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  • Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex

    by Lynne Howard
    In a stunning debut, Lynne Howard's Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex casts a potent reader's charm over all youngsters clamoring for a new supernatural hero. Dylan believes he is a typical twelve-year-old until he stumbles into a vortex that miraculously transports him to the immortal dimension, a parallel universe. Dylan not only learns that he is a warlock, but he also discovers a twin brother, extraordinary powers, and a secret prophecy that seems to have Dylan and his family at its crux. Dylan, ... more
  • Red Vipereen and the Spellbound Stables

    by Mo Kerr
    Red Vipereen is plotting to take over Prince Rupert's palace and world-famous stables. The palace psychic predicts eleven-year-old, Edwin Goodchild, is the only one who can help. Big sister, Holly, doesn't believe her wimpy brother can save anyone. What Holly doesn't know is that Edwin possesses undiscovered superpowers. But when the prince's most prized horse, Black of Saingland, is abducted, can Edwin rise to the challenge and combat the might of Red Vipereen and his terrifying witches?
  • Kermes Vermilio

    by Yellow Streamers

    Get ready for a wild, fantastical ride full of magic, mystery, and mayhem with Kermes Vermilio by Yellow Streamers. Two millennia ago, a young girl born out of darkness stumbled upon a book and gained the ability to bend reality to her own will. Named Medusa, she was eventually decried as a witch and persecuted. In the 20th century, the Prior family suffered from an unexplainable curse as their descendants always inadvertently ran into misfortune. When a series of murders around the V... more

  • Imperfect Creatures

    by Thomas J. Maine

    With her eighteenth birthday on the horizon, Allison Khione has only three goals on her mind:
    1. Graduate from high school
    2. Protect her friend from a serial killer
    3. Convince her sister she's left the assassin life behind

    Raised in Koros, an orphanage for mage assassins, Allison and her twin finally escaped into the world after fourteen years of brutal training and torment. Reunited with their long-lost sister, they are showered with love in an attempt to provide t... more

  • Showdown at Jupiter's Edge: A Maxo Magnaveer Adventure

    by Daniel P. Douglas
    Sometimes the greatest fight is to discover ourselves... In the year 2247, Detectant Maxo Magnaveer yearns for an opportunity to prove himself in the Cosmic Law Force so he can be promoted to squad captain. When a greedy privateer, Colonel Zaza D'Rump, brazenly hijacks a shipment of synthetic foods on its way to Mars with plans to starve the colony to death unless he is given control of Earth's shipping lanes, Maxo sees his opportunity to rise above, save the day, and finally move up in rank ... more
  • Urraca Mesa Redemption: A Supernatural Wild West Tale

    by Daniel P. Douglas
    A mysterious gun slinging woman who’s full of vengeance and a US marshal with a dark past chase his former gang after they murder his brother and leave a bloody trail behind them in their hunt for gold at a mesa that’s a rumored haunted place and gateway to Hell... A Wild West marshal—Winslow Murphy—runs from a past that haunts him. He chases redemption with a six-shooter and sawed-off shotgun, but he knows Hell’s the only destination he deserves. The outlaws with whom the marshal once rode ... more
  • Alidala: A Vice Versa Series

    by Andre Soares


    Alidala, the epic conclusion to Andre Soares’ Vice Versa series, is a showdown between men, aliens and gods—beyond the constructs of time and space.

    Plunge into the gargantuan mouth of Hemos, an exoplanet that will challenge even the strongest bonds.


    When adversity shows up at your doorstep, the true content of your character greets the unwelcomed guest. As you brace yourself for a soul-altering confrontation... more

  • Author

    by Frank McManus
    Frankly Savannah is a marvelous romp through space, time, and oddball characters. The story centers around a Father/Daughter satellite repair company, a job they take investigating a gold coin, and a lost WWI pilot who discovers a time portal. The US Government dissolves; the Earth shifts on its access; an AI known as Elon Musk wants to create a race of super Tesla bots, and Amazon Alexa runs us all. Mix all that with a touch of female domination, quirky characters, unique restaurants, torture, ... more
  • Saga of the Nine: Origins

    by Kawika Miles
    In an unnamed future, the world is united, equal, and safe all thanks to the efforts of the Nine and their global Government. That’s not how Jax, a lowly mill worker, sees it though. In a shocking discovery of illegal, historical documents, his eyes are opened to the possibilities that the old world yielded as he looks upon the smoldering ruins of what his home has become in Area Thirty-Eight. The year is 2036, and society is ideologically and culturally lost—the United States of America is... more
  • The Gospels of Peter Star

    by Thomas Drago
    What if future humans look back at our culture and believe that a rock star was the savior who brought peace and harmony to our world through music? Peter Star, Rock of Souls, sets out on an epic journey to unify people with songs that celebrate the beauty of life. Gifted to the universe by God, Peter Star embodies all races and genders as they forge a mellifluous path that attempts to redeem a society divided by the politics of equal rights and obsessed with the powers of sex and violence. T... more
  • The Mistaken Prince

    by Sage Marrow
    As a devoted, if somewhat sardonic, handmaid to a young princess, Emera is accustomed to temper tantrums and flung objects aimed at her head and it hardly bothers her. But when the one thing she values above all others is tossed out a window, that viewpoint abruptly changes. And as she attempts to retrieve her bauble from the pond it sank into, so does everything else. Like his sister, fun-loving, self-absorbed Prince Idan is used to having his way, and he did NOT ask be whisked right of his ... more
  • Sophia

    by M.D. LaBelle
    Award winning novel on Inkitt for the Mystery writing competition, Sophia is a teenager who one day notices that she begins to see things, then she develops strange symptoms. So strange, that she ends up finding out that she has a rare brain cancer that is eating her from the inside out, As it develops and takes over, she starts to see things more and more. As the illness progresses, she begins to act stranger than she ever has. However, when her mother catches her talking to her friend Simon an... more
  • Devil Flower

    by M. A. Csortos
    Carly Cummings school day ended with a bus full of kids making fun of her. High school is tough enough without her mother embarrassing her sitting in a rocking chair at the end of the driveway. Carly thinks her mother is either drunk or crazy. But when she tells Carly she will be gone soon, Carly’s world begins to collapse into a horrifying realm of disbelief. That evening her mother vanishes into a vaporous cloud of yellow mist. Carly is dismayed that her sister and father don’t’ seem the least... more
  • Pangea

    by Peter Dechristopher
    On a planet located in the Sombrero Galaxy created at the beginning of time and space. A single planet in one of its solar systems was granted by the Ancient of Days, the creator of time and space, to set forth the seeds of life. After billions of seasons of tectonic movement its many continents converged to form a single supercontinent thusly named by the ancient Tehran Kings--Pangea. An evil entity once encountered the Second Age of their civilization appears to be stirring once again in the D... more
  • Consort to a Dark Fey

    by S. K. Kilburn
    Aiden Moray is raising a son and a daughter with a fierce and powerful fairy, whose forest home is the secret doorway between the fey world and modern Earth. When a fey monster crosses to Earth, kills one teenager, and injures two more Aiden must convince his incensed fairy wife to allow the human police and the FBI into her woods to investigate the attack. As more people go missing, Aiden discovers that another vicious fairy wants the doorway between worlds and will not stop killing peopl... more
  • Fear of the Dark

    by Ross Harrison

    A dark planet on the galaxy’s edge. A primordial predator. A desperate hunt for a dangerous secret.

    When the medical frigate Ruby Rose picks up an SOS from the planet’s lightning-ravaged surface, the medics do not hesitate to drop into the raging storm. But the innocuous little planet is home to something sinister. Something desperate. Something that will stop at nothing to find what it’s looking for.

    Across the galaxy, the crew of the Star Wraith receives a call... more