of magic and discovers it is nothing like he believed it to be. The memory of his first lo... more
  • The Passengers from Hell & other ghost stories

    by Lachlan Hazelton
    Twelve standalone tales of mystery and peril. From a dark and lonely night by a Texan campfire to a mysterious heap of stones beside a Victorian railway, this collection of unique ghost stories will keep you guessing - not to mention sleeping with one eye open ... What makes these tales special is a combination of intense attention to detail, close emotional involvement with a varied cast of characters, and cumulative menace. You won’t find hyperbole or cliches, nor splatterfest, but prepare to... more
  • Tales of Witches and Wyverns

    by S. Ramsey

    Dive into a whirlwind of magic, treacherous quests, and mythical beasts. If you've gobbled up the Court of Thorns and Roses series, The Lunar Chronicles series, or The Cruel Prince series, you're in for a wild ride!🎢

    Meet Enid Davies - your not-so-typical teen. She might look ordinary, but when she gazes into a mirror, a cursed witch's daughter stares back, not a hero.

    But on her 16th birthday, things get bizarre when her... more

  • Changing Tide

    by Robert Joncas
    A wild adventure that takes you on a journey from the California Coast to the depths of the Grand Canyon. Dive into this fast-paced, suspenseful Sci-Fi fantasy novel that melds sizzling romance, action, heart-stopping horror, and a high-stakes battle to save humanity.
  • Essien of Alkebulan

    by Didi Anofienem
    Essien of Alkebulan tells the story of Essien, the first woman to join Alkebulan’s formidable military power structure. Fueled by ancestral magic and the power of gods on earth, Essien becomes the physical embodiment of a goddess as she strives to empower herself and her country. Spanning several centuries, Essien of Alkebulan, parts one through four are set in Alkebulan, a re-imagined Africa that was never colonized or subjugated by foreign powers. Instead, the Alkebulan of Essien’s world is o... more
  • Viila and the Doomsday Affair

    by Roger Danchik
    Viila and the Doomsday Affair is a rollicking quest to save the universe by a very unusual group— a rabbi and his clueless son, a beautiful vampire, a sex obsessed teraphim, Barnabas the demon, Queen Pharaoh the original cat and Jasper the belly crawler. They must save the world we know - even with all its flaws - before the new eternity starts. To do that, they must reach the Hidden room in the Sacred Mount passing three impossible tasks (it's always three), the Master of Death's acolytes, an i... more
  • The Secrets of Cinnamon Cinderguard

    by Lara Lee
    A new stand-alone adventure and love story within the same faerie world of gryphendale. Seventeen year old Cinnamon Cinderguard has secrets, tons of them that she hides under a mask of wit and humor. Her greatest desire is to have a safe, new life as a servant to the royal family of Samodivas...and a real bed...and drink tea. When a plot to murder the newly returned mad prince and the assassination of an Undine Ambassador threatens the stability of the Huldra kingdom, Cinnamon tells all she k... more
  • The Becalmer

    by Nick Wilford
    The Becalmer is about a girl with the power to resolve conflicts using her mind who is called on to take on the biggest challenge of her life - stopping a war. When she comes up against an adversary who shares similar powers but doesn't use them for good, she is forced to dig deep and find a strength she never knew she had if she is going to prevail.
  • Regent: The Coelacanth Project Book III

    by Sarah Newland
    Natalie has found the worst kept secret in history. Now, to stay safe, all she has to do is keep her head down and obey the Regent. But the cost of Natalie’s power is catching up with her. The past and present are a blur, Nautilus lurks at the city gates, safety is an illusion, and all around her reality cracks. While Edwin urges her to find an anchor and Leo strives to be her confidant, Natalie is convinced that to save herself, she must fix her family. And fixing her family means finding Br... more
  • Chymist: The Coelacanth Project Book II

    by Sarah Newland
    Haunted by a power she can’t control, Natalie is determined to reunite her family and uncover the truth of her past. But with Leo missing in action and Uncle Chris out of the picture, Natalie is left harboring a mysterious key and a secret that isn’t hers to tell. Invited to masquerade as a Nautilus recruit, Natalie finds herself in the Helix: Nautilus’s center. Faced with old enemies and locked doors, she hopes to last long enough to find her parents. However, Natalie isn’t the only one keeping... more
  • The Last Elder King

    by D. B. Collins


    Max’s life takes an extraordinary turn in the ordinary town of Gilden, where magic is dismissed as make-believe. Raised by a hardworking but absent mother, never knowing who his father was. Thankfully, his wise and supportive grandfather, Paps, fills the void. However, at times, Max feels like he’s the one raising Paps.

    One fateful day, Max and his loyal best friend, LG, find themselves transported to a strange new land, a world where their imagination bec... more

  • Jack the Ripper?

    by Philip Jones
    Readers are transported to Victorian London and introduced to Inspector Doyle, a modern-day detective with eternal life, who discovers that he has been wrongly named as ‘Jack the Ripper’, the Victorian serial killer. Nobody wants that label at any time in history, so with the aid of time travel he returns to the year 1888 in an attempt to clear his name.
  • Father of the Future

    by Darren Dash
    Cassique is a time travelling Fixer in AD 2853. It's his job to nip back into the past and fix problems which threaten to wipe out the world of the twenty-ninth century. But the longer Cassique spends in those past times, the more he comes to wonder if the docile, VR-obsessed people of his present would actually benefit from a reset. It's a dangerous thought, because that would mean taking a stand against Father, the world-running super-computer, and Father takes a very dim view of any form of r... more
  • Minds of Sand and Light

    by Kylie Chan
    A dazzling new series from the beloved Australian bestselling author of White Tiger, Kylie Chan. 'Clever and timely, Minds of Sand and Light is an intriguing exploration of AI that manages to be both optimistic and terrifying in the possibilities it offers' ...Robin Hobb Iain M Banks and Max Barry collide with a splash of Murderbot in this wildly original, gripping and new trilogy. The world is in the midst of a new Cold War - between the wasteful nations of the West, and the oppressive... more
  • Our Future Selves

    by Graham Dix
    This is the story of three people, caught in a love triangle, sharing a secret that no-one else will believe, that when we die we form a connection with a future self, who shares our reincarnated soul. A connection so strong that sometimes we can become that future person and they can become us. We can swap bodies across time.
  • Night Highway

    by Allen Coskerie
    One Friday afternoon, Steve and Mark Cross head off on an adventurous father and son weekend in the Australian bush. The long drive provides plenty of time to shake off the weekday woes, have a few laughs and soak up the rugged landscape. In the early hours of the morning, as they near their destination in a remote part of the country, through the endless darkness of the ‘night highway’, they notice a dull light on the road up ahead.