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  • Starborn

    by D.M.Barnham
    The Earth has expanded to the stars. Colonizing habitable planets as they gradually march forwards; forever fuelling the unquenchable beast that is humanity. But their expansion outwards was met with a strange mystery. Many of the best worlds were already inhabited by human beings. Not just that but all life it seems has a shared history. The Book of Ominiue is set upon this newest world and another intelligent species walks amongst the humans. The lionman: tall, strong, fierce. These lionman... more
  • Deep Roots

    by Edward R. Rosick
    Deep Roots is set in the decaying urban heart of Detroit, where Kevin Ciano, a 30-year-old man just released from prison, frantically searches for the reason strange, painful, hair-like growths have begun to infest his body before realizing the horrifying condition may not only be deadly to him and those he loves, but to the entire world.
  • A Quest of Blood and Stone

    by S. Usher Evans
    From award-winning author S. Usher Evans comes a brand new young adult epic fantasy flush with mystery, magical creatures, and a compelling storyline that will leave readers guessing until the very end. Perfect for fans of Cinda Williams Chima, A Quest of Blood and Stone is a thrilling adventure through the lands of human and fae. Seventeen years ago, King Bresal was murdered by his new bride, the fae Leandra, who disappeared with the Pennlan Stone, a magical weapon that can only be wielded b... more
  • Herizon

    by Daniel Vandever
    Herizon follows the journey of a young, Diné girl as she is asked by her grandmother to help retrieve a flock of sheep. Join the girl in her adventure across land and water aided by a magical scarf that will expand your imagination and transform what you think is possible.
  • Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tales: Books 1-3

    by Laurel Decher
    Three books about young leadership: An inventor princess earns a name, a perpetually lost prince learns to lead, and multiplying problems can’t defeat royal twins.
  • Trouble at the Valentine Factory

    by Laurel Decher
    Will the Seven Kingdoms be the friendliest place in the world? Or the rudest?
 The eleven-year-old royal Saffron twins—Princess Saffy and Prince Magellan--have to save the Seven Kingdoms from the Blackfly Queen’s dangerous new magical candies!
The trouble starts when the Blackfly Queen introduces a brand-new holiday guaranteed to make her the most beloved queen in the Seven Kingdoms: Valentine’s Day!?!
This year, Valentine’s Day falls on the same day as the Rose Monday Parade. Instead of del... more
  • Falcon Fire

    by Erik A. Otto
    On colonial Venus, people who are susceptible to lies have been denigrated and barred from the citizenry. Ancient dirigibles dock at the top of colossal towers to shunt people to and from underground cities. Armies of enclosed, beetle-shaped biocrawlers creep around the planet providing a coveted, yet deficient, natural environment. Colonists strive for an outdoor ecology to call their own, but terraforming is faltering. There is growing unrest, and at the heart of this rift is Hix, a member... more
  • The Mizoquii

    by Caleb Durden

    The only kid working on a starship with lawless smugglers on their way to the planet Lathas, Edin Carvosa dreams of a different life. When he learns that Lathas has a gladiatorial tournament called a gauntlet where young boys fight to the death for money, pride, and a ticket to the most prestigious academies, he plots to escape and enter the tournament. But everything goes sour when a mysterious stranger ambushes the smugglers’ rendezvous with a dangerous cartel. The only one left alive... more

  • Elena the Brave

    by Julie Mathison

    From award-winning indie author Julie Mathison comes the sequel to BookLife Prize Semi Finalist VASILISA.

    Old Rus, a land of witches and ogres, bogatyr warriors and six-headed dragons, magic and myth. A land lurking below the waking world, a fabled land – except for the chosen few.

    It’s 1942, and the world is at war. Elena Petrovna Volkonsky is just a schoolgirl in a Pennsylvania steel town, the Russia of her forebears long forgotten ... more

  • Escaping First Contact

    by T.S. Beier
    At the far edge of cultivated space, a derelict ship rests. Ten times larger than the biggest Terran dreadnaught, the ship is not recognized by any of the five species tenuously coexisting in the galaxy. Small crews are sent to investigate. What they find is a trap. Once in the metal labyrinth’s clutches, it is clear the unlikely allies will not escape unless they can work together as a team. Unfortunately, trust and cooperation are entirely out of the question. An immersive tale of esc... more
  • The Lazarus Men: A Lazarus Men Agenda #1

    by Christian Warren Freed
    A thrilling sci-fi noir adventure combining the best mystery of the Maltese Falcon with the adventure of Total Recall and suspense of James Bond. It is the 23rd century. Humankind has spread across the galaxy. The Earth Alliance rules weakly and is desperate for power. Hidden in the shadows are the Lazarus Men: a secret organization ruled with an iron fist by the enigmatic Mr. Shine. His agents are the worst humanity has to offer and they are everywhere. Gerald LaPlant’s life changes forev... more
  • and the Stars began to Fall

    by Madeleine de Jean
    When a Bronze Age figurine starts talking to Mycenae Archaeologist, Margaret Benson, warning her of her own imminent death and the re-destruction of this site, Margaret finds herself morphing in and out of a permeable timeline, uncovering Bronze Age Aliens joined to a Curse of Clytemnestra set to go off tomorrow. Margaret’s most unique discovery, this 3200-hundred-year-old figurine, found in the ruins of King Agamemnon’s palace, reveals a far-advanced Bronze Age society of enlightened humans ... more
  • Spoiled

    by Rob Baddorf
    Born into great wealth, Kimberly the cat lived her life pampered by Madam, trained in refinement and class, yet always kept at arm’s length. When Madam suddenly dies, Kimberly is put up for sale at a yard sale. Signey, an 11-year-old girl, eagerly nabs Kimberly as her own. Whisked off with the commoners, Kimberly suffers the tortures of her impoverished life and vows to keep Signey at arm’s length. Fights over who gets use of the bed, first-time experiments with makeup, and Halloween dress-ups... more
  • A Touch of Light

    by Thiago Abdalla
    The dead shall not be mourned or remembered, for death is the enemy, and will only drive the Seraph away. The Domain is the bastion of life. The Seraph blesses her faithful with endless years, and death is kept away in hope for Her return. The Domain nations have maintained a tenuous peace with the southern clans, who believe life must be returned to the Earth to keep it whole. But the world of Avarin is changing. A deadly frenzy spreads among the people of the Domain, while parts of th... more
  • True Teryn

    by S.G. Blaise
    Lilla must recruit the biggest and most dangerous army in the Seven Galaxies, but the Teryn emperor will not comply unless Lilla earns the blessing of the Teryn Guardian Goddess Laoise. Dealing with gods is never easy. Guardian Goddess Laoise’s condition for bestowing her blessing is for Lilla to bring her the mysterious Heart Amulet. Now Lilla is trapped in a strange place with no way out, no idea where to go or how to find the amulet. The only way for Lilla to complete her mission is t... more
  • The Snowflake Woods: Charlie and the Christmas Miracle

    by B. De Alwis

    Celebrate the magic of Christmas with a special wish that brings hope, friendship and second chances in this heartwarming tale…

    Charlie loves pulling pranks, but this Christmas he’s finally gone too far… With four prim and proper sisters, a grumpy neighbour, and a talent for stirring trouble, Charlie worries this will be the year he finally ends up on Santa’s Naughty List. He’s tried being good, but none of it matters because his greatest Christmas wish i... more