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  • Spare Parts

    by Aaron Deck

    Old, outdated, and falling apart, St. Agnes Hospital's management is looking to upgrade locations. But the upcoming move provides an opportunity for things to slip between the cracks, and someone, or something, is taking advantage of the chaos.

    Simon is working as a porter at the hospital when an anonymous doctor approaches him with the opportunity to make more money. But as the requests weigh on his conscience and the payoffs stop balancing out the questions, he's left wonderin... more

  • Death on the Railway

    by Manuel Rose

    An erotic, horrific thrill ride you won’t be able to put down, until the unbelievably shocking ending! Death on the Railway is a supernatural crime thriller with an element of romance. This thriller is set in the highly stressed, fast-paced world we live in today and will appeal to readers who enjoy psychological thrillers!

  • 1684337348

    by Gary Hickman
    The Light Reapers were led by Capt. Marcus Webb and Master Sergeant Alec Priest. Along with Shaw, Abarra, Neville, Shin, Doc and Myles, were deployed to a hidden lab in Turkey where an alliance of terrorists were working on a viral weapon. With the spotty intel, the team finds something they did not expect. The virus was stolen by an ISIS faction with their own ideas for it's use. The team follows the faction to a couple of their sleeper cells to acquire the virus and eliminate the ISIS f... more
  • End of the Immortal

    by Cedric Banton
    Set in the modern day, Vallyn, an Immortal, is tasked with killing the closest living descendant of the Messiah every few centuries. This is done in order to ensure the survival of his kind. While on his current mission, he meets and falls in love with a young woman named Ahava, only to find out that she is the one who he has to kill. On top of that, a secret cult of Assassins, known as the Broken Circle, has discovered this as well. In the end, Vallyn has to protect her from the Broken Circle a... more
  • Light Guardian

    by Philip Brown

    Sixteen year-old runaway Dara Adengard holds an incredible healing light in the palm of her hand. Which would be pure awesomeness, except that she hasn’t got much time to cure anyone due to the fact that other problems seem a lot more urgent. When your own cousin wants you dead and others want you alive (but caged in a lab), your best recourse might be to just stay below the radar and totally off the grid.

    When Dara Adengard embarks on a perilous mission to take back the healing L... more

  • Light Runner

    by Philip Brown

    In the first book in this modern teen fantasy adventure series, sixteen-year-old Dara Adengard would rather read graphic novels than do her homework and prefers the freedom of skateboarding to the restrictions of life with her military father. Stung by the recent death of her mother, Dara conceals her mom’s picture under a square of grip tape on her skateboard.

    But no matter how much Dara tries to keep a foothold on the past, she can’t ride away from her own destiny.

    O... more

  • As the Wheel Turns: More Tales from the Weald

    by Stephanie Ellis
    The Weald is full of strange folk. A rural idyll on the surface, it is home to many a bloody tradition. The novel, The Five Turns of the Wheel, outlined the most horrific of these - or did it? In these short stories, Tommy, Betty and Fiddler reappear alongside others of their kind and continue to spread their unique brand of cruelty across the Weald. The Wheel never stopped turning.
  • Shadow of War

    by J.D. Ruffin
    She’s been dead a thousand years. She’s angry. And now she wants her throne back. With the King and Prince dead, Jess is crowned Queen, but is forced to flee for her life with unexpected allies, Keelan and his adopted father and Mage, Atikus. Irina launches her invasion and sends more than sixty-thousand troops across the border with orders to kill all who oppose her, and destroy everything in their path. Declan and Orla return from the mystical isle of Rea Utu to discover death and destruct... more
  • Daughter of Magic

    by J.D. Ruffin
    She’s been dead a thousand years. She’s angry. And now she wants her throne back. Daughter of Magic is an action-packed adventure, the second book in The Kingdom War series. If you like fantasy, intrigue, and satirical humor, you’ll love this series. Ancient, evil Queen Irina continues her plot to return to the living world — and to conquer it. With her army on the border poised for invasion, Guardsman Keelan Rae and his team continue their desperate chase to save his beloved Healer. W... more
  • Greta Hexe & the Misfits, in the land of Yllek

    by GR Reid
    The adventures of Greta Hexe, the 11 year old witch and her middle school friends who refer to themselves as the Misfits. Greta and her friends find themselves in the land of Yllek, a magical world in another dimension. While there they encounter monsters, demons and the Dark Enchantress, Zatanica. A story of love, friendship, acceptance, and a battle of good vs. evil.
  • Something Found: A Coin

    by Troy Aaron Ratliff
    Something Found: A Coin is the perfect beach read filled with "density and texture that will touch readers on an emotional and visual level" but still leave them out of breath and gasping with action, heart, and a tropical calling for adventure. Local Artist and so-called "Selfless Scavenger" Todd Freeman may have a seemingly idyllic life painting and scouring the Key West sands with his metal detector and returning lost items to grateful locals and tourists. Yet, his past holds grief and pai... more
  • Seventh Generation

    by Steve Prentice
    Growing up on the reservation, Trae and his cousin Asija played together and acted out stories from the history of their people. Asija eventually left the reservation to find work as a steel walker in New York City. After his mother’s death from cancer, Trae and his father moved into the city. Trae hoped he would get to reconnect and spend time with his cousin, but his father had other ideas. It seemed all his father wanted was to get as far away from the reservation as possible, forgetting th... more
  • Oil and Dust

    by Jami Fairleigh

    Politics, Money, Power, Religion, and Greed. These are the things we never again need.

    Artist Matthew Sugiyama can alter the physical world with his art. As the top student graduating from the prestigious Popham Abbey, Matthew Sugiyama’s future is secure… until he bucks convention and begins a journey to find answers about his birth family. The trouble is, he doesn’t know who or where they are.

    Determined to find answers, but without a clear destination, Matthew... more

  • The Horn's Hoax

    by Hector Cantu Kalifa

    It’s hard to tell when someone’s soul changes, especially when dark energy is around.

    One day, Henry’s father leaves for work like usual but never comes home. Left to fill his father's shoes with his younger siblings, eighteen-year-old Henry convinces his mother to book a family vacation at a remote cabin. He quickly realizes they were in a mysterious land when he and his ten-year-old brother Moris find two strange horns and are thrown into a far-a... more

  • Through The Canyon

    by Stephen Huffman
    Mary wakes up at night in the middle of the desert, her husband dead and the killers tracks leading towards a canyon. As she traverses through the canyon chasing after her husbands killers, her daughter begins to feel the rippling effects of the attack on her parents.
  • The Seed Bearer's Bride: A Novel of Fallen Angels, Nephilim, and the Woman Who Defied Their Power

    by Jean Hoefling
    In the mysterious world before Noah’s flood, the stars are ripe with prophecy about an ominous invasion of beings from the sky. But Baraqua, a young woman of the clan of Adam, is unconcerned about anything but her schemes to marry a man forbidden to her because of her people’s strict marriage traditions. Her obsession will almost destroy her. This gripping historical fantasy about the era when fallen angels ruled the earth brings clarity to the mysterious “sons of God” of Genesis 6:1 and con... more