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  • De-Evolution

    by John Lars Shoberg
    Human colonists on a new world discover they are not the only intelligent species on the planet. A group of cave-dwellers are devolved from a thriving civilization that crashed only 2 centuries before. Then the humans realize their own minds are being effected; they are forgetting things and may wind up living in caves themselves unless they can find the cause and nullify.
  • The Treason of Robyn Hood

    by D. Lieber

    When dark truths about her adoptive family are revealed, Robyn Loxley must answer what justice means to her and what she’s willing to do to exact it. Robyn and the merry band get an update in this dieselpunk adventure.

  • Treasure Hunt

    by Lois Wickstrom
    When Grandma moved across town, she left four mysterious boxes in the hall closet: Feathers, Wandas, Fascinator and Dowse. Dowse can mean soaking wet or find something valuable. In this book, Carrie does both. She hunts for gold and finds her dad's wedding ring. She hunts for water and finds a leaky sewer pipe. Then she asks the rods to find her something valuable. She finds Grandma!
  • Booked for Murder

    by R.J. Blain
    Life as a bodyguard and driver for the rich, famous, and powerful is dangerous on a good day, and after sustaining a crippling injury while on duty, Janette’s left with few options. Having signed a ‘for life’ contract but unable to work, she uses her skills to disappear. Her new life as a librarian suits her. Nobody cares she limps and sometimes requires a cane to walk. She’s wanted for her knowledge, not her lethal magic. She’s surrounded by books, a woman’s best friend. But when her form... more
  • Two Kingdoms: The epic struggle for truth and purpose amidst encroaching darkness - a medieval fantasy

    by DC Moore
    War rages between two kingdoms… Caught up in the conflict are three youths—a blacksmith, a squire, and a knight’s daughter—who must find their way in a world where all is not as it seems. Each embarks separately on a personal journey of self-discovery beginning with a cryptic map delivered in a wooden box with a mysterious key. Each map records the teens' spiritual journeys as they are challenged and tested to trust in a King they can't see in a world that seems to be falling apart all around t... more
  • Light and Darkness

    by Peter Vik

    Light and Darkness is the sequel to Peter Vik’s novel Hope. The wise Lord Hellel must convince the king and nobles of Lacinea to resist Dachmon, a dark kingdom that threatens their land. Some want them to surrender without a fight because winning seems hopeless. However, Lord Hellel reveals that the magic of the ancient luminaries resides in his ward, Lady Hope. Hope’s fiancé is Alva Danae, the son of one of the greatest warriors in Lacinean history. As the story unfolds, A... more

  • The Forever King

    by Ben Galley

    Revenge loves company.


    Mithrid Fenn wants nothing to do with magick. Magick is a curse word, banned by the vast Arka Empire and punishable by death. Its purging has finally brought peace to war-torn Emaneska. Only a stubborn rebellion, led by the warlord Outlaw King, raids and pillages the empire’s northern fringes.


    To cliff-brat Mithrid, this is an age of tranquility and childhood games. That is until an illegal spellbook washes up on her shores, a... more

  • The Devil's Angel

    by John Conn
    Things were changing. It was ages since the Devil had fallen. Now, a new one was being created. God wanted something, but the Devil had no idea what it was. It needed someone to find out. It needed an angel…but who? NYC detectives Michael Ryan and Lucas Cole were childhood friends. Inseparable and seemingly cut from the same cloth, they paralleled each other’s moves and thoughts throughout their lives. But with strange visions and nightmares torturing both men since childhood, they are driven... more
  • Ash Forest (and the King's Gold)

    by Stephen R. Pratt
    Magic is dying. And without magic, the sleepy town of Ashville is conquered with ease by a tyrannical king who is swiftly amassing an ungodly fortune. He is on a mission to enslave mankind, raise the devil, and destroy the world. And he hopes to do all that before the end of the week. There is only one problem with this plan: an orphan boy with no name, a child of the woods who has learned to survive among man-eating plants and giant spiders, but whose greatest obstacle yet remains. The king ... more
  • Jason Jupiter

    by Albert M. Manaford
    One night as ten-year-old Jason Jupiter stares into the heavens from his porch swing and dreams of space travel, an object falls out of the sky and vanishes along the horizon, seemingly in close proximity to his house. Overwhelmed with curiosity, Jason decides to investigate without telling his parents. Following the light from the moon, Jason walks through a forest and into a clearing where, to his surprise, he fi nds a damaged spaceship without occupants. After he enters the ship to explore... more
  • Rage of the Immortals: The CareTakers

    by Kanika Singhal
    A washed-out soldier accepts a seemingly generous job offer from a mysterious stranger, and finds herself introduced to a fantastic new world, filled with magick, drama and new experiences. The only drawback is that the boss is a slave-driving asshole who has bound her to a life-time contract. She soon learns that all is not well between her world and the magickal world, and unless she takes a stance, both worlds might be destroyed. Her choices get her caught in the middle of a struggle ... more
  • Threshold

    by Scott Falcon
    2040…VENTURA CALIFORNIA Becca Wilde, a terminally ill teenage autistic savant, senses a presence—an intelligence—in THE STREAM, the virtual reality entertainment phenomenon created by her tech-billionaire father. She believes the intelligence can create a cure, but her father intends to use radical technology. They are running out of time. Then technology stops working. All of it. No Internet. No screens. Not even cars. But one thing is working—a Russian A.I. that mutated—and is now i... more
  • 978-0-6489756-1-8

    by William Z. Stone

    Lex, a part-time roboticist from a family of Empyrean refugees, is the lone hope of her family to overcome Graexian oppression and earn them a place above the steel skies, where the air is clean, and the people rich.


    Yet when every door is shut, and every opportunity closed, Lex decides to forge her own path of blood and bone. With a talking battle-droid at her side, insane cyborgs in her way, and strange power awakening—Lex will either force the Grae... more

  • The Coven's Son

    by Preston Allen

    When Dev gives birth to a baby boy who caused the floor to rumble, the walls to shake and the lights to flicker during delivery, she knows she is raising a witch. Oak was raised in a family coven, but witches don't need magic the way they did in the past. In order to suppress his powers from bursting at the seams, they find that raw garlic keeps his powers in check. Unfortunately, the consequences of smelling like garlic in high school takes a toll on your social life. While creating a ma... more

  • Just Say Zombie

    by Albert Aykler

    Zombies may seem crazy, but have you taken a good look at the news lately?

    Inside the the Silvercrest Muddy Mesa Facility for Mental Rehabilitation, Sid Singleton can say anything but zombie. His treatment includes admitting that the past four years of his life are just a delusion. A bad dream he created out of a dangerous and wayward mind. He's happy to go along. He even learns to enjoy the cafeteria taco pie. And it all would have worked out fine except for one th... more

  • Farewell Ghost

    by Larry Caldwell
    When rock-star Rocco Boyle dies at the height of his fame, guitarist Clay Harper losses the idol whose life he always wanted. In his wildest dreams, Clay never imagined that he’d soon be living on the infamous estate where Boyle died. Or that Boyle would still be in residence…. But in the hills of Los Angeles, things are seldom what they seem, and despite all warnings, Clay ventures deep into the city’s underbelly—touring its famous rock clubs and hangouts, auditioning for a rising local ... more