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  • Creepy Sheen

    by Rebecca Gransden
    Ten Stories. For decades, Humankind sent transmissions around the globe. In addition to reaching every corner of the planet, the signals travelled beyond, into the dark void of space. All of broadcast history made its way gracefully through the stars, racing into the unknown—until the mid 1980s, when nuclear mushroom clouds plumed in the skies of Earth’s Third World War. The magnitude of the explosions caused the extinction of life on Earth, and sent a shockwave through the fabric of real... more
  • Jonathan: Prince of Dreams

    by A. Corrin
    Seventeen-year-old Jonathan He'klarr is your average teenage boy to the casual observer. But unlike the average teenager, he hides horrible burdens: his mother was killed when he was a toddler, his grief-stricken father became a drunk, and the school bully, Garrett, seems to be much more sadistic than anyone could have ever expected. Soon Jonathan finds himself at the center of mysterious happenings, and when a frying pan to the head sends him to a place he has only read about, a place made of a... more
  • Guiding Gaia

    by Tish Thawer
    She awoke to save us, but it may already be too late. The world is in chaos. Stars are falling from the sky. Floods, hurricanes, and fires rage across the land. And the only being strong enough to stop it is stuck in teenage form ... again. Reborn, Gaia has come to Earth to battle through the strife and discover if the world is worth saving. Tasked with guiding her, it falls to me to help her weather the storms, and hopefully, find a place where she can be at peace. But time is running ou... more
  • Truesilver

    by DJ Edwardson
    Kion Bray can’t accept that his father was a coward. Bullied for his dad’s actions in the last war, the seventeen-year-old shepherd is determined to restore his family honor. And the only way to do it is to win the village’s annual sword-fighting contest. Lacking experience, Kion fears he might only bring more embarrassment upon those he loves. And with his biggest tormentor awaiting him in the competition and a dark army mobilizing to the north, his quest for redemption may come to a swift a... more
  • Tapestry

    by Collin Brown
    Tapestry follows a young traveler named Khal as he searches for his place in a world fraught with magic, mage-hunters, and a myriad of cultures and (constructed) languages. Khal bears a supernatural burden, his latent magic consuming him and those he cares for, and the tides of history seem to conspire to keep him ever on the run, devouring his friends and family and all that he holds dear.
  • The Fifth: Indoctrinated City

    by Chris Sykes
    With a fascist majority in the British Parliament, the UK falls to the hatred unleashed by that vote. When the government is no longer held to account, new laws are passed making certain people illegal. They are hunted by the Patrol. But under the streets of York lies a maze of tunnels, built from history, and filled with society's rejects. When one family tries to flee, Jenny finds her long lost father. Her brother, Jack, is taken north to join the British Liberation Army. This is the act... more
  • The Captain's Daughters

    by Doreen D. Berger
    For most adolescents, growing up is hard enough when one has both feet planted firmly on the ground. But for mischievous, twelve-year-old sisters Diane and Robin, life is complicated further by the fact that their father, Captain William Marsh, is the commander of the Starship Polaris. Living among the stars provides a never-ending realm of creative possibility for the free-spirited girls’ pranks and adventures. When aliens bent on profit and revenge kidnap Diane and Robin, only their indomit... more
  • The Ouiums Journey: Hell Broke Loose

    by Dylan McDonald

    When Esa Blyth escaped from the pits of hell, he thought his troubles were over. However, soon after his return, he discovered his magic, and the world he’d left behind had changed.

    Without his innate gift and support from covens, the ancient and powerful witch had no choice but to forge ahead.

    His meeting with Skylar Lee, a dark witch with an incredible power that promises much, is a turning point for Esa. There is awakening within him at this chance encounter, one he canno... more

  • Tiny Planet Filled With Liars

    by Stephen M.A.

    The good news is a whole lotta honesty could save us all forever.
    The bad news tells itself.

    On a lonely world in a star system under siege, an ex-military whistleblower buys the certified rights to question anyone while investigating a classified disaster—backed by threat of corporate law. But instead of answers, The Interviewer finds a trail of lies leading directly to the untouchable overlords of the Board.

    In the Un... more

  • Space Junk

    by Andrew Bixler
    Adam Jones is just another broke scrapper combing his little slice of space for the semi-valuable trash that litters its dark corners. He spends most of his days inside his junker, the Asteroid Jones II, drinking beer, watching ancient horror movies, and evading debt collectors. But life for Adam gets a lot more complicated when he discovers a mysterious object that attracts the attention of powerful and bumbling forces from around the universe. With the help of his wily grandfather and a myster... more
  • Awen Rising

    by O. J. Barré

    A secret society of Druids.
    An ancient Reptilian foe.
    Earth teeters in the balance.

    Bankrupt and broken, Emily would give anything for a safe place to hide from the witch Shalane. But when her long-lost Druid family tracks Emily down and offers her haven, she balks at the "Must Save Earth" clause. As fate in the guise of crappy luck reveals her to her witchy stalker, Emily is forced to accept the Druids' proposition despite its blatantly out... more

  • Almondine's Babies: Alma's mission

    by Gabriele Zucchelli

    The third title in the Almondine trilogy is once again full of illustrations and funny moments. And this time, the story gets more shocking, with Alma having to face a challenge far beyond her means. But her stubborn and unconditional love for Almondine and her babies make her the star of this new adventure.

    The Almondine Book Series follows the life and adventures of a teeny-weeny girl born from an almond tree. Illustrated on nearly every page, the story’s overarching t... more

  • Almondine Grows Up: The challenge of freedom

    by Gabriele Zucchelli

    Our teeny-weeny Almondine has grown up and is eager to enjoy her freedom. But a silly mistake leads her far from her foster mother, Alma, and the safety of her home. Alongside quirky characters, she endures a dangerous and complicated journey to find her way back. And, as the days go by, Almondine is undergoing an irreversible transformation. One she has to learn to accept.

    A charming story for young readers, enriched with elegant illustrations on nearly every page, Almondine Grows... more

  • Pretty Ugly

    by Jennifer Anne Gordon
    Interitus: noun. ruin; violent/untimely death, extinction; destruction, dissolution Omelia fills the empty place in her heart with Instagram clicks, likes, and subscribes, hiding the scars of grief under a mask of makeup, cloaked in an online personality. She yearns to be someone new: a girl in a magazine, a character in a book, a beauty queen. Anything not to feel, to be numb, but the sharp pain accompanying the red spot on her face cannot be ignored. Nor can the black, spindly tarantula-lik... more
  • Teardrop Moons (The Song of Everywhen Book 2)

    by Chess Desalls
    A new thief is born. Time travel objects are missing, and Chascadians are being blamed. Silvie’s legacy and family reputation are at stake. Will she be able to find and stop who’s responsible? And will it be enough to convince the worlds?
  • A Grimoire Dark: A Supernatural Thriller (The Spirit Hunter Series Book 1)

    by D.S. Quinton
    An Orphan Girl. A Hellish Spirit. A fight for more than just her life... New Orleans, 1963. When Del Larouche leaves the St. Augustine orphanage, she is desperate to build a normal life for herself and Jimmy, the mentally handicapped boy she spent years protecting. But when a hellish spirit is raised from the dark swamps, unimaginable horrors begin to prey on the lost souls of the Crescent City, and Del’s soul is the most coveted. When she learns the truth of her secret heritage, sh... more