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  • Madison's Peculiar Adventure

    by S. K. Bilguun
    10-year-old Madison attempts to escape from an orphanage run by the eccentric directress Madam Eve, who is behind the disapperance of orphans.
  • Marked: A Dark Fantasy Novella

    by R. M. Krogman
    The story of a lonely boy who found everything he needed in an unexpected place. Davy was abandoned by all those who should have cared for him. Believing himself to be unlovable, he learns his greatest lesson in his darkest place.
  • Liberation

    by R. M. Krogman
    A prisoner scarred by his past, a prince bound by his family's tragedy, and a princess demoted and shamed. All must shed their shackles, but their battles are only beginning. A violent madness has seized those of common blood, and enemies wreak death and destruction on the borders. Those gifted with power must face the oncoming darkness, and decide how to use their live, or to kill?
  • Unknown Legacy: Secrets of The Divine

    by Tiffany Kahapea
    Orchard Landing, where magic intertwines seamlessly with the everyday, Lucy leads a life she never thought possible. As a devoted soldier in the magical army, she, alongside her closest friend Danielle, works tirelessly to apprehend their own kind and safeguard the delicate balance between the Mutane Sihiri and humans. Lucy finds solace in her chosen family, her unwavering loyalty to the cause, and the comforting embrace of friendship. With her heart filled with contentment, she couldn't ha... more
  • Secret Prophecy: Institute of Magical Arts

    by Tiffany Kahapea

    On the beautiful property of Orchard Landing lies the magical school, the Institute of Magical Arts, where extraordinary abilities are nurtured and honed. Among the students who walk its exciting halls, Danielle stands alone—a young woman with a secret that sets her apart from her peers.

    As the daughter of one of the legendary six sisters, Danielle's heritage remains concealed from the prying eyes of her classmates. In a cruel twist of fate, she is deemed a "nopow," ... more

  • Hidden Magic: The Call of The Prophecy

    by Tiffany Kahapea
    In the heart of Chicago, beneath the veil of mundane reality, six sisters find themselves thrust into a world of magic, mystery, and peril. Bound by blood and an ancient lineage, their lives take a surprising turn when they unexpectedly inherit extraordinary powers, powers that hold the key to an age-old prophecy. As they navigate their newfound abilities, the sisters soon discover they are not alone in this realm of mysticism. A powerful dark force stirs in the shadows, demonic entities draw... more
  • Living Green and the Spell: The day the plants stood still, but they are still alive

    by Florian Bushy
    At the beginning of time, when the planet Earth was new, pure and clean, trees, flowers and all the plants could walk, talk and live a happy life. One day, a spaceship landed on Earth. Since then, the plants can no longer move. However, they are still alive! What would have happened that day? This book is part of the Living Green Series, picture books for children that promote environmental awareness, respect and teamwork.
  • Living Green and the smoke: a story about air pollution, global warming and teamwork (ecology books for kids, climate change kid

    by Florian Bushy
    At the beginning of time, the planet Earth was so new, pure, and clean. This allowed all the plants to walk around like people! If you listened carefully you could even hear their hearts beating! One day, when our heroes Mrs. Florence and Mr. Florian met for their daily chat, the forest was dark, hot, full of smoke and black dust. Where was that pollution coming from? With friendship, cooperation and working as a team, the trees, plants and flowers solved the problem and saved the pure planet... more
  • The Pilgrim - Part I

    by A Keith Carreiro

    The Immortality Wars series continues with the first book of the second trilogy...

    After thinking he dies in combat, a young warrior learns he was in a world created as a human experiment by a ruthless society over 500 years in the future. He must draw upon his combat skills and spiritual power to fight amidst a galactic war whose twelve bases are in a deadly quest for immortality.

    It is 2562 Old Earth Time. One reality, created by scientists, technicians, and a corrupt ruling cou... more

  • How to Learn Basic-to-Advance Professional Makeup Course?

    by makeupstudio India
    There has always been doubt about the makeup courses that are appropriate for you and how you can go from basic to advance makeup course. The best makeup courses in India provide a lot of variety by providing basic and advanced techniques. If you are new to the makeup industry, you need to start with the basics and then understand the advanced features of makeup. Google is the best way to find the best makeup courses near you, and if you want to do a hairstyle in makeup, then you can search ... more
  • Priya Echo's Adventure - Book 4 - Transcendence

    by David Gold
    In the dream world of the Echo Realm, the Ascencion War has erupted, with Echo's forces fighting the Alliance. In the real world, Priya Echo continues her battle against the evil wizard Telenon. She will have to rescue a friend from Telenon's castle, return to the university as it is under siege by Telenon's forces, then face him in one climactic final battle. Priya must find a way to upgrade her magical powers. The only way she can win ... is to achieve Transcendence!
  • Priya Echo's Adventure: Book One Awakening

    by David Gold
    Hello, my name is Echo. Priya Echo is a super nerdy, shy lab scientist at university when one day an experiment goes wrong and gives her magic powers! After falling into her own dream land, she discovers that she has echo powers! Priya awakens and soon meets three kick ass girls who let her into their group, Nadine, Felicia and Dominque. Her so-called friends, who are really bad at not using peer pressure, set her up with a cute guy named Eric. He just wants a normal girlfriend and cannot ... more
  • Convergence

    by John Frei
    In a world where climate change threatens our existence, what if a protector turned predator? Set against the expansive tapestry of the cosmos, "Convergence" dives into a future where Earth's last hope might just be its undoing. By 2074, Earth is on the brink of devastation, and salvation seems elusive. But when Adam, a descendent of StellarCorp's visionary, discovers an unsettling secret buried deep within, he's thrust into a web of deception. Designed as Earth's protector, a rogue AI no... more
  • 9798223717768

    by Marti Ward
    After she gets a kitten for her birthday, Airlie finds she is seeing the world in a different way. This new perspective allows her to solve some minor crimes and brings her to the attention of a certain Inspector Humble. This leads to an invitation to a special camp for children with the new Quantum Talents. But soon foreign agents become aware of the PsyQ kids and their psionic gifts.
  • Trempealeau

    by John T. Umhoefer

    Trempealeau blends local fiction, mystery, multiverse and apocalyptic science fiction to explain the real Skylab discovery of a massive circular structure in the snow-covered ground along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border in the winter of 1974. In the novel, the U.S. government discovers the astonishing secret at the center of this mysterious circle during World War II, a secret that residents in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, have hidden for decades with deadly violence. The Skylab transmission... more

  • A Battle For Tomorrow

    by Matt Simons
    Drafted into a world war that no country can win, young Jason is forced to witness the worst of humanity as everyone around him dies before he is thrown back in time by an explosion that kills him. Seemingly trapped in childhood with memories of a hopeless future haunting him, can Jason find a way to stop the war and save millions of lives if no one believes him? See firsthand how trauma changes a person, how quickly a good person can become a violent killer. This is Jason’s story.