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  • Zenith

    by P.J. Anderson

    A teenage brother and sister, and members of a secret military unit, face life-changing choices and find new purpose after an alien spacecraft crashes off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

    Written for young adults, and adults young at heart, Zenith is a rollercoaster ride of a read until the very end. 

  • Katie Death

    by EM Green

    She just wants to fit in and make friends. 

    He just wants to hide from the world.

    Demons just want to rule the world – and for that, they need both of them.


    All that 17-year-old Katie Death wants is to be normal. She just started a new school and would really like to make some friends, for a change. But how do you make friends when you have to hide how weird your family is?

    How weird? Well, her ... more

  • The Dream Catchers

    by J. U. Menon
    Set in the mysterious realm of nightmares, J. U. Menon's The Dream Catchers is a fast-paced high fantasy adventure through Indian myths and folklore. RADHIKA VARMA has an overactive imagination – everyone says so. But when she is chosen to participate in a Challenge held in Prestoria – the land of nightmares, she must use every bit of wild imagination she possesses to fight for her life. As one of eleven Dream Catchers and armed only with her imagination, Radhika must conjure her own weaponr... more
  • An Audience for Einstein

    by Mark Wakely
    ​Professor Percival Marlowe is a brilliant, elderly astrophysicist who's dying, his greatest achievement still unfinished and now beyond his diminished means. Doctor Carl Dorning, a neurosurgeon, finally discovers a secret method of transplanting memories from one person to another, thanks to Marlowe's millions. Miguel Sanchez, a homeless boy, agrees to become the recipient of Marlowe's knowledge and personality in this unorthodox experiment, enticed by Dorning's promises of intelligence, we... more
  • Misconduct | Book 3

    by Ethan Marek
    The Barn. It's still alive. After all of these seasons blowing by, Liam encounters its haunting wake the week before Christmas. Liam and Barrett must venture off on an unknown exploration around the state of Minnesota, gathering clues and puzzle pieces to the historic arena. There's only one way to end The Barn, and while they cannot kill it, Liam and his crew must heal it.In the midst of their journey, all fogged and smudged, they're chased by a man who wants answers. The investigator needs to ... more
  • Retaliation | Book 2

    by Ethan Marek
    After a long winter, the summer melts the lakes in Minnesota. The trees grow their green leaves, and the heat soaks the rain. Liam and Ash are done with high school, but hockey isn't over for them. They have been selected to attend a hockey camp. Camp Kelmo. Thirty kids have been selected to retreat in the wilderness to be apart of this new organization. When they arrive to the camp on a classy coach bus, they find their cabins and bunks with their new friends. But when their training starts, Li... more
  • The Penalty | Book 1

    by Ethan Marek
    It's Liam's senior year in high school, and it's his last time playing high school hockey. His team has never made it to the state tournament, but he wants to make this year different, especially with a new coach on the team. But after the first game of the season, the blood flows down the drain and into the darkness. Someone has committed the ultimate penalty. While the boys struggle in their high school drama, Liam suffers an unexplainable haunting. He has nightmares of his father, and his tea... more
  • The Sacred Band: Destiny

    by James MacTavish
    The fires of war begin to burn again in Germany as the Third Reich look to forge an empire the likes the world has never seen. Lady Morgan Worthington and the Knights of the White Dragon arrive to assist the Nazi Regime with the power of the Palladium as they have done for centuries, only this time finding the ultimate despot who will seemingly stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Their rivals, the Knights of the Red Dragon, led by British Government Official Todd Allen, born of the Sir Galahad ... more
  • The Sacred Band Trinity: Part 2 Excalibur

    by James MacTavish
    Following the events of 'Palladium' - the sacred statue born of ancient Greece, has been found. The knights of the White Dragon wield both the Palladium and the Necklace of Harmonia once again, a power strong enough to both create and topple empires. The world however, remains largely unchanged since the Red Dragon encountered their foes at Tintagel, leaving them to wonder exactly what their former brethren of the Round Table have planned. Meantime, a legendary relic entwined to both factions ha... more
  • The Sacred Band Trinity: Part 1 Palladium

    by James MacTavish
    The legendary myths of Ancient Greece and Arthurian Britain are brought together in the search for a prized relic of limitless power born from the love and grief of the goddess Pallas Athena herself. The descendants of the Sacred Band of Thebes - one hundred and fifty male lovers and the bravest of warriors - have sworn an oath to defend the relic and protect it from falling into the wrong honour shared by Six of the direct descendants of King Arthur's Round Table of Knights. Challeng... more
  • Redline

    by Carol J Parsons
    Jefferson Brodie, a third generation Mars settler, fights to keep Mars free of Earth-based interference while expanding the mag lev rails to provide water for the settlers. Olivia Ellsworth, sent by the RPEC to sabotage the rails and pave the way for the environmental protection agency to take Mars under its jurisdiction, finds herself caught between the stubborn rail commissioner and her own code of ethics. Brodie gambles his reputation, career and the woman he loves to save his beloved planet.
  • The Heart of Everything

    by Nanette Littlestone

    A girl with a failing heart.
    An ocean community in danger.
    An unknown energy that brings them together to heal.

    To Rigel, an introverted eighteen-year-old, math and astronomy aren’t just her favorite subjects. They’re stepping stones to her dream of being an astronaut. But they can’t help her when a rare disease thrusts her heart into system failure. When her doctor recommends a Florida specialist who uses dolphin therapy, Rigel balks. She’s terrified o... more

  • Freedom Ride: Short Stories and Poems

    by Ron S. Nolan
    From the wheat fields of Kansas to surfing the immense waves on the shores of Planet Nuptia, the author takes readers on a journey which may be referred to as the “future meets the past.” In “Earth Boy” a child is held captive on Europa and in the ”Longevity Gene” a geneticist searches for a gene complex that may hold the key to immortality while stock car drivers race around a track in Alabama and discover something totally unexpected. As the book title suggests, searching for and struggl... more
  • Galaxy Cruise: The Maiden Voyage

    by Marcus Alexander Hart

    Humanity needed a hero. It got a karaoke DJ.

    Leo MacGavin is not the brightest specimen of humanity. But when he inadvertently rescues a flirty alien heiress, he’s promoted from second-rate lounge entertainer to captain of the galaxy’s most sophisticated cruise ship.

    Before he can flee in terror, a human-hating executive gives Leo an ultimatum—complete the vessel’s maiden voyage or mankind’s last colony will be turned into a sewage dump. To make matte... more

  • The Demon's Kiss: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Series

    by R.L. Perez
    An assassin with a secret. An angel with a strange power. A war that threatens to destroy them both. Cora is an assassin who never misses her mark. But she has a deadly secret: her blood can create the most powerful magical elixirs in the world. And she's been hunted for it her whole life. When a powerful demon blackmails her, threatening to expose her secret, she has to do one last job to buy her freedom: kill a Nephilim named Vince. Cora figures this will be an easy target. Until V... more
  • Replaced Parts

    by Stephanie Hansen
    In the year 2163 a corrupt World Government controls everything on our planet and beyond. Sixteen year-old Sierra has been so caught up in her own world of saving animal test subjects and her father’s disappearance, she hasn’t paid much attention. When she finally finds his location, she and her friend set off on a covert interplanetary mission to rescue him, she begins to see the corruption first hand. Discovering that her father has been on the front lines secretly trying to save human t... more