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  • The Sentient Shield

    by Helen Frindle
    The storyline concerns a journey towards an event called the Alignment; a specific time in the evolution of earth’s history where earth plays a pivotal part in the overall evolution of the universe. At the point of Alignment, earth and the universe of which it is a part, is enabled to ascend to a higher dimension. A great deal depends on earth and, importantly, the spiritual awareness of its population at that time as to whether ascension can be achieved. Maddy, the central character, repr... more
  • Ug

    by Charles G Reid
    Young adult fantasy novel set in the Dark Ages as mankind inevitably encroaches on virgin forest, setting in motion resistance from the faeries, guardians of the woodland.
  • Golden Skull

    by Avril Flower Shelkara
    A Sci-Fi read about defending the planet of Erm against the Orion Confederation by raising a barrier around it.
  • The Bison Agenda

    by Aaron Frale

    Clara has it all, a swanky new job, a hot robot babe, and even a time machine. Paradise all comes crashing down when she realizes her ticket to the future was stolen.

    She wakes up in a world that has been reshaped by the whim of a time traveler with a strange obsession with bison and chicken wings. Now she has to fix the timeline, or everyone she knows and loves will be wiped from existence.

    There’s also a lot of flightless birds.

  • Promise. A Book Of Death

    by David Applebury
    A man dies and is instantly plunged into a fantastical world where he finds that he must work with Death himself. As he is carried in and out of time, he faces gargantuan tasks that no mortal could endure and soon discovers that he is so much more than he could have ever imagined. His assumptions of existence collide with reality and swirl with uncertainty as he encounters Angels, Demons, heroes, and villains of legendary proportion. His personal growth is highlighted through his failures and re... more
  • Talisman Of El (Arcadia, Book 1)

    by Al Stone


    One Planet. Two Worlds.

    Population: Human … 7 billion.

    Others … unknown.

    When 14-year-old Char­lie Blake wakes up sweat­ing and gas­ping for air in the mid­dle of the night, he knows it is hap­pen­ing again. This time he wit­nesses a bru­tal mur­der. He’s afraid to tell any­one. No one would believe him… because it was a dream. Just like the one he had four years ago &... more

  • Outfoxed

    by R.J. Blain
    Death is a way of life outside of the safety of Inner Tulsa, and Jade means to keep flipping Mother Nature off until old age claims her. With one eye always on the sky, the last thing she needs is a pack of bounty hunters out for her living head. With no idea of why anyone would want her, her wits might keep her free, assuming she can resist the charming lures of Sandro, one of the men out to claim her as his own. Left with the choice of being the evening snack of a tornado or taking shelter ... more
  • The Eyes of Tamburah

    by Maria V. Snyder
    Shyla is a researcher who resides in the underground desert city of Zirdai, which is ruled by the wealthy Water Prince and brutal Heliacal Priestess. Even though Shyla is sun-kissed - an outcast, considered cursed by the Sun Goddess - she is still renowned for uncovering innumerable archaic facts, lost artefacts, ancient maps, and obscure historical documents. Her quiet life is about to change when Banqui, an archaeologist, enlists her services to find The Eyes of Tamburah: legendary gemstones t... more
  • The Clockwork Ice Dragon

    by Liz Delton
    An invention gone wrong. A city buried in snow. And she only has ‘til Christmas to make it right. Aurelia Sundon has an idea for a brilliant invention that will ensure her family’s financial future. But the elite inventor’s guild has imposed a ridiculous deadline for invention applications: Christmas Day. With only four days until the deadline, Aurelia thinks she can finish it in time. Until her old love Frederick Grandville steps back into her life when he enters the competition with his ... more
  • Thirteen Stories for People Who Like to be Scared

    by Tim Seid
    Thirteen stories of ordinary people having extraordinary and sometimes scary experiences. Many favorite fiends and phenomena appear in new contexts. If you like to read scary stories with some death and a little blood, then you’ll have fun reading these short stories.
  • Afro Puffs Are the Antennae of the Universe

    by Zig Zag Claybourne
    The first book in the series: THE BROTHERS JETSTREAM: LEVIATHAN, sent us on a trip to Atlantis to help fight against the THOOM (true humans over ordinary Man), a corporate pharaoh, vampires (because there're always vampires), and a giant psychic whale. AFRO PUFFS ARE THE ANTENNAE OF THE UNIVERSE focuses entirely on the women of the crew, wherein we see how Desiree Quicho and her cohorts deal with a teleportation device that could upend the balance of power on Earth, the aforementioned AI, mor... more
  • The Joke at the End of the World

    by Scott Dikkers
    His father is a genius scientist. But is this boy’s future more deadly than his past? America, 1957. Twelve-year-old Patrick Stoodle has never been good at making friends. So when his dad promises a super-exciting surprise for his birthday, he hopes life will change for the better. Instead, he’s thrown into 2020 by a time machine and lands in the middle of a viral pandemic, troops in the streets, and a dangerously escalating race war. Discovering his father is not who he believes, Patric... more
  • Cursed by Death

    by Melissa Marr

    The dead don’t always stay dead in Claysville . . . and in the afterlife, Death himself can’t be trusted.

    Amity Blue has begun to remember strange impossible events, her ex trying to bite her and people vanishing like mist. Everyone in town swears a mountain lion is responsible for the recent deaths, but Amity is sure that there’s more to the story.

    After a stalker—a dead stalker—appears at the bar where she works, Amity discover... more

  • Incarnate: Schism

    by Thomas Harper
    Nineteen years after the events of Incarnate: Essence, Eshe finds himself reincarnated again. This time, because of the experimentations on Eshe’s brain, there are two reincarnations: Ivan Volkov and Samira Zahedi. Ivan, embracing the nihilism of his reincarnation and the crumbling of human society, has abandoned any hope of creating a better future. Instead, Ivan settles into a life of hedonism as a member of a brutal eastern Russian gang obsessed with death known as Bessmernyi. An assignment t... more
  • Incarnate: Essence

    by Thomas Harper
    Following the events in Incarnate: Existence, the handful of desperate freedom fighters known as the forty-eights, led by an immortal being who is reincarnated every time they die, are indelibly transformed by what happened. Beset by violent insurgents, mounting corporate influences, frantic ideological governments, and a group of zealous hackers known as the Anonymous Knights, our protagonist attempts to hold the forty-eights together, even as their own mind seems to be coming apart. Propelled ... more
  • The Taxing of the Heart

    by Aaron Deck
    A young writer finds his muse, but before he can complete his opus, she leaves him abruptly. Now he will do anything to get her back, anything to finish his life’s work. Anything. Doing so may save his legacy, but at what cost? *** This short horror story by Aaron Deck originally appeared in 14 Needles: An Unsettling Collection.