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  • The Owl Boy (Book #2 in The Bird Club)

    by P.K. Butler
    A "bird boy" wants to join Benita's Bird Club. She is happy until learning that he is a Great-horned Owl--an enemy of crows everywhere! As a crow, she could never accept him. But the club members like this "owl boy." And the Bird Girl will soon discover why she must like him, too.
  • SkyRacers

    by Matt Watters

    In the near future, motorsport battlegrounds are skybound in the SkyRace Grand Prix. SkyRacers is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, wild rollercoaster taking you on an edge-of-your-seat ride that you don't want to end. Forty-eight courageous pilots hurtle through the heavens in electric racepods, defying gravity and risking their lives for glory and sporting immortality. Sisters Aleeza and Olivia Martin share a powerful bond and a passion for the skies. As prodigious skyracers on the same... more

  • A God In Hiding

    by Matthew Hughes
    In a far-future world of wizards and walled cities, Lieve Reder has risen from being a small chandler’s daughter to become the captain of a riverboat owned by House Bernaglio in the oligarch-run city of Exley. She has ambitions to rise higher and when her employer, the widow Philaria Bernaglio, asks her to travel to the remote desert town of Ur Nazim to retrieve a mysterious item her dead husband, Nulf Bernaglio ordered, she signs on to the quest. Accompanied by Dai, an artificial human creat... more
  • A Fate of Gods and Fire (Fates Divine: Book 2)

    by Shania Scichilone
    AWAKENING IN A DAZE with the inscrutable God of Nightmares standing above her, Shivalri demands to know what happened after her monstrous fall. Ombrose relinquishes naught, and the goddess is left to question as they travel through the Forest of Lost Souls. After Ombrose discloses his capture of Shivalri to his godly line, the Orsimm family grows weary. No one defies the ruler of the Under Realm-except perhaps Shivalri herself. When Pyre Malum ventures to retrieve her, the pair will uncover ... more

    by Martin Follose
    What would you do if you could snap your fingers and stop time? For Lester, it’s time for revenge against Austin, the biggest bully in school. But as he is using his power to get back at Austin, he stumbles on Austin selling drugs at school. With the help of his friends Peter and Nellie, Lester is now determined to use his power to expose Austin. As they are getting closer to Austin and to his suppliers, Nellie and Lester find themselves in danger, Peter missing, and the drug dealers clos... more
  • Spring's Eternal

    by Eva Sandor

    Onetime jester Malfred Murd has risen about as high as a Fool can go. But it will all be for nothing— unless he can pull off the world’s toughest trick!

    Heavy is the head that wears the jingle-bell hat: our favorite funnyman is now the face of a whole country... and striving to bring about world peace, even as a Phantactive doomsday device looms on the horizon.

    And a big bam boom isn’t the only threat facing Fred. He’s also dealing with a d... more

  • Inflationary Faeries

    by Stephanie McPeak Petersen
    The Morrígna, the three Sisters of Strife who incite wars in the Land of Eire, have a potential fourth initiate. Brighid, the faery, has failed her initiation task eight times: she must steal the saved coin of Laird Leannán of Faodail. But how to conduct a theft from afar? To complete the impossible task set before her, the faery must arrange a marriage, form a central bank, partner with the ruling Prince Balor, and fund both sides of an Ulster battle, all while a Scots knight, Sir Gavenleigh of... more
  • DOMINION Fall of the House of Saul Volume 1 Comic Book

    by Dr. Barron Bell
    DOMINION is a sci-fi allegory of the story of King Saul from the Bible. Send your kids and teens on a journey through the stars while promoting values you can trust! Star Wars meets Narnia in this timeless story that ignites the imagination!
  • My Pet Werewolf: A Horror Novel

    by James Kaine

    When a protective young man finds a vicious solution to his troubles, will he save his family or unleash a deadly nightmare?

    Brady Bennett can’t shake his guilt. Blaming himself for his dad’s fatal hunting accident seven years prior, the eighteen-year-old doesn’t trust his cruel stepdad and worries for his twin sister. But his suffering takes a strange twist after fleeing into the woods from a nasty school bully, only to see his attacker get ripped to ... more

  • Bright Midnights

    by LS Delorme
    Amelie has always been different.

Most high school students find life challenging, but 17-year old Amelie has a lot more to contend with than typical teenage angst. Ever since she turned 11, other people have been irresistibly drawn to her—with tragic consequences. Her only escape is at night when she flies to different times and places through her « dreams ». Her life begins to change when, on one of her flights, she meets Clovis- an alluring and mysterious young man who hides a secret.   As... more
  • Smash the World's Shell

    by Daniel Fliederbaum
    When a mysterious ring suddenly appears on reclusive teenager Ellen’s bookshelf, she is granted the power to travel miles away from everything she’s ever known. There she meets Shard, a friendly dragon who offers to help Ellen grow her stunted-since-birth magic. Although it seems too good to be true, Ellen accepts, sure she can conquer her self-hatred by becoming an accomplished magician. Little does she know, her magical voyages have raised the suspicions of those who would destroy her. Youn... more
  • Magician And Fool

    by Susan Wands
    Pamela Colman Smith, newly arrived from New York to her birthplace of London, is received as an oddball in Victorian society. Her second sight helps her in her new job: illustrating tarot cards for the Golden Dawn, a newly formed occult group. But when Pamela refuses to share her creations with Aleister Crowley, a controversial magician, he issues a threat: give up the cards’ power, or he’ll harm her muses. In the midst of this battle, two of Pamela’s idols, the actors Henry Irving and William ... more
  • Curious Tales Of A Warped Reality

    by Jason Barat
    10 short stories. A virus forcing humanity to live inside 363 days a year or a space journey to find new hope for our dying planet. Stories like these and many more!
  • Coralee - A Mermaid's Tale: A Billie Baxter Adventure

    by Tanis Galik

    “Help Me!” So begins Coralee’s adventure, as this high-maintenance mermaid princess tries to escape her Coney Island prison. Fortunately, Billie, a plucky 1906 New York City orphan, has just the right skills to get them to Thalazonia.

    During their journey, they receive assistance from:

    an irritated Mama Stingray on her way to a family reunion with her whinny daughter;

    Prudencia, an ancient sea turtle; Feliz, an overly enthusiastic pink dolphin; and Little P... more

  • The Witch and Other Tales of the American Gothic

    by Jessica Hobbs
    An accused witch is banished from her home in Portland, Maine. A young socialite in New Orleans dabbles in magic to get rid of a rival. An acrobat in a traveling circus learns her greatest enemy lives in the mirror. An Irish immigrant may have brought malevolent faeries with her to the New World. A lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest suspects a monster lurks behind the enormous trees. A Colorado gold miner finds himself trapped in the bowels of the earth, no matter how many times he tries to dig... more
  • Fear the Wolf

    by Stefanie Gilmour

    From the moment she transformed into a werewolf,Alex was terrified.  First, of the man who attacked her—then of herself. If her inner wolf breaks free again, people could die, and she’ll be the one hunted.

    Alex struggles to keep her savage passenger caged, but life doesn’t make it easy. The Committee ruling the supernatural community would punish her for the slightest misstep. A group of zealots are targeting supernatural beings of all kind... more