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  • New Praetorians 1: Sienna McKnight

    by R.K. Syrus
    Imagine The Avengers written by Tom Clancy, with an outstanding female lead. Perfect for fans of Ripley, Katniss, Diana Prince, and Sarah Connor. In the near future, soldier Sienna McKnight seeks revenge on her terrorist cousin; they both gain extraordinary powers and engage in an epic battle over the fate of humanity and a unique orphan girl. This first book is like Batman Begins or Wonder Woman, it starts Sienna’s story. sci-fi / fantasy suggested for 16+ (violence, mild profanity) A YEA... more
  • Horrors, Inc.

    by James R. Vernon

    Eddie Watson is an underachiever. He holds a degree in philosophy, but is perfectly content working as a janitor at the most advanced pharmaceutical and tech company in the world, Soladyne Corporation. Little does he know his job is about to take him on a strange journey into the bowels of the company’s secret laboratories from where man’s deepest fears have escaped to terrorize Eddie and his co-workers.

    The easy-going janitor is forced to face monsters, both savage and inte... more

  • How to Protect Your Neighborhood from Circus Werewolves: Slug Pie Story #4

    by Mick Bogerman
    The circus is in town, and Mick Bogerman has a fail-proof plan to sneak inside the adults-only Macabre Pavilion. But there's something weird about the A. Linville & Purnima Bros. Circus this year. Angry parents and crying kids exit early by the carload. Maybe it's the clowns. Yes, they wear the standard stark-white faces and red bulbous noses, but underneath their painted smiles, there's something not quite right. What's more, after the full moon rises . . . they howl. When Mick and his friends ... more
  • Glimmer of Steel

    by K. E. Blaski
    Damen has a plan to save the life of his childhood friend before she's forced to marry the evil Noble Tortare: switch her soul with some other girl and let the other girl die in her place. Only he didn't count on the other girl's determination to live, he certainly didn't count on her soul coming from a different planet--Earth, and falling in love? No, he never planned on that. Told from alternating viewpoints: Damen, a truthsayer from Astrune, and Jennica, the soul snatched from Earth. Like ... more
  • Winter of 1813

    by John W Egan

    An Alternative History, Winter of 1813 is the first book of the Beyond 1812 series that follows James Butler as he tries to make his way in life, find love, cope with trauma, and deal with an estranged family. By saving one life, James changes the course of the war, the lives of millions, and the map of North America. Its sequel, Summer of 1813 will be published in 2019.


  • The Outlaws of Kratzenfels

    by M. Jonathan Jones
    The Kingdom of Kratzenfels has fallen. King Sigmund is dead, and the Order of the Iron Knights has won the war of machines against magic. War-walkers and spider-wights roam the land, spreading terror wherever they go. The Count von Falkenhorst, the leader of the Iron Knights, needs one thing to make his victory complete: the hand of the Princess Helda in marriage. But Helda, daughter of King Sigmund and the witch-queen Raggana, has other ideas…
  • Galactic Teens

    by Jihan Latimer
    Four high school teenagers from Sussex High School are in each other's own world. They start out as despising one another until, one morning, they wake up with superpowers. They become unified as friends and companions because they have to fight the Zook Force, an alien force from outer space who wishes to destroy them and the planet. Watch these teenagers become unified as friends to take on a force that is stronger and bigger than they are.
  • Down The Darkest Hole

    by dakota kirkpatrick
    Down the darkest hole is a series of two stories taking groups of friends into unspeakable horrors. In Haddix you will dive deep into the heart of an abandoned asylum. Those Below the Pines will show you that the cold is the least of your worries.
  • Haddix

    by dakota kirkpatrick
    Haddix book 1 takes you behind the eyes of Derek a man searching for his friend, dragged into the horrors of an abandoned asylum. Nightmares soon ensue him, taking him deeper into the underworld of torture, fear, and horrors so dark it will make you beg for death. This story will grab hold of you and never let you go.
  • In The City of Shadows

    by dakota kirkpatrick
    In the City of Shadows is a collection of short stories bound to raise every hair on the back of your neck. The stories within will take you up close with all your deepest fears. It will bring you face-to-face with a range of horrors from ghostly entities to psychopaths. Turn the page and dive deep into the darkness that awaits, if you dare.
  • After The Fall: Children Of The Nephilim

    by Paul Freeman
    No one knew where they came from or why they chose that moment to crawl out from the shadows. In a devastating orgy of terror and violence blood-drinking monsters rose from the dark to gorge themselves on the blood of humans. Facing this threat, mankind turned on itself in a devastating wave of self-destruction. Twenty years after the Fall and what’s left of mankind is eking out an existence in a post-apocalyptic world. With much of the Earth now a nuclear wasteland, civilization has been kno... more
  • CyberWeird Stories

    by D.C. Lozar
    A collection of weird short stories that vivisect the concepts of transhumanism, steampunk, and cyberpunk in worlds that have evolved from our quest for immortality and innovation. From robots with contagious diseases to space explorers who stumble upon the birthplace of the Cthulhu, these stories twist preconceptions around the twin spindles of horror and science fiction to weave plots that will make you feel like you’ve just picked up a pulp fiction magazine from the 1920’s published in the 21... more
  • The Standing Stones: The Chronicles of Caymin

    by Caren J Werlinger

    Caymin and Péist, the young dragonmage and dragon who helped to end the last dragon war, have returned from that conflict longing only for peace. But peace is not to be found. Éire is on the brink of being torn asunder as Christians battle pagans, raiders from the north attack the coast, and their enemies—the power-hungry dragonmage and dragon they fought in the otherworld—have escaped from their prison.

    Caymin and Péist are the only ones who can th... more

  • Hell to Pay

    by Lisa Emme

    Angharad 'Harry' Russo's life has been turned upside down, but with the Mariposa defeated it looks like Harry is finally getting a break. Things are returning to normal – or at least as normal as they can be for a half-vampire witch with the gift of necromancy. Of course things aren't always what they seem.

    There's a new club in town and a mystery man peddling promises too good to be true while normally mild-mannered citizens are turning homicidal. Even the gho... more

  • Deadlocked

    by Lisa Emme

    Angharad ‘Harry’ Russo has had a busy week. She’s fended off a swarm of pixies, battled blood-thirsty redcaps and put an end to a maniacal Fae prince hell-bent on eradicating the entire werewolf population. She’s also decided to open a coffee shop. Is it too much to ask for things to settle down so her life can go back to normal?

    Apparently it is. As if being metaphysically bound to Cian Nash, the most aggravating yet desirable man she’s ever met, isn&rsquo... more

  • Tooth and Claw

    by Lisa Emme

    Angharad ‘Harry’ Russo has had to adjust to some major changes in her life. Her computer is haunted, she accidentally acquired a vampire servant and she’s attracted to the most aggravating alpha male on the planet. Her friend betrayed her, a lunatic tried to sacrifice her to raise a god and she accidentally ‘outed’ herself to the Magister, the most powerful vampire in town. What else could go wrong? Oh yeah, she’s just discovered that her father is a vampir... more