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  • Tempered Illusions (Shadows of Otherside Book 6)

    by Whitney Hill
    Arden Finch’s big dreams for her future risk becoming nightmares. After stopping the Wild Hunt and preventing the end of the world, Arden thought she could take a break. But the mundane backlash against supernaturals is getting worse, and Otherside abhors a power vacuum. When someone dumps a vampire-bitten corpse at the North Carolina governor’s mansion, tensions boil over. With rioting humans on one side and invading vampires on another, Arden must decide how far she’ll go to secure her a... more
  • Exchange Student

    by Michael R. Lane

    Daniel “Dan” Bluford is the Director of Polar City Single Organism Research Lab Facilities. A business he helped to create. The world’s leading architect of sustainable, ecologically conscious products for energy, manufacturing, water treatment, waste management, and environmental clean-up equipment. A company whose mission statement read in part, “Better environment through industry.”

    Unable to stay awake on his drive home after work, the loving husband an... more

  • The Quarantine Drift

    by Erika LeClair
    For sixteen years, Carina has sought answers about her sister’s disappearance the night the alien ship crashed. Now, a mysterious genetic research company offers her the opportunity to join a top-secret project: enhancing the human race with alien DNA. It’s her chance to return to the crash and learn the truth about her sister—if she ever existed.
  • The Divine and the Cursed

    by J.E. Reed
    From multi-award-winning author J.E. Reed comes a breathtaking new series full of love and survival. A queen in hiding. Two countries at war. When eighteen-year-old Arianna is stolen from her family and sold into slavery, she spends months disguised as a half-breed Fae struggling against the devastations of a decade-long war. But she never expected to find herself at the mercy of her country's greatest enemy. General Rion is ruthless and commanding. He relishes in his reputation as The ... more
  • There’s Something Here From Somewhere Else

    by Jonathon T. Cross
    When 10-year-old Lydia received a mysterious doll on her stoop, she never dreamed it would become the catalyst for a perilous adventure. Although new to town, and shunned by the locals, she can’t dispel their whispers of an ancient creature dwelling beneath the still waters. Some dismiss the creature’s existence, while others insist that the very fabric of their town, from its flora to its fauna, is under the influence of the Lurker. Faced with tragedy, Lydia’s doll becomes a beacon of hope. ... more
  • We'll Never Know

    by Matthew Tree
    A sexist science correspondent in England comes across the strangest of female interns at his newspaper. Researchers working on a secret government project are dying, apparently of natural causes, soon after they are retired. A feminist woman reporter tries to investigate. An American agent disguised as a hippy tries to stop her doing so. And finally, the science correspondent discovers a truth that he thought unthinkable.
  • sindhu rochak: the beginning of jaduisagar

    by anurodh das
    In the opening chapters of the Sindhu Rochak series, we follow the journey of Sindhu Kumar Das Rochak(Sindhu Rochak), a young student at Artnam Udaaj vidyalaya. Starting as a newcomer, Sindhu navigates the challenges of the mystical academy, where magic, ancient teachings, and the pursuit of powers shape the lives of its students. Sindhu's story takes an exciting turn when he gains prominence through his mastery of jadui mathematics and the creation of a teleportation power. His achievements,... more
  • The Leap

    by R. T. W. Lipkin
    Private investigator Sean Meade’s only client lives in the same luxurious building that’s now connected with several inexplicable deaths. What’s killing these people? So far, no one knows. But one thing’s certain: If it can’t be stopped, it could be the end of everything.
  • Sylvia Locke and the Three Bears (Tairy Fails Book 1)

    by David Horn
    RED ALERT FOR FAIRY TALE LAND: Sylvia Locke is out and ready to cause mischief. Once upon a time in Fairy Tale Land, there lived a very bad girl indeed. Sylvia Locke may have been abandoned by her adventuring parents but that’s no excuse for being mean to her loving grandparents, rude to everyone at school, and even bullying rare magical creatures. Right? One day, when out on a break-and-enter job at the Bear family’s house, Sylvia happens upon a magical mirror that turns out to be more ... more
  • Humanity's First Test

    by Ignacio RB
    “Too bad 21st century telescopes were poorly designed & the supposedly habitable planets found were actually desolate.” Elton Cuauhtemoc John is taken hostage before he can start his dream job. Now, he & a multicultural science team are racing against humans’ inevitable self imposed demise to invent a Faster Than Light phone. After all, how useful is another Earth after civilization collapses? Civilization goes through cycles. Humanity’s First Test explores how humans will react to en... more
  • The young

    by Nicholas John Powter
    The book is about a father and his son who go on an epic quest to save their lands from an evil relgious cult known as the spawn who threaten to destroy their world as they know it and plunge into to everlasting darkness.
  • The Shadow Queen: An Epic Fantasy Novel

    by K. Stan Tinos
    The first book in the multiple award-winning Bennington series. The Shadow Queen guarantees magic, mayhem, and adventure, making it an exciting read for fantasy enthusiasts of all ages. With its rich world-building and compelling characters, K. Stan Tinos invites readers to explore a realm where ordinary lives intersect with extraordinary destinies Introducing Ronnie Trudeau, a woman whose life is filled with ritual disappointments and frustrations, rendering it meaningless. However, her exis... more
  • Secrets & Scorpions

    by Lorelei Gray

    An edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy filled with mystery, monsters, and mythology.

    For centuries magical beings forgot their own legends and lived as humans.The world remembered them only as myths--until now. All over the world descendants of those ancient beings are waking, unlocking newfound powers.

    Liliana had it all: an idyllic life in Tucson, Arizona filled with loving friends, a close-knit family, a devoted boyfriend, and plans for a perfect future. A... more

  • Alkaline Dawn

    by Piers Furney
  • Flying at Recess

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Soara flies at recess. When she flies, no one can see her—but Lulu and Zanie know right where she is. Except when she flies with the butterflies, and gets lost. Will Soara fly back to school before the recess bell rings?
  • A Song to Wake a Thousand Sorrows

    by Michelle Manus
    A woman with unimaginable power. A king hellbent on ruling the world. An ancient force that could mean salvation or destruction. The survivor of a brutal childhood, Clare Brighton craves the kind of wealth and notoriety that will mean the horrors of her past can never again touch her. With nothing but a battered guitar and a Songweaver’s talent, she comes to the capital of the Faelhorn Provinces, determined to gain her place. But there is another, more dangerous power that dwells within Cl... more