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  • The Zombie Protector

    by Mae Johnsson
    When the most important person in her life became a zombie Ellie did what most people would. She kept her. Fourteen-year-old Ellie has definitely had some bad luck the last couple of years. First, the zombies came. Not too big of a deal, at least she didn’t have to go back to school. Then her parents became infected. Even that she could deal with, after all she still had her sister Ronnie. Then Ronnie got bitten. Ellie didn’t think she would be able to handle that but then she discovered somethi... more
  • Beneath the Veil

    by Martin Kearns
    In a battle between two ancient evils, can one naïve young man become the last hope against powerful creatures of legend? David Dolan thinks he's already got the world figured out. But when a collapsed bridge plunges him into the icy Hudson, he's pulled deep into the deadly realm that exists between life and death. And with his earthly form trapped in a coma, he's vulnerable to the horde of demons hell-bent on his utter destruction. Traversing the road to the afterlife, David seeks the wis... more
  • Banshee Blood

    by Kimberly Quay
    When the ones you’re meant to protect turn on you, what do you do? I’m a Hunter. I’m also a banshee. My mission is to protect mortals from the evils they think only exist in stories. Things were going well until a mortal in the US government stumbled upon a rogue banshee and discovered who and what we are. The rogue got away, but not before the mortal came up with a diabolical plan. With the goal of securing world domination by using banshee blood to create immortal soldiers, he formed ... more
  • Banshee Bewitched

    by Kimberly Quay
    I made a mistake. One I paid for with my heart. I hurt my clan. Worst of all, I hurt the man I love. My clan forgave me, but not him. I severed our bond. He’s sworn to never forgive me. I’ve refused to accept that, and I’m determined to change his mind. But can I? With a dark-magic wielding fairy haunting my dreams, my personal life may need to wait. My unique blood has always attracted the attention of dangerous enemies, and now that I’ve turned full-on banshee, I’m even more intriguin... more
  • Becoming Banshee

    by Kimberly Quay
    What you know about vampires is what we want you to believe. The stories of vampires were created to distract you from the truth… Banshees are real and secretly live among mortals. I’m Qadira Quinn. As a half-fairy, kick-ass Hunter living with a clan of banshees, you'd think I'd be safe. But when one of our enemies figures out what I am, I’ll have to fight for my life... not to mention the lives of countless mortals. Our sadistic foe is bored with his mortal-trafficking ring and now wants... more
  • Shattered City

    by Jo Denning

    Explore the stories before the story of Dead Blood City in this collection. Follow Saoirse Reilly and others across five supernatural tales of mystery, romance, and horror.

    "He gazed up at me like I was fashioned from dreams and sunlight. I felt like a goddess."
    A young woman embarks on a sensuous journey to adulthood with a stranger in the woods.

    "I was faking it, hoping to make it and praying the people I loved wouldn&rsq... more

  • Dead Blood City

    by Jo Denning

    "Drowning might be like going to sleep. It would be nice to sleep forever - leave everything behind in the waking world."

    Detective Saoirse Reilly commits to finding a missing child before dying by suicide. While investigating the kidnapping of Delaney Bascom, she is snared in the supernatural underbelly of Boston, Massachusetts. She will have to face her demons if she hopes to bring the girl home.

    Reilly has the dubious support of Emrys Somerled, a forensic psychologist... more

  • Spirit of the Dragon

    by Erynn Lehtonen
    There is a price attached to every dream... After twins Genshu Masanori and Genshu Hidekazu witness a kidnapping at the annual Midsummer Festival, they discover the woman taken wasn’t this sorcerer’s first victim, nor will she be the last. They will break clan laws against warfare if that’s what it takes to bring the missing women home safe. They will sign their lives away to the prestigious Tsukiko Academy, regardless of the rumours about the Headmaster and the dark secrets harboured w... more
  • Dr. Fixit's Malicious Machine: The Legend of Guts and Glory, Book 1

    by Jessica Crichton

    “He’s found us!”

    That’s not what twelve-year-old Trevor Tate expects his mom to say when she gets his third suspension notice in three months. He doesn’t expect a robotic tentacle to shoot out of the bathtub and drag her through an otherworldly portal, either.

    Now to rescue Mom, Trevor must follow her to Nil – a world of giant bugs, monstrous machines and a disturbing lack of working toilets. Then there are the Dark Crows, an army of superkids w... more

  • Princess Kalea And Dragon Lesedi End Up in A Mess To Get it Right

    by Stelanie Marshall
    Everyone has goals and dreams. Everybody has expectations that they sometimes live up to, but sometimes end up looking like burnt Oger toenails. There is an adventurous kingdom that loves traditions, balls and arts. Princess Kalea and dragon Lesedi are going through just that. This is a story about a princess and a dragon who try to figure out how to do what they are supposed to do but run into some trouble. This is the beginning of their tale and a tale where they are not the only ones who lear... more
  • The Goddess of the Labyrinth

    by David Nepentes

    The president of the United States meet a mysterious Goddess in the Oval Office. He attempts change the nation, but fails. In failing, he decides to renounce the world, and to retire into seclusion. After he dies in an unexpected sequence of events, one that will perplex humanity forever, his legacy will be set in the embrace of the great and infinite spirit of the Cosmic Queen.

  • The Crystal Pawn

    by Deborah Jarvis
    Deirdre Hawes had never thought of her life as extraordinary until one day she met her father and thus began the adventure of a lifetime. Armed only with the knowledge that she is heir to special magical gifts that would allow her to call on the aid of the long-vanished dragons, she finds herself drawn into a web of intrigue and murder where the powers behind the throne are aligning to make sure she doesn't succeed, no matter the cost. Deirdre soon finds her life in the hands of those she’s been... more
  • The Wolf's Den

    by Elizabeth R. Jensen
    Three brothers...three destinies...three chances to fail. One country hangs in the balance. Peace time in Etria is no time to become a knight. War lies in the past and the future is for growing new things. Swords become plows and soldiers become farmers, artists, shop owners, and poets. Everyone knows that training for a war that may never come is a waste of time, but for the three grandsons of the greatest war hero in history, knighthood isn’t a choice; it’s destiny. The three insepa... more
  • Aeturnum: Evolving Elizah Book 2

    by C.J. Hall
    The Green Grow 3 is hurtling through space, catapulted out of Earth’s orbit after a propulsion drive malfunction. Liz’s brother, Jackson, says he knows how to get the ship back to Earth, but can she trust him? Not only is he plotting against the man she loves, but he refuses to give them the information they need until the council meets his strange demands. He wants them to travel light years away to a distant planet—faster than any human has ever traveled—just to turn around. Why? Liz thinks sh... more
  • Satellites

    by Tom Pappalardo
    Nine speculative stories from Tom Pappalardo. In “Mind The Gap,” a man falls through time up and down instead of back and forth. “Bygone” tells the story of a girl and her beloved robot exploring the abandoned state of Massachusetts. In “This Town,” a half-hit wonder finds all the time he lost drinking in the ‘90s. Career-minded cats, lethal landscapers, illegal sodas? Sure. A sleeping dog disrupts downtown, Death incarnate stops for a latte, a new dead friend at the old landfill? Yeah, why n... more
  • An Infinite Number of Exes

    by Aaron Frale
    Clara can either save the world or her wife, an impossible choice. Against her better judgment, Clara manipulates the timeline to save Misako. She screws everything up, and an evil dictator invades Albuquerque with killer robots with friendly murderous dispositions. Now Clara has to fix the timeline, save her wife, and make sure her friends do not die in the process.